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Advances in Computer, Communication, Control and Automation

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Table of contents

1. Experimental Study on the Noise Identification of the Turbocharger
Huibin Li, Mengxi Ning, Lei Hou, Tianqi Zhou

2. Design of Multithreading Rainfall Detection System
Huiguo Lu, Ming Cui, Juan-ping Jiang

3. Towards a DOM-Based Requirements Models Analysis for Automotive Software
Zhixue Wang, Xuqin Yan, Xiaojian Liu

4. Improved Carrier Frequency Estimation Based on Autocorrelation
Jiafeng Wang, Xiandong Yin, Husheng Lan

5. SNR and Carrier Phase Estimation of BPSK Signal
Jiafeng Wang, Xiandong Yin, Lixin Zheng

6. An Optimization Approach for SIMD Alignment in Mathematical Functions
Lei Wang, Chun-yan Zhang, Yong-Zhong Huang

7. Software Design of DSP F2812 Control System in Paste Extrusion Experimental Device
Hongjun Liu, Huabin Zheng, Jia Liu

8. Monitoring Energy Consumption in an Industrial Site
Dario Bruneo, Angelo Cucinotta, Antonino Longo Minnolo, Antonio Puliafito, Marco Scarpa

9. Implementation of CAN Bus Real-Time Simulation Kernel Based on Windows Platform
Feng Luo, Chu Liu

10. Stability of Discontinuous Systems Based on -K+L-Type Comparison Systems
Zhi-shuai Ding, Zhen Li, Gui-fang Cheng

11. A New MPPT Algorithm Based on ANN in Solar PV Systems
Hong Zhang, Shuying Cheng

12. FPGA Design and Implementation of Low Power Consumption LDPC Encoder Based on DVB-S2
Xingyu Zou, Hui Qian, Shuying Cheng

13. Design of Photovoltaic System Based on an Improved MPPT Algorithm
Yongcheng Yu, Shuying Cheng

14. Hardware Design of High-Speed Data Acquisition System Based on ARM9
Bifeng Yang, Yanjun Zhan, Shangchang Ma

15. A Study on Duality Theorems of Nonconvex Fractional Semi-infinite Programming
Yong Yang, ZaiEn Hou

16. Research on Bus Transfer Query Algorithm Based on Relational Database
Zhongyuan Yu, Danzhi Wang, Weizheng Ren

17. Evaluation of University Websites as Communication Tools: An Iranian Report
Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam, Behrooz Bayat, Saeid Maleki, Vahid Ranjbar

18. An Adaptive Filter for a Small Attitude and Heading Reference System Using Low Cost Sensors
Tongyue Gao, Chuntao Shen, Zhenbang Gong, Jinjun Rao, Jun Luo

19. About Structure Complex Error of a Control System with Feedback
Oleg N. Agamalov

20. Mapping-Based Positioning Strategies for LGV
Dancheng Li, Binsheng Liu, Cheng Liu, Weipeng Jin, Shuangshuang Zhou

21. BPEL Based Service Process Configuration in SaaS Application
Guoqi Liu, Wei Zhang, Dancheng Li, Shuangshuang Zhou, Zhiliang Zhu

22. Research and Application of Multiple Spanning Tree Network Topology Discovery Algorithm
Dancheng Li, Chen Zheng, Chunyan Han, Yixian Liu

23. The Comparison of Classification Model with Partial Least Square Based Dimension Reduction
Su-Fen Chen

24. Correlation Processing Based De-noising Method for Power Quality Disturbance
Genghuang Yang, Xin Su, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

25. Design and Implementation of Data Acquisition for Partial Discharge in Power Cable
Genghuang Yang, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

26. Programmable Scheme for DSP and Application in Small Hydropower Station
Genghuang Yang, Jianhui Niu, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

27. Multi-mode Human-Machine Interface for Robot
Genghuang Yang, Jianhui Niu, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

28. Research of Portable ECG Monitoring Device
Genghuang Yang, Xin Cai, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

29. Speech Based Assisted Mini-device for Interphone in Shaft in Coal Mining
Genghuang Yang, Ting Zhang, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

30. Apply Time and Measurement Based Software Rejuvenation to Improve System Availability
Letian Jiang, Guozhi Xu

31. An Artificial-Neural-Network-Based Multiple Classifier System for Knee-Joint Vibration Signal Classification
Yunfeng Wu, Suxian Cai, Meng Lu, Sridhar Krishnan

32. Adaptive Control of Video Scramble Depth Based on Subjective Evaluation
Jianbo Liu, Cheng Yang, Yang Yu

33. Video Quality Assessment Based on Content-Partitioned Multi-Scale Structural Similarity
Jie Yao, Yongqiang Xie, Jianming Tan, Zhongbo Li, Jin Qi, Lanlan Gao

34. Monaural Speech Segregation Using Signal Phase
Hong Zhou, Yi Jiang, Xiao Chen, Yuanyuan Zu

35. Design and Analysis of a Fuzzy Controller for a Servo System
Mohammad Yaghoubi, Behnam Ganji, Abbas Z. Kouzani

36. A Head Mountable Deep Brain Stimulation Device for Laboratory Animals
Abbas Z. Kouzani, Susannah Tye, Ken Walder, Lingxue Kong

37. On the Generalized Hamming Weights of Some Product Codes
Zhi-min Li, Xin Xu, Cun-hua Li

38. Design and Investigation on Control System of a Rehabilitation Robot Based on Walking Gait
Yongjiu Liu, Leijie Zhang, Quanjun Song, Feng Shuang, Yunjian Ge

39. An Improved Method for Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Based on Adaptive Rescaling DCT Coefficient in Logarithm Domain
Chao Yu, Xiaoqun Zhao, Sei-ichiro Kamata

40. A dSPACE DSP Control Platform for V/F Controlled Induction Motor Drive and Parameters Identification
H. Akroum, M. Kidouche, A. Aibeche

41. Performance Improvement of Ranging and Communication System Using Ultra Wide-Band Tilted Frequency Chirp Signal
Cheolwoo You, Intaek Kim, Seungsoo Han, Jinsoup Jeong, Dongho Kim

42. Controllability and Observability of a Class of Piecewise Linear Impulsive Control Systems
Dengguo Xu

43. Design of Creeping Property of Wood Control Experiment System Based on STC12C5A60S2
Weimin Han, Jianyu Zhao

44. Characteristics of the Tourism-Related Perception Propagation
Dan Luo, Wuzhong Zhou

45. Simultaneous Controller Design for a Family of Time-Varying Linear Systems
Tianqiu Yu, Han Yan, Xiangwu Xiao

46. Simultaneous Robust Stabilization Problem of Linear Systems via Transitivity Approach
Tianqiu Yu, Chunmei Wang

47. Study of Equipment Virtual Disassembly Petri Net Modeling for Virtual Maintenance
Wang-wei Zhang, Qun-xing Su, Peng-yuan Liu

48. Two-State Regulation in MATLAB for the Comparison of Some Parameters (Damage, Power Consumption) by PSD Regulation
Peter Brečka, Martin Magdin, Štefan Koprda

49. Anti-synchronization of Two Novel Four-Scroll Hyperchaotic Systems with Unknown Parameters via Adaptive Control
Zhenwu Sun

50. A QoS-Aware Algorithm for Multi-services in Wireless Networks
Haifeng Lin, Anna Jiang, Di Bai, Yunfei Liu

51. Web Security: Research Challenges and Open Issues
V. Geetha, Pranesh. V. Kallapur

52. Web Security: A Survey of Latest Trends in Security Attacks
Pranesh V. Kallapur, V. Geetha

53. Optical Fiber Sensing Information Technology for Nuclear Waste Repository Monitoring
Fan Yang, Biao Wei

54. Improvement of the Subset-Cover Broadcast Encryption Scheme
Zhifeng Qi, Yin Huang

55. Research on the Testing Method and System for the High-Power Low-Speed Diesel Engine
Guojin Chen, Zhongmin Liu, Tingting Liu, Guangjie Yuan, Shaohui Su, Yijiang Cao

56. Constrains-Aware Web Service Composition Optimization Based on TTPN
Juan Wang, Xianwen Fang, Xin Gao

57. Flexible and Low Cost Embedded Platform for Remote Web Monitoring and Control of Camera, Sensors and Actuators
Anastasios Kanakis, Mohammed Benaissa

58. Random Number Generator Based on Transformed Image Data Source
Saman Hedayatpour, Suriayati Chuprat

59. Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks and DALI Protocol Applied to Street Lighting
F. Domingo-Perez, A. Gil-de-Castro, J. M. Flores-Arias, F. J. Bellido-Outeirino, A. Moreno-Munoz

60. Manipulating Some Entangled States with a Three-Λ Atomic Ensemble
Zhuan Li, Ping-ping Li, Hong-min Wang

61. Smooth Acceleration Model for Maneuvering Target Tracking
Ping Wang, Kai Xue, Liang Ma

62. Technology of Exposing Coal Seam and Passing Rock Cross-Cut in Sever Outburst Coal Seam
Wei Gang

63. An Adaptive Threshold Based on RBF Neural Network for Fault Detection of a Nonlinear System
Zhaobing Wang, Chen Lu

64. Study on Chaos Characteristics of Electricity Price Based on Power-Law Distribution
Sun Jingqi, Niu Dongxiao, Li Chunjie

65. Performance Analysis of a Simple Relay Coding Scheme Based on XOR Operation
Shibin Su, Yuanyuan Gao, Yajun Zhang, Baofeng Yang, Kun Xu

66. English-to-Chinese Translation for Technical Terms Based on Improved Mutual Information
Xiaoqing Lin, Dongyang Jiang

67. Design of National Special Requirement’s Acquisition System in Network
Junxing Zhang, Xi Zhang, Chunjuan Bo, Guokai Xu

68. A Method of Detecting Ship Hydrodynamic Pressure Signal Based on Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine
Liping Jiang, Weiwen Hu, Hongxiang Tian

69. Scenario-Based Design of Wireless Sensor System for Food Chain Visibility and Safety
Zhibo Pang, Qiang Chen, Lirong Zheng

70. Improved Exponential Stability Criteria of Uncertain Stochastic System with Time-Varying Delay
Yantao Wang, Jianting Lv, Ying Zhou

71. Delay-Partition-Dependent Robust Stability Criteria for Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems with an Interval Time-Varying State Delay
Qiu Li, Yantao Wang, Huanyu Zhu, Yanmei Hu

72. Fuzzy PI Speed Controller Optimal Design for PMSM Drives
Wei Guo, Chuan-Wei Zhang

73. Proposing a Novel Algorithm to Improve Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Data Coding
Iman Attarzadeh, Siew Hock Ow, Ali Barati

74. Semi-active Control of Structure Vibrations with MR Damper Using Fuzzy Control System (FLC) and Optimization through Genetic Algorithm (GA)
M. Reza Elhami, Chamran Daneshdoost, Dariush Madady

75. Implementation of VMware Server Function Test Based on STAF
Chongwen Wang

76. An Analysis of Global Exponential Stability of Genetic Regulatory Networks with Time-Varying Delay
Mingjia Tan, Wenyong Dong

77. Stochastic Resonance in Nonlinear Multiple Signal Detection for Four Representative Noises
Youguo Wang, Qiuyun Hu

78. Multilevel Thresholding Based on Exponential Cross Entropy and Niche Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
Yufei Zhang, Yiquan Wu, Shihua Wu, Yu Song

79. Crack Width Detection of the Concrete Surfaced Based on Images
Wei Cai, Anguo Dong, Xianyan Zhang

80. Kinematics Analysis and Simulation of a 7-DOF Welding Robot Based on ADAMS and MATLAB
Zhixiang Yuan, Wanhui Zhu, Dianjun Wang, Wei Wang, Huiyi Zhang

81. Performance Comparison between P2P VoD with and without Network Coding
Jiaqing Huang, Xiaobiao Zhang

82. Mining Social Behavior Ideas of Przewalski Horses
Dirk Thorleuchter, Sarah Herberz, Dirk Poel

83. Music Category Based on Adaptive Mutation Particle Swarm Optimization BP Neural Network
Qingsheng Yu, Jianxi Peng

84. Design of a High Reliable SOC
Danghui Wang, Jiakai Feng, Mingrui Xin, Jianfeng An

85. A Formal Description Method for Service Network Topology and the Application in E-Government Maintenance Management
Peng Chen, Yue Lin

86. Automated Offline Programming for Robotic Welding System with High Degree of Freedoms
Zengxi Pan, Joseph Polden, Nathan Larkin, Stephen Duin, John Norrish

87. Genetic Algorithm Based Spectrum Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks
Kai Wen, Lingsheng Fu, Xuesong Li

88. Random Access Preamble Assignment Algorithm of TD-LTE
Nan Hu, Xiao-lin Li, Qian-nan Ren

89. Scalable Spectral Clustering Combined with Adjacencies Merging for Image Segmentation
Li You, Shilin Zhou, Gui Gao, Meng Leng

90. Realization of Link-Level Simulation Platform of TD-LTE Based on Matlab
Kai Wen, Yingbo Su, Yu Jin, Peng Zhan

91. Database Construction of Soybean Biology
Gui-fang Jiang, Nan Zhong

92. Performance Evaluation on Smart Antenna of LTE Uplink
Xiao-lin Li, Bo Yuan, Ying-bo Su

93. Multiuser MIMO User Selection Schemes Using Block Diagonalization
Zhang Chunfang, Yang Long-xiang, Ding Meiling, Wu Zhihua

94. An Adaptive Method of CAVLC Scanning Based on Hardware
Bao-chuan Li, Yu-kun Song, Duo-li Zhang, Gao-ming Du

95. The Research and Design of Cloud Computing Security Framework
Xiaowei Yan, Xiaosong Zhang, Ting Chen, Hongtian Zhao, Xiaoshan Li

96. A Modified GBVS Method with Entropy for Extracting Bottom-Up Attention Information
Jiuyu Sun, Ruofan Chen, Jun He

97. Three-Level Storage Structure of Reference Pixels of H.264 Intra Prediction
Yong Zheng, Yu-kun Song, Duo-li Zhang, Gao-ming Du, La-gou Wu

98. Four-Band Metal Frame Antenna for Handy Terminals
Wei Wang, Gang Yan

99. Cloud Computing Based Software Testing Framework Design and Implementation
Weiwei Wang, Xiaosong Zhang, Ting Chen, Xueyang Wu, Xiaoshan Li

100. The Study of Customer Relationship Management of Commercial Bank Based on Customer Lifetime Value
Xiaohua Song, Lingqing Chen

Keywords: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Control

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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