Wasum-Rainer, Susanne

Arctic Science, International Law and Climate Change

Wasum-Rainer, Susanne - Arctic Science, International Law and Climate Change, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Climate Change, International Law and Arctic Research – Legal Aspects of Marine Research in the Arctic Ocean
Guido Westerwelle

2. The Arctic: A Test Bench for International Dialogue
Maria Damanaki

3. Arctic Science, International Law and Climate Change
Jaakko Laajava

4. The Arctic – a Sentinel for Environmental Processes and Effects
Lars-Otto Reiersen, Simon Wilson

5. More Relevant Research for the EU Arctic Policy
Michael Gahler

6. Arctic Processes and the Global Climate
Peter Lemke

7. Developing and Sustaining an Arctic Ocean Observing System
Keith Alverson

8. Recent Russian Marine Research Activities in the Arctic Ocean
Igor Ashik

9. Arctic Research in Practice
Uwe Nixdorf

10. Arctic Marine Research: The Perspective of a US Practitioner
Larry Mayer

11. Environmental Permitting Constraints on Arctic Marine Scientific Research
Bernard Coakley

12. Marine Scientific Research in Waters under the Jurisdiction of the Russian Federation
Alexander S. Studenetsky

13. Climate Change and Traditional Knowledge
Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi

14. Extended Continental Shelf Issues in the Arctic Ocean: A Modern ‘Land Grab’ Or an Example of Cooperation between the Arctic Coastal States?
Christian Marcussen

15. Setting the Stage: The Continental Shelf and Marine Science in the Arctic Ocean
Ted L. McDorman

16. Legal Issues of MSR in the Arctic: A Chinese Perspective
Zhiguo Gao

17. ‘Common Interests’ as an Evolving Body of International Law: Applications to Arctic Ocean Stewardship
Paul Arthur Berkman

18. The International Seabed Authority and the Arctic
Michael W. Lodge

19. The Regime for Marine Scientific Research in the Arctic: Implications of the Absence of Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf beyond 200 Nautical Miles
Alex G. Oude Elferink

20. Common Precepts of Marine Scientific Research Access in the Arctic
Betsy Baker

21. Climate Change, Marine Science and Delineation of the Continental Shelf
Vladimir Golitsyn

22. From the DAMOCLES to ACCESS Projects (Sixth & Seventh EU Framework Programmes 2005-2015) IAOOS – An Advanced Arctic Ocean Observing System (2011-2019)
Jean-Claude Gascard

23. Internationally Coordinated, Cooperative Arctic Marine Science during the Fourth International Polar Year: Lessons for Future Arctic Ocean Science Agreements
Hajo Eicken

24. Inuit, Circumpolar Law & Politics, Resource Development
Udloriak Hanson

25. Conclusions of the Chair
Susanne Wasum-Rainer

Keywords: Law, International Environmental Law, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Climate Change

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