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Future Communication, Computing, Control and Management

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Table of contents

1. Research on Grid Technology Applied in the China Financial Sector
Gui Bingxiang, Jiang Lihua

2. Application of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based on Principal Component Analysis in Computer Forensics
Zhi Zhong, Qingdong Song, Bin Ni

3. Development of a Cross-Platform Remote-Control System Using on Timed Petri Net and SOAP
Wen-Chin Chen, Yi-Chia Tai, Tung-Tsan Lai

4. A Kind of Mathematic Model of the Porous Gas Diffusion Electrode
Mei Zhu, Xianzhi Xu

5. Study of Online Test and Fault Diagnosis Technology Based on ATmega128
Lv Hongfang, Zhang Hao

6. Reliability Information Fusion Based on Bayesian Generalized Mean Operator
J. Feng, Q. Sun, Z. L. Yan

7. Effect of Lumping Method on Residual Stress Prediction in a Multipass Welded Tee Joint
Wei Jiang

8. Impact Analysis on Accelerating Deterioration to Maintenance of Latent Fault
Peng Bo, Jin Xing, Chang Hao, Lu Hai

9. A Bio-inspired Jumping Robot for Mobile Sensor Networks over Rough Terrain
Hui Wang, Guangming Song, Jun Zhang, Tianhua Meng

10. Design Alternatives of Positioning Devices in the Shelf Storage System
Roman Ružarovský, Nina Danišová, Karol Velíšek

11. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Urban Traffic Guide Signs
Zhu LiLi, Li Jing

12. Production System Control Labs and New Methods of Education Based on IT
Mudrikova Andrea, Caganova Dagmar, Kostal Peter

13. Automated Assembly Cell Conception Design
Roman Ružarovský, Nina Danišová, Karol Velíšek

14. Model Validation by Statistical Methods on a Monte-Carlo Simulation of Residential Low Voltage Grid
Weiyu Du

15. Development of In-Process Measurement of Dimension Error during Wire Drawing
Quang-Cherng Hsu, Yu-Da Jhan

16. The Research and Application of Image Stitching in the Robot Target Recognition
Liwei Liu, Lanshen Guo, Naiqiang Dong, Wei Tian, Caixiao Li, Fangzhong Zhang

17. The Research on the Mechanism of Financial Development Promote Technical Progress
Honghui Deng, Jirong Su

18. Analysis and Correction of Triad Field Angle Error in Array Radio Frequency Simulation
Li Hua, Zhou Jianjiang, Pan Minghai, Zhao Hanwu

19. Study of Applying Bilingual Education in the Course “Mine Ventilation and Safety”
Yuanchun Ding, Minkang Tang, Shengbiao Yang

20. The Study on the Iron and Steel Enterprises Group Division in China and Development Trend Based on DEA-TE Index
Gao Shen, Xiaodong Dong, Yuping Chu

21. Mis-specification Analysis of Acceleration Model Based on Wiener Process
Z. L. Yan, Z. Q. Pan, Q. Sun, J. Feng

22. Event Sequence Diagram Based Safety Critical Event Identification and Sensitive Analysis
Y. Hu, P. C. Luo

23. Game Analysis of Earnings Management Considered Managerial Risk Preferences
Xu Shuotong, Li Yanxi

24. Optimal R&D Subsidies under Technology Licensing and Spillover
Lili Zhu, Qingyou Yan

25. Research on a Kind of Wireless Sensor Relay
Zha Xiaofei, Wang Dahu, Zhang Tong, Huang Keming

26. A Literature Review of Enterprise Environmental Technology Innovation
Li Chuang

27. Video Frame Segmentation
Shilin Zhang, Heping Li, Shuwu Zhang

28. Multi-motor Disturbance Control Based on Mixed H2/H∞ Robust Controller
Jianzhong Sun, Yaqin Luo, Fengxian Bai, Ran Liu, Wei Sun

29. Ontology-Based Representation for Engineering Change Case
Zhen Wang, Qi Gao, Gang Liu

30. Rule-Based Concept Combining
Chaoyong Jiang

31. A New Method of Dynamic Network Surveying and Mapping Information Matching
Yang Zi Ming

32. Analysis of Constraint State and Frequency of an Axial-Flow Compressor Blade
Jing Bai

33. Hardware Optimization of 3-Level Lifting Wavelet Transform
Shang Lina, Gao Guangchun, Zhang Cui, Zhao Shengying

34. Effect of Gate Number on the Warpage in Injection Molding
Xiaomin Cheng, Shuzhen Liu, Xudong Zheng, Naiyu Seng

35. Design on Network Course Based on PBL
Wang Zhijun, Zhong Yanlan

36. User Authentication Using Context-Awareness RBAC Model on Cloud Computing
Hyosik Ahn, Changbok Jang, Hyokyung Chang, Euiin Choi

37. Tolerance of Lactobacillus Acidophilus as Micro-ecological Strains by Simulating Gastrointestinal Environment
Ruixiang Zhao, Haiping Zhang, Shengyang Niu, Gang Li

38. Discussion of the Metropolis Pet Funeral and Burial Service
Yi Zhu, Min Liu

39. Course Evaluation Method Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Chunna Zhao, Yu Zhao, Xiaohui Tan, Yingshun Li, Liming Luo, Yeqing Xiong

40. Research on Coal Transportation Network Optimization
Liu Shuo, Chen Xinglong, Guo Xiaopeng

41. A Fused Algorithm for Maneuvering Target Tracking
Yong Li

42. The Grey Prediction Fuzzy PID Control in Auto-drainage System of Mine
Wu Juan, Kou Ziming

43. System Dynamics Simulation of Regional Water Resources Sustainable Utilization: A Case of Hubei Province, China
Liu Dan, Cheng Wei-shuai

44. Staff Performance Evaluation for Straw Power Plant Based on Interval Numbers and Variation Coefficient Method
Huang Yuan-sheng, Shi Xiu-fen

45. Synthetical Imaginary Slope Model for Traffic Flow Simulation with Stochastic and Continuous Changing Parameters
Xue Guoxin, Shi Guodong

46. A Design of Embedded Disaster Monitoring System
Qin Qingnu, Wei Xueye

47. Study on the Development Mechanism of Producer Services Based on Industrial Ecology Theory
Chun-Hua Ye, Yue-tang Bian, Jian-min He, Ya-ming Zhuang

48. The Color Appearance Attributes Analysis of CIELAB Color Space
Songhua He, Qiao Chen

49. Application of Interactive Interface Design on Rehabilitation for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Chien-Yu Lin, Shu-Hua Chen, Min-Ju Wu, Yi-Shan Liao, Shu-Ling Hsien, Chian-Huei Guo

50. Real-Time Interactive Teaching Materials for Students with Disabilities
Chien-Yu Lin, Chien-Chi Lin, Ci-Jie Chen, Mei-Rong Huang

51. GMM-Based Matching Ability Measurement of a Speech Recognizer and a Feature Set
Hong Kook Kim, Seung Ho Choi

52. A K-Means Optimization Algorithm Based on Relative Core Cluster
Gang Liu, Shaobin Huang, Haiyan Chang

53. Batch Processing Says “No” to Distributed Denial of Service
Di Liu, Hongmei Wang, Honglie Yu

54. A Research on Construction and Application of Evaluation Index System of the Effectiveness for Enterprise Technological Innovative Interface
Fengwei Xu

55. An Efficient Multi-view Image Stitching Algorithm Based on CSIFT Features
Ping Zhou, Xiling Luo

56. Ontology Similarity Measure by Optimizing NDCG Measure and Application in Physics Education
Wei Gao, Li Liang

57. One Order Model of Equilibrium Price under Knight Uncertainty
Zhao Yun-long

58. Flash Translation Layer for Solid State Drives
Ilhoon Shin

59. The Study on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Customer Relationship Management
Huaiyu Cai

60. A High Quality Data Embedding Method Using Modified Saturated Pixel Embedment Strategy
Wien Hong, Mei-Chen Wu, Jeanne Chen, Tung-Shou Chen, Chien-Liang Chuang

61. On the Performance of Channel Inversion with Peak Power Limit in Rayleigh Multipath Fading
Ye Hoon Lee

62. Space-Time Domain Power Adaptation for Transmit Antenna Diversity in Fading Channels
Ye Hoon Lee

63. Multivariate Phase Space Reconstruction Based on Combination of Nonlinear Correlation Degree and ICA
Jianhui Xi, Yanfang Niu, Lei Liu

64. Noise Reduction Comparison Based on Different Wavelet Bases and Thresholds
Jianhui Xi, Jia Chen

65. Performance Evaluation of Buffer Replacement Schemes for Solid State Drives
Ilhoon Shin

66. Material Integrated Management Model of Large-Scale Chemical Piping Engineering Project Based on Information Integration
Jin Xiajie, Lin Caixing, Xing Keli

67. Analysis of Handclap Motion of Humanoid Robot Upper Limbs and Virtual Prototype Simulation
Wang Binrui, Yan Dongming, Jin Yinglian

68. Modeling and Simulation for Residua Exchange Network Based on Swarm
Suntao Qin

69. A Reusable System Architecture Based on JBPM and Its Application
Yan-yan Huang, Rong Jiang, Hang Li

70. The Investigation into Effect of Dispersion on ECDM-PON System
Siyuan Liang, Xue Chen

71. A Model of Coal Mine Water Disaster Emergency Logistics Risk Assessment Based on AHP and BP Neural Network
Jinfeng Wang, Huake Zhong, Lijie Feng

72. The Study on Market Investment Decision-Making Using Real Options Theory
Bin Xu

73. The Study on Household Textile Products Decorative Design Method
Xia Xue

74. The Building of College Library Service Quality System
Li Yi, Yan Daoquan

75. The Study on College Library Personalized Service System
Li Yi, Guo Nianqin, Cai Furui

76. The Study on Education Reform for College Students Employment Competition Ability
Yongfang Liu

77. The Research on an Improved BLP Model
Song Fagen, Zhu Jinxin, Sun Jiu

78. A Research in Brand Construction in Producer Service Industry from the Perspective of Industrial Cluster
Yu Jin-rong, Cheng Yu-gui

79. Use the Comprehensive Model about Gray and Fuzzy to Evaluate the Performance of the Information Technology of Manufacturing Enterprises
Mazhixin, Luqian

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Electrical Engineering

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