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Advances in Computer Science, Intelligent System and Environment

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Table of contents

1. Design and Study on Photovoltaic Array Simulator
YongQiang Zhao

2. Design and Research of Battery Charged Intelligent System
JiLin Jia

3. Accuracy Performances of Asymmetrical Right Circular Flexure Hinge
Jianying Shen, Huawei Ji, Yun Zhao

4. The Application of the Pseudo Random Bit Index Sequence in the Image Encryption Algorithm
Zongying Li

5. Research on the Method of Soft-sensing Intelligent Compensation for BOD Biosensors in Sewage
Xiaoyi Wang, Zaiwen Liu, Shuoqi Dong, Xiaoping Zhao, Jiping Xu, Wandong Li, Xiaodong An

6. A New View on Regional Innovation System from Degree Distribution of Complex Networks Theory with Intelligent Attributes
JiangBo Zheng

7. Research on a Modified Newton-Type Method with Fifth-Order Convergence for Solving Nonlinear Equations with Application in Material Science
Han Li, Liang Fang

8. Image-Adaptive Watermarking Algorithm to Improve Watermarking Technology for Certain WaterMarking Based on DWT and Chaos
LingFeng Zhang, Xine You, YuPing Hu

9. An Intelligent System of Diagnosis Based on Associative Factor Uncertainty Speculation Inference
Wenxue Tan, Xiping Wang, Xiaorong Xu

10. The Weather Disease Prediction Model Based on the Cognitive Map
Yucheng Liu, Yubin Liu

11. Research on a Technology of Structural Equation Modeling Based Approach to Product Form Design Analysis
Yongfeng Li, Liping Zhu

12. Discuss the Theoretical Rationale for the Existence of Banks
Xiao Xiao, Songliang Cheng

13. Transmission Spectra of Liquid Surface Waves over Finite Graphene Structured Arrays of Cylinders
Yong Wei, Sheng Li, GuoPing Tong, YouSheng Xu

14. Construction of Ontology Information System Based on Formal Concept Analysis
LiuJie He, QingTuan Wang

15. The Electricity Information Acquisition Terminal Design Based on Linux Technology
Yucheng Liu, Yubin Liu

16. New Prediction Algorithm for English Class Personnel Assignment Problem
GuoYi Liu, ShuFang Wu, YanE Zhang

17. Research of E-Learning Intelligent Affective Model Based on BDI Agent with Learning Materials
XueJing Gu, Qing Li, RuiJiang Diao

18. Quality Cost Optimization Problems Research Based on the Operating Station with Winning Machine
WeiWei Liu, Lan Li

19. Method of the Road Lines Recognition in the Maps of Digital Material Based on Improvemented BP Neural Network
Yunliang Yu, Tingting Zhang, Ye Bai, Jianqiang Wang

20. The Heavy Mineral Analysis Based on Immune Self-organizing Neural Network
Yunliang Yu, Ye Bai, Tingting Zhang, Jianqiang Wang

21. Research on Mobile Electronically Published Materials Protection
Sha Shi, Qiaoyan Wen, Mingzhu Li

22. Research on OCR Post-processing Applications for Handwritten Recognition Based on Analysis of Scientific Materials
Zhijuan Hu, Jie Lin, Lu Wu

23. Research on Predicting Tool Wear Based on the BP Network
Ping Jiang, ZhiPing Deng

24. Building the Internet of Things Using a Mobile RFID Security Protocol Based on Information Technology
Tao Yan, Qiaoyan Wen

25. Study on Linear Regression Prediction Model of County Highway Passenger Transport Volume
ShuangYing Xu, Lei Zhang, Jian Ma

26. Some Views of Chinese Construction of Modern Forestry
Yuefen Wang, Yi Li

27. A Productive Time Length-Based Method for Multi-tenancy-Oriented Service Usage Metering and Billing
Huixiang Zhou, Qiaoyan Wen, Xiaojun Yu

28. Comparison and Analysis of the Fusion Algorithms of Multi-spectral and Panchromatic Remote Sensing Image
Chao Deng, Hui-na Li, Jie Han

29. An Approach for Plotting Reservoir Profile with the Rendering of Material and Texture of OpenGL
Shaowei Pan, Husong Li, Liumei Zhang

30. A Nonmonotone Smoothing Algorithm for Second-Order Cone Programming in Failure Criteria
XiaoNi Chi, WenLue Chen

31. The Research of Tobacco Leaf Roasting Control Tactics Based on Fuzzy PID
Xifeng Liu, Chunxiang Xu, Chuanjin Huang, Wei Shiand

32. Advertising Marketing Communication Strategy under the Background of Media Convergence—Based on the Generation after 80s Advertising of Audience Behavior Changes
Ye Bingqing

33. Building Smart Material Knowledge System Based on Ontology Bayesian Network and Grid Model
Jing Li, XiuYing Sun

34. Research on Simulation of Electrostatic Discharge on Human Body Detonating the Gas
Shengman Liu, Ying Zhang, Tingtai Wang, Jingchang Zhang

35. Delay-Dependent H∞ Control for Uncertain Time-Delay Systems
Cheng Wang

36. Statistical Analysis of Some Complex Censored Data
Huanbin Liu, Congjun Rao

37. Application Study on Detection of Pipeline Weld Defects Based on SVMs
Wu Xiao Meng, Gao Wei Xin, Tang Nan

38. Analysis and Evaluation of Operation Mode for 35kV Loop-Network of Oilfield Distribution
Wu Xiao Meng, Yan Su Li, Gao Wei Xin

39. An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for Optimization Problems
Libiao Zhang, Xiangli Xu, Chunguang Zhou, Ming Ma, Zhezhou Yu

40. Case Study about City Brand Image Design Orientation of ZhangShu
Guobin Peng

41. Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Generation System by Using Fuzzy Control Algorithm
Jie Liu, HaiZhu Yang

42. Research on the Power Marketing Technique Supporting System Based on Semantic Web Services
Jun Liu, ChaoJu Hu

43. Design of Mechanics of Materials Study Monitor System Based on Distance Education Environment
Ai Xiao Yan

44. An Improved Threshold Function for Wavelet De-noising
Zhong Li, Dong-xue Zhang

45. A Modified MUSIC Algorithm Based on Eigen Space
Qian Zhao, WenJuan Liang

46. The Theoretical Study of Paper Screening System
Qingwen Qu, Chengjun Wang, Xiaodan Lou, Bo Zheng

47. Solving Method of Dimension Chain Based on Interval Analysis
Jirong Yang, Weiyue Xiao, Yuehua Cai

48. Solving Method of Dimension Chain Based on ScientificErrorAnalysis Package
Jirong Yang, Yuehua Cai, Weiyue Xiao

49. Feasibility Analysis on Tax Incentives Policy of Venture Capital
Rong Jiang

50. Design and Simulation of Caterpillar Drive System for Multifunction-Paver
Wu Guoyang

51. A Hybrid Biometric Personal Identification Method Based on Chinese Signature
Yongjian Zhao, Haining Jiang

52. The Interference in Numerical Control Machine System and Response
Hengyu Wu, Ling He, Minli Tang

53. A Structure for the Model of Intelligent Plan Agent
Lei Wang

54. Tele-education Technology Eliminating Chinese Knowledge Poverty Based on Information Technology
Lei Wang, Dan Han

55. Grey Clustering Evaluation for Road Traffic Safety Condition
XiaoKun Miao, MingYang Li

56. Injection Material Selection Method Based on Optimizing Neural Network
ZengShou Dong, YueJun Hao, RenWang Song

57. Collaborative Knowledge Management and Innovation Integration of Strategic Management Post Mergers and Acquisitions
Yu Gu, Song Chen

58. Dispatch of Many Kinds of Fast Consumable Goods in Large-Scale Emergency
Weiqin Tang

59. A Conformist Mechanism to Promote Collaboration Emergence
Yi He, Jia-zhi He

60. Indefinite LQ Optimal Control for Systems with Multiplicative Noises: The Incomplete Information Case
Guojing Xing, Chenghui Zhang, Peng Cui, Huihong Zhao

61. Chaos Memory Less Information Material Analysis and Modeling
Feng Shan Pu, Ping chuan Zhang, Hangsen Zhang

62. An Approximate Retrieval of Uncertain Data in Data Sources
Taorong Qiu, Haiquan Huang, Yuyuan Lin, Xiaokun Yao

63. Moving Object Detection through Efficient Detection and Clustering of Reliable Singular Points
Jianzhu Cui, Ping Wang, Zhipeng Li, Jing Li, Yan Li

64. Study on Packaging Technology of Small-Type FED Panel with Cold Field Emitter
Dong Yan, Li Qiang, Zhao Feng, Han Lifeng

65. Combining Stock Market Volatility Forecasts with Analysis of Stock Materials under Regime Switching
Dong Jing-rong, Chen Yu-Ke, Zou Yan

66. Impulsive Consensus of the Leader-Following Multi-agent Systems
Wanli Guo, Guoqing Wang

67. Application of Computer Aided Instruction Technology on Hydromechanics Experiment Teaching
Bing Wang

68. Image Segmentation Technology of the Ostu Method for Image Materials Based on Binary PSO Algorithm
Shuo Liu

69. Collection and Processing of the Point Clouds of Telephone Receiver by Reverse Engineering
Dongsheng Wang, Yanru Zhao, Xiucai Chen

70. Characteristic Extraction of Chinese Signature Identification Based on B-Spline Function and Wavelet Transform
Yongjian Zhao, Haining Jiang

71. Classification of Rice According to the Geographic Origin Based on Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry and Chemometrics
Xiaoying Niu, Liya Xia, Xiao-yu Zhang

72. A Code Dissemination Protocol of Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network Based LEACH Algorithm
HaiYan Li, KaiGuo Qian, ZuCheng Dai

73. Study on Photoelectrocatalytic Technology of Three-Dimensional Electrode
Ying Liu, Honglei Du

74. Research on Process-Oriented Design Method and Technology
Songbo Huang, Guangrong Yan, Sijia Yu

75. OPC Server Technology Development in the System Software Integration
Yucheng Liu, Yubin Liu

76. Reliability Analysis for the Pareto Model Based on the Progressive Type II Censored Sample
Feng Li

77. Study on the Technology of the Secure Computation in the Different Adversarial Models
Xiaolan Zhang, Hongxiang Sun, Qiaoyan Wen, Shi Sha

78. The Research of Simulation and Optimization of Multimodal Transport System Based on Intelligent Materials on Container Terminal Job Scheduling
Qing Yu, Changhui Zhang, Jinlin Wang

79. Design of Program-Controlled Micro-flow Feeding System Based on Single Stepping Motor
Qing Song, Cunwei Zou, Yuan Luo

80. Static Hedging for the Prices of Raw Materials to Hedge Based on Poisson Jump-Diffusion Model
YongMing Jiang, HangSheng Tan

81. Speech Material Recognition Technology on an Objective Evaluation System for the Rhythm of English Sentences
Jing Zhang, Min Zhang

82. Research on the Equipment Maintenance Support Quality Index System
Xiang Zhao, Bing Feng, Qiangbin Yue

83. Modal Analysis and Optimization of Some Internal Rotor Radar Stabilized Platform
Shan Xue, GuoHua Cao, YuLong Song

84. Research on the Methods of Constructing Perfect Binary Array Pairs to Explore New Material Uses
Yuexia Qian, Guozheng Tao

85. Case-Based Reasoning for Data Verification with Data Structure in M&S
Guozhen Xu, Peng Jiao, Yabing Zha

86. Disscussion on Prioritization Method of Make-to-Order Corporation for Sales Products
Hongyan Shi, Mei Chu, Man Liu, Tao Wang

87. Adaptive Pinning Synchronization of Delayed Complex Dynamical Networks
Haiyi Sun, Ning Li, Yang Li

88. Travel Path Guidance Method for Motor Vehicle
Ande Chang, Guiyan Jiang, Shifeng Niu

89. Research and Realization of Real-Time Ultrasonic TOFD Scan Imaging System
Di Tang, Xingqun Zhao, Ling Xia

90. Study of Integrated Design Processing Methods of Surge Links in Loose Logistics Transportation System
Xiaoping Bai, Yu Zhao

91. Collection System Implementation for Four TCM Diagnostic Methods Information of Hyperlipemia and Research on Intelligent Symptom Classification Algorithm
YongQiu Tu, GuoHua Chen, ShengHua Piao, Jiao Guo

92. Experience of Nurbas Modeling Design Process
Guobin Peng

93. Research on Coupling Characters of the Linear Polarized Mode between Two Multi-mode Silica Circular Waveguide
Miao Yu, ZhiQiang Zhang, JianHua Ren

94. A Study on the Integration of Netblog and English Teachingwith Reform of Teaching Materials
Wenlong Wan, Ling Zhang, Yuzhuang Lu, Zhen Liu

95. A Corpus-Based Studywith Corpus Materialson Conjunctions Used by Chinese and English Authors in EnglishAcademic ArticleAbstracts
Wenlong Wan, Ling Zhang, Zhen Liu, Wenxian Xiao

96. Embedded Fingerprint Identification System Based on DSP Chip
Fuqiang Wang, Guohong Gao

97. Temperature Monitoring System Based on AT89C51
Xingrui Liu, Guohong Gao

98. A Simple Query Mechanism for the Compressed XML in Mobile Circumstance
ShengBo Shi

99. Robust Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Audio Binary Halftone Pre-process
Huan Li, Zheng Qin, XuanPing Zhang, Xu Wang

100. A Virtual Restoration Strategy of 3D Scanned Objects
Guizhen He, Xiaojun Cheng

101. The Study of Multimedia Transmission IPv6 QoS
Wenxian Xiao, Tao Zhang, Wenlong Wan, Zhen Liu

102. Character Istics Recognition of Typical Fractional Order Dynamical Systems via Orthogonal Wavelet Packet Analysis Method
Tao Zhang, Wenxian Xiao, Zhen Liu, Wenlong Wan

103. A Novel Method Inpainting Insect Feathered Wing
Minqin Wang

104. Research on Gender Differences of Trendy Online Behavior Patterns
Tsui-Chuan Hsieh, Chyan Yang

105. Study on Affecting Factors of Time Domain Reflectometry Cable Length Measurement
Jianhui Song, Yang Yu, Hongwei Gao

106. Input-to-Output Stability for One Class of Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
Yang Gao, Wei Zhao

107. Finite Element Analysis of Pump Diesel Engine Connecting Rod
Bin Zheng, Yongqi Liu, Ruixiang Liu, Jian Meng

108. A Multiscale Image Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Genetic Fuzzy Clustering
Min Li, Pei-Yan Zhang

109. Research on Transitional Culture on Impulse Buying Intention in Mainland China
Wang Jian-guo, Yao De-li

110. Finite Element Analysis of Marine Diesel Engine Crankshaft
Bin Zheng, Yongqi Liu, Ruixiang Liu, Jian Meng

111. Design of Magnetic Separation Column Data Logger Based on PROFIBUS and USB Bus Control Chip
Ying Sun

112. The Theory of Elastic Thin Plate Stability Problem Analysis with Approximated Daubechies Wavelets
Gao Zhongshe

113. Design of Low Cost Human ADL Signal Acquire System Based on Wireless Wearable MEMS Sensor
Ying Sun

114. A Fast Plotting Method for 3D Directional Marker
Hongqian Chen, Yi Chen, Yuehong Sun, Li Liu

115. A Fast Rendering Method for Dynamic Crowd Scene
Hongqian Chen, Yi Chen, Yuehong Sun, Jian Cao

116. Human Daily Activity Detect System Optimization Method Using Bayesian Network Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Ying Sun

117. Support Vector Machine Based on Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization for Lightning Prediction
Xianlun Tang, Ling Zhuang, Yanghua Gao

118. Extraction of Visual Material and Spatial Information from Text Description for Scene Visualization
Xin Zeng, MLing Tan, WJing Chen

119. The Design of Elevator Control System Based on PLC and Configuration
Shuang Zheng, Fugang Liu

120. Study on Module Partition Method for CNC Lathe Design
ZhiWei Xu, YongXian Liu

121. Risk Control Research on Chang Chun Street Networks with Intelligent Materials Based on Complex Network
Ling Zhang, Fan-sen Kong, Yan-hua Ma

122. Research on Semantic Web Services Composing System Based on Multi-Agent
Junwei Luo, Huimin Luo

123. Approach of the Secure Communication Mechanism for the Off-Site Live Virtual Machine Migrations
Xinnian Wang, Yanlin Chen

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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