ElMaraghy, Hoda A.

Enabling Manufacturing Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability

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Table of contents

1. Change in Manufacturing – Research and Industrial Challenges
H. ElMaraghy, T. AlGeddawy, A. Azab, W. ElMaraghy

2. Adaptive Job Control in the Cognitive Factory
M. F. Zaeh, M. Ostgathe, F. Geiger, G. Reinhart

3. Mass Customisation as a Competitive Factor for Sustainability
A. Bernard, J. Daaboul, F. Laroche, C. Cunha

4. Linnaean and Cladistic Classifications of Manufacturing Systems
J. S. Baldwin, C. Rose-Anderssen, K. Ridgway

5. Integrating Ability Limitations into Assembly System Design
G. Reinhart, J. Egbers

6. Selection Catalogue of Kinematic Configuration for Pick and Place Application
K. Chandrasekaran, A. Djuric, W. H. ElMaraghy

7. A Transition in Production and Planning for a Changeable Micro Manufacturing System
B. Röhlig, J. P. Wulfsberg

8. Using formal methods to model hybrid manufacturing processes
Aydin Nassehi, Stephen Newman, Vimal Dhokia, Zicheng Zhu, Reza Imani Asrai

9. Considering Reconfigurability Characteristics in Production System Design
Carin Rösiö

10. Ontology-driven Requirements Elicitation in Product Configuration Systems
H. Wicaksono, V. Schubert, S. Rogalski, Y. Ait Laydi, J. Ovtcharova

11. Early Alert Cockpits for Changeable Manufacturing Systems
D. Spath, S. Gerlach, O. Scholtz, M. Hämmerle, T. Krause

12. New Methods to Create Variants of 3-D Simulation Models of Manufacturing Systems
R. Wischnewski, J. Rossmann, O. Stern

13. Product variety, flexibility and energy use in hot rolling mills
J. Storck

14. Lost Value Mapping – A Fast Method to Track Lost Value in a Production Flow
Pawel Pawlewski, Zbigniew J. Pasek

15. A survey on changeability of machine tools
Philip Hollstein, Heiner Lasi, Hans-Georg Kemper

16. Quantifying the Effect of Enterprise Strategic Flexibility
A. Arafa, W. H. ElMaraghy

17. Decision Making During Design and Reconfiguration of Modular Assembly Lines
K. Tracht, S. Hogreve

18. Development of manufacturing process chains considering uncertainty
S. O. Schmitt, J. Avemann, P. Groche

19. Optimal Sequencing of Machining Operations for Changeable Manufacturing
Ahmed Azab, Attia H. Gomaa

20. Manufacturing Concepts of the Future – Upcoming Technologies Solving Upcoming Challenges
R. Hadar, A. Bilberg

21. Analysis of Reconfigurable 2DOF Machinery for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Ana Djuric, Waguih. H. ElMaraghy

22. Mobile Systems for Machining Large Work Pieces
R. Neugebauer, U. Priber, H. Rentzsch, S. Ihlenfeldt, D. Hoffmann

23. Methodology for Flexibility Measurement in Semi-automatic Production
S. Rogalski, H. Wicaksono

24. Automatic Configuration (Plug & Produce) of Robot Systems – Data-Interpretation and Exchange
G. Reinhart, S. Krug

25. Enhanced Survivability- a Framework of Self-Healing Mechanisms’ Installation Using Axiomatic Design in Agile Manufacturing Systems
D.T. Matt

26. Dealing with the unpredictable: An Evolvable Robotic Assembly Cell
M. Onori, P. Neves, H. Akillioglu, A. Maffei, A. Hofmann, N. Siltala

27. The Manufacturing Adaptability Scorecard - a tool to analyze the benefit of autonomous production processes
Corinna Fohrholz, Norbert Gronau

28. Framework for Distributed Manufacturing Systems
H. Nylund, K. Salminen, P. H. Andersson

29. Conception and evaluation of an age-differentiated task analysis and screening Method
M. Keil, B. Spanner-Ulmer

30. Adaptive Process Chain Optimisation of Manufacturing Systems
B. Denkena, J. Henjes, L. E. Lorenzen

31. Mapping the Task Time Performance of Human-Centred Assembly Systems
R. Folgado, E. Henriques, P. Peças

32. From Dedicated to Platform-Based Co-Development of Products and Manufacturing Systems
M.T. Michaelis, H. Johannesson

33. Nature Inspired Co-evolution in the Manufacturing World of Artefacts
T. AlGeddawy, H. A. ElMaraghy

34. From product architecture to assembly sequence: a method to develop conceptual Design for Assembly based on interface analysis
C. Favi, M. Germani

35. Networked product and production development for lithium-ion batteries
A. Kampker, B. Franzkoch, C. Nowacki

36. Requirements Management as a Success Factor for Simultaneous Engineering
G. Reinhart, J.F. Meis

37. Bottom-Up Component Oriented FE-Modelling of Machine Tools
A. Dadalau, A. Verl

38. Assessment of the product based time expanding effect
H. Jander, B. Spanner-Ulmer

39. Feature-based component description for functional graded parts
F. Bauer, D. Dettmer, J. Gausemeier

40. Towards a Feature-Based and Fine-Grain Product Repository for Heterogeneous Computer-Aided Systems
M. M. Uddin, Y.-S. Ma

41. Sustainable System Risk Analysis: A Triple Bottom Line Approach
Z. A. Ali-Qureshi, W. ElMaraghy

42. Construction of a Digital Facebow
E. Solaberrieta, A. Arias, O. Etxaniz, R. Minguez

43. Evaluation of RFID Technology Application in Production of Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
T. R. Philipp, G. Reinhart

44. Selecting Virtual Reality Tools in relation with their use context
R. G. J. Damgrave, D. Lutters, J. P. Thalen

45. A Framework Enabling Data Integration for Virtual Production
R. Reinhard, T. Meisen, T. Beer, D. Schilberg, S. Jeschke

46. A Foundation for Integrating Hand Held Mobile Devices in a Computer Aided Manufacturing Environment
R. Hedrick, J. Urbanic

47. Parametric Internal Matrix Structures for Components Built by Fused Deposition Modelling
L. Villalpando, J. Urbanic

48. An Experimental Study to Determine Geometric and Dimensional Accuracy Impact Factors for Fused Deposition Modelled Parts
S. Saqib, J. Urbanic

49. Flexible Tool-path Generation for Variable Geometry
D.A. Sawula, Y.P. lin, R.V. Fleisig, A.D. Spence

50. A System for Providing Visual Feedback of Machine Faults
K. Hughes, G. Szkilnyk, B. Surgenor

51. An innovative cross wedge rolling preforming operation for warm forging
H. Kache, R. Nickel, B-.A. Behrens

52. System Dynamic Models and Real-time Simulation of Complex Material Flow Systems
S. Hoher, P. Schindler, S. Göttlich, V. Schleper, S. Röck

53. Early identification of manufacturing process influences on product failure behaviour based on small field data volume
Stefan Bracke, Stephan Haller

54. The aspects of energy in the Body in White process regarding product development and production planning
M. Schacht, R. Schulte, F. Mantwill

55. Refining Process Logic From CNC Part Programmes for Integrated STEP-NC Compliant Manufacturing of Prismatic Parts
X. Zhang, A. Nassehi, V. G. Dhokia, S. T. Newman

56. Synchronisation of Distributed Configuration Tools using Feature Models
Christian Brecher, Andreas Karlberger, Werner Herfs

57. Change Management as an Enabler of Employee Knowledge Integration into the Design of Planning Procedures
K. Tracht, F. Weikert, L. Funke

58. A reconfiguration concept to enable versatile production in the automotive factories
S.U.H. Minhas, U. Berger

59. Methodology for the Support of Reconfiguration Processes in the Automotive Body Shop
G. Reinhart, F. Meling

60. Gripper with Integrated Three-Dimensional Force Detection
K. Tracht, S. Hogreve, F. Borchers

61. Change-Beneficial Process Architectures and the Human as a Change Enabler
Gossmann Dennis, Wagner Carsten, Klemke Tim, Peter Nyhuis

62. Adaptive and Selective Assembling of Microscope Objectives
K.-P. Zocher

63. An Asian Perspective on Global Sourcing
C. Schneider, G. Finke, A. Sproedt, R. Alard, P. Schönsleben

64. Strategic Evaluation of Technology Chains for Producing Companies
G. Reinhart, S. Schindler

65. Strategic Impact of Global Production – How to Find the Success Measures
H. Bürstner

66. Co-opetition as a facilitator of manufacturing competitiveness: opportunities and threats
F. Ehrenmann, M. Reiss

67. Enabling Competitive Design of Next Generation Reconfigurable Manufacturing Enterprises
T. Masood, R.H. Weston

68. Integrated Environmental and Economic Assessment of Production Systems using a Material Flow Simulation Model
A. Sproedt, J. Plehn, C. Schneider, P. Schönsleben

69. Towards Sustainable Development and Sustainable Production in Finnish Manufacturing Industry
Mikko Koho, Mikko Tapaninaho, Seppo Torvinen

70. Employee Participation in the Implementation of Lean Production Systems
U. Dombrowski, T. Mielke, S. Schulze

71. Challenges Facing Manufacturing to Move towards a Green Society with Clean Energy Vehicles
Masaru Nakano

72. Qualitative Growth and Sustainability in Organizations – An Overview
B. Seeberg, M. Monauni

73. Enabling Car Body Customization through Automotive Framing Systems Design
A. Al-Zaher, W. ElMaraghy, Z. J. Pasek

74. Parts and Assembly Equipment Complexity Dependency Matrix
S.N. Samy, H. ElMaraghy

75. Analysis of Market Demand Parameters for the Evaluation of Flexibility in Forming Technology
J. Avemann, S.O. Schmitt, T. Ederer, U. Lorenz, P. Groche

76. Ensuring Human Safety with Offline Simulation and Real-time Workspace Surveillance to Develope a Hybrid Robot Assistance System for Welding of Assemblies
C. Thomas, F. Busch, B. Kuhlenkoetter, J. Deuse

77. A Method for Multi-Scale Modeling of Production Systems
M. Neumann, C Constantinescu, E. Westkämper

78. Efficient analysis, handling and use of customer complaints
T. Effey, R. Schmitt

79. Adaptive, Location-based Shop Floor Control
G. Reinhart, M. Niehues, M. Ostgathe

80. Relocation in Production networks of a Multi-National-Enterprise
P. Ponton, M. Jaehne, E. Mueller

81. A Modeling Approach to Analyze Redundancy in Manufacturing Systems
K. Windt, M.-T. Hütt, M. Meyer

82. Influence of the European Emissions Trading Scheme on MRO Provider of the Civil Aviation Industry
K. Tracht, L Funke, F. Weikert

83. Shifting Bottlenecks in Production Control
G. Schuh, T. Potente, S. Fuchs

84. Simulation Based Detailed Planning for Agile Manufacturing
Berend Denkena, Leif-Erik Lorenzen, Max Krüger, Justin Schmidt

85. Product Variety Management in Design and Manufacturing: Challenges and Strategies
T. AlGeddawy, H. ElMaraghy

86. Capability Assessment and Valuation of the Implementation of Lean Production Methods in Turbulent Environments
G. Lanza, A. Jondral, J. Book

87. A Novel Tool for Assessing and Improving Make-to-Order and Assemble-to-Order Production Systems
M. Koho, S. Torvinen

88. Reference Planning Processes for Series Production
N. Macke, S. Rulhoff, J. Stjepandic

89. The effect of manufacturing response time on mitigating the demand risk and facility disruption
I. Niroomand, M.B. Baygi, O. Kuzgunkaya, A.A. Bulgak

90. Cladistic Classification of Ancient Manufacturing Forms and Technologies
C. Rose-Anderssen, J. Baldwin, K. Ridgway

91. Real-time capable Production Planning and Control in the Order Management of builtto- order Companies
G. Schuh, T. Brosze, S. Kompa, C. Meier

92. Cross-company coordination in Built-to-Order Production Networks in Machinery and Equipment Industry
V. Stich, C. Schmidt, C. Meier, S. Cuber, S. Kompa

93. Type-Oriented Factory Planning with Solution Space Management
A. Kampker, B. Franzkoch, R. Hilchner

94. Optimum Restoration of the Shared Pallets Distribution Among Factories and Warehouses
Takafumi Matsuura, Satomi Wada, Kazumiti Numata

95. A Consortium Leveraged Learning Network
V. Townsend, J. Urbanic

96. Extension of Value Stream Design for the Simulation of Autonomous Production Systems
H. Theuer

97. Building Blocks in an Experimental and Digital Factory
E. Müller, S. Horbach

98. A new Approach to Simulation in Production Management
S. Lass

99. A Planning Approach for In-plant Milk Run Processes to Optimize Material Provision in Assembly Systems
Markus Droste, Jochen Deuse

100. Impact of Machine-Driven Capacity Constellations on Performance and Dynamics of Job-Shop Systems
C. Toonen, D. Lappe, R.V. Donner, B. Scholz-Reiter

101. Operator Scheduling Under the Lean Manufacturing Principles in Over-Size Product Manufacturing Facilities
Facilities K. Ertogral, A. Akgunduz

102. Training concept and structure of the Learning Factory advanced Industrial Engineering
M. Dinkelmann, P. Riffelmacher, E. Westkämper

103. Supporting Project Execution for Adaptable Production Systems using a flexible software tool
E. Müller, U. Wagner

104. Production pilot for co-operation in factory development
D. Chen, T. Kjellberg, R. Svensson, G. Sivard

105. Surrogate Modelling as an Enabler for Self Optimisation for Production Processes
U. Reisgen, M. Beckers, G. Buchholz, K. Willms, J. Lose, J. Perge, R. Schmitt

106. Application Protocols for Standardising of Processes and Data in Digital Manufacturing
J. Schallow, K. Magenheimer, J. Deuse, G. Reinhart

107. Partner Selection in Innovation Alliance
X. Chen, R. Riedel, E. Mueller

108. Human-centred Model for Application of Lean Production Systems in Networks
Y. Uygun, N. Straub

Keywords: Engineering, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Industrial Organization, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Organization/Planning, Robotics and Automation

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