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Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

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Table of contents

1. Simulation of Smog Diffusing Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Jianfeng Xu, Lan Liu, Qun Liu

2. Self-compensating Technology for Disturbing Torque of Space Swing Camera
Wang Xiaoyong

3. Matrix Multiplication Parallelization on a Many-Core Platform
Pollawat Thanarungroj, Chen Liu

4. Solar Power Station Monitoring System with Five Remote Functions and Double Intelligent Control Loop
Dingjin Huang, Yunqiang Zheng, Hadi Malek

5. Design of Portable Solar Energy System with Fast-Stationed Feature
Dingjin Huang, Yanwu Ma

6. The Fuzzy Binary Relations on n- Frustum Pyramid Fuzzy Number Space and Its Application
Jiaxi Zhang, Guixiang Wang, Jie Du

7. Similarity Relation of Two-Dimensional Frustum Pyramid Fuzzy Numbers Based on the Geometry and Its Application
Jie Du, Guixiang Wang, Jiaxi Zhang

8. Robust Controller Design for One Arm Space Manipulator with Uncertainties Compensated
Guangyan Xu, Meng Zhang, Huanqiang Wang

9. Design of Quasi-periodic Satellite Formation at Critical Inclination
Guangyan Xu, Huanqiang Wang, Meng Zhang

10. Deadbeat Control Technique Applied to Active Power Filter
Lan Li, Hai Chen, Xiaoxia Cao

11. The Development of Spectral Responsivity Testing System
Jin Ren-cheng, Dong Huan-huan, He Cheng-qun, Chu Jin-kui

12. A Robust and Fast Eyelash Detection Basted on Expectation Maximization and Gaussian Mixture Model
Ting Wang, Min Han, Honglin Wan, Yong Yin

13. Application Study on Internet of Things in Environment Protection Field
Shixing Li, Hong Wang, Tao Xu, Guiping Zhou

14. Multiresolution Based Segmentation for Nonideal Iris with Nonlinear Diffusion
Honglin Wan, Min Han, Ting Wang

15. Gait Programming and Data Acquisition User Interfaces, for Modular Snake Robots
Kamilo Melo, Laura Paez, Andrea Polo, Carlos Parra

16. Design of a Mobile Robotic Arm for People with Severe Disabilities
Hiroki Higa, Hideyuki Uehara, Takashi Soken

17. An Emergency Call Device for Wheelchair Users with Severe Disabilities
Bintao Wang, Hiroki Higa, Hideyuki Uehara, Takashi Soken

18. Toward Human-Robot Interaction Design through Human-Human Interaction Experiment
Yutaka Hiroi, Akinori Ito

19. Research Survey of Technique about Wire-Driven Parallel Suspension Systems Used in Forced Oscillation Experiments in Low-Speed Wind Tunnels for Obtaining Dynamic Derivatives
Yaqing Zheng, Shuaihe Zhao

20. A Novel Miniature Microstrip Antenna for GPS Applications
Hong-Gang Hao, Hua-Xiao Lu, Wei Chen, Chao An

21. Camera Response Function Estimation and Application with a Single Image
Li Fu, Yue Qi

22. Automatic Extraction and Verification of State-Models for Web Applications
Andrey Zakonov, Anatoly Shalyto

23. Recommender System to Analyse Students’ Learning Productivity
Arturas Kaklauskas, Mark Seniut, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Gintautas Dzemyda, Voitech Stankevic, Ceslovas Simkevicius, Sergejus Ivanikovas, Tomas Stankevic, Agne Matuliauskaite, Lina Zemeckyte

24. Intelligent Pupil Analysis of Student Progress System
Arturas Kaklauskas, Andrej Vlasenko, Vidas Raudonis, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas

25. Research on "Multi-screen in One" Technology of Education Video Oriented U-learning
Jun Xiao, Lamei Wang, Xiaoxiao Zhu

26. An Advanced Subspace Projection Method for the Weak Signal DOA Estimation in Presence of Coherent Strong Signals
Hou Shuai, Yang Jingshu, Chen Gong

27. Study of Node Localization Algorithm Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and RSSI for WSNs
Shen Ming-yu, Lu Ya-jing, Zhao Ming-shun

28. Research on a Memory-Weighted Learning Model for Fictitious Play
Chun-yan Yu, Xiao-sheng He, Yu-qi Lin, Feng-qin Chen

29. Improved S Surface Controller and Semi-physical Simulation for AUV
Chong Lv, Xinhua Zhang

30. Optimal Battery Energy Storage System Charge Scheduling for Peak Shaving Application Considering Battery Lifetime
Xuzhu Dong, Guannan Bao, Zhigang Lu, Zhichang Yuan, Chao Lu

31. Applications of Data Sharing Approaches in P2P Environments
Mutaz Beraka, Sofien Gannouni, Hassan Mathkour

32. Rolling Process Automation for Instant Ramen Noodles
Byung Kook Yoo, Dong Sang Yoo

33. The Pressure Detection and Control for Gas Tightness Test of Metal Capillary Tube
Yang Yu, Min Zhao, Yongheng Yang

34. Combined Vision and Frontier-Based Exploration Strategies for Semantic Mapping
Islem Jebari, Stéphane Bazeille, David Filliat

35. Research and Application of Optimization Extreme of Nonlinear Function Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Qi Han, Li Zhang

36. Design of Temperature Measuring and Controlling System Based on STM32
Xiangtong Kong, Chunping Wang, Shuying Sun

37. Expert-System-Based Design of Large Networks of Deployable Mechanisms
Bingyin Ma, Zongquan Deng, Hailin Huang, Bing Li, Rongqang Liu

38. A Heuristic Algorithm for the Initial Codebook Design in Vector Quantization
Xu Yatao, Lin Changqing, Yuan Qin, Zheng Deshun

39. Efficient SAT-Based Verification of Asynchronous System
Xu Yatao, Lin Changqing, Yuan Qin, Zhou Conghua

40. Three Dimensional Optimal Guidance Law for Micro Missiles to Attack Maneuvering Targets
Zhigang Wang, Wei Li

41. Optimal Maneuver Technology for Satellite Formation Flying
Zhigang Wang, Xiang Chen

42. Comparisons between Two Kinds of Star Sensor Measurement Models by Attitude Estimation Accuracy
Zhigang Wang, Yifan Deng

43. Hypersonic Vehicle Attitude Single-Channel Controller Design Based on Spatially Optimal Rotation Vector
Zhigang Wang, Yu Ning

44. Shield Attitude Rectification Decision Function Based on Support Vector Data Description
Guo Zheng-gang, Wang Feng-tao, Sun Wei

45. Embedded Microscope Vision Based Mechanical Platform for LED Wafer Automatic Inspection
Xinyan Gao, Ning Zhou, Dakui Li, Yuan Yue

46. A Selective Encryption Scheme for H.264/AVC Video Coding
Wei Huang, Wenqing Fan, Tingting Zhang

47. Independent Component Analysis Based on Smooth Discrete Wavelet Coefficients
JingHui Wang, YuanChao Zhao

48. Nonlinear Control Design of a Hypersonic Aircraft Using Sum-of-Squares Method
Zhiling Yang, Hongfei Sun

49. 3D Flight Simulation Based on Virtools
Ying Xiao, Wei Mei, Xiaowei Zhang

50. Design of Large-Scale PV Power Station Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Based on Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet
Yao Hongchun, Xu Ming

51. Design and Implementation of a SOLR Plug-in for Chinese-English Cross-Language Query Expansion Based on SKOS Thesauri
Wei Sun, Fabrizio Celli, Ahsan Morshed, Yves Jaques, Johannes Keizer

52. A Study on the Implementation of Data Storage and Data Curve in Monitoring and Control System Software
Weiqiang Zhao, Yongxian Liu, Mowu Lu, Qingjun Guo

53. Vibration Analysis of a Certain Type of Aero-engine Turbine Blade Based on UG
Weiqiang Zhao, Yongxian Liu, Mowu Lu, Qingjun Guo

54. Research and Implement of Distributed Network Motion Control System
ChongQuan Zhong, HaiBo Jin, YeChen Han, ZhanMeng Wang

55. On the Optimization of Dijkstra’s Algorithm
Seifedine Kadry, Ayman Abdallah, Chibli Joumaa

56. Design and Performance Study of Smart Antenna Systems for WIMAX Applications
Ayman Abdallah, Seifedine Kadry, Chibli Joumaa

57. Research on the Evaluation of Feature Selection Based on SVM
Yongjun Ma, Linqiang Zhan

58. A Study on the Impact of Photovoltaic Power Network-Connected on Voltage and Power Loss of Distribution Network
Yi Zhao, Li Liu, Gang Wang

59. Research of Double-Bar Parallel COSA Finger for Humanoid Robot Hands
Han Liu, Wenzeng Zhang

60. Research of Passive Grasp Multi-fingered Robot Hand
Jiangxia Shi, Wenzeng Zhang

61. Analysis of Coupled-Active Fingers with Gear Mechanism
Mengyang Liang, Wenzeng Zhang

62. Hybrid Under-Actuated Robotic Finger with Triple Pulley-Belt Mechanism
Yifan Liu, Wenzeng Zhang

63. Robot Remote Control Using Bluetooth and a Smartphone Augmented System
Gaowei Chen, Scott A. King, Michael Scherger

64. The Proportion Integral Control of Torque with AC Servo System
Xiaoyuan Wang, Pingxin Wang, Peng Gao, Zhe Yang

65. Design and Development of Intelligent Meter Reading System Based on M-Bus
Xiao-yuan Wang, Peng Gao, Zhe Yang

66. Fuzzy Path Planning of Two-Wheeled Robot Optimized by Gold Mean
Peng Shu-hua, Hao Cui, Li Deng-hua

67. Research on HVDC Model in Transient Voltage Stability Analysis of AC/DC Transmission Systems
Zhichang Yuan, Licheng Li, Yongjun Liu, Shukai Xu

68. A Low-Complexity Tag Number Estimate in EFSA Protocol for RFID Tag Anti-collision
Zeng Yu, Wu Haifeng, Tan Yuan, Liu Jing

69. Collaboration and Collision Functions for Plan-Based and Event-Driven Mission Control
Wolfgang Meyer, Arne Drathen

70. Quality-First Pattern-Based Clustering Approach with Fuzzed Thresholds
Qian Ma, Jingfeng Guo

71. Decoupling Algorithm Design of Flight Control System for Attack UAV
Xue-ping Zhu, Jun Yang, Tao Xu

72. Linear Precoder for MIMO Wireless Channels Based on SVD
Shan Zhao, Naiqian Zhang, Biaoli Jin, Dong Li

73. 6-Axis Robot Design and Simulation Based on SimulationX
Luyan Bi, Lisheng Liu

74. Rov Magnetized Magnetic Field Measurement and Magnetic Dipole Model
Weiming Cheng, Chong Kang, Hui Li, Jinku Lv

75. Adaptive Modulation and Coding in Cognitive Radio Networks
Yuling Zhang

76. Design of a FPGA-Based Multiple Motors Control System
Yue Ma, Rong Xiong, Fan Zhang

77. Research for All-Around Battlefield Situation Assessment
Jing-Xue Liu, Yun-Yao Yi

78. Efficient Spatial Decision-Making for Maritime Search and Rescue Using 3D GIS
Qinghua Qiao, Tong Zhang, Ming Yang

79. Development and Application of the Neuro-stimulation Device
Ruituo Huai, Junqing Yang, Hui Wang

80. Hierarchy Modeling and Co-simulation of a Dynamically Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture
Ren Chen, Lu Ma, Du Yue, Wen Wen, Zhi Qi

81. Battery Energy Storage System Based Power Quality Management of Distribution Network
Zhigang Lu, Guannan Bao, Hanchen Xu, Xuzhu Dong, Zhichang Yuan, Chao Lu

82. Efficient Support Vector Regression with Weighted Constraints
Ling Wang, Dong Mei Fu

83. Torque Analysis of Spherical Permanent Magnetic Motor with Magnetic Equivalent Circuit and Maxwell Stress Tensor
Bin Li, Chao Liu, Hongfeng Li, Guidan Li

84. Levitation Force Analysis for Spherical Permanent Magnet Bearingless Motor
Bin Li, Junjie Shi, Guidan Li, Hongfeng Li

85. The Study of a Sound Category Neural Model on Perceptual Magnet Effect
Shaobai Zhang, Lili Wang

86. Research on Speaking Rate Effects to the Production of Speech Sounds
Shaobai Zhang, Yanyan Liu

87. Multi-pass Dispatching Algorithm Based on Data Mining
Sun Zijin, Li Li

88. General TSA Protocol for Coping with the Capture Effect in RFID Systems
Yuan Tan, Haifeng Wu, Jihua Feng, Jing Liu, Zhongting Deng

89. A Graph-Based Spatial Mapping Algorithm for a Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architecture Template
Lu Ma, Wei Ge, Zhi Qi

90. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Performance with Developed FeCr Alloy Interconnect
Deni S. Khaerudini, Mohd Asharaf Othman, Shahruddin Mahzan, Daniela Fredrick, Tjipto Sujitno, Puji Untoro, Darwin Sebayang

91. Morphological Edge Detection Method of Multi-structure and Multi-scale Based on Image Fusion in Wavelet Domain
Jing Liu, Xinze Luan, Xiaolin Tian, Yankui Sun

92. Large Time Behavior of Solutions to a Problem for Conservation Law
Huiping Cui

93. The Analytical Algorithm of Program Quaternion in the Arbitrary Spacecraft Attitude-Adjusting Control
Shaobo Ni, Jianwu Wu, Jiayuan Shan, Lei Liu, Mao Su

94. A Self-adaptive Fault Monitoring Method Based on EMD
Zhao Zhenhao, Sun Yongjin

95. NEAT versus PSO for Evolving Autonomous Multi-agents Coordination on Pursuit-Evasion Problem
Jin Zhao, Gang Peng

96. Visual Sensing Method Based on Texture Analysis for Automatic Seam Tracking Systems
Zou Yirong, Du Dong, Wang Li

97. Evaluation on the Categorical DBMS for the Manufacturing Intelligent System
Yuanping Xu, Hongping Shu, Jun Lu

98. Research of Buoy with Floating Movement
Shiming Wang, Linlin Jiang, Jing He, Xianzhu Ai, Xin Tang

99. A Image Retrieval Method Based on Color Histogram
Wu Junyun

100. The THP Three-Dimensional Model of Modern Enterprise Operation
Lili Zhang, Jianhua Ren

101. Drowsiness Detection from EEG Spectrum Analysis
Yabo Yin, Yunkai Zhu, Shi Xiong, Jiacai Zhang

102. High Precision BLDCM Servo Control with Nonlinear Identification
Di Bao, Wei Huo

103. The Traveling Salesman Problem Base on Triple-Stranded DNA Structure Model
Jing Yang, Zhi-xiang Yin, Kai-feng Huang

104. Robust Control of Strip Thickness for Cold Rolling Mill
Zhang Xiaofeng, Zhang Qingdong

105. A Digital Entertainment System Based on Augmented Reality
Mandun Zhang, Lei Wu, Lu Yang, Yangsheng Wang

106. The Fluid-Solid Interaction Analysis of WDPSS-8 Based on ANSYS
Shaoni Jiao, Yaqing Zheng, Gui Lin

107. Comprehensive Evaluation on the Urban-Rural Integration Process within Harbin Metropolitan Area Based on the Grey Multi-level Evaluation Model
Lihong Han, Guangji Tong, Lei Shi

108. Recognition of Combined Arm Motions Using Support Vector Machine
Yanjuan Geng, Dandan Tao, Liang Chen, Guanglin Li

109. Optimization and Verification for a Robot Control System Based on Learning Petri Net Model
Liangbing Feng, Masanao Obayashi, Takashi Kuremoto, Kunikazu Kobayashi

110. Reviews on the Cognitive Radio Platform Facing the IOT
Yajuan Tang, Qing Li

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Control, Electrical Engineering, Simulation and Modeling, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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