Portugali, Juval

Complexity Theories of Cities Have Come of Age

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Juval Portugali

2. Complexity and Complexity Theories: Do These Concepts Make Sense?
Hermann Haken

3. The Origins of Complexity Theory in Cities and Planning
Michael Batty, Stephen Marshall

4. Complexity Theories of Cities: Achievements, Criticism and Potentials
Juval Portugali

5. Cities: The Visible Expression of Co-evolving Complexity
Peter M. Allen

6. Urban Systems Dynamics, Urban Growth and Scaling Laws: The Question of Ergodicity
Denise Pumain

7. Meaning and Material: Phenomenology, Complexity, Science and ‘Adjacent Possible’ Cities
Stephen Read

8. The Genetic Code for Cities: Is It Simpler than We Think?
Bill Hillier

9. Cities: Systems of Systems of Systems
Jeffrey Johnson

10. On the Simplicity of Complexity Theory in Artificial Environments
Harry Timmermans

11. Planning, Design and the Complexity of Cities
Stephen Marshall

12. Positioning Planning in the World of Order, Chaos and Complexity: On Perspectives, Behaviour and Interventions in a Non-linear Environment
Gert Roo, Ward S. Rauws

13. Complexity Theories of Cities: Implications to Urban Planning
Juval Portugali

14. Urbanism as Computation
Nikos A. Salingaros

15. Self-Organizing Urban Transportation Systems
Carlos Gershenson

16. Simple Rules: Emerging Order? A Designer’s Curiosity About Complexity Theories
Dirk Sijmons

17. A Rationalized Delta
Han Meyer

18. A Complexity Theoretic View of Cities as Artefacts of Design Intentionality
Theodore Zamenopoulos, Katerina Alexiou

19. A Computational Intelligence Approach to Alleviate Complexity Issues in Design
Michael S. Bittermann, I. Sevil Sariyildiz, Özer Ciftcioglu

20. The Responsive City Design Game
Ekim Tan, Juval Portugali

21. A SIRN View on Urban Design: The Case of Almere Hout
Egbert Stolk, Juval Portugali

Keywords: Architecture, Urbanism, Human Geography, Complexity, Socio- and Econophysics, Population and Evolutionary Models

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14 pages
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