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Knowledge Engineering and Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Optimization and Biological Inspired Computation

1. A Novel TinyOS 2.x Routing Protocol with Load Balance Named CTP-TICN
Yang Song, Yaqiong Chai, Fengrui Ye, Wenqiang Xu

2. Adaptive Nonlinear Guidance Law Considering Autopilot Dynamics
Dan Yang, Liang Qiu

3. An Immune-Enhanced Unfalsified Controller for a High-Speed Spinning Process
Lezhi Wang, Yongsheng Ding, Kuangrong Hao, Xiao Liang

4. Real-Time Adaptive Task Allocation Algorithm with Parallel Dynamic Coalition in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chengyu Chen, Wenzhong Guo, Guolong Chen

5. Optimization of Seedlings Transplanting Strategy Based on Greedy Algorithm
Junhua Tong, Huanyu Jiang, Xiaolong Xu, Chao Fang

6. An Investigation of Squeaky Wheel Optimization Approach to Airport Gate Assignment Problem
Xueyan Song, Yanjun Jiang

7. A Suppression Operator Used in TMA
Jungan Chen, Qiaowen Zhang, Zhaoxi Fang

8. Existence and Simulations of an Impulsive Appropriate Pest Management SI Model withBiological and Chemical Control
Yan Yan, Kaihua Wang, Zhanji Gui

9. Existence and Simulations of Periodic Solution of a Predator-Prey System with Holling-Type Response and Impulsive Effects
Wenxiang Zhang, Zhanji Gui, Kaihua Wang

10. A Novel Selection Operator of Cultural Algorithm
Xiaowei Xue, Min Yao, Ran Cheng

11. An Approach to Analyzing LOH Data of Lung Cancer Based on Biclustering and GA
Jun Wang, Hongbin Yang, Yue Wu, Zongtian Liu, Zhou Lei

12. Using Simulated Binary Crossover in Particle Swarm Optimization
Xiaoyu Huang, Enqiang Lin, Yujie Ji, Shijun Qiao

Part II. Distributed and Parallel Intelligence

13. A Parallel Cop-Kmeans Clustering Algorithm Based on MapReduce Framework
Chao Lin, Yan Yang, Tonny Rutayisire

14. Design of Aerospace Data Parallel Pre-processing Ground System Based Grid Workflow
Chaobin Zhu, Baoqin Hei, Jiuxing Zhang

15. Development Platform for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Xu Chong

16. Knowledge-Based Resource Management for Distributed Problem Solving
Sergey Kovalchuk, Aleksey Larchenko, Alexander Boukhanovsky

17. Research on and Realization of an Adaptive Clock Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed Systems
Jia Yang, Piyan He

18. Realistic Task Scheduling with Contention Awareness Genetic Algorithm by Fuzzy Routing in Arbitrary Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems
Nafiseh Sedaghat, Hamid Tabatabaee-Yazdi, Mohammad-R Akbarzadeh-T

Part III. Robotics

19. Tsallis Statistical Distribution in a Completely Open System with OLM Formalism
Heling Li, Bin Yang, Yan Ma

20. Symbolic Controller with PID Feedback for Locally Linearized System
Bin Xu, Tianyi Wang, Haibin Duan

21. Multistage Decision Making Based on One-Shot Decision Theory
Peijun Guo, Yonggang Li

22. Speed Control for Under-actuated Planar Biped Robot
Yuanyuan Xiong, Gang Pan, Ling Yu

23. Performance Analytical Model for Interbay Material Handling System with Shortcut and Blocking
Lihui Wu, Jianwei Wang, Jie Zhang

24. Robotic 3D Reaching through a Development-Driven Double Neural Network Architecture
Fei Chao, Lin Hu, Minghui Shi, Min Jiang

25. Automatic C. Elgance Recognition Based on Symmetric Similarity in Bio-Micromanipulation
Rong Zhang, Shichuan Tang, Jingkun Zhao, Shujing Zhang, Xu Chen, Bin Zhang

26. Multi-sensor System of Intellectual Handling Robot Control on the Basis of Collective Learning Paradigm
Nikolay Tushkanov, Vladimir Nazarov, Alla Kuznetsova, Olga Tushkanova

27. A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for the Planar Quantified Integer Programming Problem
Zhiyao Liang, K. Subramani

28. Building Computational Model of Emotion Based on Particle System
Yan-jun Yin, Wei-qing Li

29. Hölder Type Inequality and Jensen Type Inequality for Choquet Integral
Xuan Zhao, Qiang Zhang

Part IV. Knowledge Engineering and Management

30. Research on Web Semantic Information Retrieval Technology Based on Ontology
Hong Zhou, Jun Liu

31. A Knowledge Base Construction Method Based on Cognitive Model
Liwei Tan, Shisong Zhu, Wenhui Man

32. Study on Supplier Selection Model for Supply Chain Collaboration
Xing Xu, Renwang Li, Xinli Wu

33. A Generation Method for Requirement of Domain Ontology Evolution Based on Machine Learning in P2P Network
Jianquan Dong, Mingying Yang, Guangfeng Wang

34. A Service Chain for Digital Library Based on Cloud Computing
Mengxing Huang, Wencai Du

35. An Enterprise Knowledge Management System (EKMS) Based on Knowledge Evaluation by the Public
Feng Dai, Xinjian Gu, Lusha Zeng, Yihua Ni

36. Using OWA Operators to Integrate Group Attitudes towards Consensus
Iván Palomares, Jun Liu, Yang Xu, Luis Martínez

37. Criteria-Based Approximate Matching of Large-Scale Ontologies
Shuai Liang, Qiangyi Luo, Guangfei Xu, Wenhua Huang, Yi Zhang

38. Route Troubleshooting Expert System Based on Integrated Reasoning
Hui-fen Dong, Chu Cui, Guang Li

39. Design and Implementation of Ontology-Based Search Algorithm for Internal Website
Wenyuan Tao, Haitao Zhang, Wenhuan Lu, Shengbei Wang

40. Knowledge-Based Model Representation and Optimization of Micro Device
Zheng Liu, Hua Chen

41. Modeling Supply Chain Network Design Problem with Joint Service Level Constraint
Guoqing Yang, Yankui Liu, Kai Yang

42. An Ontology-Based Task-Driven Knowledge Reuse Framework for Product Design Process
Jun Guo, Xijuan Liu, Yinglin Wang

Part V. Data Mining, NLP and Information Retrieval

43. A LDA-Based Approach to Lyric Emotion Regression
Deshun Yang, Xiaoou Chen, Yongkai Zhao

44. An Online Fastest-Path Recommender System
Yun Xun, Guangtao Xue

45. A Computer Dynamic Forensic Technique Based on Outlier Detection
Bin Huang, Wenfang Li, Deli Chen, Junjie Chen

46. Sentence Compression with Natural Language Generation
Peng Li, Yinglin Wang

47. Feature and Sample Weighted Support Vector Machine
Qiongsheng Zhang, Dong Liu, Zhidong Fan, Ying Lee, Zhuojun Li

48. Research on Dictionary Construction in Automatic Correcting
Xueli Ren, Yubiao Dai

49. TEM Research Based on Bayesian Network and Neural Network
Fu-li Bai, Hai-feng Cao, Tong Li

50. Morphological Analysis Based Part-of-Speech Tagging for Uyghur Speech Synthesis
Guljamal Mamateli, Askar Rozi, Gulnar Ali, Askar Hamdulla

51. Where Scene Happened in Text on Relevant Measures
Hanjing Li, Ruizhi Dong

52. Chinese Zero Anaphor Detection: Rule-Based Approach
Kaiwei Qin, Fang Kong, Peifeng Li, Qiaoming Zhu

53. Enhancing Concept Based Modeling Approach for Blog Classification
Ramesh Kumar Ayyasamy, Saadat M. Alhashmi, Siew Eu-Gene, Bashar Tahayna

54. A Distributed Clustering with Intelligent Multi Agents System for Materialized Views Selection
Hamid Necir, Habiba Drias

55. One Method for On-Line News Event Detection Based on the News Factors Modeling
Hui Zhang, Guo-hui Li

56. Automatic Recognition of Chinese Unknown Word for Single-Character and Affix Models
Xin Jiang, Ling Wang, Yanjiao Cao, Zhao Lu

57. Social Media Communication Model Research Bases on Sina-weibo
Ming Wu, Jun Guo, Chuang Zhang, Jianjun Xie

58. A Simple and Direct Privacy-Preserving Classification Scheme
Rongrong Jiang, Tieming Chen

59. Guess-Answer: Protecting Location Privacy in Location Based Services
Yingjie Wu, Sisi Zhong, Xiaodong Wang

60. Clustering Blogs Using Document Context Similarity and Spectral Graph Partitioning
Ramesh Kumar Ayyasamy, Saadat M. Alhashmi, Siew Eu-Gene, Bashar Tahayna

61. Enhancing Automatic Blog Classification Using Concept-Category Vectorization
Ramesh Kumar Ayyasamy, Saadat M. Alhashmi, Siew Eu-Gene, Bashar Tahayna

62. A Naïve Automatic MT Evaluation Method without Reference Translations
Junjie Jiang, Jinan Xu, Youfang Lin

63. Combining Naive Bayes and Tri-gram Language Model for Spam Filtering
Xi Ma, Yao Shen, Junbo Chen, Guirong Xue

64. Rare Query Expansion via Wikipedia forSponsored Search
Zhuoran Xu, Xiangzhi Wang, Yong Yu

65. An Automatic Service Classification Approach
Haiyan Zhao, Qingkui Chen

Part VI. Data Simulation and Information Integration

66. A Method for Improving the Consistency of Fuzzy Complementary Judgement Matrices Based on Satisfaction Consistency and Compatibility
Yong Zeng, Zhoujing Wang

67. Study on EKF-Based Optimal Phase-Adjusted Pseudorange Algorithm for Tightly Coupled GPS/SINS Integrated System
Yingjian Ding, Jiancheng Fang

68. Study of Spatial Data Index Structure Based on Hybrid Tree
Yonghui Wang, Yunlong Zhu, Huanliang Sun

69. Research on an Improved GuTao Method for Building Domain Ontologies
Guoyan Xu, Tianshu Yu

70. Research and Application of Hybrid-Driven Data Warehouse Modeling Method
Junliang Xu, Boyi Xu, Hongming Cai

71. Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Knowledge Representation Model of Gastric Precancerous Lesion and Risk Assessment Based on Extenics
Weili Chen, Aizi Fang, Wenhui Wang

72. Theorem about Amplification of Relational Algebra by Recursive Objects
Veronika V. Sokolova, Oxana M. Zamyatina

73. A Building Method of Virtual Knowledge Base Based on Ontology Mapping
Huayu Li, Xiaoming Zhang

74. Research on Computer Science Domain Ontology Construction and Information Retrieval
Dandan Li, Jianwei Du, Shuzhen Yao

75. A New LED Screen Dynamic Display Technology
Wei Jin, Zhiquan Wu, Quan Liu, Bocheng Sun

76. Redundant and Conflict Detection in Knowledge Management System
Kaixiang Wang, Yinglin Wang

Part VII. Formal Engineering and Reliability

77. Measuring Method of System Complexity
Guoning Zhang, Chunli Li

78. Research on Channel Estimation of Uplink for MC-CDMA Based on OFDM
Qiuxia Zhang, Yuanjie Deng, Chao Song

79. Properties of Linguistic Truth-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Lattice
Fengmei Zhang, Yunguo Hong, Li Zou

80. Formal Engineering with Fuzzy Logic
Victoria Lopez

81. An Approach to the Analysis of Performance, Reliability and Risk in Computer Systems
Victoria López, Matilde Santos, Toribio Rodríguez

82. Empirical Bayes Estimation in Exponential Model Based on Record Values under Asymmetric Loss
Haiping Ren

83. Image Registration Algorithm Based on Regional Histogram Divergence and Wavelet Decomposition
Cheng Xin, Bin Niu

84. Some Preservation Results of Location Independent Riskier Order
Bo-de Li, Jie Zhi

85. A Method Based on AHP to Define the Quality Model of QuEF
M. Espinilla, F. J. Domínguez-Mayo, M. J. Escalona, M. Mejías, M. Ross, G. Staples

86. Patterns for Activities on Formalization Based Requirements Reuse
Zheying Zhang, Jyrki Nummenmaa, Jianmei Guo, Jing Ma, Yinglin Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Information Storage and Retrieval

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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