Jiang, Liangzhong

Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics, and Computer Engineering (ICCE2011) November 19–20, 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Jiang, Liangzhong - Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics, and Computer Engineering (ICCE2011) November 19–20, 2011, Melbourne, Australia, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Ontologis for Stock Market Manipulation
Li Siming, Wang Huaiqing

2. Design and Implementation of Multi-sensor Data Fusion Simulation Platform
Xianmin Wei

3. 3D-OSSDL: Three Dimensional Optimum Space Step Distance Localization Scheme in Stereo Wireless Sensor Networks
Yang Liu, Jianping Xing, Ran Wang

4. Aspect Opinion Mining on Customer Reviews
Miao Fan, Guoshi Wu

5. Semantic Web Technologies Based Geospatial Services Discovery and Data Retrieval
Mutao Huang, Yong Tian

6. Multi-objective Optimization of Supply Chain Supernetwork with Electronic Commerce
Zhiping Wang, Zhifang Feng

7. Dual Tree Complex Contourlet Texture Image Retrieval
Zhanqing Ma, Xinwu Chen

8. Modeling and Simulation of Air Path of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Matlab/Simulink
Jutang Wei, Jianguo Fei, Haitao Zhi, Shuai Sun, Youtong Zhang, Yibo Xin

9. An Affordable Motorized Generation System of Object VR Movie
Xiaoguang Hei, Shigeki Yokoi, Mamoru Endo

10. The Application of Qt in Liquid Level Detection
Ming Zhao, YuMing Shen

11. Study on Predication of Chaotic Time Series Based on Phase Space Reconstruction
Shuyong Liu, Yongxiang Zhang, Shijian Zhu, Qiwei He

12. The Construction of Target Tracking System and the Comparison Analysis of Scenarios
Xinhua Lu, Zhongke Shi

13. Simulation and Dynamic Process Analysis of Nuclear Emergency Diesel Generators
Yao Lian-fu, Liu Qian, Li Shi, Zhang Zhen-yu

14. A Model Study on Information Sharing to Tame the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain
Guanhui Wang, Junhai Ma, Yuehong Guo

15. Interactive Visualization of MCNP-Based Neutronics Models
Junjun Zhang, Pengcheng Long, Guozhong Wang, Jian Xiong, DianXi Wang, Qin Zeng, Yican Wu, FDS Team

16. Implementation of Steganography Based on HOOK
Yang Jun, Bai Sen, Huang Yongfeng, Yuan Jian

17. A Group-Oriented ERP Architecture Based on the Services
Chen Ren, Tan Hui

18. Simulation of UT Phased Array Techniques with Matrix Probes
Pan Ding, Gangtian Liu, Xiaomin Ji

19. Queuing Network Based Performance Analysis for Reconfigurable Routing and Switching Platform Management System
Yinyan Shi, Weiming Wang, Chuanhuang Li

20. Research on Relevant Problems of Computer Crime Forensics
Wang Xue-Guang

21. Electromagnetic Induction Sensor of Navigation System for Spraying Robot
Jian Song

22. A Kinematics Analysis of Eggplant Picking Robot Based on D-H Method
Jian Song

23. Algorithms for Time-Varying Covariances in Longitudinal Data
Xiaodong Wang, Jun Tian

24. Performance Analysis of Pressure Sensor and Finite Element Simulation
Guoyou Shao, Meng Yuan, Ping Liu

25. The Design of a New Updating Algorithm for Association Rules Based on List
Yunhua Xiao, Chenhua Ouyang

26. Electrical Properties and Mechanics Performance Analysis of MEMS Pressure Sensor
Ping Liu, Guoyou Shao, Meng Yuan, Ying Chen

27. The Developing System of the Mouse-Controlled Pinball Game Based on the SOPC Technology
Zhao San-ping, Wang Hong-you

28. Game Analysis of Subject Behaviors in the Transformation of Scientific and Technical Achievements
Zhu Yingfang, Xiao Yunhua, Zhang Gui

29. Analysis and Design for Information System of Small and Medium-Sized Logistics Enterprises
Zhou Li-jun

30. Study of Ac Motor Closed-Loop Control Based on Space Vector Modulated Matrix Converters
Fan Yan

31. Research of Matrix Converter Based on Asymmetric Regular Sampling Method SPWM Control Strategy
Fan Yan

32. Research on Product Design Evaluation System Based on BPNN
Zhong Xiaokai, Zhang Zhihua

33. Elimination of Redundant Invariants
Yu Tong-lan, Yang Xiao-hua, Liu Jie, Luo Yang, Wu Qu-jin

34. An Improved Strong Tracking Filter
Wu Wei, Wu Aidi

35. Coal Face Gas Concentration Anomaly Detection Based on Grey Autoregressive Algorithm
Kelei Sun, Ruxiang Qing, Na Wang

36. Research and Implementation of a Computing Library for Heterogeneous Parallel Systems
Yu Zhai, Yi Liu, Bo Li, Peile Duan

37. A Novel Segmentation Method for Breast Cancer Ultrasound CAD System
Ling Zhang

38. Adaptive Parameter Adjustment of Dynamical Systems for Chaos
Aiyuan Wang

39. Analysis and Development of Flash Driver Based on VxWorks
Fangyong Lu, Yulin Zhang, Xiangyu Kong

40. Analysis of the Evolutional Characteristics for a Century of South Branch of Changjiang Estuary Supported by GIS
Hu Hongbing, Zhan Yulan

41. The Problems in Exporting Plush Toys in China under Financial Crisis and Its Strategies
Qin Dian-jun, Guo Xiao-jing

42. Evaluation Index System of Cloud Service and the Purchase Decision- Making Process Based on AHP
Guihua Nie, Qiping She, Donglin Chen

43. Research on Agent-Based Coordinated-Control Network Security
Yong Li, Wenqi Wang

44. The Reason of Insufficient Information Supply in Incomplete Markets
Chen Mingren

45. Research on the Work Slack Behavior of Sales Staff in the Medicine Industry
Yan Zhang, Zeng Li, Honghua Xu

46. The Quantitative Research on the Index System of Supply Chain Performance Measurement Based on SCOR
Jiang Ying, Zhou Li-jun

47. Fast Predicting the Washability of Coal Using Digital Image Processing Method
Zhang Ze-lin, Yang Jian-guo, Wang Yu-ling, Xia Wen-Cheng, Ling Xiang-yang, Wang Xing-xing

48. Research and Implement of Distributed Nodes Collaboration-Based Management and Publishing Technologies for Massive Geospatial Information
Wen Zhang, Ming Zhao, Zhenfa Tu, Shurong Lou, Tao Lu

49. Study on Knowledge Sharing among Enterprises in Supply Chain
ShuangYi Zheng, JianFeng Zhong

50. The Study of Unsteady Flow in Cascade Based on Numerical Simulation
Shao-hua Li, Mei-li Wang, Hong-wei Qu, Ting-ting Guo, Ling Zhang

51. BP Neural Network Combined with Thermodynamic Calculation Determining Boiler Optimal Operation Parameter Value
Shaohua Li, Fang Xu, Donghui Song, Tingli Yu, Nan Zheng, Lefei Xu

52. Numerical Simulation Study on the Effect of Rotation on Film Cooling of Blades with Compound Angle Holes
Shao-hua Li, Zhi-jun Li, Ting-ting Guo

53. Numerical Research of Aerodynamic Performance of Rotating Wind Wheel
Li Shao-hua, Yue Wei-peng

54. Effect of Operating Conditions on the Efficiency of Circulating Fluidized Bed Flue Gas Desulphurization
Shaohua Li, Guixia Tang, Hu Wang, Hao Gao

55. Analysis of the Changes of Prestress of Guy in the Guyed Door Type Tower on the Condition of the Most Negative Angle of Attack
Gan Fenglin, Wang Dehe, Li Xiaolei

56. The Fluid-Structure Vibration Characteristic Research of on Transmission Tower Based on ALE Method
Zhu He, Li Na, Li Hongqing

57. Ice-Shedding Vibration Measurement from Conductors Using Binocalor Vision Method
Zhu He, Li Na, Li Hongqing

58. Chaotic Prediction Method of Short-Term Wind Speed
Xiao Hongfei, Ding Tao

59. Experimental Investigation on the Pressure Drop, Heat Transfer and Fouling Characteristics in Convergent-Divergent Tube
Zhang Zhong-bin, Chen Ling, Xu Zhi-ming, Sun Bin-bin

60. Interior Point Method for Solving the Horizontal Linear Complementarity Problems
Xingwu Jiang, Xiuyu Wang, Taishan Yang, Qinghuai Liu

61. Existence of the Solution for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems
Xingwu Jiang, Taishan Yang, Xiuyu Wang, Qinghuai Liu

62. Novel Shooting Algorithm Based upon Improved Tangential Arc in Robot Soccer Competition
Wang Jianguo, Xu Hongliang, Xia Linlin, Bao Jianwu, Wang Hongjuan

63. Effects of Alternating Electromagnetic Field on Calcium Carbonate Scaling Process
Wang Jianguo, Feng Yan, Zhang Xuemeng, Liu Xiaomei

64. Path Planning of Mobile Robot Based on Improving Genetic Algorithm
Wang Jianguo, Ding Biao, Miao Guijuan, Bao Jianwu, Yang Xuedong

65. Research on Defense Strategy of the Goalkeeper in Robot Soccer Competition
Wang Jianguo, Bao Jianwu, Wang Guan, Ding Biao, Wang Hongjuan

66. Analyzing Causing and Method Dealing with the Collapsible Loess Foundation
Peng Yaxuan

67. Robust Sliding Mode Observer Design for a Class of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Based on Backstepping
Zhang Niao-na, Zhang Guang-lai

68. Control Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Fuzzy Logic
Zhang Niao-na, Guo Yi-bo

69. The Researches of the Couple Numerical Model of Groundwater Flow, Heat Transferring and Solute Movement and the Application of Energy Storage in Brackish Aquifers
Ma Jiuchen, Zhao Jun, Li Pulin

70. A Study on the Performance of Refrigeration System in the Humidified Air
Sun Bin, Xu Mingfei

71. Identification Method of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Regime Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Feature and PNN
Sun Bin, Wang Hong

72. Comparative Study on Associated Energy Combined Cycle System Schemes in Ironmaking Process
Yao Hua, Sheng De-ren, Chen Jian-hong, Li Wei

73. The Index System of Establishment of Carbon Emission Warning for Our Country
Han Jieping, Zhang Xirong

74. Atmospheric Environment Sustainable Development Motive Mechanism Research
Zhang Xirong, Han Jieping, Wang Qian

75. Risk Assessment and Avoidance Strategies Research for Garbage Power Generation CDM Project
Zhang Xirong, Shen Yaojie, Li Zhi

76. Research on Risk Assessment of Wind Power Project
Zhang Xi Rong, Li Zhi, Shen Yao Jie

77. Design of Large Scale Wind Power Generator
Bingwen Zhang, Yingjin Zhang

78. Anti-Wind Sun Tracking System with Opto-Mechatronics Technology
Wensheng Wei, Jianling Su

79. Analysis on 500kV Compact and Narrow Basal Transmission Tower in ANSYS Modeling and Dynamic Properties
Xiao Qi, Zhou Lingfeng, Cai Jingsu

80. Fatigue Analysis on Interface Adhesive of Fiberglass Rod and Sheath of Composite Insulator under the Aeolian Vibration
Xiao Qi, Cai Jingsu, Zhou Lingfeng

81. Numerical Investigation on Two Compound Angles Film Cooling of Stator Blades
Zhang Ling, Wen Guo-liang, Peng Tao

82. Electric Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Expert System
Sun HeRu, Wang Wei

83. The Investigation of the Wind Turbines Arranged on the Different Level High
Song Xiao, Jian-jun Wang, Hua Wang

84. Research on the Wind Energy Technology of Germany Based on Patent Analysis
Lei Xiao-Ping, Liu Run-Sheng, Zhao Yun-Hua, Zheng Jia

85. The Science and Technology Research of Solar Energy Field in Germany
Lei Xiao-Ping, Liu Run-Sheng, Zhao Yun-Hua, Zheng Jia

86. Design and Realization of Electric Power Equipment Positioning System Based on GPS, MapInfo Electronic Map and Wireless Data Transmission
Jichen Shen, Erda Shi

87. Fast-Determination Total Phosphorous Based on TiO2/C Electrode Photo-Electrocatalytic Oxidation Method
Mo-Jie Sun, Ming Cheng, Xiao-Qing Wang, Chun-Guang Liu

88. Study on Monitoring Water Quality Stability of Cycle Cooling Water by Stability Index in Power Plant
Mo-Jie Sun, Ming Cheng, Xiao-Qing Wang, Chun-Guang Liu

89. Degradation of Nitrobenzene by Nano-TiO2/PVDF Membrane Catalytic Ozonation
Mo-Jie Sun, Chong Zhang, Chao Yang, Ting Zhang

90. Influence of TiO2/PVDF Membrane Catalyzed Ozonation of Ammonia Wastewater
Mo-Jie Sun, Chao Yang, Chong Zhang, Chuang-Jie Zhao

91. Application of Automatic Temperature Electric Heating Technology in the Fouling Resistance On-Line Monitoring
Mo-Jie Sun, Wen-Jing Yang, Ting Zhang, Chun-Guang Liu, Wei-Dong Wang

92. Copy the Super-Hydrophobic Honeycomb Structure to PDMS Surface
Ruokun Jia, Juan Luo, Liying Zhen

93. Study on the Polyaspartic Acid Derivative Synthesis and the Scale Inhibition Performance of Calcium Carbonate
Ruokun Jia, LiYing Zhen, Juan Luo

94. Synthesis of Amphipathic Compound and in the Role of Self-assembled Photonic Film
Ruokun Jia, LiYing Zhen, YongNan Yan, HaiCheng Gu, LiZhi Fang

95. Fabrication Technique of Microdisks Base on Regular Porous Film by Self-organization
Ruokun Jia, Juan Luo, Qiuhui Wu

96. The Analysis of the Causes of Cartridge Igniter in Industrial Boiler Water Cooling Wall
Wang Lei, Chen Shaobin

97. Application of a Fuzzy Self-tuning PI Controller in a Grid-Connected PV Generation System
Yao Zhi-qing, Zhang Qian, Liu Xi-mei

98. Study on Identification Method of Tool Wear Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Least Squares Support Vector Machine
Shan Guan, Long-shan Wang

99. Study and Design of the Solar LED Light for Killing Pests
Liu Wenhui, Zhao Jiandong, Zhao Mingbo

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Electrical Engineering

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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