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Advances in Computer Science, Intelligent System and Environment

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Table of contents

1. FPD Image Quality Evaluation Based on Visual Ergonomics
Deng Yi-cheng, Yan Fei, Wang Rui-guang, Zheng Xi-feng

2. An Improved Method of Image Enhancement Based on Wavelet Transform
Yueqiu Jiang, Yang Wang, Hongwei Gao, Xiaojing Liu

3. The Adaptive Material and Structure Analysis of Feedback Circuit in Industry Evolution and Enterprise Growth
Lizhong Mi, Siyang Cheng

4. Measurement of Decision-Making Mechanism under Different Governance Context: Quantitative Analysis Based on Manufacturing Industry Enterprises in Zhejiang
Chen Qian

5. An Approximate Algorithm Application to Solve the Location-Selection of Wireless Network Problem
Wei Zhang, Qing-bin Li, Xiao-xu Lu

6. An Intra-organizational Tacit Knowledge Transfer Model on Introduction of Talent
Gang Li

7. An Investigation on Chinese College Students’ Web-Based Self-access English Learning
Sujuan Xiong, Ling Chen, Wanwu Huang

8. A Study on the Three-Point-in-One-Unit Approach: A New Model of Chinese College Students’ Web-Based Self-access English Learning
Sujuan Xiong, Ling Chen, Wanwu Huang

9. Research on the Curve Fitting for Numerical Controller Based on Fuzzy Reasoning
Shuqing Wang, Jianqun Yu, Zipeng Zhang

10. Chain Effect and Control of Environmental Disaster Induced by Underground Mining
Feng Gao, Keping Zhou, Xianwei Luo, Jianbo Zhai

11. Determination of the Original Probability of the Target Distributing Function for the Accidental Pollution Sources in a Drainage Area
ZiCheng Zhao, Ying Liu, Yu Chen, DongMei Wang

12. Winning the Industrial Competitiveness with E-Commerce Adopting Component-Based Software Architecture
Debabrata Ganguly, Swapan Bhattacharyya

13. The Application of Frequency Domain and Time Domain Analysis on Vortex Flowmeter Signal Processing
Xiaolin Lin, Yutian Wang, Zhao Pan

14. The Relationship between College Students’ Social Problem-Solving and Internet Addiction Tendency Based on Certain Intelligent Materials System
Yuan Tian, Zongkui Zhou, Xian Zhao, Yan Liu

15. A Brief Construction on Innovative e-Learning System Based on Intelligent Materials
Kang-Lin Peng, Ming-Chu Lin, Kang-Hsun Peng

16. Nutrients Dosage Control in Biological Treatment of Whitewater Reuse
Jiayu Kang, Linan Mi, Yan Zhao

17. The Traits of Biorthogonal Quarternary Small Function Wraps According to Quantity Matrix Dilation
Baohong Wang, Yinchang Kong

18. The Characters of Multiscale Pseudoframes of Subspace According to Binary Filter Functions
Xiaohui Zhang, Jun Lu

19. The Research of Security Technology in the Internet of Things
Xiangyu Sun, Changguang Wang

20. Novel Algorithms to Restrain Deviation When Synthesizing Adjustable Frequency Signal Using DDS
Jian Guo, Bingwu Liu, Pingping Dong, Mingru Zhao

21. Flexible Collaborative Learning Model in E-Learning with Personalized Teaching Materials
Dianlong You, Limin Shen, Siwei Peng, Jian Liu

22. Selection of Suppliers in Fuzzy Environment with Stock-Out Allowed and Its Heuristic Algorithm for Solution
Cheng Liu, Zongjuan Lu, Yanyan Xu

23. Noisy Speech Enhancement Using a Novel a Priori SNR Estimation
Chao Deng, Xiao-rui Liu, Hong-min Liu, Zhi-heng Wang

24. A Distributed Cross-Realm Identification Scheme Based on Hyperchaos System
Jinqing Li, Fengming Bai

25. An Signal Denoising Method Based on Modified Wavelet Threshold Filtering for Ocean Depth
WeiMing Xu, XiaoDong Yin

26. Research on Design of Signal Acquisition Card in Bridge Health Monitoring System Based on Certain Intelligent Materials Design of Signal
Mingjun Liu, Airong Li, Li Li

27. Low Illumination Image Denoising Research and Its Real-Time Implement
Fengmei Liang, Yuelan Lin

28. Study of Environmental Impact Parameters on National Days in Typical Traffic Streets of Shanghai Based on Modified Grey Cluster Method
Lei Yang, Henggen Shen, Xiaowei Fan

29. A Way for Real-Time Rendering Algorithm of Visual Endoscopy Scene Based on GPU
ZhanFang Chen, GuoYu Zhang, HuaMin Yang, WeiLi Shi

30. FPGA Implementation of a Novel Type DDS Based on CORDIC Algorithm
J. -M. Huang, Z. Chen, H. Guo, K. Han

31. Unsupervised Kernel Fuzzy Clustering Based on Differential Evolution Algorithm in Intelligent Materials System
Fuheng Qu, Yating Hu, Yong Yang, Xinchao Gu

32. Variations of Western Boundary of the Kuroshio in the East China Sea
Wenwu Zhu, Jiancheng Kang

33. Reusable Pseudonym Privacy Protection in Pervasive Computing
Yimin Guo, Yajun Guo

34. Wasterwater Factories Solution on SCADA System
Honghua Xu, Weili Shi, Zhanfang Chen

35. M-Learning Interactive Design for Computer Core Course
Honghua Xu, Shuangzi Sun, Jianping Zhao

36. Modeling and Simulation of Water Fountain Control Software in Ptolemy II
Ying Zhang, Jing Zhang

37. Space Vector Modulated Direct Torque Control for PMSM
YingPei Liu

38. Robust Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Systems
Yang Li, YuanYing Qiu, Jun Zhang

39. The Factors Affecting Relationship between COD and TOC of Typical Papermaking Wastewater
Xiuyi Hua, Xing Song, Mao Yuan, Deming Donga

40. An Equilibrium Algorithm to Simulate the Structure of Land Use Changes
XiangZheng Deng, Xin Wen

41. Research on Computer-Based Simulation for the Dynamics of Land System
XiangZheng Deng, Xin Wen

42. Estimation System for Land Productivity
XiangZheng Deng, Xin Wen

43. Design and Realizing of Face Recognition Algorithm
Ming Gu

44. Research on Chaos Caused by a Transitive Map Based on Intelligent Materials
Lidong Wang, Yuelin Gao, Wing-Kuen Ling

45. Unlimited Numeric Class Based on Deque
Weiguang Kong

46. Experimentation and Finite Element Analysis of Electric Field Structure of Electrospinning Machine
Hongwei Duan, Jingang Jiang

47. Construction of Finitely Supported Tight Wavelet Frames with Two Generators
Yinchang Kong, Baohong Wang

48. Analysis of the Schemes of Some Reservoir on Its Dam Foundation Seepage Prevention and Slope Protection against Waves in the Northwest Arid Area
ShunSheng Wang, SongLin Wang, ChuanChang Gao

49. Speckle Denoising for Digital Holographic Reconstructed Image Base on Image Edge Detection
Qin Jia, ZhiQuan Li, XueFei Liu

50. The Alternating Direction Iterative of Axial Symmetric Electrostatic Field without Charge Current Distribution
Zijun Li, Xiaofang Zhou, Chuanjin Lin, Yongshun Huang, Yuqun Chen

51. The Influence Research of Surface Water Depth to Infiltration
Dongfang Tian

52. A Method Based on Bochs for Accelerating the x86 Timing Emulator
J. -M. Huang, R. R. Xiao, H. Guo, K. Han

53. An Empirical Comparison of Two Boosting Algorithms on Real Data Sets Based on Analysis of Scientific Materials
Xiaowei Sun, Hongbo Zhou

54. A Fourth-Order Newton-Type Method Free from Second Derivative for Solving Non-linear Equations
Liang Fang, Zhongyong Hu, Xiaoyan Ma, Wei Zhang

55. A Cooperative Co-evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Niche Sharing Scheme for Function Optimization
Qunxian Chen, BinJiao, Shaobin Yan

56. Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Biomass Energy Using Performance in Rural Areas
Feng Ren

57. A Shooting Algorithm Based on the Best Zone and Dynamic Referencing Circle for Soccer Robot
ZhongLi Zhan, Qiang Wang

58. The Mixing Characteristics of a Transverse Jet under Different Reynolds Number and Velocity Ratio
Ling Zhongqian, Li Guoneng, Chen Mian

59. Numerical Simulation on the Complex Flow Mechanism for PEMFC’s Porous Electrode
HeJian Zhou, Hui He, Bei Wang, YouSheng Xu

60. Autocorrelation Performance Improvement of Hopfield Hyperchaos Sequence Based on APAS Theorem
Bin Chen

61. Prediction of Precipitation Based on Artificial Neural Networks by Free Search
Guang-Hua Yin, Jian Gu, Fa-Sheng Zhang, Ye-Jie Shen, Zuo-xin Liu

62. Research on Investor Sentiment Effect on A-Share Market in China Based on Analysis of A-Share Materials
Deping Ren, Youcong Chao, Saiping Liu, Fenghua Wen

63. Block Permutation Cipher in Chaos with Feistel Structure for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shuai Chen, Renyi Shu

64. Growth Responses and Phytoremediation Characteristics of Mirabilis Jalapa L. in Benzo[a]pyrene and Pyrene Co-contaminated Soils
Chunyan Diao, Qixing Zhou, John L. Zhou

65. The Alternating Direction Iterative of Axial Symmetrical and Static Magnetic Field without Charge and Current Distribution
Zijun Li, Xiaofang Zhou, Chuanjin Lin, Yongshun Huang, Yuqun Chen

66. Control Schistosomiasis Spreading Based on the Snail’s Hydrodynamic Characteristics in China: A Review
Hui Guo, MingHai Huang, LingHang Xing, GuoBing Huang

67. Parameter Inversion of Constitutive Model of Soil Using Neural Networks
Jizhe Wang, Shouju Li, Juan Cui, Lintao Man

68. Optimal Estimation of Forest Carbon Sequestration Based on Eddy Correlation Method
YuanYuan Jiao, Hong-E Ren, BenZhi Dong

69. Middle Atmospheric Density and Temperature Detection Using Rayleigh Lidar
FaLiang Ao, LianChun Li

70. Improvement and Application of Medical Image Segmentation Method Based on FCM
ZhanFang Chen, HuaMin Yang, GuoYu Zhang, WeiLi Shi

71. Algorithm for NC Tool Paths Automatic Generation on Surfaces Based on Space-Filling Curves
Zhanfang Chen, Xiaoming Zhang, Dongsong Han, Shufang Wu, Wenbo Zhang

72. Research on a Distributed Database System Based on Peer-to-Peer Model with Scientific Materials
Xiaoxiong Zhou

73. The Experimental Study on Ozone to Remove NO by DBD
HaiPing Xiao, Xu Du, Lei Huang, Lei Wang

74. Research on the Effect of Adding O2 to DBD Method for Removing NO
HaiPing Xiao, Xu Du, PeiShuo Bai

75. Using Rough Set to Build Domain Ontology of Knowledge Information System
LiuLie He, QingTuan Wang

76. Finite Element Analysis of Tractor Diesel Engine Connecting Rod
Bin Zheng, Yongqi Liu, Ruixiang Liu, Jian Meng

77. Research on Key Technology of Collaborative Virtual Maintenance Training System in Large-Scale Complex Equipment
Xiangyang Li, Xianxiang Huang, Zhili Zhang, Qinhe Gao

78. Study of the Optimal Water Resources Allocation Scenarios in Pingxiang City
BinBin Huang, FaLiang Gui, XiaoHui Zhang

79. Node Wake-Up Scheduling Mechanism for Delay Tolerant Networks
Wang Xiangyu

80. Shanghai Hangzhou Bay North Shore Water Environment Impact Assessment Based on Grey Recognition Model
Shi-dong Liu, Jun Gao

81. Views on the Energy Efficiency Service Industry in China
Yanping Feng, Kingbao Cai, Tan Zhou

82. Problems and Solutions of Information Science Education in China
Zhijian Wang, Jun Zhang

83. Factors Influencing Bilingual Teaching on Computer Science
Zhijian Wang, Jun Zhang

84. Assessment of Yield Variability by Linear Regression Model
Qiang Ma, Hua Zhou, YongGang Xu

85. Effect of Different Land Use on Activity and Composition of Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria in an Alfisol Soil
YongGang Xu, MingLi Bi, Qiang Ma

86. Research on Optimization of Random Storage Capacity with Analysis of Scientific Materials in Logistics System
HongJun Yin

87. Recognition of Tea Taste Signal Based on Rough Set
YingJuan Sun, DongBing Pu, Yandong Zhai, ChunGuang Zhou, YingHui Sun

88. Research on Occurrence of Phosphorus in Sediments of Nansihu Lake and Its Main Inflow Rivers Based on Analysis of Scientifc Materials
Yang Liyuan, Liu Enfeng

89. The Alternating Direction Iterative of Static Electric Field for Axial Symmetric Charge Distribution
Zijun Li, Xiaofang Zhou, Chuanjin Lin, Yongshun Huang, Yuqun Chen

90. Computation of Pile-Sinking Resistance of Jacked Pile Based on Cavities Expansion Theory
Jiatao Wang, Wei Hao, Chenglei Zhang

91. Urban Rail Transit Environmental Impact Assessment Based on Extension Matter-Element Model
Wenbin Tang, Feilian Zhang, Fenghua Wen, Hongyan Yan

92. A Class of Exact Solutions of the BBM Equations
Bo Lu, Guanxiu Yuan, Jinku Yang

93. Research on Sentiment Analyzing in Multi-topics Texts
Na Fan, Hui-xian Li, Chao Wang

94. The Relationship of Cell Factors and Coronary Artery Disease and Risk Factors
Xuan Wang

95. A Relative Achievement Method for Marine Environmental Management Evaluation
Zang Hongyu, Song Xihong

96. Impact of Different Spatial Resolution Image on Landuse/Cover
WenJuan Wang, RongXin Deng

97. The Testing Technology Research of Automotive Fastener Comprehensive Performance
Zhanguo Li, Qinghua Li, Yueguang Li, Jie Li

98. Design of Adaptive Controller for Micro Reactor Temperature Control
Suying Yang, Ying Ma, Qi He

99. The Design for the Developing Environment of Configuration Software
Hongxing Wang, Weipeng An, Xingqi Yuan

100. Artificial Neural Network Based Modeling of Glucose Metabolism
Wangping Xiong, Jianqiang Du, Qinglong Shu, Yi Zhao

101. The Monetary Multiplier Effect of Electronic Money—Co-integration Test Based on Quarterly Data of China
XiaoJun Lu, XuTing Xi

102. Soil Moisture Retrieval from Remote Sensing Data in Arid Areas Using a Multiple Models Strategy
Jiepeng Zhao, Xianfeng Zhang, HuiYi Bao

103. On Regulation of Urban Runoff Pollution Abatement
Jing Li, Xue-Yi You, Fen Wang, Min Ji

104. Optimization of Urban Rainwater Drainage System with Help of Remote Sensing Technology
Jie Zhang, Jing Li, Xue-Yi You, Min Ji

105. The Segmentation Algorithm of Region Feature Based on MAPX
DaSheng Wu, Xue Feng, QingQing Wen

106. Evaluation on Water Quality Risk Based on Unascertained Mathematics Theory of Wohushan Reservoir
Min Du, ZhengHe Xu, XiuFeng Xu

107. The Principle and Applications of Bridge Type Loops-Water Source Heat Pump with 4 Functions
CongZhuo Jin, QiaoLi Chou, PengCheng Shu

108. FPD Grayscale Modulation Based on Human Visual System
Ma Xi-qiang, Song Xi-jia, Liu Wei-ya, Zheng Xi-feng

109. Research on Simulation of Logistic Impact on the Environment Based on System Dynamics
XiaoYe Zhou, Nan Liu, Geng Wang

110. Method for Forecasting the Logistics Demand of Shenyang Economic Zone Based on BP Neural Network
Xiao-ye Zhou, Geng Wang, Nan Liu

111. Simulation and Analysis on Flow and Pollutant of Jinan Queshan Reservoir
ShenMing Zhang, ZhengHe Xu, Ke Kong

112. The Research of Peer-to-Peer Wireless Network Based on Open Source Linux Routers
Xian Fu

113. Infrared Target Recognition Based on Combined Feature and Improved Adaboost Algorithm
Lei Li, Yuemei Ren

114. Image De-blurring Using Sparse Representation and Iterative Algorithm
Lei Li, Yuemei Ren

115. The GIS-Based Research on the Managerial Decision Support System for the Eco-environment Water Requirement of Qingyi River Watershed
Lin-rui Li, Fu-quan Ni, Chang-wen Li, Yu Deng, Cheng-wei Fu

116. The Research on Cost Estimate of Engineering Maintenance Based on Neural Networks
Jun Huang, Jilin Zhang, Xueqiang Yang, Jing Huang

117. Analysis of the Relationship between Chinese E-Commerce and E-Government
Liping Sui, Yonghua Cao, Lianfeng Zhang, Xuwen Guo

118. On the Study of Human Resource Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises on the Background of Postfinancial Crisis Times
Liping Sui, Xiaoli Li, Peixi Deng, Xuwen Guo

119. Prisoner’s Letter Checking Algorithm Based on Bayesian
ShuFang Wu, Jing Wang, Bo Liu

120. Position Selection Algorithm before Civil Servant Exam Based on Margin Tree
ShuFang Wu, Jing Wang, Bo Liu

121. Algorithm Research on Delaunay TIN Generation and Real Time Updating
YuanYuan Chen, LiWen Zhang, HongSheng Xu

122. Performance Simulation of Hybrid Power Tactical Vehicle Based on AMESim
Yan Sun, ShiShun Zhu, Ming Liu, Peng Ye, SuJun Luo

123. Constructing the Information Management System Based on Ontology and Concept Lattices
Guo Li, QiHua Peng

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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