Haapala, Ilmari

From the Earth's Core to Outer Space

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Ilmari Haapala, Tuija Pulkkinen

Part I. Earth’s Evolving Crust

2. Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Assemblages of Continents: Paleomagnetic Evidence for Near Equatorial Supercontinents
S. Mertanen, L. J. Pesonen

3. Seismic Structure of Earth’s Crust in Finland
Pekka Heikkinen

4. Evolution of the Bedrock of Finland: An Overview
Raimo Lahtinen

5. Craton Mantle Formation and Structure of Eastern Finland Mantle: Evidence from Kimberlite-Derived Mantle Xenoliths, Xenocrysts and Diamonds
Hugh O’Brien, Marja Lehtonen

6. Metallic Mineral Resources in Finland and Fennoscandia: A Major European Raw-Materials Source for the Future
Pekka A. Nurmi, Pasi Eilu

7. Isotopic Microanalysis: In Situ Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of the Finnish Precambrian
O. Tapani Rämö

8. Fennoscandian Land Uplift: Past, Present and Future
Juhani Kakkuri

Part II. Changing Baltic Sea

9. Ice Season in the Baltic Sea and Its Climatic Variability
Matti Leppäranta

10. Baltic Sea Water Exchange and Oxygen Balance
Pentti Mälkki, Matti Perttilä

11. Marine Carbon Dioxide
Matti Perttilä

12. Impact of Climate Change on Biology of the Baltic Sea
Markku Viitasalo

Part III. Climate Change

13. Evolution of Earth’s Atmosphere
Juha A. Karhu

14. Late Quaternary Climate History of Northern Europe
Antti E. K. Ojala

15. Aerosols and Climate Change
Markku Kulmala, Ilona Riipinen, Veli-Matti Kerminen

16. Enhanced Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change in Northern Europe
Jouni Räisänen

17. Will There Be Enough Water?
Esko Kuusisto

Part IV. Planet Earth, Third Stone from the Sun

18. Trends in Space Weather Since the Nineteenth Century
Heikki Nevanlinna

19. Space Weather: From Solar Storms to the Technical Challenges of the Space Age
Hannu Koskinen

20. Space Geodesy: Observing Global Changes
Markku Poutanen

21. Destination Mars
Risto Pellinen

22. In Search of a Living Planet
Harry J. Lehto

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Earth System Sciences, Climatology, Physical Geography

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences
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351 pages
Natural Sciences

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