Kontis, Konstantinos

28th International Symposium on Shock Waves

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Table of contents

1. Numerical Investigation of Processes Accompanying Energy Release in Water Near the Free Surface
A. Chernishev, N. Petrov, A. Schmidt

2. Experimental Study of Scale Effects on Shock Wave Interaction with a Granular Layer
Y. Sakamura, T. Onishi

3. Supercavitation Phenomenon during Water Exit and Water Entry of a Fast Slender Body
Hong-Hui Shi, Xiao-Ping Zhang, Yan Wu, Hui-Xia Jia, Hao-Lei Zhou, Su-Yun Zhou, Li-Te Zhang, Ruo-Ling Dong, Chao Wang

4. Explosive Eruptions of Volcanoes: Hydrodynamic Shock Tubes as Lab Method of Simulation
V. Kedrinskiy

5. Investigation of Bubble Collapse and Water Jet Induced by Underwater Explosion in a Rectangular Tube
T. Koita, Y. Zhu, M. Sun

6. Numerical Analysis of Interaction between Moving Shock Wave and Solid Particle Layer
K. Doi, Y. Nakamura

7. Study of the Interaction between a Shock Wave and a Cloud of Droplets
A. Chauvin, G. Jourdan, E. Daniel, L. Houas, R. Tosello

8. Motion of Non-spherical Particles Following Shock Passage
D. Murray, A. Connolly, R. Hillier

9. Shocked Fluid/Fluid and Fluid/Solid Interactions Using a Conservative Level-Set Method
B. Obadia, P. T. Barton, D. Drikakis

10. Anti-diffusion Interface Sharpening Technique for Two-Phase Compressible Flow Simulations
K. K. So, X. Y. Hu, N. A. Adams

11. Numerical Simulation of a Transonic Gas-Droplet Two-Phase Flow over an Airfoil with a Droplet Breakup Model
Geum-Su Yeom, Keun-Shik Chang

12. Numerical Investigation of Cavitation Bubble Dynamics Near Walls
E. Lauer, X. Y. Hu, S. Hickel, N. A. Adams

13. Time Resolved Measurements of Shock Induced Cavitation Bubbles in Various Liquids: A Novel Method of Optical Measurement
S. Koch, W. Garen, F. Hegedüs, W. Neu, U. Teubner

14. The Behaviors of a Drop in Ambient Liquid under a Sudden Impact
H. Ling, Y. Zhu, R. Xiong, L. Wang, F. Xiao, M. Xu, J. Yang

15. Application of Laser Holography and PDPA Technology in Spraying Fuel Particle Field Measurement
Zhang Long, Guo Long-de, Zhang Li-hu, Guan Ping

16. Secondary Atomization on Two-Phase Shock Wave Structure
E. Prete, J. -F. Haas, A. Chauvin, G. Jourdan, L. Houas, A. Chinnayya, A. Hadjadj

17. Dense Particle Cloud Dispersion by a Shock Wave
M. Kellenberger, C. Johansen, G. Ciccarelli, F. Zhang

18. Dynamic Jet Formation from Mitigation Materials
C. Parrish, I. Worland

19. Interaction of a Planar Shock with a Dense Field of Particles
J. Wagner, S. Beresh, S. Kearney, W. Trott, J. Castaneda, B. Pruett, M. Baer

20. Direct Numerical Simulations of Supersonic Interfacial Flows
C. -H. Chang, X. Deng, T. G. Theofanous

21. Experimental Investigation of Asymmetric and Unsteady Flow Separation in High Mach Number Planar Nozzles
E. Shimshi, G. Ben-Dor, A. Levy, A. Krothapalli

22. Experimental Investigation of Shock Train Induced Turbulence
A. Grzona, H. Olivier

23. Influence of a Normal Slot Boundary Layer Suction System onto a Shock Train
A. Weiss, H. Olivier

24. Numerical Investigation of Over-Expanded Nozzle Flows: Influence of Internal Shock Waves
G. Fournier, A. Chpoun, M. Sellam, Ph. Rijasse, S. Girard

25. Asymmetric Flow Separation in de Laval Nozzle
V. V. Golub, S. V. Efremov, A. S. Saveliev

26. 2D Numerical Simulation of Jet Injection into a Channel with a Cavity
N. Fedorova, I. Fedorchenko

27. Pseudo-shock System Structure in Rectangular Laval Nozzles with Gaps
T. Gawehn, M. Giglmaier, J. F. Quaatz, A. Gülhan, N. A. Adams

28. Thrust Shock Vector Control of an Axisymmetric C-D Nozzle via Transverse Gas Injection
V. Zmijanovic, V. Lago, S. Palerm, J. Oswald, M. Sellam, A. Chpoun

29. Flow Visualization of Supersonic Free Jet Utilizing Acetone LIF
K. Hatanaka, M. Hirota, T. Saito, Y. Nakamura, Y. Suzuki, T. Koyaguchi

30. Effect of Roughness in Jets in Mach 5 Cross Flow
E. Erdem, S. Saravanan, Y. Liu, L. Yang, K. Kontis

31. Antiforce Current Bearing Waves
M. Hemmati, W. Childs, H. Shojaei, D. Waters

32. Numerical Simulation of Initial Shock and Detonation Wave Development in Shock-Tube Configurations
P. R. Ess, J. P. Sislian

33. Computations of Flow Field around an Object Decelerating from Supersonic to Subsonic Velocity
T. Saito, K. Hatanaka, H. Yamashita, T. Ogawa, S. Obayashi, K. Takayama

34. Effects of Turbulent Inflow Conditions on Feedback-Loop Mechanisms in Supersonic Cavity Flows
W. Li, T. Nonomura, K. Fujii

35. Scale Separation for Implicit Large Eddy Simulation
X. Y. Hu, N. A. Adams

36. On the Carbuncle Origins from Moving and Stationary Shocks
Keiichi Kitamura, Eiji Shima

37. A Numerical Study of High Enthalpy Flow over a Rearward Facing Step with Rounded Corners
N. R. Deepak, S. L. Gai, A. J. Neely

38. Application of a New Hybrid Explicit-Implicit Flow Solver to 1D Unsteady Flows with Shock Waves
E. Timofeev, F. Norouzi

39. Prediction of Transition Location and Its Effects on Shock Bump Control on a Natural Laminar Flow Aerofoil
F. Deng, S. C. McIntosh, N. Qin

40. An Investigation into Solver Strategies for the Modelling of Compressible Turbulent Flow
I. Asproulias, A. J. Revell, T. J. Craft

41. An Application of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Method for Modeling of Nonstationary Hypersonic Flows in the Atmosphere
A. Astanin, E. Kharik

42. High Mach Number and Total Pressure Flow Conditions for Scramjet Testing
D. E. Gildfind, R. G. Morgan, M. McGilvray, P. A. Jacobs

43. A Computational Study of Supersonic Combustion Relevant to Air–Breathing Engines
Christer Fureby, Ekaterina Fedina, Jon Tegnér

44. On Thermodynamic Cycles for Detonation Engines
R. Vutthivithayarak, E. M. Braun, F. K. Lu

45. External and Internal Configurations of the 14-X Hypersonic Aerospace Vehicle
F. J. Costa, D. Romanelli Pinto, T. V. C. Marcos, M. A. S. Minucci, P. G. P. Toro, E. P. Mergulhão Dias

46. Particle-Impact Ignition Measurements in a High-Pressure Oxygen Shock Tube
Mark W. Crofton, Phillip T. Stout, Michael M. Micci, Eric L. Petersen

47. Limiting Contractions for Starting Prandtl-Meyer-Type Scramjet Inlets with Overboard Spillage
N. Moradian, E. Timofeev

48. Interaction between Combustion and Shock Wave in Supersonic Combustor
Lihong Chen, Fei Li, Tian Wan, Zhi Li, Hongbin Gu

49. Effects of Initial Conditions on Mixing in Richtmyer-Meshkov Turbulence Experiments
K. Prestridge, S. Balasubramanian, G. Orlicz

50. Numerical Investigation of Turbulence in Re-shocked Richtmyer-Meshkov Unstable Curtain of Dense Gas
Santhosh K. Shankar, Sanjiva K. Lele

51. Experimental and Numerical Investigations of the Inclined Air/SF6 Interface Instability under Shock Wave
T. Wang, J. H. Liu, J. S. Bai, P. Li, K. Liu

52. Experimental Study on a Heavy-Gas Cylinder Accelerated by Cylindrical Converging Shock Waves
Ting Si, Zhigang Zhai, Xisheng Luo, Jiming Yang

53. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability at the Interface of Gas-Oil-Water Three Matters
Hong-Hui Shi, Kai Du, Li-Te Zhang, Ruo-Ling Dong, Hui-Xia Jia, Chao Wang

54. Experimental Shock-Initiated Combustion of a Spherical Density Inhomogeneity
N. Haehn, C. Weber, J. Oakley, M. Anderson, D. Rothamer, D. Ranjan, R. Bonazza

55. Investigations on a Gaseous Interface Accelerated by a Converging Shock Wave
Xiansheng Wang, Ting Si, Zhigang Zhai, Minghu Wang, Jiming Yang, Xisheng Luo

56. Long Time Observation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
C. Mariani, L. Biamino, G. Jourdan, L. Houas, M. Vandenboomgaerde, D. Souffland

57. Numerical Study of Shock Induced Mixing in a Cylindrical Shell
Lili Wang, Yihong Hang, Shudao Zhang

58. Effect of Shock Mach Number on Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Spherical Geometry
Ankit Bhagatwala, Sanjiva K. Lele

59. Experimental Characterization of Turbulence Produced in a Shock Tube: A Preliminary Work for the Study of the Turbulent Gaseous Mixing Induced by the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
G. Bouzgarrou, Y. Bury, S. Jamme, J. -F. Haas, D. Counilh, J. -B. Cazalbou

60. Experiments on the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability with an Imposed, Random Initial Perturbation
J. Jacobs, V. Krivets, V. Tsiklashvili, O. Likhatchev

61. Numerical Discovery and Experimental Validation of Vortex Ring Generation by Microramp Vortex Generator
Qin Li, Ping Lu, Chaoqun Liu, Adam Pierce, Frank Lu

62. Shock-Wave Boundary-Layer Interaction Control on a Compression Corner Using Mechanical Vortex Generators
C. Manisankar, S. B. Verma, C. Raju

63. PIV Investigation of the 3D Instantaneous Flow Organization behind a Micro-ramp in a Supersonic Boundary Layer
Z. Sun, F. F. J. Schrijer, F. Scarano, B. W. Oudheusden

64. Flow Topology of Symmetric Crossing Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions
A. Salin, Y. F. Yao, S. H. Lo, A. A. Zheltovodov

65. Numerical Simulation of Conical and Spherical Shock Interaction: Hysteresis Investigations
J. D. Parisse, J. Giordano, D. E. Zeitoun

66. Transitional Shock-Wave / Boundary Layer Interaction behind a Roughness Element
Nicola Tullio, Neil D. Sandham

67. Step Configuration Influence on Structure of Supersonic Reacting Flows in Channels with Sudden Expansion
N. N. Fedorova, Yu. V. Zakharova, M. A. Goldfeld

68. Inviscid-Viscous Interactions of Compressible Convex Corner Flows
K. M. Chung, P. H. Chang

69. Effect of a Counterflow Plasma Jet on Aerodynamics Characteristic of a Blunted Cone
Xue-jun Zeng, Jie Li, Cheng Cao, Hai-feng Shu

70. A Non-linear Eddy-Viscosity View of Shock Wave/Boundary Layer Interaction Flow Simulation
Y. You, D. Liang

71. Boundary Layer Effects behind Incident and Reflected Shock Waves in a Shock Tube
S. Li, W. Ren, D. F. Davidson, R. K. Hanson

72. Simulation of a Practical Scramjet Inlet Using Shock-Unsteadiness Model
Amjad Ali Pasha, C. Vadivelan, Krishnendu Sinha

73. Consideration of von Neumann Reflection and Mach Reflection for Strong Shock Waves
S. Kobayashi, T. Adachi

74. Study of Shock-Wave Mitigation through Solid Obstacles
A. Chaudhuri, A. Hadjadj, O. Sadot, G. Ben-Dor

75. Guderley Reflection for Higher Mach Numbers in a Standard Shock Tube
André Cachucho, Beric Skews

76. Wave Processes in Transonic Airfoil Flows
V. Hermes, J. Nies, I. Klioutchnikov, H. Olivier

77. Shock Wave Reflection Off Convex Cylindrical Surfaces
H. Kleine, B. Skews

78. Aerodynamic Ground Effect for Transonic Projectiles
H. Kleine, J. Young, B. Oakes, K. Hiraki, H. Kusano, Y. Inatani

79. Analytical Theory for Planar Shock Focusing through Perfect Gas Lens: High Compression Designs
M. Vandenboomgaerde, C. Aymard

80. Nonlinear Analysis of Stability of Plane Shock Waves in Media with Arbitrary Thermodynamic Properties
A. Konyukhov, A. Likhachev, V. Fortov, S. Anisimov

81. Shock and Blast Wave Propagation through a Porous Barrier
D. B. Epstein, A. N. Kudryavtsev

82. Supersonic Patches in Steady Irregular Reflection of Weak Shock Waves
M. Ivanov, G. Shoev, D. Khotyanovsky, Y. Bondar, A. Kudryavtsev

83. Shear Layer Evolution in Shock Wave Diffraction
B. W. Skews, C. Law, A. O. Muritala, S. Bode

84. Shock Reflection Off Combined Surfaces
Beric Skews, Anneke Blitterswijk

85. A Simple Scheme for Calculating Distortion of Compression Wave Propagating through a Tunnel with Slab Tracks
T. Miyachi, S. Ozawa, T. Fukuda, M. Iida, T. Arai

86. Studies on Shock Wave Attenuation in Small Tubes
S. Janardhanraj, G. Jagadeesh

87. Standing Shock Formation in a Non-reflected Shock Tube
R. G. Morgan, U. A. Sheikh, D. E. Gildfind

88. Area Change Effects on Shock Wave Propagation
J. N. Dowse, B. W. Skews

89. Analytical and Numerical Study of Three Shock Configurations with Negative Reflection Angle
L. G. Gvozdeva, V. L. Borsch, S. A. Gavrenkov

90. Shock Detachment from Curved Surfaces
S. Mölder, E. Timofeev, G. Emanuel

91. Effect of Solution Conductivity on Shock Wave Pressure Generated by Multichannel Electrical Discharge in Water
V. Stelmashuk, P. Lukes, P. Hoffer

92. Sonic Line and Stand–Off Distance on Re–entry Capsule Shapes
Hans G. Hornung, Jan Martinez Schramm, Klaus Hannemann

93. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Bypass Mass Flow Due to Small Gaps in a Transonic Channel Flow
M. Giglmaier, J. F. Quaatz, T. Gawehn, A. Gülhan, N. A. Adams

94. Flow behind a Concave Hyperbolic Shock
S. Mölder, E. Timofeev, G. Emanuel

95. Simulations of Reflected Shock Bifurcation in a Square Channel
A. Khokhlov, J. M. Austin, C. Bacon, B. Clifford, A. Knisely, S. Aithal

96. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Shock Wave Interaction with Rigid Obstacles
E. Glazer, O. Sadot, A. Hadjadj, A. Chaudhuri

97. Computational Study of the Interaction of a Planar Shock Wave with a Cylinder/Sphere: The Reflected Wave Velocity
Y. Kivity, J. Falcovitz, A. Hadjadj, A. Chaudhuri, O. Sadot, E. Glazer, A. Britan, G. Ben-Dor

98. Determination of the Sonic Point in Unsteady Shock Reflections Using Various Techniques Based on Numerical Flowfield Analysis
A. Hakkaki-Fard, E. Timofeev

99. Shock Wave in Turbulent Flow Field
M. Tsukamoto, A. Sakurai

100. Vortex Induced Mach Waves in Supersonic Jets
H. Oertel Sen, F. Seiler, J. Srulijes

101. Post-shock Pressure Modulation through Grid Turbulence
D. Takagi, S. Ito, K. Takeya, A. Sasoh, K. Nagata, Y. Sakai

102. Aerodynamic Vibrations Caused by a Vortex Ahead of Hemisphere in Supersonic Flow
Takafumi Kawamura, Toshiharu Mizukaki

103. Numerical Investigation of 2D/3D Blade-Vortex Interactions
E. Yildirim, R. Hillier

104. Complex Conservative Difference Schemes in Modeling of Instabilities and Contact Structures
O. A. Azarova

105. Bluntness Effects in Hypersonic Flow over Slender Cones and Wedges
Sebastian Karl, Klaus Hannemann, Hans G. Hornung

106. Hypersonic Interaction of a Vortex Wake with a Bow Shock Wave
A. Shevchenko, A. Shmakov, I. Kavun, M. Golubev, Ya. Ignatenko, A. Kharitonov, A. Pavlov, V. Zapryagaev

107. Density Field Measurements of a Micro–explosion Using BOS
P. Suriyanarayanan, N. Karthikeyan, L. Venkatakrishnan, Obed Samuelraj, R. Sriram, G. Jagadeesh

108. High Speed Opening Operation of Diaphragmless Shock Wave Generator
A. Miyachi, K. Sugahara, A. Abe

109. Numerical Analysis of Interaction between Moving Shock Wave and Solid Particle Layer
K. Doi, Y. Nakamura

110. Hybrid Finite Element/Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Shock-Induced Particle/Wall Collisions
Michael M. Micci, Mark W. Crofton

111. Starting Flow through Planar Wedged Nozzle: Effect of Nozzle Asymmetry
Y. Shahack, O. Sadot, A. Britan, G. Ben-Dor, A. Hadjadj, A. Chaudhuri

112. Magnetic Configuration Effect on the Interaction between the Weakly Ionized Flow and the Applied Magnetic Field
M. Kawamura, H. Katsurayama, H. Otsu, K. Yamada, T. Abe

113. Features of the Impact of a Solar Wind Shock Wave on the Earth’s Bow Shock in a Strong Interplanetary Magnetic Field
E. A. Pushkar

114. Shock Wave–Boundary Layer Interaction from Reflecting Detonations
J. Damazo, J. Ziegler, J. Karnesky, J. E. Shepherd

115. Shock Dynamics for Cylindrical/Spherical Converging Shocks in Elastic-Plastic Solids
A. López Ortega, M. Lombardini, D. J. Hill, D. I. Pullin, D. I. Meiron

116. Study of the Stability of Na
2 Thermoelectric Materials under Shock Dynamic Loading in a Shock Tube
V. Jayaram, C. Shivakumara, M. Satyanarayana, K. P. J. Reddy

117. Structure of Shock Waves in Dense Media
Z. A. Walenta, A. Slowicka

118. Structure of the Plume Emitted during Laser Ablation of Materials
A. Slowicka, Z. A. Walentam, Z. Szymanski

119. Laser Driven Burning and Detonation Waves in Silica-Based Optical Fibers
V. P. Efremov, V. E. Fortov, A. A. Frolov, E. M. Dianov, I. A. Bufetov

120. 3D MHD Description and Animation of the Process of Collision of a Solar Wind Shock with the Earth’s Bow Shock
E. A. Pushkar, A. S. Korolev

121. Interaction between Laser Induced Plasma and Boundary Layer over a Flat Plate in Hypersonic Flow
L. Yang, H. Zare-Behtash, E. Erdem, K. Kontis

122. Fracture Evaluation Using Shock-Induced Borehole Waves
Huajun Fan, D. M. J. Smeulders

123. Improved Shock Wave-Assisted Bacteria Transformation
A. M. Loske, J. Campos-Guillén, M. Icaza-Herrera, F. Fernández, E. Castaño-Tostado

124. Light Syringes Based on the Laser Induced Shock Wave
T. Han, J. Hah, S. Kim, Jack J. Yoh

125. Shock Wave Generation through Constructive Wave Amplification
S. Dion, L. -P. Riel, M. Brouillette

126. Applications of Underwater Shock Wave Research to Therapeutic Device Developments
Kazuyoshi Takayama

127. High Repetitive Pulsed Streamer Discharges in Water, Their Induced Shock Waves and Medical Applications
S. H. R. Hosseini, H. Akiyama

128. Development of Medical and Biological Applications by Shock Waves and Bubbles
M. Tamagawa, N. Ishimatsu

129. Focused Tandem Shock Waves in Water and Their Potential Application in Cancer Treatment
P. Lukes, P. Sunka, P. Hoffer, V. Stelmashuk, J. Benes, P. Pouckova, M. Zadinova, J. Zeman, L. Dibdiak, H. Kolarova, K. Tomankova, S. Binder

130. Improvement of Supersonic Aerodynamic Performance Using Repetitive Laser Energy Depositions
J. -H. Kim, K. Yamashita, T. Sakai, A. Sasoh

131. The Control of Supersonic Flow Past Bodies by Upstream Energy Deposition in Toroidal-Type Regions
P. Georgievskiy, V. Levin

132. Experimental Studies on Micro-ramps at Mach 5
R. Saad, E. Erdem, L. Yang, K. Kontis

133. Effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma in Supersonic Flow
Suparna Pal, R. Sriram, M. V. Srisha Rao, G. Jagadeesh

134. Two Modes of Shock Interaction with Zone of Pulse Volume Discharges in the Channel
J. Jin, D. Koroteev, I. Mursenkova, N. Sysoev, I. Znamenskaya

135. Steady Energy Deposition at Mach 5 for Drag Reduction
E. Erdem, L. Yang, K. Kontis, A. Nigam

136. Interaction of a Shock Wave with a Contact Discontinuity for Local Heat Release in a Flow
P. Tretyakov, A. Tupikin, V. Zudov

137. Head on Collisions of Compressible Vortex Loops on a Solid Wall Effects of Wall Distance Variation
R. Mariani, K. Kontis

138. Hypersonic Flow Past Spiked Bodies
R. G. Fernandes, J. L. Stollery

139. Analytical Estimation of Microbubble Motion Exposed to Discontinuous Pressure Change
Shinya Fukuda, Biyu Wan, Akihisa Abe

140. Experimental Study on Inactivation of Marine Bacteria Using Electrodischarge Shock Waves
Nobuhito Tsujii, Biyu Wan, Haruo Mimura, Akihisa Abe

141. Numerical Simulation of a Shock-Accelerated Multiphase Fluid Interface
Michael Anderson, Peter Vorobieff, Sanjay Kumar, Joseph Conroy, Ross White, Charles Needham, C. Randall Truman

142. Numerical Simulation of Shock Wave Entry and Propagation in a Microchannel
G. V. Shoev, Ye. A. Bondar, D. V. Khotyanovsky, A. N. Kudryavtsev, G. Mirshekari, M. Brouillette, M. S. Ivanov

143. Characteristics of Shock Wave Propagating over Particulate Foam
M. Liverts, A. Britan, G. Ben-Dor

144. Triple–Shock–Wave Configurations: Comparison of Different Thermodynamic Models for Diatomic Gases
P. S. Mostovykh, V. N. Uskov

145. Numerical Study on the Evolution of Shock-Accelerated Interface: Influence of the Interfacial Shape
M. Fan, Z. Zhai, T. Si, X. Luo, J. Yang, J. Tang, X. Liu

146. Imploding Conical Shock Waves
R. T. Paton, B. W. Skews, S. Rubidge, J. Snow

147. Experimental Studies on Mixing in Supersonic Ejector
M. V. Srisha Rao, G. Jagadeesh

148. On the Evolution of Spherical Gas Interface Accelerated by Planar Shock Wave
Z. Zhai, T. Si, X. Luo, J. Yang, D. Li, J. Liu, J. Tang

149. Experimental Investigations on the Effect of Dielectric Barrier Discharge on the Hypersonic Flow Around a Flat Plate
R. Sriram, G. Jagadeesh, K. P. J. Reddy

150. Free-Piston Driver Optimisation for Simulation of High Mach Number Scramjet Flow Conditions
D. E. Gildfind, R. G. Morgan, M. McGilvray, P. A. Jacobs, R. J. Stalker, T. N. Eichmann

151. Reflection Transition of Converging Cylindrical Shock Wave Segments
B. J. Gray, B. W. Skews

152. Development of Blast-Wave Mediated Vaccine Delivery Device
G. Divya Prakash, S. G. Rakesh, Dipshikha Chakravortty, K. Kontis, G. Jagadeesh

153. Micro-shock Wave Assisted Bacterial Transformation
G. Divya Prakash, S. G. Rakesh, Dipshikha Chakravortty, Nataraja Karaba, G. Jagadeesh

154. Starting Characteristics of Hypersonic Inlets in Shock Tunnel
Z. Li, B. Huang, J. Yang, Y. Wei, X. Liu, J. Liu

155. 2D Phenomena of Shock Wave Propagation along a Non-equilibrium Thermal Zone Formed by Surface Discharge
E. Yu. Koroteeva, I. E. Ivanov, D. M. Orlov, I. A. Znamenskaya

156. Three-Dimensional Simulation of Bow-Shock Instability Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method
Y. Sato, Y. Suzuki, K. Yasue, N. Ohnishi

157. Micro-blast Waves Using Detonation Transmission Tubing
S. I. Obed, G. Jagadeesh, K. Kontis

158. Supersonic Combustion Flow Visualization at Hypersonic Flow
T. V. C. Marcos, D. Romanelli Pinto, G. S. Moura, A. C. Oliveira, J. B. Chanes, P. G. P. Toro, M. A. S. Minucci

159. Supersonic Combustion Experimental Investigation at T2 Hypersonic Shock Tunnel
D. Romanelli Pinto, T. V. C. Marcos, R. L. M. Alcaide, A. C. Oliveira, J. B. Chanes, P. G. P. Toro, M. A. S. Minucci

160. OH Emission Diagnostics Applied to Study Ignition of the Supersonic Combustion
R. G. S. Vilela, C. S. T. Marques, L. G. Barreta, A. M. Santos, P. G. P. Toro, M. A. S. Minucci

161. Polygonal Shock Waves: Comparison between Experiments and Geometrical Shock Dynamics
M. Kjellander, N. Apazidis, N. Tillmark

162. Radiative Heat Transfer Measurements in a Nonreflected Shock Tube at Low Pressures
C. M. Jacobs, R. G. Morgan, T. N. Eichmann, T. J. McIntyre

163. Model Experiment of Munroe Jet Formation Using Gelatin Driven by a Moderate-Speed Impactor
K. Suzuki, A. Sasoh, K. Shimizu, A. Matsuda, M. Katayama

164. Benchmarking a New, Open-Source Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) Code for Hypersonic Flows
Abdul O. Ahmad, Thomas J. Scanlon, Jason M. Reese

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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