Jiang, Liangzhong

Proceedings of the 2011, International Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics, and Computer Engineering (ICCE2011) November 19–20, 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Jiang, Liangzhong - Proceedings of the 2011, International Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics, and Computer Engineering (ICCE2011) November 19–20, 2011, Melbourne, Australia, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Application of Fuzzy Control in Low-Temperature Wind Power Generator Protection System
Zhengwei Zhu, Zongwen Chen

2. Extraction of Speech MFCC Based on the Rapid Prototyping Method of DSP
Guo Tian-wen, Wu Xiao-guang

3. A Calibration Method for Pavement Roughness Measurement System Based on Laser Ranging
Yingying An, Fengying Sun

4. Voice System for Ordering Songs Based on MP ANN
Jianhua Gao, Ningsheng Gong

5. A New Proposal of Multi-functional Liquid Level Meter
Lu Guirong, He Qiwei, Zhu Zhengwei, Chen Jiangye

6. The Structure Design of a Gas-Liquid Separation and Metering System
Jiang Jinyu

7. 3D Modeling of Urban Underground Pipeline and Full Quality Control
Huawei Li, Deren Li

8. Adaptive Watershed Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image Based on Wavelet Transform and Fractal Dimension
Gang Li, Youchuan Wan

9. Research of Text Categorization Based on SVM
Meihua Wang, Hongbin Zhang, Renshuang Ding

10. A Web Service Composition Algorithm Based on Global QoS Optimizing with MOCACO
Wang Li, He Yan-xiang

11. Research on the Supply Capacity of Large-Scale Network Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Chen Hu, Yang Yongpan

12. Research on the Influence Mechanism of Customer Reviews on Purchase Intention in Virtual Communities
Chang Yaping, Xiao Ling, Yan Xing

13. Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Power Generation Enterprise Human Resource
Li Xin, Niu Dong-xiao, Zhou Ping, Liu Jin-peng

14. Application of μC/OS-II in the Power of Harmonic Analysis
Zelin Song, Enrang Zheng, Lingkun Ma

15. A Non-linear Approximation of the Sigmoid Function Based FPGA
Xie Zhen-zhen, Zhang Su-yu

16. A New R-tree Spatial Index Based on Space Grid Coordinate Division
Guobin Li, Jine Tang

17. Research on Independent Innovation System of Chinese Enterprises
Lijuan Du, Yi Zhu, Zunfeng Liu

18. Direction of Arrival Parametric Estimation and Simulation Based on MATLAB
Wu Xiao-guang, Guo Tian-wen

19. Network Spokesman: The New Role of Communication between the Government and the Public
Yu Shuwen

20. T-S Fuzzy Neural Network Algorithm Application in Nonlinear Control
Ying-jun Sang, Cai-qian Xu, Bin Liu, Qing-xia Kong, Fei Huang, Gang-yuan Mao

21. On the Management Mechanism of the Third-Party E-Business Platform for Medicine in China
Jie Jiang, Yanli Chen

22. Research on Ship CPP Networked Control System Based on SVM, GPC and QS
Qi Liang, Yu Menghong

23. Simulation of Fuzzy Control on Automobile Semi-active Suspension with MR Damper
Cheng Li, Qiang Zhao

24. A New Way of News Extraction by Text Washing and Statistics
Wang Su, Du Junping, Gao Tian

25. Game Analysis of Internal Harmonious Management within Enterprise Based on Remuneration System Design
Wu Fang, Wang Ji-gan

26. Identification and Decision on Dalian Characteristic Industry Clusters Based on Fuzzy Cluster Layer Model
Xi Xiuyan, Liu Xiuqing

27. One-Class Support Vector Machines Based on Matrix Patterns
Yuesong Yan, Qiong Wang, Guiqiang Ni, Zhisong Pan, Rui Kong

28. Prediction of Customers Consumption Patterns Based on Two-Stage Behavior Analysis Model
Wang Zeng-min, Wang Kai-jue

29. Blind Joint 2D Direction of Arrival and Frequency Estimation with L-Shape Array
Xuling Yun, Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Zongze

30. An Advanced Algorithm for Image Segmentation by Random Seed Region Search
Ji Wenhua, Zhou Chang

31. Application of PLC and Human-Machine Interface on Screening Equipment
Liu Wei-Sheng

32. Exploiting Dependency Information for Feature-Based Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction
Bing Liu, Longhua Qian, Guodong Zhou, Qiaoming Zhu

33. Expert System of Concrete Crack Diagnosis Based on Neural Network
Wu Xiaowei

34. Robust Non-fragile H
 ∞  Control for Stochastic Delay Systems with Nonlinear Perturbation
Chen Guici, Tu Lilan

35. Corporate Governance and Operating Performance: Evidences from Chinese Small and Medium-Sized Firms
Wang Hui

36. Neural Network-Based Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control of Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Systems
Hongchun Li, Jiandong Mei, Zhenmin Guo

37. Core Competence and Performance of Construction SMEs in China
Yan Shigang

38. The Channel Estimation of OFDM System Based on DVB-T
Zhang Huaqing, Liu Jianbo

39. An Algorithm of Maximum Entropy Fuzzy Clustering Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Rijian Su, Li Kong, Jingjing Cheng, Shengli Song

40. Lip Feature Analyzing in Speech Synthesis System for Speech Impaired
Wang Mengjun, Li Gang

41. Analysis on Factors Influncing the Risks of Knowledge Chain and Risk Identification
Cuilan Yang

42. Supply Chain-Based Research into the Modes of Prepaid Accounts Trade Financing
Guojie Yu, Fang Cao

43. An Improved UDP-Lite Protocol for 3D Model Transmission over Wireless Network
Bailin Yang, Zhiyong Zhang

44. Performance Analysis in Remanufacturing with Uncertain Return and Demand
Zhang Fu-an, Da Qing-li

45. The Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks Based on Genetic Optimization Algorithm in Intelligent Vehicle Speed Control System
Xiucheng Dong, Xu Yang

46. Greenhouse Temperature Control Strategy Based on Fuzzy Algorithm
Wang Jianxin, Sui Meili

47. An Empirical Study on Decision-Making Model for Recruitment of R & D Staff of Enterprises
Wu Haiyan, Yang Wu

48. Based on Heterogeneous Matching Matrix Scalability Analysis
Shuixia Hao, Guosun Zeng

49. Research of Virtual Enterprise Knowledge Management Based on Knowledge Grid Environment
Jing-jing Wang, Liang-shan Shao

50. The Design of CRM System in the International Engineering Contracting Companies Colenco Power Engineering Ltd. Case Study
Wu Yunna, Dong Yongli, Wang Jiali, Li Jiangshuai

51. Net Primary Productivity (NPP) of Oasis Changes in Trends in Xinjiang and Responses to Climate Change Analysis in 1981-2000
Cao Xiao-ming, Chen Xi, Bao An-ming, Luo Yi

52. Tibetan Ecosystem Analysis Based on 3S
Xia Xu

53. Focus on Developing Tourism Industry and Accelerating Tangshan’s Transformation
Wang Shu-Juan

54. Evaluation of Groundwater Budget and Assessment of Pumping Plans for Kang-Ping Development District Based on Modflow Simulations
Bian Jian-min, Zhang Li-shu, Yang Zhan-mei

55. Construction Approach for LT Codes with Identical Degree Distribution of Information Symbols
Fu Yao, Xiong Lei

56. Corrected Range Weighted Centroid Localization Algorithm Based on RSSI for WSN
Zeng Zhiliang, Gao Jingmin, Wang Jiuhe

57. Study of Growth Characteristics of Water Bloom in Han River
Yang Fang, Wang Meng, Ye Min, Lei Alin

58. Dynamic Pattern of Agricultural Landscapes in Response to Urbanization across Hangzhou Metropolitan Region: A Remote Sensing Approach
Zou Dongdong, Jiang Zhi, Zhang Qi, Zhang Yuan

59. The Application of GIS in the Construction of Hainan International Island
Wang Feng-xia, Chen Man-zhen, Yao Fei, Wang Lin

60. Reasoning the Uncertainty of Topological Relations between Uncertain Regions
Bao Lei, Qin Xiaolin

61. An Improved Implementation Scheme for AVS Entropy Decoding Based on FPGA
Wen-Ge Zhu, Qing-Ming Yi, Wei-Dan Li

62. Vehicle Control and Dispatching Model Based on MAS
Wang Chun-gang, Zhao Hui

63. Evolution Characteristics of Wetland in Beijing and Its Driving Factors Analysis
Zhao-ning Gong, Yi-ran Zhang, Wen-ji Zhao, Hui-li Gong

64. A City Modeling and Simulation Platform Based on Google Map API
Peng Fuquan, Su Jian, Weng Wenyong, Wang Zebing

65. Building Planar Surfaces Segmentation in LiDAR Data Using Adaptive Mean Shift Algorithm
Yunfan Li, Hongchao Ma

66. Optimal Wavelength Bands for Detection of Extra-Atmospheric Target
Yi Wang, Jie Xiang, Jianqi Ren, Zeming Zhou, Sixun Huang

67. “Hotspot Cooling” Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Query Perspective

Yi Zhuang, Yuanyuan Miao, Hua Hu, Chengxiang Yuan, Haiyang Hu

68. Distribution and Susceptibility Assessments of Landslide Triggered by Wencuan Earthquake at Longnan
Shibiao Bai, Jian Wang, Rainer Bell, Thomas Glade

69. Nest Habitat Suitability Modeling for Red-Crown Crane (Grus Japonensis) Based on Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
Zhi-xuan Zhao, Jun Yin, Zhan-feng Huang, Bai-sha Weng, Biao Zhang, Deng-hua Yan

70. Application of Decision Tree in Land Use Classification
Wang Wei, Wang Yunjia, Wang Qing, Lian Dajun, Wang Zhijie

71. The Characteristics of Rainfall Runoff Pollution in North Moshui Lake Area
Yanjun Zhang, Cai Xiao, Min Ye, Jinpeng Tang

72. Hyper-spectrum Models for Monitoring DO and COD in Campus Landscape Water
Zhao Tingting, Qiu Yanling, Shi Sijie, Gong Zijing, Li Dongmei, Wang Ying, Cao Yuan

73. Evaluating the Population Development Level of Yunnan Province in Western China Using GIS Dimensional Analysis Method
Haiping Xiao, Renxu Gu, Bangmei Huang

74. Research of the Software Aging Regeneration Strategy Based on Components
Guo Jun, Wang Bo, Wang Yunsheng, Zhang Bin, Wang Jiaojiao

75. A Perceptual Structural Degradation Metric for 3D Mesh Processing
Zhenfeng Shi, Chiping Zhang, Xiamu Niu

76. Retrieval of Conifer LAI Based on the Multiple-Angle Model
Tang Yan, Han Guihua, Wang Qiang

77. Research on Integration and Analysis of Yushu Earthquake Disaster Information
Wang Xiang-hong, Liu Ji-ping, Xu Sheng-hua, Wang Yong

78. Pull-In Parameters of Contact Electrostatic Microswitches Using Equilibrium Stability Analysis
Hao-qun Li, Zhi-jie Zhang, Li-hua Chen, Jin-hong Fan

79. The Small-Scale Application Model Research and Design of the LBS System
Lou Yong-jian, Xue De-dong, Sheng Zheng-yi

80. Evaluating the Material Accumulation of Yunnan Based on GIS Technology
Shuangyun Peng, Kun Yang, Huasong Luo, Guiling Feng

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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