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Circadian Clocks

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Table of contents

Part I. Molecular and Cellular Basis of Circadian Clocks

1. Molecular Components of the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Ethan D. Buhr, Joseph S. Takahashi

2. The Epigenetic Language of Circadian Clocks
Saurabh Sahar, Paolo Sassone-Corsi

3. Peripheral Circadian Oscillators in Mammals
Steven A. Brown, Abdelhalim Azzi

4. Cellular Mechanisms of Circadian Pacemaking: Beyond Transcriptional Loops
John S. O’Neill, Elizabeth S. Maywood, Michael H. Hastings

5. The Clock in the Brain: Neurons, Glia, and Networks in Daily Rhythms
Emily Slat, G. Mark Freeman, Erik D. Herzog

Part II. Circadian Control of Physiology and Behavior

6. Circadian Clocks and Metabolism
Biliana Marcheva, Kathryn M. Ramsey, Clara B. Peek, Alison Affinati, Eleonore Maury, Joseph Bass

7. The Circadian Control of Sleep
Simon P. Fisher, Russell G. Foster, Stuart N. Peirson

8. Daily Regulation of Hormone Profiles
Andries Kalsbeek, Eric Fliers

9. Circadian Clocks and Mood-Related Behaviors
Urs Albrecht

Part III. Chronopharmacology and Chronotherapy

10. Molecular Clocks in Pharmacology
Erik S. Musiek, Garret A. FitzGerald

11. Cancer Chronotherapeutics: Experimental, Theoretical, and Clinical Aspects
E. Ortiz-Tudela, A. Mteyrek, A. Ballesta, P. F. Innominato, F. Lévi

12. Pharmacological Modulators of the Circadian Clock as Potential Therapeutic Drugs: Focus on Genotoxic/Anticancer Therapy
Marina P. Antoch, Roman V. Kondratov

13. Light and the Human Circadian Clock
Till Roenneberg, Thomas Kantermann, Myriam Juda, Céline Vetter, Karla V. Allebrandt

Part IV. Systems Biology of Circadian Clocks

14. Mathematical Modeling in Chronobiology
G. Bordyugov, P. O. Westermark, A. Korenčič, S. Bernard, H. Herzel

15. Mammalian Circadian Clock: The Roles of Transcriptional Repression and Delay
Yoichi Minami, Koji L. Ode, Hiroki R. Ueda

16. Genome-Wide Analyses of Circadian Systems
Akhilesh B. Reddy

17. Proteomic Approaches in Circadian Biology
Maria S. Robles, Matthias Mann

Keywords: Biomedicine, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Human Physiology, Neurosciences

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Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology
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10 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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