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Future Trends in Production Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Research and Demonstration Center for the Production of Large-Area Lithium-Ion Cells
G. Reinhart, T. Zeilinger, J. Kurfer, M. Westermeier, C. Thiemann, M. Glonegger, M. Wunderer, C. Tammer, M. Schweier, M. Heinz

2. Flexible Manufacturing of Lightweight Frame Structures with an Integrated Process Chain
D. Pietzka, E. Tekkaya

3. Production System with Respect for Variable Quantities for an Economical Electric Vehicle Production
G. Schuh, J. Arnoscht, C. Nee, B. Schittny

4. Topology-Optimized Implants: Medical Requirements and Partial Aspects of a Design Engineering Process Chain
R. Neugebauer, C. Rotsch, S. Scherer, M. Werner, A. Böhm, T. Töppel, J. Bräunig, B. Senf

5. Automated Approach to Exchange Energy Information
J. Schlechtendahl, P. Eberspächer, S. Schrems, P. Sekler, A. Verl, E. Abele

6. Intelligent Onboard Networks for the Flexible Production of Electric Vehicles
J. Brix, M. Merdes, A. Schäfer, R. Wößner, J. Stallkamp

7. Integrated Product and Factory Design for Lithium-Ion Batteries
A. Kampker, B. Franzkoch, C. Nowacki, H. Heimes

8. Modular Chassis Product Platform Considering Variable Quantities for an Economical Electric Vehicle Production
G. Schuh, J. Arnoscht, S. Rudolf, K. Korthals

9. Method to Determine and Quantify Changes in Value Chains Caused by E-Mobility
W. Sihn, D. Palm, H. Gommel, W. Tober, C. Bauer

10. A Workshop-Centered Battery Exchange System for Electric Vehicles
A. Rost, J.-P. Schuh, K. Pfeiffer, A. Verl

11. E-Antrieb.Net: Development and Production Environment for Electric Drive Trains in a SME Focused Network
G. Schuh, A. Kampker, T. Vogels, C. Nowacki, R. Schmitt, M. Harding, D. U. Sauer, M. Ecker, B. Ponick, A. Brune, A. Mertens, B. Ullrich

12. Machining of β-Titanium Under Cryogenic Conditions: Process Cooling by CO2-Snow
C. Machai, H. Abrahams, D. Biermann

13. Smart Semi-finished Parts for the Application in Sheet-Metal Structures
R. Neugebauer, L. Lachmann, W.-G. Drossel, M. Nestler, S. Hensel

14. Novel Robot-Based End-Effector Design for an Automated Preforming of Limb Carbon Fiber Textiles
G. Reinhart, C. Ehinger

15. Manufacturing Technologies for Lightweight Applications with Thermoplastic Textile-Reinforced Sandwich Structures
K. Großmann, A. Mühl, C. Cherif, K.-H. Modler, F. Adam, M. Krahl

16. Automated Manufacturing of Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic 3D-Lightweight Components
C. Brecher, M. Emonts, M. Dubratz, A. Kermer-Meyer

17. Lightweight Products by Load Optimized Profile Design
M. Storbeck, P. Beiter, S. Berner, M. Brenneis, W. Schmitt, P. Groche

18. Improvement of Denting Behavior of Aluminum Sheet by Pre-stretching
A. Werber, M. Liewald

19. Diamond Machining of Nitrocarburized Steel Molds for the Mass Production of Optical Components
E. Brinksmeier, R. Gläbe, J. Osmer

20. Square Foot Manufacturing: A New Approach for Desktop-Sized Reconfigurable Machine Tools
J. P. Wulfsberg, P. Kohrs, S. Grimske, B. Röhlig

21. Mobile Camera for Measuring and Testing in the Working Area of Machine Tools
E. Hohwieler, R. Feitscher, E. Uhlmann

22. Modelling the Costs of Autonomous Logistics
B. Scholz-Reiter, S. Sowade, M. Teucke

23. Dealing with the Need for Flexibility and Economies of Scope in Global Production Network Design
G. Schuh, J. Nöcker, R. Varandani, J. Schwartze, R. Schilling

24. EMOTIO: Systematic Customer Integration into the Process of Innovation
R. Schmitt, S. Humphrey, M. Köhler

25. Assembly Oriented Design Method for Reconfigurable Processes and Equipment
R. Müller, M. Esser, J. Eilers

26. CoCr Is Not the Same: CoCr-Blanks for Dental Machining
B. Karpuschewski, H. J. Pieper, M. Krause, J. Döring

27. Polyamide 12: Carbon Nanotube Composite Material Under the Aspect of Future Application as Balloon Catheter Material
M. Ghahremanpour, G. Lorenz, T. Wörsching, M. Bogner, I. Maier, M. Detert, J. Sägebarth, H. Sandmaier

28. Manufacturing of Individualized Cranial Implants Using Two Point Incremental Sheet Metal Forming
A. Göttmann, M. Korinth, V. Schäfer, B. T. Araghi, M. Bambach, G. Hirt

29. Fiber-Reinforced Plastics Enable New Prospects for Minimal Invasive Devices and Interventions
C. Brecher, M. Emonts, A. Schütte, A. Brack

30. Development, Simulation-Based Design and Metal Forming Production of Patient-Individual Hip Cups
B.-A. Behrens, N. Weigel, S. B. Escobar, C. Stukenborg-Colsman, M. Lerch, I. Nolte, P. Wefstaedt, A. Bouguecha

31. IES: Instrument Exchange System for Minimally Invasive Surgery
D. Kaltenbacher, T. Cuntz, A. Pfaud, K. Fischer, A. Domnich, J. Stallkamp

32. Adjusting the Subsurface Properties of Biocompatible Magnesium–Calcium Alloys as Absorbable Implant Material by Machining Processes
B. Denkena, J. Köhler, A. Lucas

33. Achieving Energy Efficient Process Chains in Sheet Metal Forming
J. Schönherr

34. Energy Value Stream: Increasing Energy Efficiency in Production
K. Erlach

35. Influencing Densification of PM Gears
F. Klocke, C. Gorgels, P. Kauffmann, E. Gräser

36. Model-Based Planning of Resource Efficient Process Chains Using System Entity Structures
R. Larek, E. Brinksmeier, T. Pawletta, O. Hagendorf

37. Aluminum Scrap Recycling Without Melting
K. Pantke, V. Güley, D. Biermann, A. E. Tekkaya

38. Virtual Production Systems: Simulating the Energy Consumption of Machine Tools
C. Brecher, S. Bäumler, J. Triebs

39. Economical and Function-Oriented Manufacturing of Cylinder Running Surfaces of Internal Combustion Engines
B. Karpuschewski, H.-J. Pieper, F. Welzel

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Engineering Design, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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