Jobbágy, Ákos

5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering

Jobbágy, Ákos - 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Regenerative Medicine: The Past, the Present, and the Future
Robert M. Nerem

2. Cardiovascular Variability Signals: Assessment of Autonomic Controlling Systems with Novel Application Tools
S. Cerutti

3. Rethinking Health ICT Enabled Services to Empower People to Manage Their Health
Niilo Saranummi

4. Validation of Motion Analysis Protocols: A Fundamental Issue for Clinical Application and Modeling
R. Stagni, L. Tersi, A. Merlo, Z. Sawaha, S. Fantozzi

5. Tight Glycemic Control in Intensive Care: From Engineering to Clinical Practice Change
J. G. Chase, A. J. Compte, A. Evans, L. Ward, J. Steel, C. S. Tan, C. G. Pretty, S. Penning, T. Desaive, G. M. Shaw

6. Electrochemotherapy – An Efficient Electroporation-Based Local Tumor Treatment
Damijan Miklavčič

7. Approaches and Impacts of Replacement, Reconstruction, and Regeneration in Medical Applications
G. Rau

8. Modelling and Simulation in Digital Tomosynthesis
N. Pallikarakis, K. Bliznakova

9. Organ Printing: A Novel Tissue Engineering Paradigm
F. Marga, K. Jakab, C. Khatiwala, B. Shephard, S. Dorfman, G. Forgacs

10. Improved Prediction of Hip Fracture Risk
T. Jämsä, P. Pulkkinen

11. Notable e-Health Developments
M. Nyssen, R. Buyl, F. Questier, F. Verbeke, K. Thomeer

12. Integration of Measurement Devices Supporting Diabetic Patients into a Remote Care System
L. Celić, D. Trogrlić, I. Paladin, M. Prašek, R. Magjarević

13. Cortical Neurodynamics Explored: The Signal Processing Challenges in BCI and B2B
C. J. James

14. Smart Instrumentation for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Nele Famaey, Mauro Sette, Bert Willaert, Jos Vander Sloten

15. Regulatory T Cells and TH17 Effector Cells in Peri-silicone Capsular Fibrosis
Georg Wick, Nadine Plank, Evelyn Rabensteiner, Dolores Wolfram

16. Evaluation of Two Radiochromic Films for HVL Measurement
T. Gotanda, T. Katsuda, R. Gotanda, A. Tabuchi, K. Yamamoto, T. Kuwano, H. Yatake, K. Kashiyama, K. Yabunaka, T. Akagawa, Y. Takeda

17. Diagnostic Validity in Gastric Cancer Screening by Record Linkage with the Osaka Cancer Registry –On Film Reading of Radiographer and Radiologist–
K. Yamamoto, H. Yamazaki, C. Kuroda, T. Katsuda, T. Kuwano, M. Takeshita, K. Hayashida, M. Yoneda, M. Azuma

18. Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and F-Ratio for Selection of Features in the Recognition of Asphyxiated Infant Cry
A. Zabidi, W. Mansor, L. Y. Khuan, I. M. Yassin, R. Sahak

19. Body Electrical Loss Analysis (BELA) – An Electromagnetic Method for the Assessment of Abdominal Visceral Fat Accumulation
K. H. Blomqvist, R. E. Sepponen, J. Lundbom, N. Lundbom

20. Advantages of Energy-Binned Photon Counting Detector
K. Ogawa, T. Kobayashi, F. Kaibuki, T. Yamakawa, T. Nagano, D. Hashimoto, H. Nagaoka

21. An Instrumentation Design for Microsignal Output from Piezoresistive Microcantilever Biosensor for Human Stress
Lee Yoot Khuan, Mohd Firdaus Abdullah, Mohd Ismarul A. Ismail, Abdul Razak M. S. Hamid, Ilham Rustam, Maureen S. A. Bujang, Nina Korlina Madzhi, Anuar Ahmad

22. Denoising Ultrasound RF Signals by Wavelet Cycle Spinning Shrinkage
J. L. San Emeterio, E. Pardo, M. A. Rodríguez

23. Optimal Setup of Algorithms and Methods for Evaluation of Endocardial Electrograms Fractionation Complexity in Human
V. Kremen

24. Voice Disorder Detection on the Basis of Continuous Speech
Vicsi Klára, Imre Viktor, Mészáros Krisztina

25. Time and Frequency Domains Analysis of Mechanomyographic Signal during the Application of Different FES Profiles
Eduardo M. Scheeren, Eddy Krueger, Guilherme N. Nogueira-Neto, Vera Lúcia S. N. Button, Percy Nohama

26. Health Technology Assessment in the Czech and the Slovak Republics
V. Rogalewicz, J. Borovský, I. Juřičková

27. Optimal Features for Classifying Asphyxiated Infant Cry Using Support Vector Machine with RBF Kernel
R. Sahak, Y. K. Lee, W. Mansor, A. I. M. Yassin, A. Zabidi

28. Wireless Recording of Multichannel Action Potential for Freely Moving Rat
Yu-Hung Tsai, Yu-Chieh Kao, Wei-Ning Liu, Tsung-Hsien Lin, Fu-Shan Jaw

29. Estimation and Removal of the Stepped Deflation Artefact (SDA) in Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement
H. D. Park, J. H. Lee, H. K. Lee, K. J. Lee

30. The Development of Strabismus Test Instrument Using Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses and IR Camera
Dong-Hwi Kim, Woon-Hee Lee, Hyo-Joo Shin, Hyo-Jin Shin, Hee-Kyung Yang, Jong-Mo Seo, Jeong-Min Hwang

31. Reducing Power Consumption of Wireless Pulse Oximeters
N. Stuban, M. Niwayama

32. Wavelet Transform Using DSP Microcontroller
S. Gergely, M. N. Roman, R. V. Ciupa

33. Cardiotocographic Signals Classification Based on Clustering and Fuzzy If-Then Rules
M. Jezewski, J. Leski

34. Knowledge-Based System for Orthopedic Pediatric Disorders
T. T. Dao, M. C. Ho Ba Tho

35. A Tool for Analyzing Difference of Gene Expression in a Pathway
Fei-Hung Hung, Hung-Wen Chiu

36. Improvement in Fetal Heart Periodicity Measurement Using Doppler Ultrasound Signal
D. Roj, T. Kupka, R. Czabanski, T. Pander, J. Jezewski

37. A Non-invasive Method for Assessing Airway Narrowing of Isolated Airways in Vitro
T. H. G. Silva, M. Z. J. Ferreira, A. M. Alencar, H. T. Moriya

38. Gender and Age Influence in Handwriting Performance in Children and Adolescents
M. Genna, A. Accardo

39. Relationship between Ocular Surface Temperature and Peripheral Vasoconstriction
F. Vannetti, A. Sodi, F. Lacarbonara, A. Corvi

40. Detection of Intracranial Electroencephalogram Spikes by Phase Space Reconstruction
Hsiao-Lung Chan, Yu-Tai Tsai, Bao-Luen Chang, Tony Wu, Shih-Tseng Lee, Bor-Shyh Lin, Pei-Kuang Chao

41. Selected Methods for Automatical Classification of Psychophysiological States in Experimentally Controlled Psychical Load
R. Kliment, P. Smrčka, J. Jeřábek, M. Vítězník

42. Design an Impedance Plethysmography System for Measuring Limb Blood Flow
C. Corciova, R. Ciorap, D. Matei, A. Salceanu

43. Improved Calibration Method of Respiratory Belts by Extension of Multiple Linear Regression
T. M. Seppänen, O. -P. Alho, M. Koskinen, T. Seppänen

44. Portable Computer-Vision Rack for Electrode Detection
T. Konttila, H. Väänänen

45. Independent Component Analysis for Reducing Electrocardiographic Interference in the Multichannel Electromyogram
J. D. Costa Júnior, J. M. Seixas, J. Nadal, A. M. F. L. Miranda Sá

46. Fuzzy Algorithm for SEEG Classification
A. Kinié, M. Ndiaye

47. Estimation of Models for Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines in Medical Institutions
V. N. Kokh, Peter Koldinský

48. Floatingline Estimation in FHR Signal Analysis
M. Cesarelli, M. Romano, G. D’Addio, M. Ruffo, P. Bifulco, G. Pasquariello, A. Fratini

49. Automatic Detection of Snore Events from Full Night Audio Recordings
F. Gritti, L. Bocchi, I. Romagnoli, F. Gigliotti, C. Manfredi

50. Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders – Design of the Data Acquisition and Management System
L. Bocchi, S. Orlandi, C. Manfredi, M. Puopolo, A. Guzzetta, S. Vicari, M. L. Scattoni

51. Assessment of Abdominal Skin Temperature Change in Premature Newborns with NEC Compared to Healthy Controls
Christophe L. Herry, Monique Frize, Erika Bariciak

52. Septic Shock Prediction by Real Time Monitoring of Heart Rate Variability
Y. Yokota, Y. Kawamura, N. Matsumaru, K. Shirai

53. A Comparison of Modified CMOS Transconductance Amplifiers with Howland Circuit for Low Power Electrical Bioimpedance Instrumentation
P. Bertemes-Filho, V. C. Vincence, I. X. Zanatta

54. Time-Frequency-Space Components of Somatosenory Evoked Potentials in Rats
M. Gratkowski, S. Schmidt, F. Gießler, M. Eiselt, D. Güllmar, O. Witte, J. Haueisen

55. CPR Artifact Reduction in the Human ECG by Using Constrained Independent Component Analysis
L. Traxler, M. Granegger, H. Gilly

56. Non-invasive Negative Pressure System to Treat Abdominal Hypertension
M. David, F. Pracca, F. Simini

57. Using Support Vector Machines to Recognize Changes Characteristic to Obesity in Laboratory Results
T. Ferenci, L. Kovács, B. Benyó, A. Kovács

58. Variable-Weight Adaptive Filtering as an ERP Pre-processing Technique
Mau. Cagy, Mar. Cagy, A. F. C. Infantosi

59. Image-Guided Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (IG-VMAT) for Prostate Cancer
Yulin Song, Boris Mueller, Ceferino Obcemea, Borys Mychalczak

60. A Study Ex Vivo of the Effect of Epicardial Fat on the HeartLander Robotic Crawler
N. A. Patronik, M. A. Zenati, C. N. Riviere

61. Incretin-Induced Insulin Potentiation Characterized by an Improved Mathematical Model of Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
M. Morettini, G. Guercio, R. Burattini

62. A Coupled Thermo-electrical Nonlinear Finite Element Model Describing in vivo Electroporation of Skin Tissue
N. Pavšelj, D. Miklavčič

63. Theoretical Modeling of Radiofrequency Heating of the Cornea Using an Applicator Based on a Suction Ring
M. Trujillo, E. J. Berjano

64. Microcontinual Description of Blood in Magnetorheology of Suspension Arizing in Blood as a Carrier Fluid
E. Yu. Taran, V. A. Kalion

65. The Universal Bio-circuit: Underlying the Normal and Abnormal Reaction Networks Including Cancer
K. Naitoh

66. The Inevitability of Biological Molecules Connected by Covalent and Hydrogen Bonds
K. Naitoh

67. The Influence of Intracellular Vesicle Size and Position on the Transmembrane Voltage Induced by Nanosecond Electric Fields
L. Retelj, G. Pucihar, D. Miklavcic

68. Modelling and Simulation of Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
E. Pefani, N. Panoskaltsis, A. Mantalaris, M. C. Georgiadis, E. N. Pistikopoulos

69. A First Approach to Bioelectric Modeling of Wound Healing
M. A. Callejón, L. M. Roa, J. Reina

70. Quantitative Analysis of Ocular Structure after Scleral Buckle Encircling
Yeongjin Kim, Youngjin Na, Jung Kim, Jongmo Seo

71. Needle-Based Intervention for Sacral Nerve Stimulation Using Electromagnetic Tracking and Virtual Images
Youngjin Na, Yeongjin Kim, Jong-Mo Seo, Hoon Ah Jang, Jae Young Park, Jeong Gu Lee, Jung Kim

72. A New Method for Assessing Central and Peripheral Visual Acuity
Yong-Wan Lee, Jong-Mo Seo

73. Model Improvement and Cluster Analysis of the Fetal First Heart Sounds
G. Fodor, G. Hosszú, F. Kovács

74. Calcium Coupled Bursting in an Integrative Model of GnRH Neuronal Electrophysiology
D. Csercsik, I. Farkas

75. Application of Feedback Controlled Bipedal Model in Toe Walking Simulation
A. Olenšek, Z. Matjačić

76. Parameter Identification in Models of Respiratory Mechanics – A Hierarchical Approach
C. Schranz, C. Knöbel, K. Möller

77. A Hierarchical Model Family of Cardiovascular Dynamics
J. Kretschmer, K. Möller

78. Assessing the Glucose Time Course in Critically Ill Patients by a Mathematical Model
N. Terranova, P. Magni, F. Bertuzzi, M. A. Bonomo, R. Bellazzi

79. Simulations of Temperature Increase Due to Time Varying Magnetic Fields Up to 100 kHz
J. Bohnert, O. Dössel

80. Preliminary Results of a Type-1 Diabetes Swine Model
K. Lunze, M. D. Brendel, S. Leonhardt

81. The Local Effect of the Geometry on the Blood Flow Distribution through the Descending Aorta
Z. Mansuri, M. Dabagh, P. Vasava, P. Jalali

82. Brain Pressure Dynamics and Control with an External Ventricular Drainage
Krause, S. Hahne, M. Walter, M. Kiefer, S. Linke, K. Radermacher, S. Leonhardt

83. Closed Loop Physiological ECMO Control
M. Walter, C. Brendle, R. Bensberg, R. Kopp, J. Arens, A. Stollenwerk, S. Leonhardt

84. Assesment of Single-Dipole and Dual-Dipole Inverse Solutions in Electrocardiography
V. Jazbinsek, R. Hren

85. Optical Design of an UV-LED Edge-Lighting Glass Model
Linchao Ye, Paola Belloni, Knut Möller

86. Virtual Living Organism, a Host to Cancer Emulation
G. Bándi, J. J. Ramsden

87. Finite Element Simulation of Bone Remodeling after Total Ankle Replacement
A. Bouguecha, N. Weigel, B. -A. Behrens, C. Stukenborg-Colsman, H. Waizy

88. Influence of Assumed Boundary Conditions Derived from MBS on Numerically Simulated Strain-Adaptive Bone Remodeling in the Pelvis after Total Hip Replacement
A. Bouguecha, N. Weigel, S. Betancur Escobar, I. Nolte, P. Wefstaedt, C. Stukenborg-Colsman, B. -A. Behrens

89. Simulation of Saline Solution Injection into a Venous Junction
K. Matolcsi, G. Bárdossy, G. Halász

90. Heat Analysis of the Eye Using Finite Element Method
K. Hassani, R. Heydari Forushani

91. Optimal Tight Glycaemic Control Supported by Differential Geometric Methods
L. Kovács, P. Szalay, B. Benyó, J. G. Chase

92. A New Web-Based Integration Tool for the Development of in Silico Experiments of Cardiac Electrophysiology
I. O. Knop, C. M. Costa, J. S. Cruz, C. B. Barbosa, M. Lobosco, R. W. Santos

93. Improving EASI ECG Method Using Various Regression Techniques
Wojciech Oleksy, Ewaryst Tkacz

94. Modeling Human Immune System Using a System Dynamics Approach
I. O. Knop, A. B. Pigozzo, B. M. Quintela, G. C. Macedo, C. B. Barbosa, R. W. Santos, M. Lobosco

95. A Nonextensive Model for Radiobiology
O. Sotolongo-Grau, D. Rodriguez-Perez, Oscar Sotolongo-Costa, J. C. Antoranz

96. New Generation Methods of Spiral-Pairs and 3D Patterns
A. Rabinovitch, Y. Biton, D. Braunstein, M. Friedman, I. Aviram

97. Brain Perfusion Assessment by Optical Contrast Tracking Using Time-Resolved Fluorescence Detection
D. Milej, A. Gerega, N. Żołek, M. Kacprzak, Wojciech Weigl, Ewa Mayzner-Zawadzka, Roman Maniewski, Adam Liebert

98. The Role of the Glycolysis-Related Genes in Brain Gliomas Treatment Design
M. G. Kounelakis, M. E. Zervakis, G. C. Giakos, X. Kotsiakis

99. Histogram Modeling of Polarimetric Images for Analysis of Material Properties
G. Livanos, M. Zervakis, G. C. Giakos

100. Prediction of Bone Implant Interface Based on a Molecular Level Interaction
K. K. Saju, P. S. Sreejith

101. Estimation of Arterial Stiffness Based on Analysis of Pulse Rate Variability
L. Kalakutskiy, A. Fedotov

102. Nonlinear Analysis of RR and QT Variability for Cosmonauts Data
A. V. Martynenko, N. Yabluchansky, A. Yabluchansky, B. Verheyden, F. Beckers, A. E. Aubert

103. Effects of Spatial Shear Gradient on Nanoparticle Adhesion to the Endothelium
Moon June Kim, Kyehan Rhee

104. Selection of Heart Rate Variability Features for Congestive Heart Failure Recognition Using Support Vector Machine-Based Criteria
Ming-Yuan Lee, Sung-Nien Yu

105. An Algorithm for Classification of Opening Snaps and Third Heart Sounds Based on Wavelet Decomposition
E. Sejdić, E. Veledar

106. Biofeedback Quality in Healthy Volunteers in Paced Breathing Algorithm Starting from the Age Physiological Norm
A. L. Kulik, A. V. Martynenko, N. I. Yabluchansky

107. Stability Analysis of RR and QT Variability for Cosmonauts Data
N. Yabluchansky, A. V. Martynenko, A. Yabluchansky, B. Verheyden, F. Beckers, A. E. Aubert

108. Visualization of Heart Motion Based on Micro-vibration of the Chest Surface
F. Nogata, Y. Yokota, Y. Kawamura, H. Morita, Y. Uno, W. R. Walsh, T. Sakai

109. A New QRS Detection Algorithm Based on Combined Fuzzy Logic and Wavelet Technique
E. Timoshenko, N. Dhungel

110. Positive-Feedback Regulation Loop for the Loss of Cell Division and Binucleation Shortly after Birth in Cardiomyocytes
K. Kawahara, D. Matsuyama

111. Effects of Moderate Short-Term Intermittent Aerobic Exercise on Arterial Stiffness — Evaluation by Stiffness Parameter and Pressure-Strain Elastic Modulus—
M. Tanaka, M. Sugawara, K. Niki, H. Kodera, T. Izumi

112. In Situ Longitudinal Pretension in Human Aorta
L. Horny, E. Gultova, T. Adamek, R. Zitny, H. Chlup

113. Determination of Compression Depth during Resuscitation Using Angular Measurement
Daniel Roskos, Nikolas Lentz, Kerstin Grimmel, Armin Bolz

114. Detection of Heart Murmur Related to Patent Ductus Arteriosus Using Phonocardiography
A. T. Balogh, F. Kovács

115. Computer Simulation of Intracranial Aneurysm Treatment Using Densely Woven Stents
Á. Ugron, I. Szikora, G. Paál

116. Flow Modelling in the Pneumatic Ventricular Assist Device with Mesh Deformation and Immersed Body Techniques – Investigation of Stagnation Zones
P. Reorowicz, D. Obidowski, P. Kłosiński, K. Jóźwik

117. Day-Time and Night-Time HRV Ultradian Rhythms in Normal and Pathological Subjects
M. Cusenza, A. Accardo, G. D’Addio

118. Simulation of Residual Stresses (Strains) in Arteries
S. Polzer, J. Bursa

119. High-Resolution Spatial Quantification of Coronary Collaterals with an Imaging Cryomicrotome
P. Horssen, M. Siebes, J. A. E. Spaan, J. P. H. M. Wijngaard

120. Heart Rate Monitoring System Dedicated for Cardiac Telerehabilitation
J. Jaworek, P. Augustyniak

121. Preserving ST Segment Morphology Using Spline Interpolation for Removal of Wandering Baseline Effect in ECG Signal
J. Sledzik, M. Stelengowska, M. Momot

122. The Pumping Mechanism of Embryonic Hearts
F. Maes, B. Chaudhry, P. Ransbeeck, P. Verdonck

123. ECG Based Assessment of the Heart Position in Standard Torso Model
J. Svehlikova, J. Lenkova, A. Drkosova, M. Foltin, M. Tysler

124. Effect of Warm-Up Exercise Studied with Wave Intensity Analysis
M. C. Rolandi, T. Lockie, A. Guilcher, D. Perera, S. Redwood, M. Marber, M. Siebes

125. Effects of Tissue Compression on Capillary Blood Flow in Human Skin
M. Shibata, P. Uangpairoj

126. Heart Rate Variability during a Procedure Involving Electrochemotherapy of Metastases in Liver – A Case Report
B. Mali, V. Gorjup, E. Gadžijev, G. Serša, D. Miklavčič, T. Jarm

127. Demonstration of the Risk of Fixed Ejection Volume in Ventricular Assist Devices in Small Patients Using Web Simulator
F. Ježek, P. Privitzer, M. Mateják, D. Macků

128. Flow Modelling in the Pneumatic Ventricular Assist Device with Mesh Deformation and Immersed Body Techniques – Investigations of Flow Pattern
P. Reorowicz, D. Obidowski, P. Kłosiński, K. Jóźwik

129. Irreversibility in the Interbeat Interval Time Series and Efficiency of the Cardiac Cycle
A. Muñoz-Diosdado, A. Alonso-Martínez, G. Martínez-Hernández, L. Ramírez-Hernández

130. Effect of Surrounding Tissue-Mimicking Gelatin in the Mechanical Properties of Arteries
M. Bernal, M. W. Urban, I. Z. Nenadic, J. F. Greenleaf

131. Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Based on Handheld ECG Device
Chun-Wei Tseng, Geng-Hong Lin, Chung-Hung Chang, Hau-Yu Chan, Cheng-Lun Tsai, Yue-Der Lin, Kang-Ping Lin

132. Estimation of Circulatory System Functioning in Groups of Individuals
G. Knyshov, V. Maksymenko, Ie. Nastenko, E. Nosovets

133. Evaluation of Effective Dose to Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization
A. A. Sulieman, H. Joda, H. Osman, H. Omer, M. Y. Hamadelneel

134. Feature Selection in HRV Analysis of Young and Elderly Subjects
Evanthia Tripoliti, George Manis

135. Fourier Space Analysis of Mechanical Wave Dispersion for Transthoracic in vivo Measurements of Left-Ventricular Viscoelasticity
I. Z. Nenadic, M. W. Urban, C. Pislaru, M. Bernal, J. F. Greenleaf

136. Possibility to Use Finapres Signal for the Estimation of Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity
K. Pilt, K. Meigas, M. Viigimaa, K. Temitski

137. Functional Assessment of Coronary Artery Stenosis by Contrast-Induced Reactive Hyperemia
F. Nolte, T. P. Hoef, W. Klerk, J. A. E. Spaan, J. J. Piek, M. Siebes

138. Analysis of Laser Doppler Flowmetry Recordings in a Protocol of Paced Breathing: Disentangling Local Vascular Dynamics from Respiratory Synchronous Oscillations
F. Aletti, S. Ferlisi, N. Gambarotta, A. M. Bianchi, G. Baselli, S. Cerutti

139. An Open Source MATLAB Tool for Heart Rate Turbulence and Its Application to Chronic Heart Failure Assessment
P. Melilllo, T. Maisto, N. Pallikarakis, M. Bracale, L. Pecchia

140. Resonance Principle and the Heart Rate of Mammals
A. Naszlady, L. Kiss

141. Hypertensive Responses to Orthostatic and Inverse-Orthostatic Stimuli Measured by Cardiovascular Telemetry
L. Dézsi, G. Raffai, E. Monos

142. Dose Distribution in Pediatric CT Head Examination: Phantom Study
R. Gotanda, T. Katsuda, T. Gotanda, A. Tabuchi, T. Kuwano, H. Yatake, K. Yabunaka, T. Akagawa, H. Sato, Y. Takeda

143. Intra- and Inter-observer Variation of Region-of-Interest Methods in Quantitative Clinical Diffusion Tensor Imaging
U. Hakulinen, A. Brander, P. Ryymin, J. Öhman, S. Soimakallio, P. Dastidar, H. Eskola

144. Histogram Analysis of Ventricular Enlargement on CT Images of Pediatric Hydrocephaly Patients
S. Abe, S. Tani, M. Nishikawa, N. Mizuno, K. Yabunaka, K. Yamamoto, T. Katsuda, S. Sanada

145. Assessment of Choroidal Neovascular Membranes Secondary to Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using Feature Selection
E. Brankin, P. J. McCullagh, W. P. Patton, K. A. Muldrew, N. D. Black

146. Entropy Based Approximation to Cell Monolayer Development
T. Náhlík, J. Urban, P. Císař, J. Vaněk, D. Štys

147. Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) Based Hardware Acceleration for High Speed 3D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CT) Reconstruction
Szi-Wen Chen, Chang-Yuan Chu

148. Texture Analysis as a Tool in Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
M. Sikiö, L. C. V. Harrison, K. K. Holli, H. Ruottinen, I. Elovaara, S. Soimakallio, P. Dastidar, H. J. Eskola

149. Differentiation of Artery and Vein in Digital Fundus Photograph
Hyun Kim, Hyun-Sung Nam, Jong-Mo Seo, Hae-Young Lee, Hyo-Soo Kim

150. Comparison of Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Texture Analysis Findings on Classification of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
S. Savio, U. Hakulinen, P. Ryymin, P. Dastidar, S. Soimakallio, H. Eskola

151. Preoperative 3D CT Pulmonary Angiography Images Using 64 Multidetector Row Computed Tomography for Cancer Patients
T. Akagawa, T. Gotanda, T. Katsuda, R. Gotanda

152. The Distortion of Pupil Size in Anterior Segment Photographs Due to Corneal Refraction and Observation Direction
Chaekyung Lee, Jong-Mo Seo

153. Application of the Single-Shot Dual-Detector Subtraction Technique to Portal Image Acquisition
H. Fujita, H. Fukuda, S. Morimi, K. Yamamoto

154. Experimental Analysis of the Lagrangian Flow Field in an Ascending Aorta by Particle Tracking Velocimetry
U. Gülan, B. Lüthi, M. Holzner, A. Liberzon, W. Kinzelbach

155. Quantification of Structural Differences in the Human Calvarium Diploe by Means of X-ray Computed Microtomography Image Analysis: A Case Study
E. Larsson, F. Brun, G. Tromba, P. Cataldi, K. Uvdal, A. Accardo

156. A Hybrid Lung Nodule Detection Scheme on Chest X-ray Images
G. Orbán, G. Horváth

157. Detecting Endocardial Boundary in Echocardiogram by Anisotropic Filtering and Entropy-Weighted Features
Pei-Kuang Chao, Ming-Hsiao Yao, Hsiao-Lung Chan, Chun-Li Wang

158. Thermal Imaging in Monitoring of Laser Acupuncture – A Case Report
D. Nikolovski, Z. Stević

159. Integrated Software for Electrochemotherapy Treatment Planning of Deep-Seated Tumors
D. Pavliha, M. Marčan, B. Kos, A. Županič, E. Gadžijev, G. Serša, D. Miklavčič

160. Study on the Disruption of Cerebral White Matter Integrity in Schizophrenia with MR-DTI Tractography
Utako Yamamoto, Yoshiaki Kono, Tetsuo Kobayashi, Shinsuke Kito, Yoshihiko Koga

161. Content-Based Medical Video Retrieval Based on Region Motion Trajectories
Z. Droueche, M. Lamard, G. Cazuguel, G. Quellec, C. Roux, B. Cochener

162. Finding Initial Points for Drusen Detection
M. Patašius, V. Marozas, D. Jegelevičius, A. Lukoševičius

163. Enhancement of Tissue Sample Previsualization for Digital Microscopy
M. Hegedüs, V. S. Varga, B. Molnár

164. Estimation of Brain Activities in Response to Major and Minor Triads and Scales by FMRI
Takuya Fujimaki, Iku Nemoto

165. Enhancing Functional Cohesiveness in Renal Dynamic Contrast Enhanced-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) by Extraction of Glomerulus Kinetics
Yin-Kai Huang, Tiing-Yee Siow, Fu-Shan Jaw, Chen Chang

166. Segmentation of Nuclei in Hepatic Histological Images Using Multimodal Method
M. Takahashi, J. Koichi, Y. Makino, T. Kitani, M. Nakano

167. Coupled Neuronal System with Plastic Coupling for Dynamic Image Segmentation
K. Fujimoto, M. Kobayashi, T. Yoshinaga

168. A Class of 2D Directional Filters with Applications in Biomedical Image Analysis
D. Matei, R. Matei, C. Corciova

169. Detection of Kinetic Information in the Wrist Using High-Frequency Ultrasound
Mei-Yu Hsieh, Yi-Hsun Lin, Shyh-Hau Wang

170. Segmentation of Chest X-ray Radiographs, a New Robust Solution
Á. Horváth, G. Horvath

171. Shape Deformation Using Golden Section Search in PCA-Based Statistical Shape Model
W. P. Liu, Y. F. Shang, X. Yang, R. Deklerck, J. Cornelis

172. Toward a Fully Automated DR Grading System
Ahmad Fadzil M. Hani, Hermawan Nugroho, Hanung Adi Nugroho, Lila Iznita Izhar, Nor Fariza Ngah, Tara Mary George, Mariam Ismail, Elias Hussein, Goh Pik Pin

173. Application of Granulometry for Thickness Measurement in the Regime of Limited Resolution
Z. Tabor, R. Petryniak

174. Diagnostic Validity of High-Density Barium Sulfate in Gastric Cancer Screening by Record Linkage with the Osaka Cancer Registry –AUC Analyses of Sensitivity and Specificity on Sex and Ages of Subjects–
K. Yamamoto, Y. Takeda, T. Katsuda, K. Yabunaka, T. Kuwano, M. Yamaguchi, A. Tabuchi, T. Gotanda, H. Fujita, S. Abe, M. Yoneda, M. Azuma

175. A Web-Based Information System Applied on Utilization/Benefit Management of Medical Equipment in Hospital
Chia-Hung Chien, Man-Hsiang Chang, Yi-You Huang

176. An RFId Smart Container to Perform Drugs Administration Reducing Adverse Drug Events
E. Iadanza, L. Baroncelli, A. Manetti, F. Dori, R. Miniati, G. Biffi Gentili

177. Beam Adjustments for Unflattened X-ray Beam Modes for an Elekta Synergy Linear Accelerator
B. Blad, M. Dalaryd

178. SpO2 Surveillance for Hiking
Yu-An Lin, Pei-Yu Huang, Wei-Te Wu, Jiun-Hung Lin, Shih-Tsang Tang

179. Impact of Additional Mammography, as Judged Necessary by the Radiographer, on Breast Cancer Diagnosis
H. Yatake, Y. Sawai, N. Kobayashi, S. Kameyama, T. Inoue, T. Yoshida, T. Nishi, T. Katsuda, R. Gotanda, T. Gotanda, K. Yabunaka, T. Kozuka, M. Nagamatsu, M. Ogawa

180. Improving Clinical Engineering by Web Apps on Mobile Devices
Manfred Wolf

181. Design and Evaluation of a System Assuring Spontaneous Breathing in Patients Connected to a High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator
Karel Roubik, Marc Heerde, Dick G. Markhorst, Jakub Ráfl

182. Is Your Hospital Ready for a Natural or Man-Made Disaster
J. O. Wear

183. Measurements and Evaluation of Proximal Femoral Bone Mineral Density with Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
K. Hayashida, T. Katsuda, K. Yamamoto, Y. Takeda

184. Cell Blocks Development Method Using -Designing New form Cassette-
M. Yoneda, K. Yamamoto, T. Katsuda, T. Kuwano

185. Emergency Preparedness Plan – The Clinical Engineers’ Role
Yadin David

186. Incorporation of Medical Technologies
A. M. Mangili, S. J. Calil, E. Wall

187. Criticality Management in Operating Room and Assimilable Processes
Fabrizio Dori, Roberto Miniati, Lapo Scatizzi, Fabrizio Niccolini, Alessandro Sarti

188. A Web-Based System Supporting the Certification of the Outpatient and Emergency Departments and Providing for Post-discharge Continuity of Medical Care Software
B. Spyropoulos, E. Oikonomi, A. Danelakis, K. Karaboulas, E. Kotsiliti, E. Maridaki, L. Papageorgiou, E. Papalexis, C. Sakellarios, D. Zogogianni, M. Botsivaly

189. Development of System for Managing Individual Surgical Instruments by RFID
K. Yamashita, K. Kusuda, Y. Iwakami, K. Tanaka, Y. Tokuda, S. Tanaka, K. Kuraoka, H. Honda, M. Komino, H. Komatsu, S. Shimada, T. Obayashi, Y. Saito, S. Ino, T. Ifukube, T. Okubo

190. The Effect of Stapedotomy on Round Window Membrane Motion – An Experimental Study
M. Kwacz, J. Wysocki, M. Mrowka

191. Identification of the Position of Head and Shoulders in Neurological Practice with the Use of Two Cameras
P. Kutilek, J. Hozman

192. Numerical Simulation of Degeneration of Lumbar Spine Segments
M. Kurutz, L. Oroszváry

193. Two Dimensional Propagation of Displacement Mechanomyographic Signal
H. Oka, T. Hattori, T. Kitawaki, M. Okamoto, N. Ichihashi, M. Yoshida

194. A Suggestion for a Smart Environment with Potential for Stroke Patient Rehabilitation
C. Lassfolk, M. Linnavuo, L. Palva, R. Sepponen

195. EMG Patterns in Robot Assisted Reaching Movements of Upper Arm
G. D’Addio, M. Cesarelli, M. Romano, A. Nunzio, F. Lullo, N. Pappone

196. Clustering Technique for Quantitative Assessment of Motor Function in Stroke Patients
N. Miljković, M. M. Janković, D. B. Popović

197. Effects of Bolus Volume on Geniohyoid Muscle Movement during Swallowing: Ultrasonographic M-Mode Study in Healthy Adults
Koichi Yabunaka, Gojiro Nakagami, Hiromi Sanada, Toshizo Katsuda, Kenyu Yamamoto, Hidetoshi Yatake, Tatsuhiro Gotanda, Rumi Gotanda, Shuji Abe, Mutsumi Ohue

198. Is the Haptic Tunnel Effective Tool for Motor Learning?
M. D. Kostić, P. S. Kovačević, D. B. Popović

199. FES Application with Different Off Times in Paraplegic Subject during Open Chain Movement: Case Report
Eddy Krueger, Eduardo M. Scheeren, Guilherme N. Nogueira-Neto, Vera Lúcia S. N. Button, Percy Nohama

200. In Vitro Study of the Correlation between the Aortic Flow Field Affected by the Bileaflet Mechanical Valves and Coronary Circulation
T. Akutsu, A. Matsumoto, K. Takahashi

201. A Multi-pad Electrode EMG System for Studying Muscle Activity during Voluntary Isometric Contractions
M. M. Janković, N. Malešević, D. B. Popović

202. Shear Stress Mechanotransduction via Endogenous ATP Release in Vascular Endothelial Cells
K. Yamamoto, J. Ando

203. Real Time Tracking of Tremor EMG Envelopes
L. Z. Popović-Maneski, M. B. Popović

204. How Effective Is Robot Therapy?: PARO and People with Dementia
K. Inoue, K. Wada, R. Uehara

205. Postural Compensation in Hand Pressure Images
T. C. Pataky

206. Investigation of In-vivo Hinge Knee Behavior Using a Quasi-Static Finite Element Model of the Lower Limb
L. Zach, S. Konvickova, P. Ruzicka

207. In vitro Coronary Stent Implantation: Vessel Wall-Stent Interaction
L. Horny, H. Chlup, J. Vesely, E. Gultova, J. Kronek, R. Zitny, T. Vonavkova, T. Adamek, P. Lanzer, D. Hromadka

208. Temporo Mandibular Joint Kinematic: The Specificity of the Rotatory Component Involved in Disc-Condyle Displacements along the Temporal Bone Surface
J. -C. Coutant, B. Ella Nguema, M. Mesnard, M. Cid, A. Rouas, P. Caix

209. The iValve Hands-Free Speech Valve for Laryngectomized Patients. In Vitro Test of a Novel Device of Revolutionary Design
E. B. Houwen, T. A. Kalkeren, J. G. M. Burgerhof, B. F. A. M. Laan, G. J. Verkerke

210. Toward a Hybrid BCI for Grasp Rehabilitation
A. Savić, U. Kisić, M. B. Popović

211. Study on a High Performance Insole with Human Compatibility
Yasuhiro Hayakawa

212. Vein Biomechanical Adaptation in Arteriovenous Fistulas
E. P. Kritharis, J. D. Kakisis, M. Peroulis, N. Stergiopulos, S. Tsangaris, D. P. Sokolis

213. Multi Sensor, Accelerometer Based Nordic Skiing Analysis: Hardware Development, Testing and Preliminary Results
Y. Stauffer, E. Onillon, R. Vetter

214. Symbolization and Coding of Colored Signal Representation in Gait Analysis
V. Ergovic, S. Tonkovic, V. Medved

215. Biomechanical Properties of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Mathematical Characterization
D. C. Iliopoulos, E. P. Kritharis, D. P. Sokolis

216. Diabetic Foot Prevention: Repeatability of Platform Stabilometric Parameters in Bipedal Standing for Future Home Monitoring Applications in Diabetic Patients
M. Zequera, L. Garavito, W. Sandham, J. A. Alvarado, A. Rodríguez, C. Wilches, A. C. Villa, J. Bernal, S. Quintero

217. Comparison of Two Muscle Activity Detection Techniques from Surface EMG Signals Applied to Countermovement Jump
B. Biljan, Z. Potočanac, M. Cifrek

218. 2D-Tasks for Cognitive Rehabilitation
R. Caballero Hernández, J. M. Martínez Moreno, A. García Molina, S. Ferrer Celma, J. Solana Sánchez, R. Sánchez Carrión, E. Fernández Casado, R. Pérez Rodríguez, A. Gómez Pulido, C. Anglès Tafalla, C. Cáceres Taladriz, M. Ferré Bergada, T. Roig Rovira, P. García López, J. M. Tormos Muñoz, E. J. Gómez Aguilera

219. Biomechanical Measurements in the Spinal Column of Pregnant Women Using Vertebral Metrics
Cláudia Quaresma, Inês Dias, Mário Forjaz Secca, J. Goyri O’Neill, J. Branco

220. Motion Camera System for Measuring Finger Tapping in Parkinson’s Disease
R. Krupicka, Z. Szabo, M. Jirina

221. Correlation between Muscle Thickness and Bite Force in Children before and after Oral Rehabilitation – A Two Year Longitudinal Study
M. B. D. Gavião, M. D. Serra-Vicentin, F. R. Gambareli

222. Videometric Measuring of Accommodation and Eye Movements with Virtual Hologram Stimulation
J. Dušek, T. Jindra

223. Avoidance of Damage Accumulation to Minimize the Risk of Deep Tissue Injury: An Investigative Protocol of Double Loading Episodes
Linda P. C. Kwan, Eric W. C. Tam, Parco M. Siu, Arthur F. T. Mak

224. Stability of Lumbar Spine with Double Pars Fractures and after Treatments
H. H. Chen, L. C. Lin, S. N. Yu, T. H. Chao, K. C. Li

225. Structural Identifiability Analysis and Preliminary Parameter Estimation for an Arm Model Incorporating the Hill Muscle Model
T. F. Yu, A. J. Wilson

226. Evaluation of Ambulatory Function by Using the Shoe Device
Kanako Nakajima, Michiko Saito, Miyuki Kodama, Yumi Iwakami, Shuichi Ino, Tohru Ifukube, Kazuhiko Yamashita, Yuji Ohta

227. The Influence of Heel Height on Gait Pattern
M. Djurić-Jovičić, N. S. Jovičić, D. B. Popović

228. Validation of the Hyperelastic Material Parameters of Healthy Human Brain Arteries and Cerebral Saccular Aneurysms
B. K. Tóth, I. Bojtár

229. Human Gait Analysis for Hip Implanted Persons before and after Implant Procedure
M. Baritz, D. Cotoros

230. Anthropometrical Studies for Human Hand Rehabilitation Procedures
M. Baritz, D. Cotoros

231. Hemodynamic Investigation of a Stentless Molded Pericardial Aortic Valve
H. L. Leo, W. Q. Marcus Lim, F. L. Xiong, J. H. Yeo

232. Distance Measures in Behavioral Pattern Analysis
P. Augustyniak

233. G-Asthma: A Smart Phone-Based Asthma Management System for Taiwanese
H. W. Chiu, I. J. Chen, Y. J. Hsieh, T. C. Lee

234. Motion Artifact Removal from Capacitive ECG Measurements by Means of Adaptive Filtering
B. Eilebrecht, T. Wartzek, J. Willkomm, A. Schommartz, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt

235. Wireless Fetal Monitoring at Home with On-Line Signal Analysis
J. Wrobel, A. Matonia, M. Kotas, T. Przybyla, K. Horoba

236. Power-Line Interference in the ECG Obtained with Capacitive Electrodes
Pablo S. Luna-Lozano, Ramon Pallas-Areny

237. Online Segment Detection by Zero-Order Diffraction of Inelastic Scattered Light for Raman Spectroscopy in a Microfluidic Device
F. Liebold, A. März, T. Henkel, J. Popp

238. A Portable Emotion Auxiliary Device
Wei-Te Wu, Yu-An Lin, Pei-Yu Huang, Ching-Chang Chuang, Hsin-Chang Lo, Jiun-Hung Lin, Shih-Tsang Tang

239. Real-Time Detection of Pathological Cardiac Events for a Wearable Wireless ECG Monitor
A. Chaves, P. Encarnação, E. Valchinov, N. Pallikarakis

240. Improving the Data Compatibility of PHR and Telecare Solutions
E. Reilent, I. Lõõbas, A. Kuusik, P. Ross

241. Reported Curry and Hartmann Lines Probably Explained by Standing Radio Waves
P. Huttunen, O. Hänninen, R. Myllylä

242. Development of a Physiological Monitoring System for Using Smart Carrier
Jian-Xing Wu, Chien-Cheng Lin, Yi-Chun Du, Tainsong Chen

243. Effectiveness of the Telecare Systems
P. Ladyzynski, J. M. Wojcicki, P. Foltynski

244. Wearable Patient Home Monitoring Based on ECG and ACC Sensors
M. Smoleń, E. Kańtoch, P. Augustyniak, P. Kowalski

245. System Architecture for Home Health and Patient Activity Monitoring
P. Hanák, N. Kiss, T. Kovácsházy, B. Pataki, M. Salamon, Cs. Seres, Cs. Tóth, J. Varga

246. Physiological Mental Strain and Performance during Arithmetic Tasks through Tone-Entropy Analysis
H. Nakamura, H. Terashima, S. Yoshimoto, M. Yoshida

247. The Clinical Engineering in Home Care: A Strategic Vision
C. Abel Mestas, S. Calil

248. Personalized Nutrition Counseling Expert System
B. Pinter, I. Vassányi, B. Gaál, E. Mák, Gy. Kozmann

249. Overnight Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
M. E. Wilinska, J. M. Allen, D. Elleri, K. Kumareswaran, M. Nodale, M. L. Evans, D. B. Dunger, R. Hovorka

250. Wearable and Implanted Sensors Platform to Monitor and Control Left Ventricular Assist Devices
P. Valdastri, N. Taccini, A. Pinciaroli, M. Nannizzi, P. Dario

251. CGM in Combination with Personalized Decision Support (PDS) – A New Tool to Improve Routine Diabetes Care
E. Salzsieder, L. Vogt, P. Augstein

252. Self Control Diary – Challenges of New Technological Possibilities
Manja Prašek

253. Controlled Release and Antimicrobial Study of zinc(II)-Ion from zinc/poly(2-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Itaconic Acid) Hybrid Hydrogels
Simonida Lj. Tomić, Jovana S. Jovašević, Aleksandra A. Perić-Grujić, Suzana I. Dimitrijević, Jovanka M. Filipović

254. An Expert System for Interpreting ICU Monitor Data
Apkar Salatian, Arthur Ume

255. Optical Device for Non-invasive Monitoring of Lithium in Bipolar Disorder Patients
Jung Ho Kim, Dermot Diamond, King Tong Lau

256. Prostate Cancer Marker Sensing under Nanostructural Biochip Technique
Chungshu Wu, Fuhsiang Ko, Chichang Wu, Tungming Pan, Chengkeng Chuang, Seetong Pang

257. Nanoporous Polyethylene Membranes for Glucose Sensors
H. Uehara, M. Kakiage, M. Sekiya, D. Sakuma, T. Yamanobe, N. Takano, A. Barraud, E. Eric Meurville, P. Ryser

258. Development of High-κ Eu2Ti2O7 EIS Devices Using Poly-N-isopropylacrylamide as an Enzyme Encapsulation Material for pH Detection and Uric Acid Biosensing
Tung-Ming Pan, Kung-Yuan Chang, Min-Hsien Wu, Shiao-Wen Tsai, Fu-Hsiang Ko, Lifeng Chi

259. Nanostructured Hydroxyapatite Composite for Medical Applications
C. Balázsi, P. I. Gouma, C. -H. Chae, S. -G. Kim

260. Bio-nanocapsules for Oriented Immobilization of IgGs on Immunosensor Chips
Masumi Iijima, Shun’ichi Kuroda

261. Biomimetic Sensors in Medicine and Biology - Detection of Bioparticles
F. L. Dickert, S. Aigner, M. Polreichova, U. Latif, P. A. Lieberzeit

262. Development of a Soft Contact-Lens Biosensor for In-vivo Tear Glucose Monitoring
M. K. Chu, S. Iguchi, K. Miyajima, T. Arakawa, H. Kudo, K. Mitsubayashi

263. Novel Ti/TiN Dry Electrodes and Ag/AgCl: A Direct Comparison in Multichannel EEG
P. Fiedler, S. Griebel, C. Fonseca, F. Vaz, L. Zentner, F. Zanow, J. Haueisen

264. Manufacture and Mechanical Testing of Collagen Scaffold with Channels
X. Du, J. T. Czernuszka

265. Thread as a Low-Cost Biodiagnostic Substrate
D. R. Ballerini, X. Li, W. Shen

266. Nucleotide Modification and Polymerase Engineering for Creating a Novel Class of Artificial Nucleic Acid Aptamers
Y. Imaizumi, Y. Takano, S. Kitadume, H. Ozaki, S. Obika, M. Kuwahara

267. Inflation-Extension Test of Silicon Rubber-Nitinol Composite Tube
L. Horny, J. Kronek, H. Chlup, E. Gultova, L. Heller, R. Zitny, D. Vokoun

268. Detection of Chest Compression Depth with Intracorporeal Ultrasound Travel Time Measurement
Maxim Dolgov, Nikolas Lentz, Stefan Fernsner, Armin Bolz

269. Beta2-microglobulin Measurements in the Spent Dialysate Using Fluorescence Spectra
J. Holmar, J. Arund, F. Uhlin, R. Tanner, I. Fridolin

270. Rapid Automated Blood Group Analysis with QCM Biosensors
P. A. Berlitz, J. Claussen, J. S. Döring, H. Drechsel, H. Northoff, F. K. Gehring

271. On-line Detection of Plasmodium Falciparum Sequestration by Thickness Shear Mode Sensors
D. Kömpf, S. Kleiner, B. Mordmüller, A. Renz, H. Northoff, F. K. Gehring

272. Surface Properties of Ocular Prostheses Material Change under UV Influence
Yu. Dekhtyar, L. Lancere, N. Polyaka, A. Sudnikovich, F. Tyulkin, V. Valters

273. A Custom-Developed SPRi Instrument for Biosensor Research
A. Bonyár, H. Sántha, B. Ring, G. Harsányi

274. A Set of Technological Tools for Physical Frailty Assessment
R. Jaber, D. J. Hewson, J. Duchêne

275. Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of the Nanoscale Assembly of Type I Collagen on Controlled Polystyrene Particles Surfaces
A. Stylianou, K. Politopoulos, D. Yova

276. Gold Nanoparticles - based Colorimetric Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Genotyping Utilizing Allele-specific PCR
Ye Lim Jung, Cheulhee Jung, Harshala Parab, Hyun Gyu Park

277. Metal Ions-Triggered Polymerase Activity and Its Use for the Development of Molecular Logic Gates
Ki Soo Park, Cheulhee Jung, Hyun Gyu Park

278. Preliminary Study on Gelation of Succinylated Poly(Pro-Hyp-Gly) and Chitosan by Polyion Complex Interaction for Cartilage Repair
Y. Kusumastuti, Y. Shibasaki, S. Hirohara, K. Terada, T. Ando, M. Tanihara

279. Triggered Enzymatic Biodegradable Drug Delivery Systems Based on Supramolecular Micelles
Jiajing Li, Jun Li

280. Antimicrobial Activity and Protection from Triton X-100-Induced Mammalian Cell Membrane Lysis by Artificial Amphiphilic Peptides
M. Tanihara, Y. Yamasaki, Y. Shibasaki, K. Ida, S. Hirohara, K. Terada, T. Ando

281. A Custom-Developed, Handheld EIS Measurement Platform
A. Bonyár, I. Bosznai, H. Sántha, G. Harsányi

282. Collagen-Like Polypeptide Poly(Pro-Hyp-Gly) Conjugated with Fibronectin- Derived Peptides Enhances the Cell Adhesion, Migration and Stratification
Y. Shibasaki, S. Hirohara, K. Terada, T. Ando, M. Tanihara

283. A Gelatin-Based Hydrogel with β-Cyclodextrin Crosslinker for Controlled Drug Release
C. D. Liu, Z. X. Zhang, V. M. H. Chan, M. J. Tan, X. Liu, J. Li

284. Bio-imaging of Surgical Stresses - Dynamic Analyses of Liver Oxidative Stress and Damage -
M. Ozaki, S. Haga, T. Ozawa, N. Morita, Y. Kaneshima, J. Remington

285. Study of Bioactive Calcium Silicate Ceramic Systems for Biomedical Applications
A. Meiszterics, K. Sinkó

286. A Psycho-Physiological Approach for Human-Computer-Interaction Evaluation in a Biochemical Research Lab
M. Weippert, D. Arndt, K. Thurow, R. Stoll

287. Detection of Mood Changes in Bipolar Patients though Monitoring of Physiological and Behavioral Signals
O. Schleusing, Ph. Renevey, M. Bertschi, St. Dasen, R. Paradiso

288. Preparation of Mn Ferrite Nanoparticles via Ultrasonic Assisted Co-precipitation Method for Hyperthermia
Jamshid Amighian, S. Pourbaferani, Behshid Behdadfar, Mortaza Mozaffari

289. Gd Substituted Zn-Fe Ferrite Nanoparticles as High T2 MRI Agents
Behdadfar Behshid, Kermanpur Ahmad, Sadeghi-aliabadi Hojjat, Veintemillas-Verdaguer Sabino, Ruiz Cabello Jesus, Morales Maria Puerto, Mozaffari Morteza

290. Studies of Bone Cell Adhesion and Proliferation on Ion Implanted Titanium Discs
P. Sreejith, P. K. D. V. Yarlagadda

291. Humans Sense the Standing Waves of 190 MHz Analogy TV Signals
P. Huttunen, O. Hänninen, R. Myllylä

292. Epileptic Seizure Detection in EEG Using Time Variant Autoregressive Models
L. Duque Muñoz, L. D. Avendaño-Valencia, G. Castellanos-Dominguez

293. A Survey on Patients’ Privacy and Safety Protection with EMR Applications in Primary Care
D. Kralj, M. Konňar, S. Tonković

294. Evaluation of 950MHz RFID Tag System as a Marker for Patient Tracking at Ward in Hospital
R. Hosaka, T. Akahane

295. Standardization and Interoperability: Basic Conditions for Efficient Solutions
Lenka Lhotská, Miroslav Burša, Michal Huptych, Václav Chudáček, Jan Havlík

296. Development of Medical Devices: Advantages of a Methodic Approach
Isa C. T. Santos, G. Scott Gazelle, Luís A. Rocha, Joäo Manuel R. S. Tavares

297. Personal Computers May Cause Symptoms Related to Low Frequency Electric Fields in Users
R. Ekman, M. Hagström, J. Hallio, J. Auranen, O. Hänninen, P. Huttunen

298. Generation of the Midfacial Plane Out of CBCT Database
Zs. Markella, T. Vizkelety, J. Barabás

299. XML Representation of the Hungarian Translation of the Updated ICD10
G. Héja, G. Surján

300. Discussion and Proposal on RMS Presentation of Mismatch Responses in MEG and EEG
I. Nemoto

301. Identification of Motor Unit Discharge Patterns from High-Density Surface EMG during High Contraction Levels
A. Holobar, M. A. Minetto, A. Botter, D. Farina

302. Modeling of the Biased Visuospatial Exploration Pattern Induced by Head Movement in Hemispatial Neglect Patients
J. Lee, D. Y. Kim, K. Han, H. Lee, J. Park, J. Ku, I. Y. Kim, S. I. Kim

303. Investigation on the Sampling Mechanism of Human Vision
Dong-Seong Choi, Jong-Mo Seo

304. A Fundamental Evaluation of Human Performance with Use of a Device to Present Different Two-Eyesight Both Eyes
F. Mizuno, T. Hayasaka, T. Yamaguchi

305. Skin-Like PDMS-Based Multi-electrode Array for Epidural Electrical Stimulation to Promote Locomotion in Paralyzed Rats
A. Larmagnac, P. Musienko, J. Vörös, G. Courtine

306. Involuntary Eye Movement during Fixation Depends on Spatio-Temporal Frequency of Stimuli
M. Yokota, Y. Yokota

307. Magnetoencephalogram Narrowing Down the Possible Sites of the Generation of Stochastic Resonance in the Human Auditory Neural System
K. Tanaka, I. Nemoto, M. Kawakatsu, Y. Uchikawa

308. Perception Caused by Current Amplitude Variation in Electro-Tactile Stimulation
S. M. Giron, S. H. Hwang, T. Song, K. Rhee, G. Khang

309. Cortical Activities during Transparent Motion Perception: An FMRI-MEG Integration Study
Hiroaki Natsukawa, Tetsuo Kobayashi

310. Method for Testing the Brain
H. Hinrikus, M. Bachmann, J. Lass, V. Tuulik, R. Ubar

311. Determination of Human Brain-based Motor Control Signals Using a Decomposition Wavelet Algorithm and Multi-channel Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy
T. H. Nguyen, T. T. Dao, V. T. Vo

312. EEG Spectral Asymmetry Index Reveals Effect of Microwave Radiation
A. Suhhova, M. Bachmann, J. Lass, V. Tuulik, H. Hinrikus

313. Knowledge-Based Morphology Quantification of STED Dendritic Spine Images
Donggang Yu, T. D. Pham, Valentin Nägerl

314. Challenges for the Future Neuroprosthetic Implants
J. H. Kim, K. S. Min, J. S. Jeong, S. J. Kim

315. Computational Approaches for the Estimation of Extensive Biomedical Complex Networks
R. Franke, G. Ivanova

316. Unobtrusive Measurement of Heart Rate on a Single Hand by Impedance Plethysmography
Ernesto Serrano-Finetti, Ramon Casanella, Pablo S. Luna-Lozano, Ramon Pallas-Areny

317. Effects of Stray Capacitance to Ground in Tetrapolar Bioimpedance Measurements
C. Aliau, R. Pallas-Areny

318. Computational Intelligence Algorithms for Bioimpedance-Based Classification of Biological Material
L. H. Negri, P. Bertemes-Filho, A. S. Paterno

319. Cole Parameters of Human Blood with Different Anticoagulants
Y. Ülgen, F. G. Şimşek

320. Modelling Approach for Assessment of Electrode Configuration and Placement in Bioimpedance Measurements of Skin Irritation
S. Köppä, V. Savolainen, J. Hyttinen

321. AC-Electrokinetic Applications in Cell Chips: Basic Understanding and Modeling of Structural Polarization Effects
J. Gimsa

322. Electrical Characterization of Nanostructured p-Silicon Electrodes for Bioimpedance Measurements on Single Cell Level
U. Pliquett, M. Westenthanner, M. Rommel, A. Bauer, D. Beckmann

323. The Impedance Cardiography - A Simple and Effective Tool for Optimization of Hemodynamic Parameters in Pacemaker Patients Follow-Up
K. Peczalski, D. Wojciechowski, Z. Dunajski, T. Palko, P. Sionek, M. Kowalewski

324. Impedance Spectroscopy of Suspensions with Paraffin Microcapsules
Borut Pečar, Slavko Amon, Matej Možek, Dejan Križaj

325. Muscle Fatigue Monitoring Using a Multifrequency Bioimpedance Technique
G. Vescio, J. Rosell, L. Nescolarde, G. Giovinazzo

326. Evaluation of Electrical Equivalent Circuits of a Tooth: Comparison of Circuits with Resistors and Capacitors and the Circuit with a Constant Phase Element
T. Marjanović, I. Lacković, Z. Stare

327. Multisine and Binary Multifrequency Waveforms in Impedance Spectrum Measurement - A Comparative Study
P. Annus, M. Min, J. Ojarand, T. Paavle, R. Land, P. Ellervee, T. Parve

328. To Which Degree Do Body Composition Values Depend on External Conditions?
J. Hlubik, P. Hlubik, L. Lhotska

329. Identification of the Sources of Artefacts in the Holter-Type Impedance Cardiography Recordings
G. Cybulski, W. Niewiadomski, M. Aksler, A. Strasz, A. Gąsiorowska, D. Laskowska, T. Pałko

330. Detection of Bovine Milk Adulterants Using Bioimpedance Measurements and Artificial Neural Network
P. Bertemes-Filho, L. H. Negri, A. S. Paterno

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332. Dynamic Formation of Massive Micro-Bead Arrays Using Hybrid Optical Tweezers
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333. 3D Simulation of an in vitro Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
R. Summers, T. Abdulla, R. A. Imms, J. M. Schleich

334. Tissue Engineering: An Ethical Approach in the Perspective of Principlism and Utilitarianism
M. Leabu

335. Electrospun Chitosan/Peo Nanofibers and Their Relevance in Biomedical Application
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336. Epigenetic Stability of Single-Cell Clones of Human Amniotic Fluid Mesenchymal Stem Cell
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337. Numerical Modeling of a Capacitive Type Detector of Airborne Nanoparticles
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342. A Numerical Approach to Investigate Electrofusion of Cells of Different Sizes
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343. Chip-Scale Room-Temperature Atomic Magnetometers for Biomedical Measurements
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345. The Spiral Peripheral Nerve Interface: Design, Fabrication and Performance
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346. Topological and Electrical Analysis of Flexible Platinum Electrodes on Biocompatible PDMS Substrates
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347. The Duration of Cell-Cell Contacts Influences on Final Electrofusion Yields
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348. Synthesis of Organophosphorus Compounds under Microwave Conditions
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349. ‘Collagen Vitrigel Sheet’ as a Novel Drug Delivery Bio-material
S. Haga, T. Takezawa, T. Ozawa, S. J. Remington, N. Morita, M. Ozaki

350. Design of Low Frequency Analog High Pass Filter Using Tunable Pseudo Resistors
N. Neshatvar, H. Al Nashash, L. Al Basha

351. Comparison of Mannitol and Xylitol as Osmolytes in Preparation of Mitochondria
B. Tomasskovics, A. Szarka

352. Novel Methods for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Oxetane, Azetidine and Pyrrolidine Derivatives
F. Faigl, E. Kovács, G. Turczel, L. Hegedűs, A. Thurner, F. Farkas, Á. Szöllősy

353. Gd and Zn Co-Substituted Magnetite Nanoparticles as High T2 MRI Agents
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354. Nucleotide Genomic Signal DNA Analysis
P. D. Cristea, R. Tuduce

355. Multimedia Support in Education of ECG Signal Analysis
J. Kužílek, J. Spilka, V. Křemen, L. Lhotská

356. Teaching Format Diversity in Biophysics Applied in Health Care Engineering Education
E. Hofer, J. Haas

357. HLA Analysis and Disease for Multiple Sclerosis
Hsin-Wen Tsao, Hung-Wen Chiu

358. Telemedicine: New Approach to Modern Education of Medical Electronics
J. Havlik, J. Dvorak, L. Lhotska

359. Integration of Multilevel Health Related Data for Generalized Analysis
R. Kregzdyte, I. Patasiene, M. Patasius

360. Multimedia Support in the Field of Interdisciplinary Education
P. Hunka, J. Hlubik

361. Semantic Annotation and Linking of Medical Educational Resources
N. Dovrolis, T. Stefanut, S. Dietze, H. Q. Yu, C. Valentine, E. Kaldoudi

362. Current Legal Framework for Biomedical Engineering Profession in Croatia
M. Medvedec

363. Quality Assurance and Accreditation of BME Programs in Europe
R. Stagni, M. C. Bisi, A. Jobbaggy, Z. Bliznakov

364. Joint BME Degrees in Europe: Is This Realistic?
E. Nyssen

365. Overview of Biomedical Engineering Education Programs in Europe: The Results of the CRH-BME Project Survey
Z. Bliznakov, N. Pallikarakis

366. Proposal for Generic Biomedical Engineering Programs Based on European Experience
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367. The Role of Laboratories and Projects in Biomedical Engineering Education
S. Sovilj, I. Lackovic, R. Magjarevic

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical and Radiation Physics, Biomaterials, Neurosciences, Health Informatics

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IFMBE Proceedings
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