Raghukumar, Chandralata

Biology of Marine Fungi

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Table of contents

1. Thraustochytrids, a Neglected Component of Organic Matter Decomposition and Food Webs in Marine Sediments
Lucia Bongiorni

2. Diseases of Fish and Shellfish Caused by Marine Fungi
Kishio Hatai

3. Fungal Endosymbionts of Seaweeds
T. S. Suryanarayanan

4. Diversity and Biogeochemical Function of Planktonic Fungi in the Ocean
Guangyi Wang, Xin Wang, Xianhua Liu, Qian Li

5. Fungi and Their Role in Corals and Coral Reef Ecosystems
Chandralata Raghukumar, J. Ravindran

6. Fungal Life in the Dead Sea
Aharon Oren, Nina Gunde-Cimerman

7. The Mycobiota of the Salterns
Janja Zajc, Polona Zalar, Ana Plemenitaš, Nina Gunde-Cimerman

8. Morphological Evaluation of Peridial Wall, Ascus and Ascospore Characteristics in the Delineation of Genera with Unfurling Ascospore Appendages (Halosphaeriaceae)
Ka-Lai Pang, Wai-Lun Chiang, Jen-Sheng Jheng

9. Cultured and Uncultured Fungal Diversity in Deep-Sea Environments
Takahiko Nagahama, Yuriko Nagano

10. Molecular Diversity of Fungi from Marine Oxygen-Deficient Environments (ODEs)
Cathrine Sumathi Jebaraj, Dominik Forster, Frank Kauff, Thorsten Stoeck

11. Assemblage and Diversity of Fungi on Wood and Seaweed Litter of Seven Northwest Portuguese Beaches
K. R. Sridhar, K. S. Karamchand, C. Pascoal, F. Cássio

12. Xylariaceae on the Fringe
Sukanyanee Chareprasert, Mohamed T. Abdelghany, Hussain H. El-sheikh, Ayman Farrag Ahmed, Ahmed M. A. Khalil, George P. Sharples, Prakitsin Sihanonth, Hamdy G. Soliman, Nuttika Suwannasai, Anthony J. S. Whalley, Margaret A. Whalley

13. Diversity and Distribution of Marine Fungi on Rhizophora spp. in Mangroves
Vemuri Venkateswara Sarma

14. Biotechnology of Marine Fungi
Samir Damare, Purnima Singh, Seshagiri Raghukumar

15. Degradation of Phthalate Esters by Fusarium sp. DMT-5-3 and Trichosporon sp. DMI-5-1 Isolated from Mangrove Sediments
Zhu-Hua Luo, Ka-Lai Pang, Yi-Rui Wu, Ji-Dong Gu, Raymond K. K. Chow, L. L. P. Vrijmoed

Keywords: Life Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Biotechnology, Biodiversity, Microbial Ecology, Coastal Sciences

Publication year
Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology
Page amount
16 pages
Natural Sciences

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