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Future Computer, Communication, Control and Automation

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Table of contents

1. The Design of the Portable EEG Acquisition Device Based on ZigBee Wireless Protocol
Xian-bin Sun, Lei Mou, Yan Wen

2. Correlation between Broccoli Planting Density and Broccoli Plant Character, Commercial Quality and Yield
Weiming Liu, Enguo Wang, Jun Lin

3. Mathematical Modeling for the Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization Level on Vegetative Growth and Yield Attributes of Broccoli
Weiming Liu, Enguo Wang, Jun Lin

4. Survey and Countermeasure on Henan Table Tennis Second Grade Athletes
Zhao Xinhui, Cao Kun

5. “Spirit-Oriented”—To Improve Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Physical Education Institutes
Liu Yang

6. Research of Doping in College Entrance Examination of PE
Zhuo Bo, Xiang Jiajun, Zhang Chaolin

7. Research of How to Cultivate Students’ Innovative Ability in the Process of College Sports Teaching
Guilan Wang

8. The Optimization Model Research on the Snowboard Course
Zhengchu Shi, Xueduo Meng, Duli Li, Yan Zhou

9. Analysis of the Development Characteristics of Competitive Aerobics under New Rules
Lu Liu, Feng Li

10. Study on the Influence of Personality on Compliance of Left-Home Children
Jinhui Ye, Qin Zou

11. Role of Media in Mass Communication and Mass Media in China
Jingjing Cui

12. A Behavioral Spam Detection System
Asma Ibrahim, Izzeldin Mohamed Osman

13. Problems in Setup of Aerobics Curriculum in Universities and Countermeasures
Xiaojing Li

14. Influence of the Informationization on the Laboratory Construction of Local Higher Education
Ma Lin, Tang Wusheng

15. Researches on Application of Stem Cell Therapy in Exercise-Induced Spinal Cord Injury Recovery
Qu Honglin, Ruilian Liu

16. Social Sports Speciality – Major Source of Strength to Promote the Development of National Fitness
Wei Chen

17. Retrospection and Consideration of Competitive Taiji Push Hands
Wei Chen

18. A Study of Simulated Training Environment from the Perspective of System Theory
Jian Huang, Liming Liu

19. Exhaustive Exercise in Energy Metabolism and Substrate Consumption Characteristics Research–Experimental Analysis of Male in Quiet Metabolic Rates
Liming Liu, Zhijin He, Dongping Yi

20. Research of Carbon Nanotubes/Polymer Composites for Sports Equipment
Donghui Tan, Qian Zhang

21. Application of Carbon Fiber in Epoxy Resin Reinforcing in Racing
Donghui Tan, Qian Zhang

22. The Design of Three-Point Shot Training Software and Navigator
Duan Guo, Wenjie Li, Yongna Xin

23. Research of Private Capital’s Participation in the Operations of China’s Public Sports Venues
Qinghua Zeng

24. Value Orientation of Video Games and the Good Edition Remolding
Xiao-bo Pan, Qiang Huang

25. Analysis of the Present Situation of the Children’s Sporting Market
Liao Yan-gang, Jiang Wei

26. Quantitative Research on the Main Influential Kinematic Parameters of Male Long Jumpers’ Achievements – Based on the Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Elite Athletes
Zhijin He, Jiajun Xiang, Bo Xu, Yi Chen

27. Computer Applications in Modern Sports
Hong-ying Yang

28. The Harmonious Development of “Tri-Life”: A New Train of Thought on School Physical Education
Jiajun Xiang, Fengxia Hao, Zhijin He, Liming Liu

29. Analysis on Listing Prospects of Sports Enterprise
Yan Li, Shen Weike

30. An Empirical Study of Constructing “Healthy Chongqing”
Yi Chen, Zhijin He, Yi Yang

31. Research on Safety Management of Mountainous Outdoor Sports
Tao Yuping

32. The Mechanism and Prevention of the Common Athletic Injuries in Volleyball Teaching and Training
Hulamusi Mulatibieke, Yimiti Taerkin Alimujiang, Mijiti Aniwar

33. On the Principles of the Olympic Intellectual Property’s Ruling Jurisdiction
Zheng Liu, Changju Tang, Bishu Cheng, Dengyan Huang

34. Pre-test into Legal Issues on the School Sports Injury Accidents
Fengxia Hao, Changju Tang, Dengyan Huang, Bishu Cheng

35. A Study on the Exploration of Sports Tourism Resources in South Sichuan
Lin-Wei Shang

36. An Analysis on the Cultivation of College Students’ Self-monitoring Ability in the Optional Course Teaching of Aerobics
Zhou Ailing, Liu Aiying, Bi Xiuying

37. On the Cultivation of College Students’ EQ through Combined Technique in Teaching Basketball
Zhou Ailing

38. The Research on the Development Mechanism of Sichuan Leisure Sports under the Influence of Regional Culture
Cai Lin

39. Discussion for the Imbalanced Development of People Physical Education
Zhang Youyi, Liang Fang

40. Reinterpretation of Sunshine Sports Culture
Hu Na

41. The Study of Female Teacher’s Present Sports Expense in University of Henan Province
Huna Wang Min

42. Problems in PE Teachers’ In-Service Training and Countermeasures
Ma Chunjian, Li Hong

43. Implementation Strategies to Promote Sunshine Sports in Primary and Secondary Schools
Ma Chunjian

44. The Analysis on the Strengthening College Students’ Ideological and Political Education of Vulnerable Groups
Guo Xiaoxia

45. Under the New Situation of the Students’ Political Socialization Countermeasures in This Paper
Guo Xiaoxia

46. Improvement Design on the Data Structure of Business Intelligence
Zhang Jing, Tang Xuefei, Liu Fei

47. Multi-faceted Teaching Reform and Practice of High-Frequency Electronic Circuits
Yinpu Zhang

48. The Research of Analysis and Classification of Physical Immaterial Cultural Heritage’s Basic Characteristics
Ruixue Cui

49. The Enlightenment of German Dual-Sector Occupational Education Model for China’s Vocational School
Cenglin Yao

50. On Constructing a Practice-oriented Teaching Team in Civil Engineering
Chunying Wang, Qiuxian Jia

51. Reform of Experiment Teaching of Communication Principle
Wang Junshe, Pang Huawei

52. Research on Teaching Practice of Hidden Curriculum in University Physical Education
Ruixue Cui, Yanchao Wang

53. The Application of Process Assessment in Higher Vocational Education
Songjie Gong

54. The Research of Higher Vocational Education Using Case Teaching Method
Songjie Gong

55. Review of Research on the Accrual Anomaly in Capital Market
Haihong Shao, Xiaofeng Ju, Yukun Li

56. The Credit Risk Evaluation Index System Construction in Commercial Banks Based on BP Neural Network
Yukun Li, Xiaofeng Ju, Haihong Shao

57. Research on the Chengdu Electronic Supervision System for Food Quality Safety Based on PDA and Mobile GIS Technology
Xiaoya Lu, Quan Gan, Lei Shi

58. Research on Quality Assessment of Network Education Platform
Chunying Wang

59. The Empirical Research of Travelling E-Commerce Implementation Performance Measurement System in China’s Star Hotels
Wenju Ren, Tongjian Zhang, Mingxing Li

60. The Incentive Effect Analysis of Intellectual Property Strategy to Autonomous Technological Innovation
Wenju Ren, Tongjian Zhang, Mingxing Li

61. The ANP-Based Site Selection of Regional Emergency Supplies Distribution Centre
Shusheng Sun, Zhen Liu

62. Research on FMEA in the Special Vehicle Enterprises Design Management
Bo Li, Suihuai Yu, Wei Du, Zaojin Chen

63. E- Business Logistics Development in China: Bottleneck and Countermeasures
Zhao Xinbo, Chen Qianqian, Bian Fenglian

64. Study on Organization Culture Dissimilarity and M & A Performances
Yaoteng Gong, Qiusheng Zhang, Lenkuo Hu

65. Function Design of Intelligent Generating Papers System Based on J2EE
Tian Jun, Tian Wenhui

66. Analysis and Realization of Graduation Design Management Platform Based on J2EE
Tian Wenhui, Tian Jun

67. Green Evaluation of the New Energy Enterprise in Hebei Province Based on the Entropy Method and Topsis
Yonggui He, Yunqiao Ti, Dan Wang

68. The Case Studies on the Logistics Support Pattern of a Certain Intellectualization Power Station
Zhang Hongjing, Peng Yan

69. Research on Opinion Mining in Chinese Based on Semantic Analysis
Luo Fang

70. The Continuous Control of Chaotic System with Variable Initial Value Based on Synchronization
Zheng Jian-feng, Qiang Hao, Shan Liang

71. Study on the Change Trend of Precipitation and Temperature in Kunming City Based on Mann-Kendall Analysis
Zhang Yanming, Wen Jun, Wang Xinhua

72. Design of the Wireless Date Acquisition System Based on SCM
Lurong Li

73. The Lightning Protection Design and Grounding Research of Meteorological Environment Live-Action Monitoring System
Xiao Chen, Yan Lin

74. Machine Processing Design and Maching Simulation for Coupling Cam
Shuo Li, Danjun Shao

75. Gas Concentration Detection System of High Precision Based on CPLD
Zhu Zhengwei, Zhu Chenyang

76. The Noise Reduction Research of Traveling Wave Signal Based on the Wavelet Theory
Zhu Zhengwei, Zhu Chenyang

77. Design of Digital Home Remote Monitoring System Based on Web and GPRS
Xu Min, Zhu Er-xi, Chen Wen-Jian

78. Clustering Based on Rough Set Knowledge Discovery
Chen Shan

79. Research of Support Vector Machine in Text Classification
Chen Shan

80. A Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Anti-counterfeit in Printed Image
Dongsheng Jiang

81. Superiority of Multimedia Technology in Geography Teaching
Zhaohui Li

82. How to Succeed in E-business: A Case Study of Haier
Lu Li

83. Culture Should Be Involved in Foreign Language Teaching
Liu Wanyu

84. Discussion of Optimization of Programming Teaching
Lilei Lu

85. Software Engineering Management and Its Human Resources Strategy
Zhu Xiaogang, Yu Zhiwei

86. The Study of the Relations between the Replication and Transmission Process: Take an Example of Gene and Meme
Zhang Ting

87. Study on Creating Method of Complex Coons Surface Based on Different Chaining Modes
Xiang Dong

88. JAVA Byte Code File Encryption Research
Wang Rui

89. The Research of Tradition and Modernity: From Gesar to Gendun Choepbel
Wang Henglai

90. The Two-Stage Method for Anti-seismic Strengthening of Damaged Reinforced-Concrete Frame Construction after the Earthquake
Shilong He

91. The Seismic Analysis and Design Countermeasures on the Stair Treads of the Folded Plate Staircase in Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure
He Shilong, Song Jirong

92. Grid Management and Public Security Crisis Handling on Transport during the Spring Festival of Guangzhou Railway Station in 2008: Case Analysis of the Interaction between Technical System and Management System
Jinyu Liu

93. The Real-Time Dynamic Shadow Realization of Shadow Volume Based on the HLSL
HaiNing Qin, Dong Xu

94. Design and Realization of Campus B2C Electronic Commerce System Based on ASP Technology
Ying Li

95. Intelligent Robot Operating in Major Shopping Malls in the Application of Cost Control
Yaqin Wu

96. Image Restoration Theoretical Analysis and Realization Based on Wiener Filtering
Feng Xiao

97. Characteristics of the Completely α-Absolutely Pure Monoid
Jun Xu

98. Designing a New Biological Function in Synthetic Biology
Qun Wei

99. Research of Web Service Design
Haihui Shen, Jianchun Zhang

100. Research of Network Life of Middle School Students in Towns of Tangshan
Lijun Yin

101. Possibility of the Application for the Chinese Surface Quality Inspection Data of a Boiler Steam Drum Shell to That of a Supercharged Boiler
Zheng Xinwei, Zhang Dongyang, Han Bing, Cheng Zigang, Li Zheng, Wen Xueyou

102. Effects of Furnace Flue Gas Pressure on the Characteristics Relating to the Heat Transfer of a Oil-Fired Supercharged Boiler
Zheng Xinwei, Wen Xueyou, Zhang Dongyang, Li Zheng, Sun Yu, Chen Xiuhui

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Control

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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