Wu, Yanwen

Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering: Theory and Practice

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Table of contents

1. Analytic Solutions of a Second-Order Functional Differential Equation
Lingxia Liu

2. Analytic Solutions of an Iterative Functional Differential Equation with State Dependent Delay
Lingxia Liu

3. The Study of Optimal Conditions of Electroporation in Gluconacetobacter Xylinum
Huixia Zhu, Shiru Jia, Hongjiang Yang, Lin Yan, Jing Li

4. Study on the Mechanism of Apoptosis in the Swine Small Intestine Epithelium Treated by Heat Stress
Dan Jia, Fenghua Liu, Weili Luan, Kaijun Guo, An Lu, Jin Yu

5. Effect of Spleen Deficiency Syndrome on the Expression of TLR2 and TLR4 in Rats
Tao Liu, An Lu, Xiaoyu Zhu, Nuowei Zhang, Guilin Cheng, Ning Wang, Fenghua Liu, Kaijun Guo, Huichuan Wang

6. Reserpine Caused Gastrointestinal Damages and Hormonal Changes in Rats
Kaijun Guo, Fei Cheng, Xiaorui Wang, Xiaoping Song, Xiaoyu Zhu, Jingyi Gan, Fenghua Liu, Jianqin Xu

7. Heat Stress Induced Apoptosis in Rat Intestinal Epithelial Cell Line-6 (IEC-6)
Kaijun Guo, Weili Luan, Huichuan Wang, Jin Yu, Ning Wang, Guilin Cheng, Fenghua Liu

8. Evaluation of Chinese New Manufacturing Development Based on Factor Analysis
Wei Sun

9. Research of Evaluation of New Computer Complex Talents
Wei Sun

10. Optimal Iterative Learning Control for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
Hong-wei Xu

11. The Research and Design of Realizing Interconnection and Intercommunication Local Public Emergency Platform
Gu Yan

12. The Normal Range of House Price Rising Rate of China
Zhang Hongli

13. A Bottom-Up Incremental Algorithm of Building Concept Lattice
LingLing Lv, Lei Zhang, PeiYan Jia, FuNa Zhou

14. Implementing an Active Database for Maintaining Asset Data
Rozana Kasbon, Sofia Shaharom, Eliza Mazmee Mazlan, Saipunidzam Mahamad

15. The Design and Implementation of a Gesture-Driven System for Intelligent Wheelchairs Based on the Orientation Histogram Method
Yuan Luo, Yu Xie

16. A Flash-Based Framework for Learning Thai Language as Second Language in Preschool Education
Saipunidzam Mahamad, Yossawadee Kaoemanee, Mohammad Noor Ibrahim, Rozana Kasbon

17. Emergency Personnel Evacuation Model and Its Application Based on Cellular Automaton
Demin Wu, Wenyong Dong, Jiangpeng Wang

18. Software Protection with Encryption and Verification
Wentao Liu

19. Improved Tri-training with Unlabeled Data
Tao Guo, Guiyang Li

20. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm
Chunhong Dou, Jinshan Lin

21. A Scheme of LSB Steganography Based on Concept of Finding Optimization Pixels Selection
Jianhong Sun, Yingjiang Li, Xiaohui Zhong, Junsheng Li

22. Research on Intelligent Generating Test Paper Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Jianjun Li, Meng Wang

23. Design of Fault Diagnosis System for the Parameter-Depended Control System
Jing Zhou

24. Research of Method about Geomagnetic Sensor Data Processing by Optimal Idea
Chanyuan Liu

25. Design and Implementation of a Communication Simulation Training System Based on HLA
Chen Bin, Li Juan

26. Numerical Simulation on Heat Transfer from Envelope of the Underground Engineering
Wang Li-jun, Miao Xiao-ping, Wang Rui-hai, Wang Bo

27. A Reversible Watermarking Scheme for 2D Vector Maps
Dan Wu

28. Research of Mobile Public Transport Information System Based on J2ME and SVG
Zhang Suqi, Gu Junhua, Li Weini, Gu Qiang

29. Based on the ExtJS Technology and SSH Framework Authority Management Research
He Yueshun, Luo Min

30. Public-Private Partnerships and E-Government
Faizullah Khan, Surat Khan, Bin Zhang

31. Reverse e-Logistics for SMEs in Pakistan
Surat Khan, Faizullah Khan, Bin Zhang

32. A Teaching Method of “In One or Two Words” in Higher Mathematics
Zhibin Li, Xiaoying Sun, Jing Chang

33. Ponder on a New Internet Community Space Pattern with Ubiquitous-Network Service
Zhao Hongyu, Chang Sheng

34. HAZOP Analysis-Based Method on the Risk Assessment of the Main Engine of the 10000TEU Container Ship
Yulong Zhan, Yitong Hao, Yao Yu, Di Wu

35. ‘Peer to Peer’ Network Graphics Art Design
Lv Jiefeng, Ge Xiazhi

36. Design of Musical Performance Mode Based on Cooperative Learning
Yumeng He

37. Building Distance Education and Training System for Police by Making Use of Information Technology
Shuxia Liu

38. Research on Mathematica Experimental Teaching Reform of High Vocational Education
Jing Ruan

39. ERP Electronic Sand Table Based on Web Service
Zhang Changsheng, Zou Huasheng

40. A Mathematical Modeling of the Best Design of Pipeline Construction
Ruan Jing, Lin Bin, Xiang Haifei

41. Trust-Based Privacy Authorization Model for Web Service Composition
Jun Zheng, Zhiqiu Huang, Jun Hu, Ou Wei, Linyuan Liu

42. Talent Training of Software Testing Based on University-Enterprise Cooperation
Zhang Shanwen, Zhou Zhengguang

43. Using Surface Electromyography Signals to Control an Exoskeleton Arm Driven by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Jie Liu, Yu Wang, Heting Tong, Ray P. S. Han

44. A Study on Regression Analysis of Body of 4-6 Years Old Children in Henan Area
Wang Shi-zhu, Zhou Ping

45. Recognition and Evaluation of Information Security Based on Non-optimum Analysis
Lihua Duan

46. The Analysis of Two Dimensional Resource Allocation Procedures for IEEE802.16m of Mobile WiMAX Systems
Young-il Kim, Otgonbayar Bataa, Bat-Enkh Oyunbileg, Khishigjargal Gonchigsumlaa

47. DAIM: A Distributed Algorithm for Isolating Malfunctioning Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohamed K. Watfa, Rawad Abu Assi

48. IPurse: An Innovative RFID Application
Mohamed K. Watfa, Manprabhjot Kaur, Rashida Firoz Daruwala

49. An Epistemic Logic Based on Change and the Paradox of Unknowability
Lei Liu

50. Criminal Investigation DSS Based on Trust Intuition Analysis Model
Lihua Duan

51. Crime Data Mining Based on Extension Classification
Weidong Tao

52. A New Data Mining Approach with Data-Intuition Cooperative Analysis
Weidong Tao

53. A Discovery for the Association Rules of Operation Sequence Based on Improved Apriori Algorithm
Tan Yanhua

54. A Parameter-Driving Method of Redeveloping Mould Standard-Part Library Based on SolidWorks
Tan Yanhua

55. Study on Magnesium Alloys Ignition Temperature Test System
Li Yongyan, Zhao Weimin, Xue Haitao, Ding Jian

56. Defect Recognition of Resistance Spot Welding Based on Artificial Neural Network
Li Yongyan, Zhao Weimin, Xue Haitao, Ding Jian

57. Theoretical Research on University Outward Bound Curriculum System
Xinhua Zhu

58. The Effect of Guangzhou’s Temperature Change to the Electric Power Consumption
Feng Jing, Pan Anding

59. The Relationship and Strategy of Informatization on Farmers, Agriculture and Rural Areas and New Rural Construction
Li Quan-guo, Kang Ling

60. Measuring the Efficiency of Rural Informatization in China 2007-2009: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
Xiaochun Xu, Jingdong Luan

61. Research on Software Architecture Base on Data Snap Technology
Dan Guo, Yu Zhang

62. Research of Agricultural Land Classification and Evaluation Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimized Neural Network Model
Liu TingXiang, Zhang ShuWen, Wu QuanYuan, Bao WenDong

63. Evaluation of Agricultural Water Use Efficiency and Regional Irrigation Strategies in China Based on GIS
Li Yuyi, Pang Huancheng, Yu Tianyi, Li Hua, Li Yibing, Ren Tianzhi

64. The Research on Network Courses Education Resources Integration Based on P.E.
Xu Xiaoyang

65. Design of Field Information Collection System Based on uC/OS-II
Zhi Lai Zhang, Yan Li, Zhi An Wang

66. Analysis and Prediction of the Total Number of Harbin Ice-Snow Tourism Based on Times Series
Yu Zhang

67. ZPD Incidence Development Strategy for Demand of Internet in Business – Teaching of New and Old Comprehensive Regional Higher Education Institutes
Hong Liu

68. Analysis of Changes of Agricultural Tax System
Zhang Huiqing

69. Application Research of Smart Water Systems Based on I2C Bus
Shi Binbin, Hu Zhifen, Dai Minli

70. Evaluation of Mountain Road Influences on Driving Fatigue
Xiao Jinjian, Huang Simin, Wang Yunsong

71. Multi-channel Feedback Data-Curtail Identification
Bo Zhao, Qinrang Liu, Bo Yuan

72. Research on Parametric Design of Hydraulic Retarder Cascade
Zou Bo, Wei Wei, Yan Qing-dong

73. A Hardware Design of CCM3118 Evaluation System
Xu Feng-liang, Shi Bin-bin

74. RNP Flight Procedure Analysis and Simulation
Lan Ma, Ying Lin

75. Infrastructure-Aid Information Forwarding Based on Network Coding in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Gang Wang, Yi Xu, Xia Dai

76. Research on Evaluation and Optimization of Agricultural Technology Innovation Resources Allocation in China
Jingcui Sun, Qingran Guo

77. CJSYS-A01 Piezoelectric Fluidic Angular Rate Sensor
Xing Wang, Linhua Piao, Quangang Yu

78. Research on Evaluation of Clients’ Service Performance to Bonded Logistic Enterprise Based on Entropy Weight
Li Zhen-fu, He Jian-tong, Chen Ping

79. Necessity Analysis of Inside Shoulder Setting in Multi-lane Freeway with Traffic Simulation Method
Zhong Liande, Li Xiuwen, Wu Keman

80. Agricultural Products Quality Cost-Allocating Based on Supply Chain Management
Wang Xin-li, Wei Qiong

81. Research on Role of Learning Organizational Theory to the P.E. Majors in Teachers College
Yao Bin-bin

82. Enterprise Logistics Risk Factors Analysis Based on Interpretative Structural Modeling Method
Liu Yongsheng, Li Yanru

83. A Study and Development of Onboard LED Lighting for Train
Deqiang He, Yixuan Bai, Xiongwen Yang, Xiaochun Su, Zengqi Yang

84. Study on Agricultural Products Logistics Mode in Henan Province of China
Wang Liping

85. The Research on Torsional Vibration Signal Processing and Automobile Transmission Shaft
Liu Xiaoqun, Chen Hu

86. Pattern Analysis of the CRM Application in the China’s Telecommunication Industry
Li Wen, Wu Meng-yun, Du Jian-guo

87. Service-Oriented Data Integration Using GIS: An Anchorage Management Tool for Wenzhou Government, China
Li Yubao, Li Longchang, Liao Fei

88. An Index Assignment Algorithm over Noisy Channel
Wang Yue

89. Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Prediction of Power Load
Fei Xia, Li Fan

90. The Research on Tracking Concept Drift Based on Genetic Algorithm
Zhong Zhishui

91. Prototype Design of Hierarchical Cluster Multiprocessor on Platform FPGA
RuiHui Mu, PeiZhang Zhao, Dong Li

92. Efficient Memory Processors Design of Multiple Applications for Multiprocessor Architecture
Liang Tian, Hong Pan, Dong Li

93. Research of Discrete Element Method in Vibratory Feeder
Yaluo Yang, Yayu Huang, Hao Wu

94. The Research on Type Transformation of Multi-loop Spatial Linkages Kinematics Analysis
Li Wenxing, Lian Liming

95. Semi-supervised Data Stream Ensemble Classifiers Algorithm Based on Cluster Assumption
Wang Xuejun

96. Object-Oriented Design and Implementation of Embedded System IDE Software
Guo Wushi, Yi Xin

97. Development and Application of Cloud Computing in China Information Resource Management Field
Pang Jingxia

98. The Comparison between Two Control Methods about Simulation of Traction Load
Jingyu Hu, Min Xu, Kai Guo, Yongqiang Cui

99. A Notable Problem on t-Distribution
Shen Maoxing, Li Jun, Zhang Yaoping

100. SVM-Based Pornographic Images Detection
Haiming Yin, Xiangqiong Huang, Yuanwang Wei

101. Secure Map Reduce Data Transmission Mechanism in Cloud Computing Using Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme
Hua Yi Lin, Che-Yu Yang, Meng-Yen Hsieh

102. Superior-in-Status Analysis of Improved Genetic Algorithm for GTSP
Tan Yang, Hao Zhi-feng, Cai Zhaoquan, Huang Han

103. The Development of Software and Its Infulence on Digital Art
Cheng Yin, Shengyong Mu, Jing Liu, Maopo Yin

104. An Evaluation Model for Synchronized Supply Chain Based on Entropy Weight and TOPSIS I
Li Zhiyong, Wang Xiang, Zheng Nan

105. An Evaluation Model for Synchronized Supply Chain Based on Entropy Weight and TOPSIS II
Li Zhiyong, Wang Xiang, Zheng Nan

106. Design of an Online Parameters Configuration Based on C8051F USB Processors Family
Zhu Lei, Zhi Wenxia, Zhang Gaoqiang

107. Study on Theory of Model Test in Model Credibility Evaluation
Hao Li, Shuo Tang, Xiaodong Yan

108. The Learning Evaluation of Learning Enterprises Based on BP Neural Network
Yong Zhang

109. An Approximate Algorithm to Solve the Location-Selection of Wireless Network Problem
Xiao-xu Lu, Wei Zhang

110. A New Supervised Discriminant Locality Preserving Projections Algorithm
Jun Yu, Jin-tao Meng, Xiao-xu Lu

111. Theory and Application of Monte Carlo Method
Liu Xinhua, Liu Yongzhi, Liu Hao

112. A New XML Database System Using Pagination Technique
Xiaopeng Wang

113. Design and Implementation of Multimedia Format Converter Based on FFmpeg
Yun Cheng, Qingtang Liu, Chengling Zhao, Xiaoliang Zhu, Guoqing Zhang

114. Design and Implementation of Mediaplayer Based on FFmpeg
Yun Cheng, Qingtang Liu, Chengling Zhao, Xiaoliang Zhu, Guoqing Zhang

115. The Research and Implementation of Incident Response Information System
Zuyi Chen, Hua Yong, Taixiang Zhao

116. The Application of Semantic Web in E-Learning Personalized Knowledge Query
Zuyi Chen, Liu Fang, Taixiang Zhao

117. QoS-Based Web Service Selection Approach
Guofeng Chang

118. Development Strategy of the Digital Library in University Based on SWOT Analysis
Lijuan Yang

119. Quality Evaluation on Troops Transport Capacity Based on Interval Grey Numbers Multi-attribute Decision-Making Method
Lu Bangjun, Dai Xiliang

120. Explorations of and Reflections on the Educational Model of Software Schools
Jingfeng Yan, Guoqing Li

121. The Research and Contrast of the Hybrid Intrusion Detection
Meng JianLiang, Yu Yang

122. A New Adaptive Stopping Criterion for BICM-ID System
Xiao Ying, Li Jianping, Cai Chaoshi

123. Data Integration of Heterogeneous Data Source in Multi-parameter Test Processing
Wang Guitang, Liu Wenjuan, Jiang Yuelong

124. The Unbounded Parallel-Batching Scheduling Problem with Family Jobs to Minimize Makespan
Jintao Meng, Zhiyong Li

125. Research on Layout Evaluation Indexes System of Dangerous Goods Logistics Port Based on AHP
Zhang Peilin, Mao Jian, Yang Long

126. An Improved BP Neural Network Algorithm Embedded with Logistic Mapping and Its Application
Wang Tao

127. The Analytics of College Sports Participation and Implementation of the Path of Sun Sports
Zhang Run-tao

128. Using the Least Repeaters to Connect Radios
Danying Chen, Dongping Yu, Zheng Wang, Yuehua Wan

129. Research on a Defogging Method of Fog-Degrade Image Based on Depth Region Segmentation
Yi Yang

130. An Algorithm of Incremental Construction Voronoi Region
Pengfei Xu, Zhigang Chen, Ming Chen

131. A Brief Analysis of Geocoding
Lijing Zhang, Jing Yi

132. Study the Method of the Optimum Path Based on GIS Features
Lijing Zhang, Jing Yi

133. Route Search Base on pgRouting
Lijing Zhang, Xuanhui He

134. Research on the Improved Algorithm of Node Split
Lijing Zhang, Xuanhui He, Yulan Ren

135. Modeling Research on Decision-Making Strategies in Human-Computer and Human-Human Ultimatum Game
Dan Xiao, Kerong He, Jianfeng Hu

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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