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Complex Systems Design & Management

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Table of contents

1. An Overview of Design Challenges and Methods in Aerospace Engineering
Dimitri N. Mavris, Olivia J. Pinon

2. Complexity and Safety
Nancy G. Leveson

3. Autonomous Systems Behaviour
Derek Hitchins

4. Fundamentals of Designing Complex Aerospace Software Systems
Emil Vassev, Mike Hinchey

5. Simulation and Gaming for Understanding the Complexity of Cooperation in Industrial Networks
Andreas Ligtvoet, Paulien M. Herder

6. FIT for SOA? Introducing the F.I.T.-Metric to Optimize the Availability of Service Oriented Architectures
Sebastian Frischbier, Alejandro Buchmann, Dieter Pütz

7. How to Design and Manage Complex Sustainable Networks of Enterprises
Clara Ceppa

8. “Rework: Models and Metrics”
Edmond Tonnellier, Olivier Terrien

9. Proposal for an Integrated Case Based Project Planning
Thierry Coudert, Elise Vareilles, Laurent Geneste, Michel Aldanondo, Joël Abeille

10. Requirements Verification in the Industry
Gauthier Fanmuy, Anabel Fraga, Juan Llorens

11. No Longer Condemned to Repeat: Turning Lessons Learned into Lessons Remembered
David D. Walden

12. Applicability of SysML to the Early Definition Phase of Space Missions in a Concurrent Environment
Dorus Lange, Jian Guo, Hans-Peter Koning

13. Requirements, Traceability and DSLs in Eclipse with the Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)
Andreas Graf, Nirmal Sasidharan, Ömer Gürsoy

14. Mixing Systems Engineering and Enterprise Modelling Principles to Formalize a SE Processes Deployment Approach in Industry
Clémentine Cornu, Vincent Chapurlat, Bernard Chiavassa, François Irigoin

15. Enabling Modular Design Platforms for Complex Systems
Saurabh Mahapatra, Jason Ghidella, Ascension Vizinho-Coutry

16. Safety and Security Interdependencies in Complex Systems and SoS: Challenges and Perspectives
Sara Sadvandi, Nicolas Chapon, Ludovic Piètre-Cambacédès

17. Simulation from System Design to System Operations and Maintenance: Lessons Learned in European Space Programmes
Cristiano Leorato

18. ROSATOM’s NPP Development System Architecting: Systems Engineering to Improve Plant Development
Mikhail Belov, Alexander Kroshilin, Vjacheslav Repin

19. Systems Engineering in Modern Power Plant Projects: ‘Stakeholder Engineer’ Roles
Roger Farnham, Erik W. Aslaksen

20. Self-Organizing Map Based on City-Block Distance for Interval-Valued Data
Chantal Hajjar, Hani Hamdan

21. Negotiation Process from a Systems Perspective
Sara Sadvandi, Hycham Aboutaleb, Cosmin Dumitrescu

22. Increasing Product Quality by Implementation of a Complex Automation System for Industrial Processes
Gulnara Abitova, Vladimir Nikulin

23. Realizing the Benefits of Enterprise Architecture: An Actor-Network Theory Perspective
Anna Sidorova, Leon Kappelman

24. Introducing the European Space Agency Architectural Framework for Space-Based Systems of Systems Engineering
Daniele Gianni, Niklas Lindman, Joachim Fuchs, Robert Suzic

25. Continuous and Iterative Feature of Interactions between the Constituents of a System from an Industrial Point of View
Patrick Farfal

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Innovation/Technology Management, Engineering, general, Complexity

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21 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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