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Materials Challenges and Testing for Supply of Energy and Resources

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Table of contents

1. Examination of dust particles from present-day controlled fusion devices
E. Fortuna-Zalesna, M. Rubel, R. Neu, M. Rasinski, V. Rohde, W. Zielinski, M. Andrzejczuk, K. J. Kurzydlowski

2. Quantitative microstructural investigation of neutron-irradiated RAFM steel for nuclear fusion applications
O. J. Weiß, E. Gaganidze, J. Aktaa

3. Controlling Welding Residual Stresses by means of Alloy Design
Arne Kromm

4. Degradation Mechanism of Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels for Power Plants
K. Sawada, M. Tabuchi, K. Kimura

5. Electrochemical studies on pitting corrosion on Cr13 steel exposed to CO2 and artificial brine with high chloride concentration
Oleksandra Yevtushenko, Ralph Bäßler

6. Development of 10B2O3 processing for use as a neutron conversion material
L. F. Voss, J. Oiler, A. M. Conway, R. T. Graff, C. E. Reinhardt, Q. Shao, T. F. Wang, R. J. Nikolic

7. Water overlayers on Cu(110) studied by van der Waals density functionals
Sheng Meng

8. Employment of high Resolution RBS to characterize ultrathin transparent electrode in high efficiency GaN based Light Emitting Diode
Grace Huiqi Wang, Taw Kuei Chan

9. A possible route to the quantification of piezoresponse force microscopy through correlation with electron backscatter diffraction
T. L. Burnett, P. M. Weaver, J. F. Blackburn, M. Stewart, M. G. Cain

10. High resolution analysis of tungsten doped amorphous carbon thin films
Marcin Rasinski, Martin Balden, Stefan Jong, Philipp-Andre Sauter, Malgorzata Lewandowska, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

11. Electron Microscopy Studies on Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels
Arup Dasgupta, R Divakar, Pradyumna Kumar Parida, Chanchal Ghosh, S Saroja, E Mohandas, M Vijayalakshmi, T Jayakumar, Baldev Raj

12. Fabrication of Probes for In-situ Mapping of Electrocatalytic Activity at the Nanoscale
Andrew J. Wain, David Cox, Shengqi Zhou, Alan Turnbull

13. Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanostructured Pd-based Catalyst and Its Application to On-Chip Fuel Cells
Satoshi Tominaka

14. Characterization and Synthesis of PtRu/C Catalysts for Possible use in Fuel Cells
Eleanor Fourie, Gary Pattrick, Elma Lingen

15. Synthesis and investigation of silver-peptide bioconjugates and investigation in their antimicrobial activity
O. Yu. Golubeva, O. V. Shamova, D. S. Orlov, E. V. Yamshchikova, A. S. Boldina, V. N. Kokryakov

16. Characterization of Stabilized Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles
Lauren F. Greenlee, Stephanie Hooker

17. Combustion Synthesis of Nanoparticles CeO2 and Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95

Sumittra Charojrochkul, Waraporn Nualpaeng, Navadol Laosiripojana, Suttichai Assabumrungrat

18. Understandings of Solid Particle Impact and Bonding Behaviors in Warm Spray Deposition
M. Watanabe, K. H. Kim, M. Komatsu, S. Kuroda

19. Mechanical properties of innovative metal/ceramic composites based on freeze-cast ceramic preforms
Siddhartha Roy, Jens Gibmeier, Kay André Weidenmann, Alexander Wanner

20. Mini-samples technique in tensile and fracture toughness tests of nano-structured materials
Tomasz Brynk, Rafal M. Molak, Zbigniew Pakiela, Krzysztof J. Kurzydlowski

21. The use of Focused Ion Beam to Build Nanodevices with Graphitic Structures
B. S. Archanjo, E. H. Martins Ferreira, I. O. Maciel, C. M. Almeida, V. Carozo, C. Legnani, W. G. Quirino, C. A. Achete, A. Jorio

22. Development of compact continuous-wave terahertz (THz) sources by photoconductive mixing
H. Tanoto, J. H. Teng, Q. Y. Wu, M. Sun, Z. N. Chen, S. J. Chua, A. Gokarna, J. F. Lampin, E. Dogheche

23. Electrical Impedance Characterization of Cement-Based Materials
Supaporn Wansom

24. On the use of indentation technique as an effective method for characterising starch-based food gels
C. Gamonpilas, M. N. Charalambides, J. G. Williams

25. Photothermal Radiometry applied in nanoliter melted tellurium alloys
A. Cappella, J.-L. Battaglia, V. Schick, A. Kusiak, C. Wiemer, M. Longo, B. Hay

26. Biological treatment of solid waste materials from copper and steel industry
E. A. Vestola, M. K. Kuusenaho, H. M. Närhi, O. H. Tuovinen, J A. Puhakka, J. J. Plumb, A. H. Kaksonen, E. S. A. Merta

Keywords: Materials Science, Materials Science, general, Energy Technology, Energy, general, Mineral Resources, Inorganic Chemistry

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