Peikert, Ronald

Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization II

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Table of contents

1. Computational Discrete Morse Theory for Divergence-Free 2D Vector Fields
Jan Reininghaus, Ingrid Hotz

2. Efficient Computation of a Hierarchy of Discrete 3D Gradient Vector Fields
David Günther, Jan Reininghaus, Steffen Prohaska, Tino Weinkauf, Hans-Christian Hege

3. Computing Simply-Connected Cells in Three-Dimensional Morse-Smale Complexes
Attila Gyulassy, Valerio Pascucci

4. Combinatorial Vector Field Topology in Three Dimensions
Wieland Reich, Dominic Schneider, Christian Heine, Alexander Wiebel, Guoning Chen, Gerik Scheuermann

5. Topological Cacti: Visualizing Contour-Based Statistics
Gunther H. Weber, Peer-Timo Bremer, Valerio Pascucci

6. Enhanced Topology-Sensitive Clustering by Reeb Graph Shattering
W. Harvey, O. Rübel, V. Pascucci, P.-T. Bremer, Y. Wang

7. Efficient Computation of Persistent Homology for Cubical Data
Hubert Wagner, Chao Chen, Erald Vuçini

8. Visualizing Invariant Manifolds in Area-Preserving Maps
Xavier Tricoche, Christoph Garth, Allen Sanderson, Ken Joy

9. Understanding Quasi-Periodic Fieldlines and Their Topology in Toroidal Magnetic Fields
Allen Sanderson, Guoning Chen, Xavier Tricoche, Elaine Cohen

10. Consistent Approximation of Local Flow Behavior for 2D Vector Fields Using Edge Maps
Shreeraj Jadhav, Harsh Bhatia, Peer-Timo Bremer, Joshua A. Levine, Luis Gustavo Nonato, Valerio Pascucci

11. Cusps of Characteristic Curves and Intersection-Aware Visualization of Path and Streak Lines
Tino Weinkauf, Holger Theisel, Olga Sorkine

12. Glyphs for Non-Linear Vector Field Singularities
Alexander Wiebel, Stefan Koch, Gerik Scheuermann

13. 2D Asymmetric Tensor Field Topology
Zhongzang Lin, Harry Yeh, Robert S. Laramee, Eugene Zhang

14. On the Elusive Concept of Lagrangian Coherent Structures
Jens Kasten, Ingrid Hotz, Hans-Christian Hege

15. Ridge Concepts for the Visualization of Lagrangian Coherent Structures
Benjamin Schindler, Ronald Peikert, Raphael Fuchs, Holger Theisel

16. Filtering of FTLE for Visualizing Spatial Separation in Unsteady 3D Flow
Armin Pobitzer, Ronald Peikert, Raphael Fuchs, Holger Theisel, Helwig Hauser

17. A Variance Based FTLE-Like Method for Unsteady Uncertain Vector Fields
Dominic Schneider, Jan Fuhrmann, Wieland Reich, Gerik Scheuermann

18. On the Finite-Time Scope for Computing Lagrangian Coherent Structures from Lyapunov Exponents
Filip Sadlo, Markus Üffinger, Thomas Ertl, Daniel Weiskopf

19. Scale-Space Approaches to FTLE Ridges
Raphael Fuchs, Benjamin Schindler, Ronald Peikert

Keywords: Mathematics, Visualization, Algorithms, Computing Methodologies, Computer Graphics

Publication year
Mathematics and Visualization
Page amount
11 pages
Natural Sciences

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