Kothe, Erika

Bio-Geo Interactions in Metal-Contaminated Soils

Kothe, Erika - Bio-Geo Interactions in Metal-Contaminated Soils, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Contaminated Soil: Physical, Chemical and Biological Components
Aparajita Das, Irena Sherameti, Ajit Varma

2. Biogeosciences in Heavy Metal-Contaminated Soils
Götz Haferburg, Erika Kothe

3. The Role of Mineralogy and Geochemistry in Hazard Potential Assessment of Mining Areas
D. Jianu, V. Iordache, B. Soare, L. Petrescu, A. Neagoe, C. Iacob, R. Orza

4. Rare Earth Elements in Acidic Systems – Biotic and Abiotic Impacts
Anja Grawunder, Dirk Merten

5. Geomicrobial Manganese Redox Reactions in Metal-Contaminated Soil Substrates
Christian Lorenz, Dirk Merten, Götz Haferburg, Erika Kothe, Georg Büchel

6. Natural Biomineralization in the Contaminated Sediment-Water System at the Ingurtosu Abandoned Mine
D. Medas, R. Cidu, P. Lattanzi, F. Podda, G. Giudici

7. Speciation of Uranium in Seepage and Pore Waters of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Soil
Nils Baumann, Thuro Arnold, Martin Lonschinski

8. Plant–Microbe Interaction in Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Soils
Neeru Narula, Martin Reinicke, Götz Haferburg, Erika Kothe, Rishi Kumar Behl

9. Heavy Metal-Resistant Streptomycetes in Soil
Eileen Schütze, Erika Kothe

10. Role of Mycorrhiza in Re-forestation at Heavy Metal-Contaminated Sites
Felicia Gherghel, Katrin Krause

11. Historic Copper Spoil Heaps in Salzburg/Austria: Geology, Mining History, Aspects of Soil Chemistry and Vegetation
Wolfram Adlassnig, Stefan Wernitznig, Irene K. Lichtscheidl

12. Natural Vegetation, Metal Accumulation and Tolerance in Plants Growing on Heavy Metal Rich Soils
Viera Banásová, Eva Ďurišová, Miriam Nadubinská, Erika Gurinová, Milada Čiamporová

13. Hyperaccummulation: A Key to Heavy Metal Bioremediation
Ileana Cornelia Farcasanu, Mihaela Matache, Virgil Iordache, Aurora Neagoe

14. Nickel Hyperaccumulating Plants and Alyssum bertolonii: Model Systems for Studying Biogeochemical Interactions in Serpentine Soils
Alessio Mengoni, Lorenzo Cecchi, Cristina Gonnelli

15. The Role of Organic Matter in the Mobility of Metals in Contaminated Catchments
Aurora Neagoe, Virgil Iordache, Ileana Cornelia Fărcăşanu

16. Mycorrhizal-Based Phytostabilization of Zn–Pb Tailings: Lessons from the Trzebionka Mining Works (Southern Poland)
Katarzyna Turnau, Stefan Gawroński, Przemysław Ryszka, Douglas Zook

17. Bioremediation of Copper, Chromium and Cadmium by Actinomycetes from Contaminated Soils
María Julia Amoroso, Carlos Mauricio Abate

18. Bioremediation and Heavy Metal Uptake: Microbial Approaches at Field Scale
Frank Schindler, Matthias Gube, Erika Kothe

19. Contributions to the Theoretical Foundations of Integrated Modeling in Biogeochemistry and Their Application in Contaminated Areas
V. Iordache, R. Lăcătuşu, D. Scrădeanu, M. Onete, S. Ion, I. Cobzaru, A. Neagoe, F. Bodescu, D. Jianu, D. Purice

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbiology, Plant Physiology, Biogeosciences, Soil Science & Conservation, Terrestrial Pollution

Publication year
Soil Biology
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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