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Computational Design Modelling

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Table of contents

1. DesignScript: Origins, Explanation, Illustration
Robert Aish

2. Algebraic Expansions: Broadening the Scope of Architectural Design through Algebraic Surfaces
Günter Barczik, Daniel Lordick, Oliver Labs

3. Tools and Design Strategies to Study Rib Growth
Chris Bardt, Michal Dziedziniewicz, Joy Ko

4. Free Shape Optimal Design of Structures
Kai-Uwe Bletzinger

5. NetworkedDesign, Next Generation Infrastructure for Design Modelling
Jeroen Coenders

6. Digital Technologies for Evolutionary Construction
Jan Knippers

7. Combinatorial Architecture
Enrique Sobejano

8. Codes in the Clouds Observing New Design Strategies
Liss C. Werner

9. Integration of Behaviour-Based Computational and Physical Models Design Computation and Materialisation of Morphologically Complex Tension-Active Systems
Sean Ahlquist, Achim Menges

10. Synthetic Images on Real Surfaces
Marc Alexa

11. Modelling Hyperboloid Sound Scattering The Challenge of Simulating, Fabricating and Measuring
Jane Burry, Daniel Davis, Brady Peters, Phil Ayres, John Klein, Alexander Pena Leon, Mark Burry

12. Integration of FEM, NURBS and Genetic Algorithms in Free-Form Grid Shell Design
Milos Dimcic, Jan Knippers

13. SOFT.SPACES_Analog and Digital Approaches to Membrane Architecture on the Example of Corner Solutions
Günther H. Filz

14. Performance Based Interactive Analysis
Odysseas Georgiou, Paul Richens, Paul Shepherd

15. On the Materiality and Structural Behaviour of Highly-Elastic Gridshell Structures
Elisa Lafuente Hernández, Christoph Gengnagel, Stefan Sechelmann, Thilo Rörig

16. Parametric Design and Construction Optimization of a Freeform Roof Structure
Johan Kure, Thiru Manickam, Kemo Usto, Kenn Clausen, Duoli Chen, Alberto Pugnale

17. Curved Bridge Design
Lorenz Lachauer, Toni Kotnik

18. Linear Folded (Parallel) Stripe(s)
Rupert Maleczek

19. The Potential of Scripting Interfaces for Form and Performance Systemic Co-design
Julien Nembrini, Steffen Samberger, André Sternitzke, Guillaume Labelle

20. Building and Plant Simulation Strategies for the Design of Energy Efficient Districts
Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Jörg Huber, Manuel Ljubijankic

21. New Design and Fabrication Methods for Freeform Stone Vaults Based on Ruled Surfaces
Matthias Rippmann, Philippe Block

22. Design and Optimization of Orthogonally Intersecting Planar Surfaces
Yuliy Schwartzburg, Mark Pauly

23. Modelling the Invisible
Benjamin Späth

24. Ornate Screens – Digital Fabrication
Daniel Baerlecken, Judith Reitz, Arne Künstler, Martin Manegold

25. The Railway Station “Stuttgart 21” Structural Modelling and Fabrication of Double Curved Concrete Surfaces
Lucio Blandini, Albert Schuster, Werner Sobek

26. Performative Surfaces Computational Form Finding Processes for the Inclusion of Detail in the Surface Condition
Matias Campo, Sandra Manninger

27. ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion: A Case Study of Multi-disciplinary Collaborative Computational Design
Moritz Fleischmann, Achim Menges

28. Metropol Parasol - Digital Timber Design
Jan-Peter Koppitz, Gregory Quinn, Volker Schmid, Anja Thurik

29. Performative Architectural Morphology Finger-Joined Plate Structures Integrating Robotic Manufacturing, Biological Principles and Location-Specific Requirements
Oliver Krieg, Karola Dierichs, Steffen Reichert, Tobias Schwinn, Achim Menges

30. A Technique for the Conditional Detailing of Grid-Shell Structures: Using Cellular Automata’s as Decision Making Engines in Large Parametric Model Assemblies
Alexander Peña Leon, Dennis Shelden

31. Parameterization and Welding of a Knotbox
Daniel Lordick

32. Viscous Affiliation - A Concrete Structure
Martin Oberascher, Alexander Matl, Christoph Brandstätter

33. Dynamic Double Curvature Mould System
Christian Raun, Mathias K. Kristensen, Poul Henning Kirkegaard

34. More Is Arbitrary Music Pavilion for the Salzburg Biennale
Kristina Schinegger, Stefan Rutzinger

35. Design Environments for Material Performance
Martin Tamke, Mark Burry, Phil Ayres, Jane Burry, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

36. Faserstrom Pavilion: Charm of the Suboptimal
Mathis Baumann, Clemens Klein, Thomas Pearce, Leo Stuckardt

37. Rhizome - Parametric Design Inspired by Root Based Linking Structures
Reiner Beelitz, Julius Blencke, Stefan Liczkowski, Andreas Woyke

38. Kinetic Pavilion Extendible and Adaptable Architecture
Corneel Cannaerts

Keywords: Engineering, Building Construction, Basics of Construction, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Engineering Design

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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