Waniek-Klimczak, Ewa

Teaching and Researching English Accents in Native and Non-native Speakers

Waniek-Klimczak, Ewa - Teaching and Researching English Accents in Native and Non-native Speakers, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Teachability and Learnability of English Pronunciation Features for Vietnamese-Speaking Learners
Una Cunningham

2. On the Irrelevance of Sounds and Prosody in Foreign-Accented English
Jolanta Szpyra-Kozłowska

3. Foreign Accent Ratings in Third Language Acquisition: The Case of L3 French
Magdalena Wrembel

4. Acquiring Angma: The Velar Nasal in Advanced Learners’ English
Wiktor Gonet, Jolanta Szpyra-Kozłowska, Radosław Święciński

5. Vowel Quality and Duration as a Cue to Word Stress for Non-native Listeners: Polish Listeners’ Perception of Stress in English
Arkadiusz Rojczyk

6. An EMA Study of Articulatory Settings in Polish Speakers of English
Radosław Święciński

7. The Effect of Explicit and Implicit Corrective Feedback on Eliminating Pronunciation Errors
Mirosław Pawlak

8. An Aptitude for Speech: The Importance of Mimicry Ability in Foreign Language Pronunciation
Martin Hinton

9. MultiROMs and Online Applications Used for Teaching Phonetics in a Secondary School: A Critical Review
Elżbieta Szymańska-Czaplak, Alicja Wujec-Kaczmarek

10. The English Pronunciation Teaching in Europe Survey: Initial Results and Useful Insights for Collaborative Work
Alice Henderson

11. English Vowels: The Long and Short of It
Linda Shockey

12. Quantitative Intervocalic Relations: Evidence for Foot Structure
Tomasz Ciszewski

13. Segmental and Prosodic Reasons for Non-Native Timing of her in Polish Learners, English Speech
Andrzej Porzuczek

14. Stratification of English as a Lingua Franca: Identity Constructions of Learners and Speakers
Višnja Josipović Smojver, Mateusz-Milan Stanojević

15. Intonation in the Perception of Brummie
Kamil Malarski

16. Sociophonetic Transfer in Polish Learners of English: The Case of Nasals
Anna Gralińska-Brawata

17. [′beɾɚ] or [′betə]? Do Polish Learners of English Accommodate their Pronunciation? A Pilot Study
Magdalena Zając

18. Glottal Stops in General American (Intervocalic Environments)
Przemysław Ostalski

Keywords: Linguistics, Phonology

Publication year
Second Language Learning and Teaching
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9 pages

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