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Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2

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Table of contents

1. Automatic Reasoning Technology Based on Secondary CBR
Haobin Shi, Wenjie Dong, Linquan Yang, Zhujun Yu

2. Experiments with Adaptable Multimodal User Interfaces for Mobile Devices
Andreas Truar, Norbert Kuhn

3. A New Receiver for the Data Traffic of the EDEG System under High Speed Environments
Leyu Zhang, Tao Wang, Jie Zou

4. Model-Based Human Pose Estimation with Hierarchical ICP from Single Depth Images
Maoying Qiao, Jun Cheng, Wenchuang Zhao

5. Analysis of Motion Space for Modified Screwdrive Bending Mechanism
Chiharu Ishii

6. Research on General Error Modeling and Instructions Correction Method of Multi-axis CNC Machine Tools
Xiaofeng Wang, Jinwei Fan, Dongju Chen, Yun Li

7. Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands and Simultaneous Delivery and Pickup Based on the Cross-Entropy Method
Chuansheng Wang, Yue Qiu

8. Modeling and Simulation of Formed Milling Cutter for Screw Based on Non-instantaneous Envelope Method
Yun Li, Jin-wei Fan, Dong-ju Chen, Xiao-feng Wang

9. Study and Design of an Inchworm-Like Micro-robot Walking Mechanism
Li Zu, Yi Liang, Meili Song

10. Movement Status Based Vision Filter for RoboCup Small-Size League
Yang Liu, Dong Liu

11. Study of Automatic Separation System of Coal and Gangue by IR Image Recognition Technology
Jie Xu, Fengwen Wang

12. Research and Applications on Virtual-Hand Technology
XiaoGang Wang, YueWei Bai, Kai Liu

13. A Method to Align POS Data and Linear Push-Broom Imaging Data
Xiangang Meng, Aiwu Zhang, Shaoxing Hu, Weidong Sun, Jilian Yang

14. Evaluation Methods of Architecture for Intelligent Robotic System
Wei Xie, Jiachen Ma, Qi Zhang, Mingli Yang

15. Research and Implementation on Resource Saving-Based Server Cluster Scheduling System
Yang Cao, Jienan Cao, Zeyu Xiong

16. PID Control Based on Generic Alogorithm Froction Compensation in Sero System
Dingdu Wen

17. The Analytical Research on Construction Project Cost Estimation Model Which Is Based on Artificial Neural Network
Junming Hong

18. The Design of Stereoscopic Warehouse Stacker’ Motion and Control System
Jingtao Geng, Yongxia Lu, Huijing Yang, Dong Chen

19. Exploring the History of New Energy Vehicles
Shuying Li

20. Establishment of the Personal Credit System in the Network Environment
Sai Luo

21. Design and Implementation PLC Real-Time Control Based on NI-VISA
Qingsheng Feng, Hong Li

22. Caculation of Resistance and Inductance of Laser Plasma
Cai Feng Zhao

23. WLR-Normal Cryptogroups and LR-Regular Semigroups
Aifa Wang, Lili Wang, Yinbin Li

24. The Inspecting and Controlling System for the Testing Platform of CO2 Air Conditioning Based on LabVIEW
Bingqiang He, Huijuan Li, Chunling Liao

25. An Efficient Path Planning Method Based on State Automata Model for Mobile Robots
Jingdong Yang, Jinghui Yang, Weiguang Wang

26. Parallelization of the Training for Face Detection with Transactional Memory
Kun Zeng

27. Research and Application on Seismic Image Enhancement Based on Wavelet Transformation
Ma Chang-Qing

28. Structural Optimization Method of Key Part of High Speed Machining Center
Liu Yu, Liu Chunshi, Mao Lieqian, Zhang Yimin

29. Development of the Analysis Software of Reliability Based on the Matlab
Liu Yu, Liu Chunshi, Li Zhichao, Zhang Yimin

30. Study of B-Spline Interpolation, Correction and Inverse Algorithm
Liu Chunshi, Liu Yu, Zhang Yimin

31. Content-Related Features for Video Quality Assessment Based on Bit Streams
Caihong Wang, Xiuhua Jiang, Yuxia Wang

32. Research of Non-equilibrium Urban Traffic Control System
Shulin He

33. On the Offense and Defense Game in the Network Honeypot
Hongxia Li, Xiaoqiong Yang, Lianhua Qu

34. Virtual Tourism Interactive Product Design for Senior Citizens
Zhongyan Hu, Zaihui Cao, Jinfa Shi

35. Staged Soft-Sensor Modeling for Batch Fermentation Process
Qiangda Yang

36. High Accuracy Dynamic Adjusting Voltage Source for Cell Impedance Tomography Application
Nan Li, Hui Xu, Yang Yang, Jietao Diao, Hongshan Nie, Hongqi Yu, Haijun Liu

37. Study on a New Approach of Face Detection under Video Environment
Qing Lin, Xiang Zhao, Yi-jia Xu, Min Wu

38. A Novel Automated Experimental Approach for the Measurement of On-Chip Speed Variations through Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
Hasan Baig, Jeong-Gun Lee, Jeong-A Lee

39. Low-Dimensional Local Self-Similarity Descriptor for Image Matching
Jingneng Liu, Guihua Zeng

40. Fast Algorithm for Lunar Craters Simulation
Li Jian-Sheng, Liu Wei-min, Lan Chao-zhen, Mao Xiao-yan, Lu Zhan-wei

41. A Research on the Relationship between Share Price of Chinese Gold Enterprises and Gold Prices
Anyu Cai, Luzhuang Wang, Dandan Li, Shuyang Wang, Yi Zhong

42. Mixed Generalized Hermite-Legendre Spectral Method
Zhang Xiao-yong

43. Artificial Neural Networks Based on Fractal Growth
Li Zhao, Weidong Li, Liqing Geng, Yanzhen Ma

44. Phase Transitions of Traffic Flows Based on Traffic Flow Simulation in the Merging Section on Freeways
Xingju Wang, Xiaoming Xi

45. Multi-Agent Systems Simulation Base on HLA Framework
Xuehui Wang, Lei Zhang

46. A Novel Feature Selection and Extraction Method for Sequence Images of Lip-Reading
Chuanzhen Rong, Zhenjun Yue

47. Pattern-Discovery-Based Response Time Prediction
Lingshuang Shao, Yi Guo, Xiangping Chen, Yanxiang He

48. A Method to Check the Structure of Sequential Business Process Models
Jian Deng, Zhi Chen, Jiazhi Zeng

49. Short-Term Wind Speed Forecast Based on Best Wavelet Tree Decomposition and Support Vector Machine Regression
Deliang Zeng, Yu Liu, Jiwei Liu, Jizhen Liu

50. The Realization of Autonomous Roaming Combined with Eagle Eye Navigation in Large Virtual Scene
YiJia Xu, Xiang Liu, ZiWei Liu

51. A Survey on Multimodal Biometrics
Yu Wang, Zaiwen Liu

52. Population Bursts Management in Digital City
Xiaojian Wang, Siyuan Liu, Ce Liu, Yanping Liu

53. Population Burst Trajectory Retrieval in Smart City
Wei Zhang, Xiaojian Wang, Siyuan Liu, Ce Liu, Yanping Liu

54. Study on Transforming Formulas from Interval Valued Data to Vague Valued Data
Guxin Li, Hongxu Wang, Weixia Li, Chengyi Zhang

55. Ultrasonic Scanner for Heat Treatment Qualification in CNG Cylinder Fabrication
Asad Babakhani, Fereidoun A. Mianji, Ariya Parish, Mahdi Mozaffarian, Abdollah Dadkhah

56. The Theta Model: An Essential Forecasting Tool for Supply Chain Planning
Konstantinos Nikolopoulos, Vassilios Assimakopoulos, Nikolaos Bougioukos, Akrivi Litsa, Fotios Petropoulos

57. Networked Control Systems Based on Modified Fuzzy Immune Control
Weidong Zhang, Feng Du, Jinyu Li

58. The Research Networked Control Systems Based on Improved Fuzzy Immune Control
Weidong Zhang, Feng Du, Jinyu Li

59. Adaptive Background-Updating and Target Detection in Motion State
Zheng Mao, Anjie Gao, Wei Wei, Legong Sun, Silin Chen

60. Reliability Prediction for Components of Robotic Systems
Zdenek Vintr, Michal Vintr

61. A Domain Upper Ontology for Smart Home
Moji Wei, Jianliang Xu, Xinjun Song, Linlin Xu

62. Development of a Six-Torch Automatic Welding System for Aluminium Vacuum Chambers
C. L. Chen, C. C. Chang, C. K. Chan, S. N. Hsu, G. Y. Hsiung, J. R. Chen

63. Application of Feedorward and Feedback Control Strategy in the Speech Acquisition and Production Model
Shaobai Zhang, Liqin Gao

64. An Improved Phonetic Learning Algorithm Based on the DIVA Model
Shaobai Zhang, Xin Zhang

65. Comparing Different Feature Extraction Methods of Pump Dynamograph Based on Support Vector Machine
Wei Wu, Yangyang Meng

66. Analysis for Height Control-Loop of Cruise Missile to Different Kinds of Autopilot
Qiuqiu Wen, Qunli Xia, Chuntao Cai

67. An Optimized Scheduling Strategy Based on Task Type in Xen
Yuxin Wang, Xiaogang Wang, He Guo

68. The Design of Machine Olfactory System Experiment Device and the Experiment on Meat Products Smell Recognition
Xiaojing Yang, Ju Yang, Jing Zhu, Zhenghu Yan, Fujie Zhang

69. Activity Analyzing with Multisensor Data Correlation
GuoQing Yin, Dietmar Bruckner

70. Enterprise Architecture and Business Intelligence: An Analysis of the Joint Application in the Sanitation Sector
Marcio Romero, Renato José Sassi

71. Research and Implementation of E-Commerce Workload
Qingsong Bao, Fang Yang, Bing Su

72. Knowledge Discovery from Noisy Datasets
Hong Li, Yu Zong, Enhong Chen

73. Modeling and Simulation for Dynamics of Anti-HBV Infection Therapy
Xiao Chen, Lequan Min, Yongan Ye, Yu Zheng

74. Signal Processing for Active Power Filters
Petr Simonik, Pavel Brandstetter

75. Steel Billet Recognition in the Heavy Rail Production Line
Hanyu Hong, Xiuhua Zhang, Yijun Yang, Zhejun Yu

76. Study on Vehicle Coupling Control for Automated Tracking Maneuver
Xinyu Liu, Yulin Ma, Qing Wu, Zichao Huang

77. Reviews on Planar Region Detection for Visual Navigation of Mobile Robot under Unknown Environment
Z. L. Wang, B. G. Cai, F. Z. Yi, M. Li

78. Research of Information Search Engine in Forestry Based on the Lucene
Yanling Cui, Yu Chen, Jingyu Li

79. The Design of Broadband Electromagnetic Method System with GPS Simultaneous Localization
Xiaoliang Zheng, Shengdong Liu

80. Intelligent Vision-Based Computerized Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine
Ghassan Al-Kindi, Hussien Zughaer

81. Robotic Arm, Wrist and Hand Using Pic Microcontroller
Nurul Huzaimi, Mohamad Basir, Fuziah Sulaiman

82. A New Video Object Segmentation Algorithm by Fusion of Spatio-temporal Information Based on GMM Learning
Qingsong Zhu, Yaoqin Xie, Jia Gu, Lei Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Control

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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