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Sustainable Automotive Technologies 2012

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1. Reduction of Nickel-Alloyed Stainless Steels in Automobile Systems by Laser Beam Welding of Austenitic-Ferritic Connections While Maintaining an Adequate Corrosion Resistance
M. Weigl, M. Schmidt

2. Damage Tolerance in Aluminium High Pressure Die-castings and Its Implications on Safety Critical Vehicle Components
R. N. Lumley

3. The Application of Magnesium Alloys to the Lightweighting of Automotive Structures
Mark Easton, Mark Gibson, Aiden Beer, Matthew Barnett, Chris Davies, Yvonne Durandet, Stuart Blacket, Xiaobo Chen, Nick Birbilis, Trevor Abbott

4. Performance of Advanced High Strength Steel and Aluminium Alloy Tubes in Three-Point Bending
Gayan Rathnaweera, Yvonne Durandet, Dong Ruan, Michael Hajj

5. A System Dynamics Approach to Understanding the Influence of Lightweight Materials on the Development of Fuel Efficient Cars
Peter Stasinopoulos, Paul Compston, Haley M. Jones

6. Functional Fatigue of Shape Memory Alloys
T. Ataalla, M. Leary, A. Subic

7. Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Behavior of Fiber Composites
H. Bansemir

8. Car Body Design with Polyurethane Composites Produced by an Innovative Pultrusion Process
S. C. Bruckmeier, J. Wellnitz

9. Modelling the Automated Tape Placement of Thermoplastic Composites with In-Situ Consolidation
C. M. Stokes-Griffin, T. I. Matuszyk, Paul Compston, M. J. Cardew-Hall

10. Glass/Carbon Fibre Hybrid Composite Laminates for Structural Applications in Automotive Vehicles
J. Zhang, K. Chaisombat, S. He, C. H. Wang

11. Lightweight Stiffened Composite Structure with Superior Bending Strength and Stiffness for Automotive Floor Applications
J. Zhang, S. He, I. H. Walton, A. Kajla, C. H. Wang

12. New Automotive Fabrics with Anti-odour and Antimicrobial Properties
Saniyat Islam, Olga Troynikov, Rajiv Padhye

13. Advanced Concept Modelling Method for Automotive Structural Optimization
Pooja Doke, Mohammad Fard, Reza Jazar

14. Effect of Equivalence Ratio on Combustion Characteristics in a Hydrogen Direct-Injection SI Engine
Roy Mithun Kanti, Nobuyuki Kawahara, Eiji Tomita, Takashi Fujitani

15. Effects of Different Port Injection CNG System Configurations on a 3.8L V6 Engine
Jose Herrera, Joshua Toohey, Boxin Jin, Thomas Rogers, Lucien Koopmans

16. On the Application of Compressed Natural Gas for an SI Internal Combustion Engine and Two Different Injector Positions
Christopher Soanes, Lucien Koopmans

17. Recent Trends in Emerging Transportation Fuels and Energy Consumption
B. G. Bunting

18. Kinetic Modeling of Fuel Effects over a Wide Range of Chemistry, Properties, and Sources
B. G. Bunting, M. Bunce, K. Puduppakkam, C. Naik

19. Biofire – Biogenic Fuel Ignition Research
K. Huber, J. Hauber

20. Ultra-Downsizing of Internal Combustion Engines
V. Gheorghiu

21. BARM: Bi-Angular Rotation Machine
Boris Schapiro

22. Reducing Emissions Associated with Electric Vehicles
Laurence Sparke OAM

23. Direct Torque Control for Electronic Differential in an Electric Racing Car
C. Fu, R. Hoseinnezhad, Simon Watkins, Reza Jazar

24. Ultra High Efficiency Electric Motor Generator
Jeff Brown

25. Modelling and Simulation of a Two Speed Electric Vehicle
P. D. Walker, S. Abdul Rahman, N. Zhang, W. Zhan, Y. Lin, B. Zhu

26. Electric Vehicle Propulsion System Design
Ambarish Kulkarni, Ajay Kapoor, Mehran Ektesabi, Howard Lovatt

27. The Low Speed Electric Vehicle – China’s Unique Sustainable Automotive Technology?
Hua Wang, Chris Kimble

28. Sustainable Racing Utilising Solar Power
Simon Watkins, Andris Samson

29. Solar Vehicle for South Pole Exploration
Nicholas Lambert, Milan Simic, Byron Kennedy

30. Battery-to-Wheel Efficiency of an Induction Motor Battery Electric Vehicle with CVT and Adaptive Control
Stefan Smolenaers, Mehran Ektesabi

31. Use of GSM Technology as the Support to Manage the Modal Distribution in the Cities
Grzegorz Sierpiński, Ireneusz Celiński

32. Future Mobility in Tropical Megacities
R. Kochhan, D. Gleyzes

33. Energy Efficiency Development of Urban Passenger Transport in China
Li Zhenyu, Zhang Min, Chen Xumei

34. Sustainability Assessment of Cooperative Vehicle Intersection Control at Urban Intersections with Low Volume Condition
Byungkyu Brain Park, Kristin Malakorn, Joyoung Lee, Jaehyun Jason So

35. Software for Management of Maintenance System for Truck, Passenger Car, Coach and Work Machines
Gradimir Ivanovich, Radivoje Mitrovich, Dragan Jovanovich

36. E-Mobility Generates New Services and Business Models, Increasing Sustainability
M. Knoppe

37. E-Mobility Will Change Automotive Retailing – A Strategic Approach
M. Knoppe

38. Sustainability in the Automotive Supply Chain
M. Mesterharm, P. Tropschuh

39. A Sustainability Approach in Road Project Evaluation, Case-Study: Pollutant Emission and Accident Costs in Cost Benefit Analysis
Saeed Asadi Bagloee, Mohsen Asadi, Claire Bozic

40. Improving Life Cycle Assessment by Considering Worker Health and Comparing Alternatives Based on Relative Efficiency
S. Lloyd, K. Scanlon, D. Lengacher

41. Platinum Group Element Emissions from Automobile Catalysts
M. Paraskevas, M. Ochsenkühn-Petropoulou

42. A Comparative Study of Vehicle Drive Performance and Energy Efficiency
S. Abdul Rahman, P. D. Walker, N. Zhang, J. G. Zhu, H. Du

43. New Insights into the Australian Automotive Recycling Business
E. El Halabi, M. Doolan

44. An Analytical Method for Acoustic Characterisation of EV Interior Trims
Vipil Varghese, Laith Egab, Vignesh Rajan, Mohammad Fard, Reza Jazar, Jason Miller

45. Noise Evaluation of a Control Valve in a Variable Compressor
Yong-Joo Lee, Geon-Ho Lee, Byeong-Eun Lim

46. Design for Improving the Performance of a Control Valve in a Variable Compressor
Yong-Joo Lee, Geon-Ho Lee, Byeong-Eun Lim

47. New Mobile Air Conditioning Fluid HFO-1234YF – In Car Performance
M. Bryson, C. Dixon, S. St Hill

48. Solid-State Automotive Lighting: Implications for Sustainability and Safety
John D. Bullough

49. Model-Based Soil Trip Rollover Prediction Using Driving Dynamics
Rudolf Ertlmeier, Holger Faisst, Paul Spannaus, Thomas Brandmeier

50. Reliability of Driver Interactions with Road Vehicles
Mirko Novak, Petr Bouchner

51. Investigation of Chain Meshwork: Protective Effects and Applications
E. Wilhelm, U. Burger, J. Wellnitz

52. Sustainable Design of a Side Door Reinforcing Assembly – Optimisation and Material Selection
Mladenko Kajtaz

53. Development of Automatic Overtaking between Vehicles Using Model Predictive Control
Xi Chen, Harutoshi Ogai

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Fossil Fuels (incl. Carbon Capture), Industrial Pollution Prevention

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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