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Foundations of Intelligent Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Artificial Intelligence

1. Efficient Closed Iterative Patterns Mining Algorithm via Prime-Block Encoding
Zhixin Ma, Zhe Ding, Yusheng Xu

2. Pool-Based Active Learning with Query Construction
Shanhong Zhang, Jian Yin, Weizhao Guo

3. The Research of Soft Measurement Method Based on Sintering Process Permeability Index
Jinyu Teng, Xiaoxin Zhang

4. A Neighborhood Preserving Based Semi-supervised Dimensionality Reduction Method for Cancer Classification
Xianfa Cai, Jia Wei, Guihua Wen, Jie Li

5. A Layered Model of Artificial Emotion Merging with Attitude
Qijun Luo, Ang Zhao, Hongxiang Zhang

6. Fast Extraction Strategy of Support Vector Machines
Wei Wu, Qiang Yang, Wenjun Yan

7. A Local Feature Selection Approach for Clustering
Bing Gui

8. Semantics-Preserving Fusion of Structures of Probabilistic Graphical Models
Kun Yue, Yunlei Zhu, Kailin Tian, Weiyi Liu

9. A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Scheduling and Selecting a Project Portfolio
Bo Shi, Hong Wang, Lu Qi

10. Tibetan Processing Key Technology Research for Smart Mobile Phone Based on Symbian
Nyima Trashi, Qun Nuo, Yong Tso, Pu Dun, Gama Zhaxi, Niluo Qiongda

11. PCNN Automatic Parameters Determination in Image Segmentation Based on the Analysis of Neuron Firing Time
Xiangyu Deng, Yide Ma

12. Messy Genetic Algorithm for the Optimum Solution Search of the HTN Planning
Jiangfeng Luo, Cheng Zhu, Weiming Zhang

13. Research on Rule-Based Reasoning Methods Oriented on Information Resource Ontology
Gang Liu, Lifu Feng, Ying Liu, Zheng Wang

14. Generating Descriptions of Incomplete City-Traffic States with Agents
Grzegorz Popek, Ryszard Kowalczyk, Radoslaw P. Katarzyniak

15. Target Factor Algorithm of PSC Ship-Selecting System Based on Rough Set Theory and Hierarchic Analysis
Zhonghua Sun, Tingting Yang

16. Route Planning Based on Combination of Artificial Immune Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm
Qingfeng Wang, Yuhui Wang

17. Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Support Vector Machines with an Efficient Principal Component Analysis Scheme
Pinliang Dong, Jianguo Liu

18. A Practicable Heuristic Attributes Reduction Algorithm for Ordered Information Systems
Wei Li, Feng Liu, Zhi-hong Zhao

19. An Improved Abrams-Strogatz Model Based Protocol for Agent Competition and Strategy Designing
Cunhua Li, Yun Hu, Lanlan Sun

α-Quasi-Lock Semantic Resolution Method for Linguistic Truth-Valued Lattice-Valued Propositional Logic L_V(n^2) P(x)
Xiaomei Zhong, Jun Liu, Shuwei Chen, Yang Xu

21. A Real-Time Software GPS Receiver Based on MAX2769
Xiao Xu, Yijin Chen

22. Duality in Lattice Implication Algebra
Li Zhao, Yang Xu

23. Kernel Construction via Generalized Eigenvector Decomposition
Yong Liu, Shizhong Liao

24. Probabilistic Model Combination for Support Vector Machine Using Positive-Definite Kernel-Based Regularization Path
Ning Zhao, Zhihui Zhao, Shizhong Liao

25. The Relationship of Filters in Lattice Implication Algebra
Ruijuan Lv, Yang Xu

26. Effects of Vision Field on Evolution of Cooperation among Mobile Agents
Wei-Ye Wang, Zhou Zhou, Xiao-Long Jiang

27. Deviating from Common Context in Individual Semiosis in Multi-Agent Systems
Wojciech Lorkiewicz, Radoslaw Katarzyniak, Ryszard Kowalczyk

28. Active Discovery Based Query Federation over the Web of Linked Data
Xuejin Li, Zhendong Niu, Chunxia Zhang

29. A Data Imputation Method with Support Vector Machines for Activity-Based Transportation Models
Banghua Yang, Davy Janssens, Da Ruan, Mario Cools, Tom Bellemans, Geert Wets

30. The Study on Integer Overflow Vulnerability Detection in Binary Executables Based Upon Genetic Algorithm
Baojiang Cui, Xiaobing Liang, Jianxin Wang

31. Case-Based Reasoning Genetic Algorithm for Rectangle and Circle Packing Problem with Equilibrium Constraints
Ziqiang Li, Meng-juan Dong

32. Feature Discriminability for Pattern Classification Based on Neural Incremental Attribute Learning
Ting Wang, Sheng-Uei Guan, Fei Liu

33. Selective Ensemble Approach for Classification of Datasets with Incomplete Values
Yan Wang, Yi Gao, Ruimin Shen, Fan Yang

34. Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets
Rosa M. Rodríguez, Luis Martínez, Francisco Herrera

35. A Conceptual Model for Risk-Based Situation Awareness
Mohsen Naderpour, Jie Lu, Etienne Kerre

36. On Partial Comparability and Fuzzy Preference-Aversion Models
Camilo Franco, Javier Montero, J. Tinguaro Rodríguez

37. Honesty-Rate Measurement: A Novel Approach for the Fragile Trust Inside the DIDS
Peijian Chen, Yuexiang Yang, Hailong Wang, Chuan Tang, Jie He

38. Using Cooperative Clustering to Solve Multiclass Problems
Chuanhuan Yin, Shaomin Mu, Shengfeng Tian

39. Total Colorings of Planar Graphs with Maximum Degree Seven and without 3-Cycles Adjacent to 5-Cycles
Guangde Liu, Bing Wang, Jian-liang Wu

40. A Meta-Strategy for Coordinating of One-to-Many Negotiation over Multiple Issues
Khalid Mansour, Ryszard Kowalczyk

41. Further Research of Generated Filters in Lattice Implication Algebra
Ling Guo, Yang Xu, Shaokun Du

42. Dynamic Task Allocation and Action Coordination under Uncertain Environment
Chengli Liu, Wei Zeng, Hongtao Zhou, Lei Cao, Yang Yang

43. Representation and Acquisition of Feature Value of Learner Model in Adaptive Learning System
Bing Jia, Yongjian Yang, Jun Zhang

44. MP-IR: A Market-Oriented Mobile Agents System for Distributed Information Retrieval
Djamel Eddine Menacer, Habiba Drias, Christophe Sibertin-Blanc

45. Framework for Goal-Driven Negotiation Process
Ying Lei

46. Inconsistency in Multi-Agent Systems
Du Zhang

Part II. Pattern Recognition, Image and Video Processing

47. Emotional Speech Recognition Based on Syllable Distribution Feature Extraction
Haiying Zhang

48. Face Recognition Based on the Second-Generation Curvelet Transform Domain and KPCA
Xian Wang, Xin Mu, Yan Zhang, Fangsheng Zhang

49. Marine Spill Oil SAR Image Segmentation Based on Maximum Entropy and CV Model
Yang Ji, Yiquan Wu, Yi Shen

50. Multilevel Thresholding Based on Exponent Gray Entropy and Niche Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
Yi Shen, Yiquan Wu, Yang Ji

51. Learning Bag-of-Words Models Using Sparse Partial Least Squares
Jingneng Liu, Guihua Zeng

52. Blind Watermark Algorithm Based on QR Barcode
Meifeng Gao, Bing Sun

53. Cloth Pattern Simulation Based on a 1/f Noise Method
Beibei Li, Zhihong Zhao

54. An Anti-noise Determination on Fractal Dimension for Digital Images
Ying Shi, Shu Cheng, Shuhai Quan, Ting Bai

55. A Spectral Matching for Shape Retrieval Using Pairwise Critical Points
Zhen Pan, Guoqiang Xiao, Kai Chen, Zhenghao Li

56. Skew Detection of Fabric Images Based on Edge Detection and Projection Profile Analysis
Zhoufeng Liu, Jie Huang, Chunlei Li

57. Improved Algorithm of Separation and Identification of Touching Kernels and Foreign Materials in Digital Images
Zhining Liu, Lei Yan

58. Object Detection Based on Multiclass Discriminative Field
Xiaofeng Zhang, Qiaoyu Sun, Yue Lu

59. Co-processing Method for Automotive Vibration Signals on JBeam
Guofeng Qin, Minhu Fan, Qiyan Li

60. A Method of Image Segmentation Based on Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Wenjiao Yu, Mengxing Huang, Donghai Zhu, Xuegang Li

61. Resistance Identifier Recognition Based on Wavelet Transform and LBP Operator
Chong-quan Zhong, Yan-dong Zhu

62. Image Processing Methods for V-Shape Weld Seam Based on Laser Structured Light
Tao Qin, Ke Zhang, Jingyu Deng, Xin Jin

63. Melon Image Segmentation Based on Prior Shape LCV Model
Yubin Miao, Qiang Zhu

64. An Improved Method for Terrain Mapping from Descent Images
Xiaoliang Xue, Cai Meng, Yang Jia

65. Best View Selection of 3D Object Based on Sample Learning
Zhi Liu, Yipan Feng, Qihua Chen, Xiang Pan

66. An Improved Retina Modeling for Varying Lighting Face Recognition
Yong Cheng, YingKun Hou, Zuoyong Li

67. Automated Object Length Measurement Applied to AFM, STM and TEM Images Based on the Snake Model
Leandro Marturelli, Lilian Costa, Geraldo Cidade

68. Automatic Smudge Cell Recognition Based on Unimodal Region and Weak Edge Features
Guohui Qiao, Minglei Sun, Guanghua Zong, Fanggu Wu, Suling Huang, Shichuan Tang

69. Recognition of Touching Erythrocytes via Contour Radial Uniformity and Sector Region Distribution Features
Minglei Sun, Di Wang, Wen Wen, Rong Zhang, Shichuan Tang, Bin Zhang

70. A Continuation Log-Barrier Method for ℓ1_regularized Least Square
Min Zhang, Dongfang Chen

71. Use of Imaging Techniques to Obtain 3D Models of Small Insects
Franxavier Centeno, Ángela López Benítez, Carles Domènech, Francesc Pérez-Ràfols, Joaquim Lloveras Macià

72. Affine Object Tracking Using Kernel-Based Region Covariance Descriptors
Bo Ma, Yuwei Wu, Fengyan Sun

73. A Pulmonary Nodules Detection Method Using 3D Template Matching
Ting Gao, Xiwen Sun, Yuanjun Wang, Shengdong Nie

74. An Improved Iterative Binary Coloring Procedure for Color Image Segmentation
Javier Montero, Susana Muñoz, Daniel Gómez

75. Moving Objects Detection Using Adaptive Region-Based Background Model in Dynamic Scenes
Lin Gao, Yong Fan, Niannian Chen, Yufeng Li, Xiaorong Li

76. New Shape-from-Shading Method with Near-Scene Point Lighting Source Condition
Lei Yang, Shiwei Ma, Bo Tian

77. Mixture of Subspace Learning with Adaptive Dimensionality: A Self-Organizing Approach
Huicheng Zheng

78. Dialect Identification Based on S-Transform and Singular Value Decomposition
Yan He, Fengqin Yu

79. Local Structure Recognition of Point Cloud Using Sparse Representation
Pei Luo, Zhuangzhi Wu, Teng Ma

80. Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors for Human Identification Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization and BP Neural Network
Ning Zhao, Fangmin Li, Sheng Wang

81. Bimodal Emotion Recognition Based on Speech Signals and Facial Expression
Binbin Tu, Fengqin Yu

82. Memory-Based Multi-camera Handover with Non-Overlapping Fields of View
Xiaoyan Sun, Faliang Chang, Jiangbao Li

83. The Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Curvelet Transform and CSVD
Shulin Song, Yan Zhang, Xian Wang, Xin Mu

84. Background Modeling for Fire Detection
Yan Yang, Xiaopeng Hu, Chaofei Zhang, Yi Sun

85. Research on the Technology of Video Semantic Retrieval Based on Structured Semantic Strings
Jing Yuan, Quan Zheng, Zhijun Sun, Song Wang

86. Color Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Affinity Propagation Clustering
Lei Wang, Lin Zhang

Part III. Cognitive Science and Brain-Computer Interface

87. A EEG-Based Brain Computer Interface System towards Applicable Vigilance Monitoring
Hongfei Ji, Jie Li, Lei Cao, Daming Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Information Storage and Retrieval

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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