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Internet - Technical Developments and Applications 2

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Table of contents

1. Local Controllability of Nonlinear Systems with Delays
Jerzy Klamka

2. Comparison of Rules Synthesis Methods Accuracy in the System of Type 1 Diabetes Prediction
Rafal Deja

3. Progressive 3D Mesh Transmission in IP Networks: Implementation and Traffic Measurements
Slawomir Nowak, Damian Sobczak

4. Model of the Network Physical Layer for Modern Wireless Systems
Maciej Wrobel, Slawomir Nowak

5. Column-Oriented Metadata Organization of Vision Objects
Malgorzata Bach, Adam Duszenko, Aleksandra Werner

6. On Controllability of Linear Systems with Jumps in Parameters
Adam Czornik, Aleksander Nawrat

7. General Description of the Theory of Enterprise Process Control
Miroslaw Zaborowski

8. On-Line Technological Roadmapping as a Tool to Implement Foresight Results in IT Enterprises
Andrzej M. J. Skulimowski, Przemyslaw Pukocz

9. Software Testing in Systems of Large Scale
Wojciech Filipowski, Marcin Caban

10. Scope of Applications of the Framework Enterprise Process Control System
Miroslaw Zaborowski

11. Selected Aspects of the Implementation Management in Multi-domain System Environment
Wojciech Filipowski, Marcin Caban

12. Electronic Recruitment System for University Applicants as B2C and B2P System
Paulina Puścian-Sobieska

13. Computer Continuity Management in Distributed Systems of Management and Steering
Andrzej Grzywak, Piotr Pikiewicz

14. Computer Support in Business Continuity and Information Security Management
Andrzej Bialas

15. High Availability Methods for Routing in SOHO Networks
Maciej Rostanski

16. The Example of IT System with Fault Tolerance in a Small Business Organization
Pawel Buchwald

17. Local and Remote File Inclusion
Michal Hubczyk, Adam Domanski, Joanna Domanska

18. Maildiskfs - The Linux File System Based on the E-mails
Adam Domanski, Joanna Domanska

19. Threats to Wireless Technologies and Mobile Devices and Company Network Safety
Teresa Mendyk-Krajewska, Zygmunt Mazur, Hanna Mazur

20. Quantum E-Voting Cards
Marcin Sobota, Adrian Kapczynski

21. Implementation of the OCTAVE Methodology in Security Risk Management Process for Business Resources
Marek Pyka, Ścibor Sobieski

22. Tools and Methods Used to Ensure Security of Processing and Storing Classified Information in Databases and IT Systems and Their Impact on System Performance
Łukasz Hoppe, Łukasz Wąsek, Arkadiusz Gwóźdź, Aleksander Nawrat

23. Modern MEMS Acceleration Sensors in Tele-Monitoring Systems for Movement Parameters and Human Fall Remote Detection
Pawel Kostka, Ewaryst Tkacz

24. Tele-Manipulation System for Minimal Invasive Surgery Support. Prototype for Long Distance Operation
Pawel Kostka, Zbigniew Nawrat

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Information Systems and Communication Service

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Page amount
17 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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