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Microelectronic Systems

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Table of contents

1. Advanced IC Design and Design Automation for Electronics and Heterogeneous Systems
Günter Elst, Peter Schneider, Josef Sauerer, Andreas Wilde, Manfred Dietrich

2. Nanostructured Optical filters in CMOS for Multispectral, Polarization and Image Sensors
Jürgen Ernst, Stephan Junger, Harald Neubauer, Wladimir Tschekalinskij , Nanko Verwaal, Norbert Weber

3. Electronic Design Automation for Implementation of 3D Integrated Systems
Uwe Knoechel, Andy Heinig, Joern Stolle, Sven Reitz, Andreas Wilde

4. Analog to Digital Converters for Mixed Signal ASICs and SOCs
Johann Hauer, Stefan Mödl, Harald Neubauer, Matthias Oberst, Matthias Völker, Haiyan Zhou

5. Robust Position Measurement Systems based on Integrated 3D Magnetic Field Sensors
Hans-Peter Hohe, Michael Hackner, Markus Stahl-Offergeld, Volker Peters, Josef Sauerer

6. Design of Multi-Dimensional Magnetic Position Sensor Systems using the Example of an Inverse Pendulum
Thomas Obenaus, Andreas Wilde, Holger Priwitzer, Jörg Bretschneider, Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt

7. Sub-10 µA 868 MHz Wake-Up Receiver ASIC for In-door Localisation and Geofencing Applications
Heinrich Milosiu, Fritz Meier, Frank Oehler, Alexander Pflaum

8. Multi-Band GNSS Antenna
Alexander E. Popugaev, Rainer Wansch

9. Reconfigurable RF Receiver Front-end for Cognitive Radio
Mario Schühler, Alexander Jaschke, Alexander E. Popugaev

10. Modelica – a Modelling Language for Heterogeneous Systems
Christoph Clauß, Ulrich Donath, Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt, Kristin Majetta

11. Information Systems Driven by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
Ernst Eberlein, Jörn Thielecke

12. Choice of Physical Layer Parameters for Satellite Broadcast
Marco Breiling, Albert Heuberger, Ernst Eberlein, Aharon Vargas, Daniel Arndt, Alexander Ihlow

13. Enhancements in DVB-H and DVB-SH Based Mobile-TV Multiplexing
Christian Forster, Nikolaus Färber

14. SafeTRIP – Interactive Satellite Services for Automotive Applications and Road Safety
Bernhard Niemann, Thomas Heyn, Aharon Vargas, Sabino Titomanlio, Guillermo Grau, Ashweeni Beeharee

15. An On-Board Processor for in Orbit Verification based on a Multi-FPGA Platform
Alexander Hofmann, Robert Glein, Bernd Kollmannthaler, Rainer Wansch

16. Opportunities and Challenges for Multi-Constellation, Multi-Frequency Automotive GNSS Receivers
Cecile Mongredien, Alexander Rügamer, Matthias Overbeck, Günter Rohmer, Philipp Berglez, Elmar Wasle

17. Wi-Fi Attitude and Position Tracking
Jochen Seitz, Thorsten Vaupel, Stephan Haimerl, Steffen Meyer, Javier Gutierrez Boronat, Günter Rohmer, Jörn Thielecke

18. Motion Sensing: From Single Sensors to Sensor Networks
Martin Rulsch, Christian Arzt, Sven Feilner, Simon Jablonski, Matthias Struck, Jinghua Zhong, Daniel Tantinger, Christian Hofmann, Christian Weigand

19. A Real-Time Tracking System for Football Match and Training Analysis
Thomas von der Grün, Norbert Franke, Daniel Wolf, Nicolas Witt, Andreas Eidloth

20. Development of an Integration and Application Platform for Diverse Identification and Positioning Technologies
Sebastian Lempert, Alexander Pflaum

21. Visual Computing at the IIS: From Life Sciences to Industrial Applications
Thomas Wittenberg, Theobald Fuchs

22. HemaCAM – A Computer Assisted Microscopy System for Hematology
Christian Münzenmayer, Timo Schlarb, Dirk Steckhan, Erik Haßlmeyer, Tobias Bergen, Stefan Aschenbrenner, Thomas Wittenberg, Christian Weigand, Thorsten Zerfaß

23. Face Detection with the Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine (SHORE)
Tobias Ruf, Andreas Ernst, Christian Küblbeck

24. Improving Sheet-of-light based Plant Phenotyping with Advanced 3D Simulation
Franz Uhrmann, Lars Seifert, Oliver Scholz, Peter Schmitt, Günther Greiner

25. A CT System for the Analysis of Prehistoric Ice Cores
Virginia Voland, Johannes Freitag, Norman Uhlmann, Randolf Hanke

26. Process Integrated Inspection of Motor Pistons using Computerized Tomography
Steven Oeckl, Roland Gruber, Werner Schön, Markus Eberhorn, Ingo Bauscher, Thomas Wenzel, Randolf Hanke

27. Analysis of Processing Pipelines in Digital Raw Cameras
Michael Schöberl, Joachim Keinert, Andre Kaup, Siegfried Foessel

28. Audio and Multimedia
Jürgen Herre

29. Headphone Equalization – Measurement, Design and Psychoacoustic Evaluation
Felix Fleischmann, Andreas Silzle, Jan Plogsties

30. Parametric Spatial Sound Processing Using Linear Microphone Arrays
Oliver Thiergart, Marcus Kallinger, Giovanni Del Galdo, Fabian Kuech

31. High-Definition Audio for Group-to-Group Communication
Nikolaus Färber, Manfred Lutzky, Fabian Kuech

32. MPEG-4 AAC-ELD v2 – The New State of the Art in High Quality Communication Audio Coding
Manfred Lutzky, Markus Schnell, Maria Luis Valero, Johannes Hilpert

33. MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding – Bridging the Gap
Markus Multrus, Max Neuendorf, Jeremie Lecomte, Guillaume Fuchs, Stefan Bayer, Julien Robilliard, Frederik Nagel, Stephan Wilde, Daniel Fischer, Johannes Hilpert, Nikolaus Rettelbach, Christian Helmrich, Sascha Disch, Ralf Geiger, Bernhard Grill

34. A Dedicated Decorrelator for Parametric Spatial Coding of Applause-like Audio Signals
Sascha Disch, Achim Kuntz

Keywords: Computer Science, Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems, Circuits and Systems, Computer System Implementation, Control Structures and Microprogramming, Computer Applications

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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