Li, Shoumei

Nonlinear Mathematics for Uncertainty and its Applications

Li, Shoumei - Nonlinear Mathematics for Uncertainty and its Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Ordinal Preference Models Based on S-Integrals and Their Verification
Michio Sugeno

2. Strong Laws of Large Numbers for Bernoulli Experiments under Ambiguity
Zengjing Chen, Panyu Wu

3. Comparative Risk Aversion for g-Expected Utility Maximizers
Guangyan Jia, Jianming Xia

4. Riesz Type Integral Representations for Comonotonically Additive Functionals
Jun Kawabe

5. Pseudo-concave Integrals
Radko Mesiar, Jun Li, Endre Pap

6. On Spaces of Bochner and Pettis Integrable Functions and Their Set-Valued Counterparts
Coenraad C. A. Labuschagne, Valeria Marraffa

7. Upper Derivatives of Set Functions Represented as the Choquet Indefinite Integral
Shinsuke Nakamura, Toshiyuki Takasawa, Toshiaki Murofushi

8. On Regularity for Non-additive Measure
Toshikazu Watanabe, Tamaki Tanaka

9. Autocontinuity from below of Set Functions and Convergence in Measure
Jun Li, Masami Yasuda, Ling Zhou

10. On Lusin’s Theorem for Non-additive Measure
Tamaki Tanaka, Toshikazu Watanabe

11. Multiple-Output Choquet Integral Models and Their Applications in Classification Methods
Eiichiro Takahagi

12. On Convergence Theorems of Set-Valued Choquet Integrals
Hongxia Wang, Shoumei Li

13. On Nonlinear Correlation of Random Elements
Hung T. Nguyen

14. On Fuzzy Stochastic Integral Equations—A Martingale Problem Approach
Mariusz Michta

15. Set-Valued Stochastic Integrals with Respect to Poisson Processes in a Banach Space
Jinping Zhang, Itaru Mitoma

16. The Convergence Theorems of Set-Valued Pramart in a Banach Space
Li Guan, Shoumei Li

17. Fuzzy Stochastic Integral Equations Driven by Martingales
Marek T. Malinowski, Mariusz Michta

18. Moderate Deviations of Random Sets and Random Upper Semicontinuous Functions
Xia Wang

19. Solution of Random Fuzzy Differential Equation
Jungang Li, Jinting Wang

20. Completely Monotone Outer Approximations of Lower Probabilities on Finite Possibility Spaces
Erik Quaeghebeur

21. Belief Networks and Local Computations
Radim Jiroušek

22. Some New Entropies on the Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set
Wenyi Zeng, Hongxing Li, Shuang Feng

23. Bottleneck Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Fuzzy Scenarios
Adam Kasperski, Paweł Zieliński

24. About the Probability-Field-Intersections of Weichselberger and a Simple Conclusion from Least Favorable Pairs
Martin Gümbel

25. Using Imprecise and Uncertain Information to Enhance the Diagnosis of a Railway Device
Zohra L. Cherfi, Latifa Oukhellou, Etienne Côme, Thierry Denœux, Patrice Aknin

26. Pricing CDS with Jump-Diffusion Risk in the Intensity-Based Model
Ruili Hao, Zhongxing Ye

27. Pricing Convertible Bonds Using the CGMY Model
Coenraad C. A. Labuschagne, Theresa M. Offwood

28. The Dividend Problems for Compound Binomial Model with Stochastic Return on Investments
Jiyang Tan, Xiangqun Yang, Youcai Zhang, Shaoyue Liu

29. Pricing Formulas of Compound Options under the Fractional Brownian Motion
Chao Zhang, Jizhou Zhang, Dongya Tao

30. Influence of Risk Incentive by Limited Dividend Provision
Hiroshi Inoue, Masatoshi Miyake, Li Guan

31. An Application of the Forward Integral to an Insider’s Optimal Portfolio with the Dividend
Yong Liang, Weiyin Fei, Hongjian Liu, Dengfeng Xia

32. The Nonlinear Terminal-Boundary Problems for Barrier Options
Yulian Fan

33. European Option Pricing with Ambiguous Return Rate and Volatility
Junfei Zhang, Shoumei Li

34. Knightian Uncertainty Based Option Pricing with Jump Volatility
Min Pan, Liyan Han

35. Conditional Ruin Probability with a Markov Regime Switching Model
Xuanhui Liu, Li-Ai Cui, Fangguo Ren

36. A Property of Two-Parameter Generalized Transition Function
Yuquan Xie

37. The Extinction of a Branching Process in a Varying or Random Environment
Yangli Hu, Wei Hu, Yue Yin

38. Metric Adjusted Skew Information and Metric Adjusted Correlation Measure
Kenjiro Yanagi, Shigeru Furuichi

39. Integral-Based Modifications of OWA-Operators
Erich Peter Klement, Radko Mesiar

40. Fuzzy Similarity Measure Model for Trees with Duplicated Attributes
Dianshuang Wu, Guangquan Zhang

41. Linking Developmental Propensity Score to Fuzzy Sets: A New Perspective, Applications and Generalizations
Xuecheng Liu, Richard E. Tremblay, Sylvana Cote, Rene Carbonneau

42. Chaos in a Fractional-Order Dynamical Model of Love and Its Control
Rencai Gu, Yong Xu

43. The Semantics of wlp and slp of Fuzzy Imperative Programming Languages
Hengyang Wu, Yixiang Chen

44. Public-Key Cryptosystem Based on n-th Residuosity of n = p

Tomoko Adachi

45. Shrinking Projection Method for a Family of Quasinonexpansive Mappings with a Sequence of Subsets of an Index Set
Yasunori Kimura

46. Note on Generalized Convex Spaces
Xiaodong Fan, Yue Cheng

47. Halpern’s Iteration for a Sequence of Quasinonexpansive Type Mappings
Koji Aoyama

48. Convergence of Iterative Methods for an Infinite Family of Pseudo-contractions
Yuanheng Wang, Jiashuai Dong

49. Existence of Fixed Points of Nonspreading Mappings with Bregman Distances
Fumiaki Kohsaka

50. The (h, ϕ)–Generalized Second-Order Directional Derivative in Banach Space
Wenjuan Chen, Caozong Cheng, Caiyun Jin

51. Estimation of Bessel Operator Inversion by Shearlet
Lin Hu, Youming Liu

52. Globally Convergent Inexact Smoothing Newton Method for SOCCP
Jie Zhang, Shao-Ping Rui

53. Existence of Positive Solution for the Cauchy Problem for an Ordinary Differential Equation
Toshiharu Kawasaki, Masashi Toyoda

54. Stability of a Two Epidemics Model
T. Dumrongpokaphan, W. Jaihonglam, R. Ouncharoen

55. The Impulsive Synchronization for m-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion System
Wanli Yang, Suwen Zheng

56. A New Numerical Method for Solving Convection-Diffusion Equations
Hengfei Ding, Yuxin Zhang

57. Pullback Attractor for Non-autonomous P-Laplacian Equation in Unbounded Domain
Guangxia Chen

58. Monte-Carlo Simulation of Error Sort Model
Ryoji Fukuda, Kaoru Oka

59. A Fuzzy Estimation of Fuzzy Parameters with Rational Number Cuts
Dabuxilatu Wang, Jingjing Wang

60. Regularized REML for Estimation in Heteroscedastic Regression Models
Dengke Xu, Zhongzhan Zhang

61. Testing of Relative Difference under Inverse Sampling
Shaoping Jiang, Yanfang Zhao

62. Adaptive Elastic-Net for General Single-Index Regression Models
Xuejing Li, Gaorong Li, Suigen Yang

63. Some Remark about Consistency Problem of Parameter Estimation
Mingzhong Jin, Minqing Gong, Hongmei Liu

64. Variable Selection for Semiparametric Isotonic Regression Models
Jiang Du, Zhongzhan Zhang, Tianfa Xie

65. Study of Prognostic Factor Based on Factor Analysis and Clustering Method
Zheng Liu, Liying Fang, Mingwei Yu, Pu Wang

66. Applying Factor Analysis to Water Quality Assessment: A Study Case of Wenyu River
Chen Gao, Jianzhuo Yan, Suhua Yang, Guohua Tan

67. On the Profit Manipulations of Chinese Listed Companies
Shuangjie Li, Xingxing Chen

68. Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization Model with Fuzzy Numbers
Chunquan Li, Jianhua Jin

69. Soft Computing Techniques and Its Application in the Intelligent Capital Compensation
Kuo Chang Hsiao, Berlin Wu, Kai Yao

70. Geometric Weighting Method and Its Application on Load Dispatch in Electric Power Market
Guoli Zhang, Chen Qiao

71. Application of Cross-Correlation in Velocity Measurement of Rainwater in Pipe
Zhanpeng Li, Bin Fang

72. A Decision-Making Model of Adopting New Technology by Enterprises in Industrial Clusters under the Condition of Interaction
Xianli Meng, Xin-an Fan, Baomin Hu, Xuan Li

73. Study of Newsboy Problem with Fuzzy Probability Distribution
Xinshun Ma, Ting Yuan

74. Blogger’s Interest Mining Based on Chinese Text Classification
Suhua Yang, Jianzhuo Yan, Chen Gao, Guohua Tan

75. Characterization of Generalized Necessity Functions in Łukasiewicz Logic
Tommaso Flaminio, Tomáš Kroupa

76. On Generating Functions of Two-Dimensional T-Norms
Masaya Nohmi, Aoi Honda, Yoshiaki Okazaki

77. Approximating a Fuzzy Vector Given Its Finite Set of Alpha-Cuts
Xuecheng Liu, Qinghe Sun

78. A New Fuzzy Linear Programming Model and Its Applications
Hsuan-Ku Liu, Berlin Wu

79. Interval Relaxation Method for Linear Complementarity Problem
Juan Jiang

80. The Representation Theorem on the Category of FTML(L)
Jie Zhang, Xiaoliang Kou, Bo Liu

L-Fuzzy Subalgebras and L-Fuzzy Filters of R0-Algebras
Chunhui Liu, Luoshan Xu

82. Completely Compact Elements and Atoms of Rough Sets
Gaolin Li, Luoshan Xu

83. Weak Approximable Concepts and Completely Algebraic Lattices
Hongping Liu, Qingguo Li, Lankun Guo

84. Ideal-Convergence in Quantales
Shaohui Liang

85. On the Factorization Theorem of a Monotone Morphism in a Topos
Tao Lu, Hong Lu

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Applications of Mathematics

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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