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High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering '11

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Table of contents

1. The Influence of the Mass Ratio on Particle Acceleration by the Filamentation Instability
Patrick Kilian, Thomas Burkart, Felix Spanier

2. The SuperN-Project: Neutrino Hydrodynamics Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
B. Müller, L. Hüdepohl, A. Marek, F. Hanke, H.-Th. Janka

3. Simulation of Pre-planetesimal Collisions with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
R. J. Geretshauser, R. Speith, W. Kley

4. Copper Substrate Catalyzes Tetraazaperopyrene Polymerization
W. G. Schmidt, E. Rauls, U. Gerstmann, S. Sanna, M. Landmann, M. Rohrmüller, A. Riefer, S. Wippermann, S. Blankenburg

5. QCD Critical Surfaces at Real and Imaginary μ

O. Philipsen, Ph. Forcrand

6. Higgs Boson Mass Bounds from a Chirally Invariant Lattice Higgs-Yukawa Model
Philipp Gerhold, Karl Jansen, Jim Kallarackal

7. Massive and Massless Four-Loop Integrals
P. Baikov, K. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kühn, P. Marquard, M. Steinhauser

8. Laser Ablation of Aluminium: Drops and Voids
Johannes Roth, Johannes Karlin, Christian Ulrich, Hans-Rainer Trebin, Steffen Sonntag

9. Cysteine on Gold: An ab-initio Investigation
B. Höffling, F. Ortmann, K. Hannewald, F. Bechstedt

10. Ab-initio Calculations of the Vibrational Properties of Nanostructures
Gabriel Bester, Peng Han

11. Entropy and Metal-Insulator Transition in Atomic-Scale Wires: The Case of In-Si(111)(4×1)/(8×2)
W. G. Schmidt, E. Rauls, U. Gerstmann, S. Sanna, M. Landmann, M. Rohrmüller, A. Riefer, S. Wippermann

12. Obtaining the Full Counting Statistics of Correlated Nanostructures from Time Dependent Simulations
Peter Schmitteckert

13. Phase Diagram of the 1D t-J Model
A. Moreno, A. Muramatsu, S. Manmana

14. Constrained Density Functional Theory of Molecular Dimers
J.-H. Franke, N. N. Nair, L. Chi, H. Fuchs

15. Atomistic Simulations of Electrolyte Solutions and Hydrogels with Explicit Solvent Models
Jonathan Walter, Stephan Deublein, Steffen Reiser, Martin Horsch, Jadran Vrabec, Hans Hasse

16. cuVASP: A GPU-Accelerated Plane-Wave Electronic-Structure Code
Stefan Maintz, Bernhard Eck, Richard Dronskowski

17. Assessment of Conventional Droplet Evaporation Models for Spray Flames
M. R. G. Zoby, A. Kronenburg, S. Navarro-Martinez, A. J. Marquis

18. Analysis of the Effects of Wall Boundary Conditions and Detailed Kinetics on the Simulation of a Gas Turbine Model Combustor Under Very Lean Conditions
F. Rebosio, A. Widenhorn, B. Noll, M. Aigner

19. Oxy-coal Combustion Modeling at Semi-industrial Scale
Michael Müller, Uwe Schnell, Günter Scheffknecht

20. Delayed Detached Eddy Simulations of Compressible Turbulent Mixing Layer and Detailed Performance Analysis of Scientific In-House Code TASCOM3D
Markus Kindler, Peter Gerlinger, Manfred Aigner

21. Discontinuous Galerkin for High Performance Computational Fluid Dynamics (hpcdg)
Christoph Altmann, Andrea Beck, Andreas Birkefeld, Florian Hindenlang, Marc Staudenmaier, Gregor Gassner, Claus-Dieter Munz

22. Highly Efficient and Scalable Software for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Complex Geometries
Daniel F. Harlacher, Sabine Roller, Florian Hindenlang, Claus-Dieter Munz, Tim Kraus, Martin Fischer, Koen Geurts, Matthias Meinke, Tobias Klühspies, Volker Metsch, Katharina Benkert

23. A Computation Technique for Rigid Particle Flows in an Eulerian Framework Using the Multiphase DNS Code FS3D
Philipp Rauschenberger, Jan Schlottke, Bernhard Weigand

24. Optimization of Chaotic Micromixers Using Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents
Aniruddha Sarkar, Ariel Narváez, Jens Harting

25. Numerical Simulation of Particle-Laden Turbulent Flows Using LES
Michael Breuer, Michael Alletto

26. Large-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Film Cooling at Finite Pressure Gradients
Martin Konopka, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder

27. Prediction of Stability Limits of Combustion Chambers with LES
B. Pritz, F. Magagnato, M. Gabi

28. Numerical Simulation of Laminar-Turbulent Transition on a Dolphin Using the γ-Re
D. Riedeberger, U. Rist

29. Wall Effects and Corner Separations for Subsonic and Transonic Flow Regimes
Alexander Klein, Sebastian Illi, Klemens Nübler, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

30. Numerical Simulation of Helicopter Wake Evolution, Performance and Trim
Felix Bensing, Martin Embacher, Martin Hollands, Benjamin Kutz, Manuel Keßler, Ewald Krämer

31. Parameter Study for Scramjet Intake Concerning Wall Temperatures and Turbulence Modeling
Birgit Reinartz

32. Unsteady Numerical Study of Wet Steam Flow in a Low Pressure Steam Turbine
J. Starzmann, M. V. Casey, J. F. Mayer

33. Turbulence Modelling for CFD-Methods for Containment Flows
Armin Zirkel, Eckart Laurien

34. The Transport of Mineral Dust Towards Hurricane Helene (2006)
Juliane Schwendike, Sarah Jones, Heike Vogel, Bernhard Vogel

35. Numerical Modelling of Mediterranean Cyclones
Claus-Jürgen Lenz, Ulrich Corsmeier, Christoph Kottmeier

36. Modelling Near Future Regional Climate Change for Germany and Africa
Hans-Jürgen Panitz, Peter Berg, Gerd Schädler, Giorgia Fosser

37. High-Resolution Climate Predictions and Short-Range Forecasts to Improve the Process Understanding and the Representation of Land-Surface Interactions in the WRF Model in Southwest Germany (WRFCLIM)
Hans-Stefan Bauer, Kirsten Warrach-Sagi, Volker Wulfmeyer, Thomas Schwitalla, Martin Kirn

38. Direct Numerical Simulation and Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of Stratified Turbulence
S. Remmler, S. Hickel

39. Allocation of Economic Capital in Banking: A Simulation Approach
H.-P. Burghof, J. Müller

40. The Influence of Partial Melt on Mantle Convection
Ana-Catalina Plesa, Tilman Spohn

41. Molecular Modeling of Hydrogen Bonding Fluids: Phase Behavior of Industrial Fluids
Stefan Eckelsbach, Martin Bernreuther, Cemal Engin, Gabriela Guevara-Carrion, Yow-Lin Huang, Thorsten Merker, Hans Hasse, Jadran Vrabec

42. “Brute-Force” Solution of Large-Scale Systems of Equations in a MPI-PBLAS-ScaLAPACK Environment
M. Roth, O. Baur, W. Keller

43. Metallic Foam Structures, Dendrites and Implementation Optimizations for Phase-Field Modeling
A. Vondrous, B. Nestler, A. August, E. Wesner, A. Choudhury, J. Hötzer

44. Quaero 2010 Speech-to-Text Evaluation Systems
Sebastian Stüker, Kevin Kilgour, Florian Kraft

45. Accurate Simulation of Wireless Vehicular Networks Based on Ray Tracing and Physical Layer Simulation
T. Gaugel, L. Reichardt, J. Mittag, T. Zwick, H. Hartenstein

46. Reduction of Numerical Sensitivities in Crash Simulations on HPC-Computers (HPC-10)
Oliver Mangold, Raphael Prohl, Anton Tkachuk, Vladimir Trickov

47. Three-Dimensional Gyrotron Simulation Using a High-Order Particle-in-Cell Method
A. Stock, J. Neudorfer, B. Steinbusch, T. Stindl, R. Schneider, S. Roller, C.-D. Munz, M. Auweter-Kurtz

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Science and Engineering, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

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