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Advances in the Research of Aquatic Environment

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Table of contents

1. Hydrogeological properties of fractured rocks (granites, metasediments and volcanites) under the humid tropical climate of West Africa
M. Koïta, H. Jourde

2. Identification of conductible fractures at the upper- and mid- stream of the Jhuoshuei River Watershed (Taiwan)
P.Y. Chou, H.C. Lo, C.T. Wang, C.H. Chao, S.M. Hsu, Y.T. Lin, C.C. Huang

3. Advances in understanding the relation between reservoir properties and facies distribution in the Paleozoic Wajid Sandstone, Saudi Arabia
H. Al Ajmi, M. Keller, M. Hinderer, R. Rausch

4. Geoelectrical assessment of groundwater potential in the coastal aquifer of Lagos, Nigeria
K.F. Oyedele, S. Oladele

5. Drainage and lineament analysis towards artificial recharge of groundwater
D. Das

6. Fracture pattern description and analysis of the hard rock hydrogeological environment in Naxos Island, Hellas
A.S. Partsinevelou, S. Lozios, G. Stournaras

7. Quantitative investigation of water supply conditions in Thassos, N. Greece
Th. Tzevelekis, I. Gkiougkis, Chr. Katimada, I. Diamantis

8. Hydrological properties of Yesilcay (Agva) Stream Basin (NW Turkey)
H. Keskin Citiroglu, I.F. Barut, A. Zuran

9. Application of the SWAT model for the investigation of reservoirs creation
K. Kalogeropoulos, C. Chalkias, E. Pissias, S. Karalis

10. Evaluation of geological parameters for describing fissured rocks; a case study of Mantoudi - Central Euboea Island (Hellas)
G. Yoxas, G. Stournaras

11. First outcomes from groundwater recharge estimation in evaporate aquifer in Greece with the use of APLIS method
E. Zagana, P. Tserolas, G. Floros, K. Katsanou, B. Andreo

12. Multiple criteria analysis for selecting suitable sites for construction of sanitary landfill based on hydrogeological data; Case study of Kea Island (Aegean Sea, Hellas)
G. Yoxas, T. Samara, L. Sargologou, G. Stournaras

13. Adumbration of Amvrakia’s spring water pathways, based on detailed geophysical data (Kastraki - Meteora)
J.D. Alexopoulos, S. Dilalos, E. Vassilakis

14. Fracture pattern analysis of hardrock hydrogeological environment, Kea Island, Greece
V. Iliopoulos, S. Lozios, E. Vassilakis, G. Stournaras

15. Geochemical and isotopic controls of carbon and sulphur in calciumsulphate waters of the western Meso-Cenozoic Portuguese border (natural mineral waters of Curia and Monte Real)
M. Morais, C. Recio

16. The impact on water quality of the high carbon dioxide contents of the groundwater in the area of Florina (N. Greece)
W. D’Alessandro, S. Bellomo, L. Brusca, S. Karakazanis, K. Kyriakopoulos, M. Liotta

17. Pore Water - Indicator of Geological Environment Condition
О. Аbramova, L. Аbukova, G. Isaeva

18. Nitrogen sources and denitrification potential of Cyprus aquifers, through isotopic investigation on nitrates
Ch. Christophi, C.A. Constantinou

19. The behaviour of REE in Agios Nikolaos karstic aquifer, NE Crete, Greece
E. Pitikakis, K. Katsanou, N. Lambrakis

20. Hydrochemical study of metals in the groundwater of the wider area of Koropi
K. Pavlopoulos, I. Chrisanthaki, M. Economou–Eliopoulos, S. Lekkas

21. Factors controlling major ion and trace element content in surface water at Asprolakkas hydrological basin, NE Chalkidiki: Implications for elemental transport mechanisms
E. Kelepertzis, A. Argyraki, E. Daftsis

22. Trace and ultra-trace element hydrochemistry of Lesvos thermal springs
E. Tziritis, A. Kelepertzis

23. Stable isotope study of a karstic aquifer in Central Greece. Composition, variations and controlling factors
E. Tziritis

24. Evaluation of the geochemical conditions in the deep aquifer system in Vounargo area (SW Greece) based on hydrochemical data
E. Karapanos, K. Katsanou, A. Karli, N. Lambrakis

25. Phenanthrene Sorption οnto Heterogeneous Sediments Containing Carbonaceous Materials in Fresh Water and in Marine Environments: Implications for Organic Pollutant Behavior During Water Mixing
K. Fotopoulou, G. Siavalas, H.K. Karapanagioti, K. Christanis

26. Hydrochemical investigation of water at Loussi Polje, N Peloponnesus, Hellas
R. Koutsi, G. Stournaras

27. Chemistry of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Kalogria Bay, Messinia-Greece
A. Pavlidou, I. Hatzianestis, Ch. Zeri, E. Rouselaki

28. Chemical characterization of the thermal springs along the South Aegean volcanic arc and Ikaria island
S. Karakatsanis, W. D’Alessandro, K. Kyriakopoulos, K. Voudouris

29. Application of an in-situ system for continuous monitoring of radionuclides in submarine groundwater sources
C. Tsabaris, D.L. Patiris, A. Karageorgis, G. Eleftheriou, D. Georgopoulos, V. Papadopoulos, A. Prospathopoulos, E. Papathanassiou

30. Conceptual Model and Hydrochemical Characteristics of an Intensively Exploited Mediterranean Aquifer
V. Pisinaras, C. Petalas, V.A. Tsihrintzis

31. Hydrogeological conditions of the Kotyli springs (N. Greece) based on geological and hydrogeochemical data
C. Angelopoulos, E. Moutsiakis

32. Subsurface contamination with petroleum products is a threat to groundwater quality
N. Ognianik, N. Paramonova, O. Shpak

33. Assessment of specific vulnerability to nitrates using LOS indices in the Ferrara Province, Italy
E. Salemi, N. Colombani, V. Aschonitis, M. Mastrocicco

34. Groundwater nitrogen speciation in intensively cultivated lowland areas
N. Colombani, E. Salemi, M. Mastrocicco, G. Castaldelli

35. Hydrogeological and hydrochemical characteristics of North Peloponnesus major ground water bodies
K. Nikas, A. Antonakos

36. Assessment of natural and human effect in the alluvial deposits aquifer of Sperchios’ river plain
E. Psomiadis, G. Stamatis, K. Parpodis, A. Kontari

37. Groundwater contamination by nitrates and seawater intrusion in Atalanti basin (Fthiotida, Greece)
V. Tsioumas, V. Zorapas, E. Pavlidou, I. Lappas, K. Voudouris

38. Characterisation of water quality in the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Sea, Western Greece
G. Zacharioudakis, Ch. Smyrniotis

39. Groundwater vulnerability assessment in the Loussi polje area, N Peloponessus: the PRESK method
R. Koutsi, G. Stournaras

40. Intrinsic vulnerability assessment using a modified version of the PI Method: A case study in the Boeotia region, Central Greece
E. Tziritis, N. Evelpidou

41. Groundwater vulnerability assessment at SW Rhodope aquifer system in NE Greece
A. Kallioras, F. Pliakas, S. Skias, I. Gkiougkis

42. Comparison of three applied methods of groundwater vulnerability mapping: A case study from the Florina basin, Northern Greece
N. Kazakis, K. Voudouris

43. Degradation of groundwater quality in Stoupa- Ag.Nikolaos region (W.Mani Peninsula) due to seawater intrusion and anthropogenic effects
G. Stamatis, D. Gamvroula, E. Dikarou, A. Kontari

44. Quality Characteristics of groundwater resources in Almyros Basin coastal area, Magnesia Prefecture Greece
Ch. Myriounis, G. Dimopoulos, A. Manakos

45. Quality regime of the water resources of Anthele Sperchios Delta area Fthiotida Prefecture
N. Stathopoulos, I. Koumantakis, E. Vasileiou, K. Markantonis

46. Assessment of groundwater quality in the Megara basin, Attica, Greece
D. Gamvroula, D. Alexakis, G. Stamatis

47. Environmental associations of heavy and trace elements concentrations in Sarigiol ground water coal basin area
K.Ι. Vatalis, K. Modis, F. Pavloudakis, Ch. Sachanidis

48. Marine and human activity effects on the groundwater quality of Thriassio Plain, Attica, Greece
V. Iliopoulos, G. Stamatis, G. Stournaras

49. Transport of pathogens in water saturated sand columns
V.I. Syngouna, C.V. Chrysikopoulos

50. A preliminary study for metal determinations in Seawater and Natural Radionuclides in Sediments of Glafkos estuary in Patraikos Gulf (Greece)
K. Kousi, M. Soupioni, H. Papaeftymiou

51. Purification of wastewater from Sindos industrial area of Thessaloniki (N. Greece) using Hellenic Natural Zeolite
A. Filippidis, A. Tsirambides, N. Kantiranis, E. Tzamos, D. Vogiatzis, G. Papastergios, A. Papadopoulos, S. Filippidis

52. Monitoring heat transfer from a groundwater heat exchanger in a large tank model
B.M.S. Giambastiani, M. Mastrocicco, N. Colombani

53. Origin of thermal waters of Nisyros volcano: an isotopic and geothermometric survey
D. Zouzias, K.St. Seymour

54. Hydrogeochemical characteristics and the geothermal model of the Altinoluk-Narli area, in the Gulf of Edremit, Aegean Sea
N. Talay, A.M. Gözübol, F.I. Barut

55. Groundwater hydrochemistry of the volcanic aquifers of Limnos Island, Greece
G. Panagopoulos, P. Giannoulopoulos, D. Panagiotaras

56. Geothermal exploration in the Antirrio area (Western Greece)
T. Efthimiopoulos, E. Fanara, G. Vrellis, E. Spyridonos, A. Arvanitis

57. Sedimentary media analysis platform for groundwater modeling in urban areas
R. Gogu, V. Velasco, E. Vázquez-Suñe, D. Gaitanaru, Z. Chitu, I. Bica

58. Seasonal ground deformation monitoring over Southern Larissa Plain (Central Greece) by SAR interferometry
I. Parcharidis, M. Foumelis, P. Katsafados

59. Ruptures on surface and buildings due to land subsidence in Anargyri village (Florina Prefecture, Macedonia)
G. Soulios, Th. Tsapanos, K. Voudouris, T. Kaklis, Ch. Mattas, M. Sotiriadis

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Hydrogeology, Climate Change, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution

Publication year
Environmental Earth Sciences
Page amount
27 pages
Natural Sciences

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