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Enabling Innovation

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Table of contents

1. Innovative Capability – an Introduction to this Volume
Sven Trantow, Frank Hees, Sabina Jeschke

2. Management of Uncertainty – A Blind Spot in the Promotion of Innovations
Fritz Böhle

3. Management of Uncertainty – A Contradiction in Itself?
Petra Dassen-Housen

4. Beyond Planning and Control. Alternative Approaches to the Management of Industrial Research and Development
Harald Wolf

5. The Role of Psychological Contract in Supporting Innovation Activity
Elise Ramstad

6. New Forms of Project Organization and Project Management – Dynamic and Open
Sibylle Peters

7. Managing in Complexity
Harold Jarche

8. Innovation and Learning – For a Future of Lifelong Learning
Johannes Sauer

9. Innovation, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
Stephen Downes

10. Uncertainty in Institutional Change. Individual Resources as Potential1

Martin Elbe

11. Finding Common Ground for Innovation
Michael Brannick

12. What’s Going On Out There? – Designing Work Systems for Learning in Real Life
Ernst Hartmann, Francesco Garibaldo

13. Learning in Real Life
Lauge Baungaard Rasmussen

14. Job Learning in the Hands of New Actors – Challenges for the Innovative Capability of Companies
Yvonne Salazar, Sibylle Peters

15. Computer-based, Individual Learning at Work: Developments and Trends
Anna Maria Köck, Klaus Tochtermann

16. Integrating Innovation, Work, and Learning in Higher Education – The Case of Work Based Learning Frameworks
Barbara Light, Ernst Hartmann

17. Challenges and Perspectives concerning the Integration of Vocational Learning into Higher Education
Rita Meyer

18. New Forms of Work Organization and the High Road to Innovation: European Experiences
Peter Totterdill

19. Innovations Require Conducive Institutions
Peter Brödner

20. A Human-Centered Design for Work Places: Opportunities and Constraints
Francesco Garibaldo

21. Employee Participation as a Source of Innovation
Rainer Greca

22. Social Innovation – Social Challenges and Future Research Fields
Jürgen Howaldt, Michael Schwarz

23. The Long Road from Awareness to Systematic Research and Funding of Social Innovations
Josef Hochgerner

24. Innovation and the Subjective Conditions for Innovative Capability
Matthias Trier

25. Workplace Innovation and New Industrial Relations
Frank Pot, Ton Korte

26. Innovative Capability and Productivity: What has Demographic Change to do with it?
Tarja Tikkanen

27. Do Demographic Changes also Affect Our Views of Work?
Edith Perlebach

28. Encouraging Innovations in Research and Practice: The Labor Process and Innovation
Frank Emspak

29. Economic Democracy as a Driver of Innovation
Ulrich Busch

30. Fostering Innovative Capability in Germany – The Role of Interdisciplinary Research Networks
Claudia Jooß, Florian Welter, Anja Richert, Sabina Jeschke

31. Foster Innovative Capabilities by Strengthening European Dimensions of Research Networks
Werner Wobbe

32. Knowledge 2010 – Intellectual Capital as Driver of Wealth
Peter Pawlowsky

33. Some Key Quizzics for the Future Intellectual Capital
Leif Edvinsson

34. Measuring Intellectual Capital
Sabine Bischoff, Gergana Vladova, Sabina Jeschke

35. What Cannot Be Measured Can Nevertheless Be Managed1

Günter Koch

36. Corporate Innovative Capability between the Forces of Typical Dilemmas – Conceptual Challenges for Knowledge and Intellectual Capital Management
Hans-Georg Schnauffer

37. On the Way to a Renewed IC-Agenda
Ahmed Bounfour

38. Learning by Playing: Potential of Serious Games to Increase Intellectual Capital
Bodo der Heiden, Verena Bock, Anja Richert, Sabina Jeschke

39. Serious Rigor for Serious Games
Sebastiaan Meijer, Wim Veen

40. Future Center – An Unconventional Approach to Promote Intellectual Capital Potential
Günther M. Szogs

41. Facilitating the Future
Hank Kune

42. Innovative Capability – Learning Capability – Transfer Capability. Promoting Innovation systematically
Max Haarich, Sylvia Sparschuh, Claudio Zettel, Sven Trantow, Frank Hees

43. Occupational Safety and Health as an Innovation Driver
Ingo Leisten, Ursula Bach, Frank Hees

44. Innovative Capability as a Management Requirement – Which Organizational Strategies Can Promote Innovation Processes?
Heike Jacobsen, Arno Georg, Milena Jostmeier

45. IT-based Interactive Research – on the Use of Social Software in Research
Uta Renken, Angelika C. Bullinger

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, R & D/Technology Policy

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