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Engineering Education and Management

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Table of contents

1. The Dynamic Process of Education Expenditure Distribution in Each Region of China
Wei Tan

2. Cultivation of University Teachers’ Education Technology Ability - A Study on the Strategies Basing on Learning Community
Wei Huiting

3. The Elective Course Setting Reform in the Perspective of Behavioral Decision Theory
Li Bingshui, Ji Yueru

4. Exploration and Practice in Engineering Education Reform of EE Major Based on CDIO Mode
Zhu Ming, Meng Li, Fu Kechang

5. Several Key Technologies of Virtual Simulation on Aviation Ammunition Teaching Software
Geng Rubo, Xu Gang, Yang Xiaopei

6. Introduction Research and Practice of Training Mode Reform in the Higher Engineering Education
Xiu Qin Wu, Tie Liang Liu, Zhi An Yi

7. The Misunderstandings and Implementation Difficulties in Education and Training Program of Excellent Engineer
Guo Changli, Yang Fuqiang

8. Reform and Practice of Schools and Enterprises Build CDIO Engineering Education Mode
Niansheng Yin, Hanqi Yu, Xue Yang, Jingqiu Wu

9. Explore the Laws of Students’ Cultivation by Grasping Features of Courses Accurately
Hui Wang, Enyong Hu, Minglian Zhang, Li Ou, Chunhua Xu

10. The Practice and Exploration of "The Enlightened Self-study" Method
Renbing Feng, Hui Wang, Chunhua Xu, Jing Sun, Enyong Hu

11. The Cultivation of Competent Engineering Majors Oriented by Industrial Demand
Meng Dawei, Li Shanqiang

12. Personalized Multi-layer Talents Cultivation Mode of the Material Molding and Control Engineering Major
Changjun Qiu, Xiangfang Fan, Wei Wu, Jia Zhang

13. Engineering Education Reform in the Synchronization of Higher Education Management
Xiu Qin Wu, Tie Liang Liu, Zhi An Yi

14. Development of Master of Engineering Programs for Engineering Education
Zhihong Yang, Jianfeng Li, Peijun Xue

15. Construction Management Program for Bachelor’s Degree Based on a Survey
Tai Shuangliang

16. Research of Graduates’ Educational Satisfactory Evaluation in Heilongjing Province Based on LISREL Model
Weidong Zhong, Di Lu, Yibo Ma

17. China’s Emergence as a Leading Country in Artificial Intelligence-From a Bibliometric View
Lin Zhang

18. Construction of the Innovation Mechanism in Independent College Based on the Merged Knowledge
Dong Zhao, Jun Hao, Honglang Lv, Zhi Liu, Chunhai Li, Lei Wang, Jun Wei, Shengfeng Ren

19. Management Motivation, Borrowing Cost Capitalization and Long-Term Construction Projects
Ying Que, Peter Secord

20. The Application of EDA in the Engineering Practice of Quality Training
Xiaolong Zhu

21. Course Construction of Automatic Control Theory under the Framework of Excellent Talent Program
Jing Li, Wengfeng Zhu, Aiguo Zhou, Xiaolei Xiong, Jianzhong Wu

22. Research on the Development of New Media Information Capabilities about College Students
Wang Yaping, Liu Ronghua

23. On the Campus Culture Construction as the Core Competitiveness of University New Area
Qian Jun-Ping, Li Shuang-Chen

24. Analysis about Improvement of Students Training Quality in Higher Institution
Shanyi Ma, Lei Chen

25. Model Research on Teaching Evaluation for University Teachers Based on Developmental Evaluation
Sun Caiyun, Wang Yichen, Zhai Jianjun

26. From Discipline to Indoctrination: A Trend in Classroom Management
Wang Zi

27. Practical Education Innovation in the Hydraulic Transmission Education
Yang Ranbing

28. A Study on the Way of Case Teaching Promoting the Qualification of Teacher Team in Newly Established Majors
Wang Minjie, Liu Limin

29. The Problems in the Course of China’s Urbanization
Shang Juan, Du Shan

30. The Study for Inter-organizational Cooperation Network of Public Services Supply
Jiuxiong Pei

31. Study on the Entrepreneurship Education Reform in China’s Universities
Yu Peng, Li Yan Du

32. Re-ranking of High-Impact AI Journals Based on H-Index
Lin Zhang

33. The Lease Mode of the Engineering Equipments According to Government Bidding
Zhang Yan

34. The Design of Teaching System of the Public Elective Course "Operations Research"
Xingang Yang, Caihong Shan

35. Collaborative Product Commerce and Its Five-element Set Model of Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise
Su Jing

36. The Dynamic Management of Career to College Students Based on Psychological Contract
Gao Xiaoqin

37. ERP Course Teaching Mode of Research and Practice
Zhang Yuesheng

38. Electronic Learning Spaces and Prospections
Yingjie Wu, Yiquan Zhao

39. The Current Situation and Problems about Higher Education in Hebei Province
Haiyan Zhang, Shuying Qiu

40. Contract Design of CLSC with Random Collection Quantity
Guo Gen-Long, Gao Wen-Jun

41. Countermeasures for Customer Development of Marketing Department in Futures Companies
Deng Xinxin, Lu Renshan

42. On Modern Educational Technology Training for University Teachers
Huanrong Shao

43. On Study of Landside Disaster Risk Assessment Applying Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
Juan Juan Wu, Qing Lin Yi, Lei Bao, Jin Sheng Lei

44. The Constructive Research on the Evaluation Model of the Industry Cluster Competitiveness
Xueli Wang, Zhigang Yan, Shiqiang Bai

45. Research of Innovative Design Experimental Teaching on Engineering Surveying
Fenhua Li, Jian Xing, Yuan Liu

46. Research on Training Model of Based on International Engineering Conception for Undergraduate Education in Engineering
Chen Dong-Song

47. Transcending-Learning-Style in the Engineering Education
Yiquan Zhao, Yingjie Wu, Chengcheng Wu, Qing Xia

48. Research on the Scarcity of Educational Resources in China
Ying Yang

49. Teaching Reform of Computer Information Management Professional
Zhang Yuesheng

50. A Project-Oriented Model of Graduation Thesis in the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program
Ying Li, Baosheng Ying

51. Study of Chinese Copycatting Mobile Phones’ Competitive Advantages Based on the Theory of Disruptive Innovation
YongLin Xia, Yao Yao

52. Discussion on Local Universities Relying on Cultivating Innovative Talents of Characteristic Discipline
W. J. Huang, Z. M. Zhou

53. Study and Practice of Bilingual Teaching Course in Major of Materials Forming and Control Engineering
Z. M. Zhou, W. J. Huang, T. Zhou, H. Xia, C. Y. Peng

54. Study on the Team-Based Management of the Learning Organization
Zhang Qiuyan

55. Game Analysis on Risk for Project Bidding
Fang Luo, Guodong Zhang

56. Research on the Career Quality Training of Students in Perspective of Career Planning Education-Take Students of Hospitality Management Major as an Example
Hongyun Kuang, Xiaojing Wang

57. Design of Digital PLC Experimental Teaching System
Yao Yupeng

58. Research on the Lack of EQ Education on Chinese Campus and the Teaching Countermeasures
Gangjun Guo, Yiquan Zhao

59. The Exploration and Practice of Mechanical Applied Talents Training in Local Colleges in China
Wang Hong

60. Research Teaching Methods Used in Equipment Maintenance Programs
Kan Liu, Xude Cheng, Yang Dong, Bowen Yang, Chaonan Dong

61. Study on Task-Oriented Pilot Teaching Method
Zhang Weiwei, Shang Weiyan

62. Fuzzy Clustering Segmentation Research for Commercial Bank Customers
Peng Yanyan

63. Research on the Three-Dimensional Teaching Resources
Liu Liqun

64. Exploration of Independent College’s ‘234 Practical Teaching Content System’
Xiangran Li, Xianjie Wang

65. Preliminary Study on the Cost Control in Medium and Large-Sized Construction Project
Huaidong Mao, Mingwen Hu, Ying Li

66. The Application of ANSYS on the Teaching of Structural Mechanics
Dashan Dong, Yuanyuan Teng, Xiao Mei

67. Tourism Facilities Management: A New Course Design and Optimization Based on Survey
Hui Zhang, Hongjian Cao, Yue Miao

68. A Brief Study on the Application of Modern Teaching Devices in Higher Mathematics Teaching
Aiqin Li, Qiang Zhang, Jinsheng Yin

69. The Research of the Relationship between University Mathematics Learning and Quality Education and Enforce of Human’s Ability
Chunming Zhang, Haitang Wang, Wenjing Li

70. Application of Delphi Software in the Teaching of Basics of Mechanical Design
Chen Ling-Lin, Chen Qi, Zhu Jiacheng

71. Training Mode of Media Management Talents – A Comparative Study between Mainland China and Taiwan
Chih-Chung Chen

72. The Conception of the Construction of Land Consolidation Program and the Building of Industry-University-Research Mode in Land Resources Management Specialty
Zhang Yan-Jun, Mi Xiao-Yuan

73. Commercial Bank Branch Efficiencies Based on Three-Stage DEA Model
Peng Yanyan

74. A Study on Practical Teaching System of the Education of Creation and Innovation of Independent Colleges
Zhiling Xu

75. The REITs Applied Research of Indemnificatory Apartments Financing
Yunning Zhang, Wenli Yuan, Jianqiao Lin

76. On the Opening of Excellent Course Online Teaching Resources
Yumin Pan

77. Concerning the Normal Curriculum Settings and Training Mode Innovation
Xilong Tan, Huiling Wang

78. A Study on University-Industry Cooperation of Engineering Education
Wei Jiang, Di Lu, Li Shi, Chenghua Wang, Rongmei Cao

79. A Study of the Website Construction of the Translation Course
Sun Dongling, Jing Zhihua

80. Intellectualization Projection Pursuit Regression Model Used in the Water Demand Forecasting
Peng Yanyan

81. A Report of the Flexible Construction of the Teacher’s Personal WebPages and Its Preliminary Application
Sun Dongling

82. Case Teaching Method in the Application of Microeconomics
Chunyan Zhao, Dan Ling

83. The Preliminary Study of Improving the Efficiency of the Government Crisis Management-—Giving Recommendation and Inspiration from the Ways of Dealing with Crisis Management of Two Countries between China and Japan
Wei Wang

84. Analysis of the Dislocation and Docking of Students’ Start-Ups between Campus and Industry
Xiu Li Sun, Ji Xia Tu

85. Practicing Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Issues’ Study of Undergraduate Accounting Major
Chunxiang Jia

86. How to Study Documentation as University Students
De Lin Wang, Zhong Wei Wang

87. Exploration and Implementation of Research Projects on Mechanical Innovative Design
Li Jin-Quan, Ren Hai-Ying, Zhu Su-Xia, Wei Shi-Min, Li Duan-Ling

88. Research and Practice on Teaching Reform of Mold Special English in Vocational University
Yun Dan Ren

89. The Mechanism of Comparative Advantage and Competitive Advantage: The Slope Model
Chunyan Zhao, Shuli Wang, Dan Ling

90. The Exploration and Practice of Excellent Courses Characteristics Construction
Yumin Pan

91. CDIO Engineering Applied Talents Training Mode and the Way
Lixin Huang, Jianda Cao, Huae Wang

92. The Discussion of the Revenue Management and the Pricing Model of the Scenic Spots in China
Jianmiao Zhang, Huaifu Ma

93. Higher Education: Public Good or Private Good?
Gan Kaipeng, Liao Juan

94. Reformation and Exploration of Higher Engineering Education Based on CDIO Syllabus
Wenjing Li, Chunming Zhang

95. The System Construction and Quality Evaluation of Textile Materialogy Research Study Based on the Environment of Internet
Jianda Cao, Yuan Xue, Sitong Cao, Jianchao Zhan, D. S. Wang

96. The “Case” Teaching Pattern in Medical Physics
Zhang Ting, Chen Tao, Wang Guang Chang, Zhang Jian Wei, Zhou Ji Fang, Liu Yu Hong

97. Open, Cooperative and Practice-Oriented Learning-—On Inquiry Teaching of Architectural Design Fundamentals
Yao Ying

98. The Establishment and Practice of Textile Engineering Applied Professionals Training Model
Jianda Cao, Lixin Huang, Yuan Xue, Honglei Yi

99. Study on Multi-sector Currency Inflow-Outflow Model in Financial Engineering
Wang Xuefeng, Gai Liang, Fang Qianqing

100. The Application of PDCA Cycle Management in Quality Control of Cultural Relics Protection
Wenzheng Huang

101. Analysis on Reasons for Difficulties of Performance Management of College Teachers
Zhou Jingkun, Zhou Jianlin

102. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Teaching Quality Assessment Model for Software Engineering
Qun Jiang, He Yan, Xing-Lan Zhang

103. Analysis and Research on Current Phenomenon of “Quitting” from College Entrance Examination in China and Its Countermeasures
Liqin Yu, Fan Zou, Benjie Zou

104. Information Security in Network Finance and Its Countermeasures
L. H. Yang

105. Research on Doctor-Patient Knowledge Transfer Model and Management Strategy Based on Patient Trust
Sun Fei-Chao, Zhang Da-Liang, Dong Yan

106. The Application of Subjective Teaching Method in Computer Programming Courses Teaching
Song Yuxiang

107. Analysis and Study on Teaching Methods about Steel Structure
Xiaojuan Li

108. University Open Teaching Platform Construction Exploration
Ju Qiu, Jian Zhou

109. The Application of “Visualization Teaching” and “Network-Based Teaching” in Engineering Graphics
Weiyan Shang, Shuhua Zheng, WeiWei Zhang

110. Teaching Methods about Civil Engineering Professional English Courses
Xiaohui Ni

111. The Study on Supervision of PPP Project Tender with Game Analysis
Huan Shu, Yufan Yan

112. Deepening the Reform of School Physical Education to Enhance Students’ Quality
Yonghui Wu, Dengyue Li

113. An Ecological Perspective on the Cultivation of Specialists with Diversified Capabilities
Yu Chuan-Hai

114. Medical Physics Curriculum Reform
Chen Tao, Zhang Ting, Wang Guang Chang, Zhou Ji Fang, Zhang Jian Wei, Liu Yu Hong

115. Application of Peer-Instruction Pedagogy in Curriculum of Packaging Technology
Yucong Zhao, Manru Cheng, Yong Ding

116. The Reform of Local Geographical Education under the Background of Globalization in Chinese Universities
Yihua Liu, Juan Zeng

117. The Innovation of the Ideological and Political Education Should Be Combined with Technological Innovation
Bai Anliang

118. Corporate Governance and Audit Fees-Based on A-Share Listed Companies Data Analysis
Hongbo Duan, Xiaojie Han, Jing Bai

119. Assessment of Technology Economy and Management Doctoral Programs in China: Ph.D Supervisor
Shuhai Zhao, Li Shao

120. Promote the Development of Professional Education in Military Academies to Meet the Needs of Education Transformation
Ying Han, Xiangrong Liu, Di Zhang, Yan Zhang

121. The Analysis of SNS of China’s College Students
Tongru Wei, Cheng Wang

122. Teaching Design on Training Complex Cognitive Skills Based on Engineering Drawing
Li Guochen, Li Kuishan, Zhang Jing

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Educational Technology, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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