Choraś, Ryszard S.

Image Processing and Communications Challenges 3

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Table of contents

Part I. Biometrics

1. Application of the Polar-Fourier Greyscale Descriptor to the Problem of Identification of Persons Based on Ear Images
Dariusz Frejlichowski

2. Improved Fingerprint Enhancement Performance via GPU Programming
Raja Lehtihet, Wael Oraiby, Mohammed Benmohammed

3. Facial Features Extraction for Color, Frontal Images
Michal Papaj, Andrzej Czyżewski

4. Lip-Prints Feature Extraction and Recognition
Ryszard S. Choraś

5. Generic Face Invariant Model for Face Detection
Mokhtar Taffar, Mohammed Benmohammed

6. Method of the Craniofacial Forensic Reconstruction by Deformation of the Model Face
Rafał Stegierski, Paweł Mikołajczak, Karol Kuczyński, Zdzisław Krol, Camelia Gross-Neagu, Diana Stegierska

7. Feature Based Face Detection Algorithm for Digital Still Images
Tomasz Orczyk, Piotr Porwik

Part II. Low Level Processing

8. Improved Credibility of Keypoint Matching by Using Co-affine Pairs of Ellipses
Andrzej Śluzek, Mariusz Paradowski

9. Multiphase Tensor Level-Set Method for Segmentation of Natural Images
Vladimir Lekić, Zdenka Babić

10. A Distributed Approach to Color Image Segmentation
Meryem Benyoussef, Najlae Idrissi, Driss Aboutajdine

11. Design of an Image Processing Interface to Existing CFD Software Platforms
Natkunam Kokulan, Choi-Hong Lai, David Jaipu-Persad

12. Automatic Text Localization in Natural Scene Images
Adam Kozłowski, Paweł Strumiłło

13. A Novel Image Auto-annotation Based on Blobs Annotation
Mahdia Bakalem, Nadjia Benblidia, Sami Ait-Aoudia

14. The Image Whole and the Image Eye Diagram [IED]
Nikolaos E. Myridis

15. Wavelet Set with Swarm Intelligence for Edge Extraction in Images
Leszek Puzio, Andrzej Walczak, Marek Jaszuk

Part III. Motion, Stereo and Tracking

16. Application of Quaternion Scale Space Approach for Motion Processing
Bartosz Jabłoński

17. Improving Depth Map Quality with Markov Random Fields
Rafał Kozik

18. Comparison of Different Measurement Spaces for Spatio–Temporal Recurrent Track–Before–Detect Algorithm
Przemysław Mazurek

19. Face Tracking with Guaranteed Framerates on Mobile Phones
Bogusław Rymut, Bogdan Kwolek

20. An Approach for Model-Based 3D Human Pose Tracking, Animation and Evaluation
Tomasz Krzeszowski, Bogdan Kwolek

21. Model Based Estimation of Camera Position in 3D Scene
Paweł Pełczyński

22. A Wearable Stereovision Unit in an Electronic Travel-Aid System for the Visually Impaired
Bartosz Ostrowski, Paweł Strumiłło, Paweł Pełczyński, Remigiusz Danych

23. 3D Object Reconstruction from Stereo Images Sequence
Jacek Komorowski

24. Vicon Motion Capture and HD 1080 Standard Video Data Fusion Based on Minimized Markers Reprojection Error
Karol Jędrasiak, Łukasz Janik, Andrzej Polański, Konrad Wojciechowski

Part IV. Pattern Recognition

25. Principal Component Analysis of Point Distance Histogram for Recognition of Stamp Silhouettes
Paweł Forczmański, Dariusz Frejlichowski

26. Designing Cost-Sensitive Ensemble – Genetic Approach
Bartosz Krawczyk, Michał Woźniak

27. Costs-Sensitive Classification in Two-Stage Binary Classifier
Robert Burduk, Andrzej Kasprzak

Part V. Video

28. A Novel Technique for Secure Information Transmission Using Framed Video Watermarking
K. V. Arya, Lovelesh Saxena, Anuj Tewari

29. Improved Adaptive Arithmetic Coding in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Compression Standard
Damian Karwowski

30. A Novel Echoed Image Detection and Removal Technique in Real Images and Video Sequences
A. Amaar, E. M. Saad, I. Ashour, Mohamed Elzorkany

31. TOPQS Color Local Visual Distortion Maps
Maria Skublewska-Paszkowska, Jakub Smołka

32. GPGPU Based Estimation of the Combined Video Quality Metric
Krzysztof Okarma, Przemysław Mazurek

Part VI. Medical Image Analysis

33. Automatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on K-Means Clustering and Adaptive Thresholding Hybrid Segmentation
Paweł Filipczuk, Marek Kowal, Andrzej Obuchowicz

34. Analysis of Changes of the Hydraulic Diameter and Determination of the Air Flow Modes in the Nasal Cavity
Ahmad Khaleed Al_Omari, Husham Farouk Ismail Saied, Olig Grigorovitsh Avrunin

35. An Attempt of the Determination of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Nasal Airways
Husham Farouk Ismail Saied, Ahmad Khaleed Al_Omari, Olig Grigorovitsh Avrunin

36. DCE-MRI Breast Image Registration for Tumour Diagnostics
Karol Kuczyński, Maciej Siczek, Rafał Stegierski

Part VII. Applications

37. Segmentation of MRI Brain Images for Automatic Detection and Precise Localization of Tumor
Marzena Boberek, Khalid Saeed

38. Solving the Hand-Hand Overlapping for Gesture Application
Anwar Saeed, Robert Niese, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Bernd Michaelis

39. Urban Object Identification in Scenes Recorded by a Smartphone
Piotr Skulimowski, Karol Matusiak

40. On Reconstructing Models of Cultural Heritage Objects in Terms of Shape, Color and Appearance
Robert Sitnik, Jakub Krzesłowski, Grzegorz Mączkowski

41. Advanced Dimensional Control on Washing Machine Sealing through Profilometry
Paolo Pietroni, Barbara Torcianti, A. Bruni, Cristalli Cristalli

42. Adaptation of the Diffused Matrix Image Format to Store Simulated Data from FLEX / Sentinel-3 Future ESA Missions
Alejandro Cristo, Pablo Martínez, David Valencia, Rosa M. Pérez, Luz M. Hernández

43. Film Alignment before Solder Mask Exposure
Adam Marchewka, Jarosław Zdrojewski

44. Gaze Direction Detection for Cursor Control
V. Theodorou, C. Zouzoulas, Georgios A. Triantafyllidis, G. Papadourakis

45. Synthizing Handwritten Arabic Text Using Active Shape Models
Laslo Dinges, Moftah Elzobi, Ayoub Al-Hamadi, Zaher Al Aghbari

46. Audio Compression Testing Tool for Multimedia Applications
Fatimah J. Mohdar, Madawi S. Al-Otaibi, Hatim A. Aboalsamh

47. The Improvement of Metallographic Images
Rusyn Bogdan, Lutsyk Oleksiy, Pokhmurskyy Andriy, Lampke Thomas, Nickel Daniela

Part VIII. Telecommunications Networks

48. Innovative Man Machine Interfaces and Solutions to Support Totally Blind People
Michał Choraś, Salvatore D’Antonio, Giulio Iannello, Andreas Jedlitschka, Rafał Kozik, Klaus Miesenberger, Adam Wołoszczuk

49. Analysis of Degree 5 Chordal Rings for Network Topologies
Sławomir Bujnowski, Bożydar Dubalski, Antoni Zabłudowski, Jens Myrup Pedersen, Tahir Riaz

50. Evaluation of Optimal Resource Management Policies for WiMAX Networks with AMC: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Adam Flizikowski, Mateusz Majewski, Marcin Przybyszewski

51. Radio Communication Protocols in a History Aware Device-free Passive (DfP) Localisation
Gabriel Deak, Kevin Curran, Joan Condell

52. The Study of Traffic Flow Anomalies in a LAN
Janusz Kolbusz, Janusz Korniak

53. Introducing Variable Factors for Optical Backbone Interconnection Planning
Jose Gutierrez, Tahir Riaz, Jens Perdersen, Beata Marciniak

54. Energy Greedy Protocol Suite for Smart Grid Communication Systems Based on Short Range Devices
Piotr Kiedrowski, Bożydar Dubalski, Tomasz Marciniak, Tahir Riaz, Jose Gutierrez

55. A Hybrid Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Chordal Ring Implementation in Large-Scale Networks
Tahir Riaz, Jose Gutierrez, Jens Myrup Pedersen, Piotr Kiedrowski, Bożydar Dubalski

56. Hierarchical Track–Before–Detect Algorithm for Tracking of Amplitude Modulated Signals
Przemysław Mazurek

57. Certificate-Based Authentication Using Hardware Cryptographic Devices
Radek Dolezel, Jens Myrup Pedersen

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Communications Engineering, Networks, Image Processing and Computer Vision

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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