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Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering

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Table of contents

1. The Design and Realize of Slope Safety Assessment System along Highway in Mountainous Area
Xiaosong Lin, Qing Yu

2. The Study in the Application of Multi-scale Mathematical Morphology in Amplitude Compensation of Seismic Data
Ming Zhang, Yingpin Sun, Jiaming Wei, Zhu Tang, Defei Zhang

3. Analysis of Sustainability of Basic Endowment Insurance for New-Person Based on Actuarial Model
Lili Ning, Tianyang Lv, Shaobin Huang, Haiyan Chang

4. Supply Chain Coordination under Buyback Contract with Multiple Newsvendors
Hongli Wang, Yan Ren

5. The Prediction of Continuity of Basic Endowment Insurance Fund Based on Markov Chain and Actuarial
Guofeng Liu, Shaobin Huang, Tianyang Lv, Yuan Cheng

6. The Study on the Incidence of Disease Based on Fuzzy Markov Chain
Yefu Kou, Li Jia, Yunbo Wang

7. A Design of WebGIS-Based Information Management System for Inspection and Quarantine Laboratories
Yongshuang Wang, Zhenzhou Ji

8. A Study on the Decision Support System for Industrial Spatial Distribution in Towns
Maoxun Li

9. A New Mesh Generation Strategy and Related Algorithm for Discrete Fracture Model in Naturally Fractured Reservoir Numerical Simulation
Junzheng Yang, Wenwen San, Honglan Zou, Guoping Liang

10. An Anti-collision Algorithm of Dynamic Tree Searching Based on Locking Bits and Its Practice
Yanwen He, Guohua Zhan

11. An Efficient Algorithm for the Longest Cycle
Aimin Hou, Zhifeng Hao

12. An Extraction Approach to Building Straight Lines Based on Hough Transform
Luo Weiqun, Wang Conghua, Zhao Erping, He Lei

13. Analysis of Mix-Model Assembly Line Balancing with Enhanced Genetic Algorithm
Xianfeng Li, Shaohua Dong

14. The Improvement of the Method of Semantic Web Service Discovery Based on Bipartite Graph Matching
Bingyue Liu

15. The Research on Cylindrical Panoramic Projection and Real-Time Rotation Using GPU
Xiaoni Liu, Yinan Lu, Ying Ding, Jingtao Fan

16. An Efficient Packet Pre-filtering Algorithm for NIDS
Zhong Qiuxi, Wan Hui, Xie Peidai, Chen Cheng

17. Design and Implementation of MPI-Based Communication Mechanism in HPC-RTI
Hongbo Liang, Yiping Yao, Xiaodong Mu, Ling Wang

18. Numerical Solutions of Heat and Mass Transfer in Capillary Porous Media Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
Hira Narang, Fan Wu, Miguel Cabral

19. A GPU-Based Fine-Grained Parallel Montgomery Multiplication Algorithm
Tieniu Li, Hongda Li, Ji Xiang

20. A Framework for Seamless Execution of Mobile Applications in the Cloud
Byoung-Dai Lee

21. A Study on Architecture of Private Cloud Based on Virtual Technology
Zhao Huaming

22. Application of Cloud Computing in Campus Network Based on IaaS
Jianhua Dai

23. GPU Computing Using Concurrent Kernels: A Case Study
Fengshun Lu, Junqiang Song, Fukang Yin, Xiaoqian Zhu

24. A Feasible Approach to Predict the Response Time for 3-Tier Web Application with Service Demand Law
Duan Cai, Qixun Zhang, Zhonghai Wu

25. Ad Hoc LAN Protocol-Based Defense Wormhole Attack Method
Yu Zhang, Xin Feng

26. An Analysis on Waveguide Coaxial Adapter Using Finite Element Method
Li Zhang, Yong Qi

27. Analysis of Degression Graph Match Method for Gas Well Production and Software Development
Gong Jie, Liu Ying, Zhang Hengru

28. Analysis of Stochastic Bifurcation in the Nonlinear Muscular Blood Vessel System
Hong Yao, Tao Deng, Guang-Jun Zhang

29. Comparison of Nonlinear Analysis of RC Cross-Section Based on Timoshenko with Higher-Order Shear Deformation Beam Theory
Yunpeng Zhang, Bo Diao

30. Damage Assessment of Ancient Wooden Building Based on Alternative Projection Algorithm and EM Algorithm
Qian Ding, Tao Shang, Qiaohui Tong

31. Development and Evaluation of a New Active Engine Hood Lifting System
Dan Wu, Junyi Chen

32. Dynamic Evolution of City Size and Urban Water of Oasis City in Xinjiang
Hong Tang, Degang Yang, Yanqiu Xiao, Fei Wang

33. Imaging Simulation of Sea Surface with SAR
Zhu Mingbo, Zou Jianwu, Xie Fei, Dong Wei

34. Interactive Fractal Set Generating Algorithm Based on Bilinear Transformation
Hai-Long Hu, Shu-Qun Liu

35. Model Building and Software Development for Gas Membrane Separation
Wang Shuli, Tan Zhanting, Yu Yongtao, Ma Lu

36. Model Validation via System Identification and Hypothesis Test
Desheng Liu, Xiaojun Guo, Guilin Tang, Zhiping Huang

37. Numerical Analysis on the Characteristics of Cavitation in the Variable Frequency Regulation of Centrifugal Pump
Guannan Sun, Fanying Meng, Xianghua Guo, Shuo Yang

38. Numerical Simulation of Chilean Mw8.8 Earthquake Tsunami in 2010
Yefei Ren, Ruizhi Wen, Baofeng Zhou

39. Research and Design on High Level Architecture General Gateway
Jifu Zhang, Hua Deng

40. Research on Simulation of Aircraft Electric Braking System
Liang Bo, Yuren Li

41. Simulation and Analysis of High-Speed Low-End SUV Ride Comfort Based on ADAMS/Car Ride
Qiankun Zhou, Jiping Bao, Min Cheng

42. Simulation of Evacuation Processes Using a Multi-grid Model
Miao Chen, Duanfeng Han

43. Space Debris Collision Risk Assessment on HPC System
Ming Shen, Pengqi Gao, Xiaozhong Guo, Datao Yang, Huanhuan Yu, You Zhao

44. Study on Model of Digital Ground Fissures
Bin Li, Yonglong Xu, Jinhui Zhang, Wenmin Wang, Fangfang Yan, Chao Yang, Xiaofei Chen, Mingxia Xu

45. Study on the Methods of Weak Signal Acquisition Based on LabVIEW
Qirong Lu, Tao Wang, Yuanyuan Huang, Lin Sun

46. The Research on EERS Based on GIS for the North China Plain
Huang Meng, Zhang Zhen

47. Using Numerical Simulation via Wave Finite Element Method to Study the Effect of the Station Surrounding on the Strong-Motion Recordings
Yefei Ren, Ruizhi Wen, Guangtao Chen

48. Vibration Modal Analysis for a Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger Based on COMSOL
Dingyuan Wang, Tangfei Tao, Guanghua Xu, Shaoying Kang, Ailing Luo

49. Visual Simulation of Helicopter Landing on Ship Based on ODE
Runjie Wang, Songwei Lie, Lei Chen

50. A New Capacity Requirements Planning Algorithm Based on Heuristic Scheduling
Xuewen Huang, Xueli Ma, Xiaobing Liu, Xiangbo Kong

51. A Universal Model of MCAD Re-development
Shanxin Zhang, Conghua Wang

52. An Application of Reverse Engineering to the Digitization of Cultural Heritage Building
Min-Bin Chen, Ya-Ning Yen, Hung-Ming Cheng, Wun-Bin Yang

53. Deformation Models for Dynamic Terrain Visualization
Zhang Jie, Zheng Changwen, Hu Xiaohui

54. Discussion of Triangular Mesh Optimization
Dongmei Niu, Caiming Zhang

55. NURBS Methods in Ship Lines Design and Ship Hydrodynamics
Shaoping Chen

56. The Data Registration of Hull Blocks Based on Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
Haipeng Zhang, Duanfeng Han

57. An Innovative E-Learning Environment Produced by an Academic European Consortium
Gheorghe Scutaru, Elena Cocorada, Mariela Pavalache

58. Design and Implementation of Tiny Educational OS
Bo Qu, Zhaozhi Wu

59. Foreign Language Education Using Classical Transfer-Base Machine Translation Technique
Yoshihiko Nitta

60. A Simulation on the Flow Field of a Helical Intake Port and a Cylinder in Diesel Engine
Sun Ping, Xiao Shu-Mei, Lu Wen-Xia

61. Efficiency Optimization of Induction Motors Based on Kalman Filter Method
Peng Chen, Xin Li, Ying Zhao, Jiageng Han

62. Optimization Design of Passive Power Filter Based on Novel Immune Algorithm in Hybrid Power Filter System
Peng Chen, Xin Li, Ying Zhao, Jiageng Han

63. A Blending and Hidden Surface Removal Method for Large-Scale Point-Based Models
Yan Jiang, Bo Yu, Yingjuan Sun

64. A Dynamic Frequency Governor for Operating System Based on Performance-Energy Tradeoff Model
Yilu Mao, Xianglan Chen, Xiaodan Wu, Hao Wu, Yuchang Gong

65. A Improved Hardware Model for Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding Algorithm
Wei Benjie, Li Shan, Zhang Xiaokun

66. A Master-Slave Telesurgery Simulator with Force-Feedback
Ping Liu, Yongming Xie, Tanchao Zhu, Jishuai Zhang, Jianying Li

67. A Method of Regular Objects Recognition from 3D Laser Point Cloud
Ping Zheng, Aiwu Zhang

68. A Multi-processor System Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm for Flight Assignment Problem
Donghua Wu, Hongshan Xia

69. A New Multi-disciplinary Robust Optimization Method for Micro Re-entering Lifting-Body Design
Liqiang Hou, Hengnian Li, Peijun Yu, Guangdong Liang

70. A Trusted Network Remediation Scheme Based on the Stability of Access Terminals
Haiyan Wang, Mingming Xu

71. Algorithm of Decomposing Arbitrary Polyhedrons into Convex Pieces
Ren Dawei, Liu Yanpeng

72. An Air Traffic Flow Analysis System Using Historical Radar Data
Feng Shi, Peng Cheng, Rui Geng, Mo Yang

73. An improved Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
You-e Cheng

74. Application of Fast Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Image Denoising
Du-jin Liu, Siming Li, Shuxia Sun, Zhaoyu Ding

75. Application on Spss Software in Photosynthetic Light-Response Curve of Quercus Variabilis Leaf
Zili Yang, Luyi Ma, Zhongkui Jia, Yi Sun

76. Construction of Marine Oil Spill Response Information System Based on ArcGIS Server
Shishuang Jin, Xiaofeng Wang, Cuiju Luan, Hengzhen Zhang, Yu Guo

77. Design and Application of Remote Monitoring System Based on CAD for Foundation Pit
Min Hu, Bang Chen, Qingtao Xia

78. Design of Remote Monitoring and Control System for Devices in Calibration Tower Based on SNMP Protocol
Zhou Jiang, Pan Gaofeng, Xie Yong, Zhang Yongliang

79. Developing Research on Computer Application System of Regional Water Resources Optimizing Allocation Decision Plan Evaluating
Wang Ziru, Luo Baoli, Li Mingqiu

80. Multi-scale Geometric Analysis and Its Application of De-noising
Wu Guoning, Cao Siyuan, Duan Qingquan

81. Research and Application of Single Physical Volume Method in Analyzing Mineral Spectroscopy
Jia Liu, Guoqing Yao, Fuping Gan

82. Study Based on Chaotic Encryption and Digital Watermarking Algorithm
Guang Yu, Xue Jun Zhao

83. The Technology Studies of Building and Description for 3D Models
Jinxiang Peng, Jian Zhang

84. A Distributed Trust Model in Unstructured P2P Networks
Jianying Cao, Zhengqi Liu

85. A Method for 3D Structured Data Set Regulation Based on Image
Tao He, Pengcheng Long, Shaoheng Zhou, Qin Zeng, Liqin Hu, Yican Wu

86. A New High-Efficiency Global Optimization Algorithm for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem
Daibo Liu, Mengshu Hou, Hong Qu, Pu Xiong

87. A Node Similarity Based Trust Transmission Method
Haiyan Wang, Ying Wang, Xiwen Yue

88. A Probabilistic Variant of Projection Temporal Logic
Xiaoxiao Yang

89. A Service-Oriented Architecture Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
Wang Xiao-Le, Huang Hong-Bin, Deng Su, Chen Li-Na

90. A Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Time Slot Costs
Weiya Zhong, Xiaolei Liu

91. A Video Optical Extensometer Based on Virtual Instrument
Yuanyin Wang, Shaopeng Ma

92. An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Maximum TSP with Relaxed Triangle Inequality
Ying Yin, Tongquan Zhang

93. Application of Entropy Weight Coefficient Method in Evaluation of Soil Fertility
Hengqiang Su, Chunrao Zhu

94. Bifurcation of Limit Cycles in Two Given Planar Polynomial Systems
Xiao-Chun Hong, Qing-Hua Qin

95. Comparing Edge and Interior Cover for Rectilinear Polygons
Aldo Laurentini, Andrea Bottino, Matteo Simone

96. Complex Dynamics in the Delayed Stochastic AIMD/RED System
Xieqiang Mo

97. Eigenvalues Estimation of Block Kronecker Product of Positive Semidefinite Hermitian Matrices
Zhongpeng Yang, Hongbin Lü, Xiaoxia Feng, Meixiang Chen

98. Exploration in Automated Systems for Analyzing Public Policy Documents
Eric A. Daimler, James H. Morris, Kathleen M. Carley

99. Harmonic Structure on Modified Sierpinski Gaskets
Yao Zhou, Feng Zhi-gang

100. Method Researching Based on Within-Class Median for Face Recognition
Wang Dao-jun

101. Minimizing File Download Time in P2P Network Using Distributed Chunk Based Switching
Shambhuraj Deshmukh, Amit Chougule

102. Modeling of Network Performance for Large-Scale System with Congestion Control Mechanism
Lin Guan, Xuefen Chi, Yingying Zhao, Yahui Wang

103. Optimal Design of Double Public Gear Speed Change Transmission System in Machine Tool
Yiguo Jin, LiangBiao Chen

104. Performance of CTC(N) Switch under Various Traffic Models
Hyung Jae Chang, Guannan Qu, S. Q. Zheng

105. QR*-Tree: A New Hybird Spatial Database Index Structure
Jianhua Qiu, Quan Guo, Yaohua Xiong

106. Reliability Simulation of Redundant Repairable Computer Systems
Ling Shaoliang, Mo Yuchang

107. Research and Development of Compiler Based on GCC
Wang Xiaowei, Wang Kuixing, Yang Quansheng

108. Research on Defect Inspection System for Float Glass Based on Linear Array CCD
Yong Jin, Zhaoba Wang, Linquan Zhu, Jiliang Yang

109. Research on Signal Analysis Method of Acoustic Emission of Material 2.25Cr-1Mo Based on Wavelet Filter and Clustering
Feifei Long, Haifeng Xu

110. Research on the Security of 4G Mobile System in the IPv6 Network
Jian Zheng

111. Resource and Pest Management through Continuous and Impulsive Control Strategies
Zhong Min, Li Changguo, Yuan Xuemei

112. Security Attributes Quantifying for Intrusion Tolerant in Mobile Network Based on SMP
Xiaoqiang Di, Huamin Yang

113. Sensor Deployment and Some Related Issues for Sensor Networks
Yi Wu, Xing Kai Guo

114. Study on Modeling and Simulation of BSM1 with Matlab
Xianjun Du, Xiaohong Hao, Aimin An

115. The Hamilton Path in Faulty Enhanced Hypercube
Hongmei Liu, Yingying Liu

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering

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