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Advanced Information Technology in Education

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Table of contents

1. Integrating Current Technologies into Graduate Computer Science Curricula
Lixin Tao, Constantine Coutras, Narayan Murthy, Richard Kline

2. Effective Web and Java Security Education with the SWEET Course Modules/Resources
Lixin Tao, Li-Chiou Chen

3. Thinking of the College Students’ Humanistic Quality Cultivation in Forestry and Agricultural Colleges
Gui-jun Zheng, De-sheng Deng, Wei Zhou

4. A Heuristic Approach of Code Assignment to Obtain an Optimal FSM Design
M. Altaf Mukati

5. Development of LEON3-FT Processor Emulator for Flight Software Development and Test
Jong-Wook Choi, Hyun-Kyu Shin, Jae-Seung Lee, Yee-Jin Cheon

6. Experiments with Embedded System Design at UMinho and AIT
Adriano Tavares, Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Jorge Cabral, Paulo Cardoso, Jose Mendes, Joao Monteiro

7. The Study of H. 264 Standard Key Technology and Analysis of Prospect
Huali Yao, Yubo Tan

8. Syllabus Design across Different Cultures between America and China
Fengying Guo, Ping Wang, Sue Fitzgerald

9. Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Investigate the Impact of Different Types of Advance Organizers on Viewers’ Reading of Web-Based Content: A Pilot Study
Han-Chin Liu, Chao-Jung Chen, Hsueh-Hua Chuang, Chi-Jen Huang

10. The Development and Implementation of Learning Theory-Based English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Online E-Tutoring Platform
Hsueh-Hua Chuang, Chi-Jen Huang, Han-Chin Liu

11. Analysis of the Appliance of Behavior-Oriented Teaching Method in the Education of Computer Science Professional Degree Masters
Xiugang Gong, Jin Qiu, Shaoquan Zhang, Wen Yang, Yongxin Jia

12. Automatic Defensive Security System for WEB Information
Jiuyuan Huo, Hong Qu

13. Design and Implementation of Digital Campus Project in University
Hong Qu, Jiuyuan Huo

14. Detecting Terrorism Incidence Type from News Summary
Sarwat Nizamani, Nasrullah Memon

15. Integration of Design and Simulation Softwares for Computer Science and Education Applied to the Modeling of Ferrites for Power Electronic Circuits
Rosa Ana Salas, Jorge Pleite

16. Metalingua: A Language to Mediate Communication with Semantic Web in Natural Languages
Ioachim Drugus

17. An Integrated Case Study of the Concepts and Applications of SAP ERP HCM
Mark Lehmann, Burkhardt Funk, Peter Niemeyer, Stefan Weidner

18. IT Applied to Ludic Rehabilitation Devices
Victor Hugo Zárate Silva

19. A Channel Assignment Algorithm Based on Link Traffic in Wireless Mesh Network
Liu Chunxiao, Chang Guiran, Jia Jie, Sun Lina

20. An Analysis of YouTube Videos for Teaching Information Literacy Skills
Shaheen Majid, Win Kay Kay Khine, Ma Zar Chi Oo, Zin Mar Lwin

21. Hybrid Learning of Physical Education Adopting Lightweight Communication Tools
Ya-jun Pang

22. Experiments on an E-Learning System for Keeping the Motivation
Kazutoshi Shimada, Kenichi Takahashi, Hiroaki Ueda

23. Object Robust Tracking Based an Improved Adaptive Mean-Shift Method
Pengfei Zhao, Zhenghua Liu, Weiping Cheng

24. A Novel Backstepping Controller Based Acceleration Feedback with Friction Observer for Flight Simulator
Yan Ren, ZhengHua Liu, Weiping Cheng, Rui Zhou

25. The Optimization Space Design on Natural Ventilation in Hunan Rural Houses Based on CFD Simulation
Mingjing Xie, Lei Shi, Runjiao Liu, Ying Zhang

26. Optimal Simulation Analysis of Daylighting Design in New Guangzhou Railway Station
Lei Shi, Mingjing Xie, Nan Shi, Runjiao Liu

27. Research on Passive Low Carbon Design Strategy of Highway Station in Hunan
Lei Shi, Mingjing Xie, Zhang Ying, Luobao Ge

28. A Hybrid Approach to Empirically Test Process Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control Strategies
Luis G. Bergh

29. Reconstructing Assessment in Architecture Design Studios with Gender Based Analysis: A Case Study of 2nd Year Design Studio of National University of Malaysia
Nangkula Utaberta, Badiossadat Hassanpour, Azami Zaharim, Nurhananie Spalie

30. Re-assesing Criteria-Based Assessment in Architecture Design Studio
Nangkula Utaberta, Badiossadat Hassanpour, Azami Zaharim, Nurhananie Spalie

31. Layout Study on Rural Houses in Northern Hunan Based on Climate Adaptability
Xi Jin, Shouyun Shen, Ying Shi

32. Determination of Software Reliability Demonstration Testing Effort Based on Importance Sampling and Prior Information
Qiuying Li, Jian Wang

33. The Stopping Criteria for Software Reliability Testing Based on Test Quality
Qiuying Li, Jian Wang

34. The CATS Project
Licia Sbattella, Roberto Tedesco, Alberto Quattrini Li, Elisabetta Genovese, Matteo Corradini, Giacomo Guaraldi, Roberta Garbo, Andrea Mangiatordi, Silvia Negri

35. Application of Symbolic Computation in Non-isospectral KdV Equation
Yuanyuan Zhang

36. Modeling Knowledge and Innovation Driven Strategies for Effective Monitoring and Controlling of Key Urban Health Indicators
Marjan Khobreh, Fazel Ansari-Ch, Madjid Fathi

37. Team-Based Software/System Development in the Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program
Randal Abler, Edward Coyle, Rich DeMillo, Michael Hunter, Emily Ivey

38. Frameworks for Effective Screen-Centred Interfaces
Luigi Benedicenti, Sheila Petty, Christian Riegel, Katherine Robinson

39. Analytical Classification and Evaluation of Various Approaches in Temporal Data Mining
Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour, Atekeh Etaati

40. A Novel Classification of Load Balancing Algorithms in Distributed Systems
Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour, Hadi Mansourifar, Behzad Bagherzade

41. Data Mining Tasks in a Student-Oriented DSS
Vasile Paul Bresfelean, Mihaela Bresfelean, Ramona Lacurezeanu

42. Teaching Automation Engineering: A Hybrid Approach for Combined Virtual and Real Training Using a 3-D Simulation System
Juergen Rossmann, Oliver Stern, Roland Wischnewski, Thorsten Koch

43. The Strategy of Implementing e-Portfolio in Training Elementary Teachers within the Constructive Learning Paradigm
Olga Smolyaninova, Vladimir Ovchinnikov

44. Speech Recognition Based Pronunciation Evaluation Using Pronunciation Variations and Anti-models for Non-native Language Learners
Yoo Rhee Oh, Jeon Gue Park, Yun Keun Lee

45. Computer Applications in Teaching and Learning: Implementation and Obstacles among Science Teachers
Abdalla M. I. Khataybeh, Kholoud Al Sheik

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computers and Education

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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