Lin, Dan

Modeling Dose-Response Microarray Data in Early Drug Development Experiments Using R

Lin, Dan - Modeling Dose-Response Microarray Data in Early Drug Development Experiments Using R, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Dan Lin, Willem Talloen, Luc Bijnens, Hinrich W. H. Göhlmann, Dhammika Amaratunga, Roel Straetemans

2. Estimation Under Order Restrictions
Ziv Shkedy, Dhammika Amaratunga, Marc Aerts

3. Testing of Equality of Means Against Ordered Alternatives
Ziv Shkedy, Dhammika Amaratunga, Dan Lin

4. Nonlinear Modeling of Dose-Response Data
Roel Straetemans

5. Functional Genomic Dose-Response Experiments
Luc Bijnens, Hinrich W. H. Göhlmann, Dan Lin, Willem Talloen, Tim Perrera, Ilse Wyngaert, Filip Ridder, An Bondt, Pieter Peeters

6. Adjustment for Multiplicity
Daniel Yekutieli, Dan Lin, Ziv Shkedy, Dhammika Amaratunga

7. Single Contrast Tests
Dan Lin, Ziv Shkedy, Daniel Yekutieli, Tomasz Burzykowski, Hinrich W. H. Göhlmann, An Bondt, Tobias Verbeke, Luc Bijnens

8. Significance Analysis of Dose-Response Microarray Data
Dan Lin, Ziv Shkedy, Hinrich W. H. Göhlmann, An Bondt, Luc Bijnens, Dhammika Amaratunga, Willem Talloen

9. δ-Clustering of Monotone Profiles
Adetayo Kasim, Suzy Sanden, Martin Otava, Sepp Hochreiter, Djork-Arné Clevert, Willem Talloen, Dan Lin

10. Classification of Monotone Gene Profiles Using Information Theory Selection Methods
Dan Lin, Ziv Shkedy, Marc Aerts

11. Beyond the Simple Order Alternatives
Dan Lin, Ziv Shkedy

12. Gene Set Analysis as a Means of Facilitating the Interpretation of Microarray Results
Nandini Raghavan, An Bondt, Tobias Verbeke, Dhammika Amaratunga

13. Estimation and Inference Under Simple Order Restrictions: Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
Adetayo Kasim, Ziv Shkedy, Bernet S. Kato

14. Model-Based Approaches
Setia Pramana, Ziv Shkedy, Hinrich W. H. Göhlmann, Willem Talloen, An Bondt, Roel Straetemans, Dan Lin, José Pinheiro

15. Multiple Contrast Tests for Testing Dose–Response Relationships Under Order-Restricted Alternatives
Dan Lin, Ludwig A. Hothorn, Gemechis D. Djira, Frank Bretz

16. Simultaneous Inferences for Ratio Parameters Using Multiple Contrasts Test
Dan Lin, Gemechis D. Djira, Ziv Shkedy, Tomasz Burzykowski, Ludwig A. Hothorn

17. Multiple Confidence Intervals for Selected Ratio Parameters Adjusted for the False Coverage-Statement Rate
Dan Lin, Daniel Yekutieli, Gemechis D. Djira, Ludwig A. Hothorn

18. Interfaces for Analyzing Dose–Response Studies in Microarray Experiments: IsoGeneGUI and ORIOGEN
Setia Pramana, Philippe Haldermans, Tobias Verbeke

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics, general, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Computer Appl. in Life Sciences

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