Vlad, Simona

International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology

Vlad, Simona - International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and Health Care through Technology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. AWARD – An Innovative Training Tool for Accessible Built Environment
C. Aciu, N. Cobirzan, M. Brumaru

2. The Development of the ALPHA Rollator
A. Abrudean

3. Ethical Issues in Nanomedicine
F. Graur, R. Elisei, A. Szasz, H. C. Neagos, A. Muresan, L. Furcea, I. Neagoe, C. Braicu, G. Katona, M. Diudea

4. Innovative Technologies in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment
S. D. Talu, S. Rus, I. Tamasoi, C. Dragos

5. PerFluoroCarbon Liquids in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery – Personal Experience
S. D. Talu, I. Tamasoi, C. Dragos, S. Rus

6. E-NOTES Transumbilical Cholecystectomy
F. Graur, A. Szasz, R. Negru, H. C. Neagos, R. Elisei, A. Muresan, L. Furcea

7. Multiagent System for Monitoring Chronic Diseases
D. Floroian, L. Floroian, F. Moldoveanu

8. Real Time Biostatistics Software: Application in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Assessment
A. Bacarea, B. A. Haifa, M. Marusteri, M. Muji, A. Schiopu, D. Ghiga, M. Petrisor, V. Bacarea

9. Database External Level Architecture for Use in Healthcare Information Systems
P. Olah, D. Dobru, R. V. Ciupa, M. Marusteri, V. Bacarea, M. Muji

10. Beat-by-Beat Variability of QT ECG-Interval Holds a Well-Founded Promise for Clinical Cardiology: A Review
R. Negoescu

11. Monitoring System for a Medical Facility Using the OPC Platform
V. D. Zaharia, F. Dragan

12. The Use of Medical Devices in Self Monitoring of Chronic Diseases
S. Mirel, S. Pop, E. Onaca, S. Domnita, V. Mirel

13. A Wireless System for Monitoring the Progressive Loading of Lower Limb in Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation
F. Neaga, D. Moga, D. Petreus, M. Munteanu, N. Stroia

14. Telemonitoring of Vital Signs – An Effective Tool for Ambient Assisted Living
H. Costin, C. Rotariu, F. Adochiei, R. Ciobotariu, G. Andruseac, F. Corciova

15. eHealth – Unified Healthcare Logical Space through Applied Interoperability
M. Rusu, C. Lelutiu, N. Todor, G. Saplacan

16. Medical Services Optimization Using Differential Evolution
F. -C. Pop, M. Cremene, M. -F. Vaida, A. Serbanescu

17. Direct Response Advertising in Romanian Dental Field: A Qualitative Analysis
A. Constantinescu-Dobra

18. Software System for Medical Device Management and Maintenance
C. Luca, R. Ciorap

19. A Novel Concept of a Braille Device Based on Wax Paraffin Actuator
A. M. Alutei

20. Considerations on Electromagnetic Compatibility for Medical Devices
M. I. Buzdugan, T. I. Buzdugan, H. Balan

21. Environmental Effects on the Center’s Offset of the Kistler Force Plate
I. Serban, I. C. Rosca, B. C. Braun, C. Druga

22. Transformation Design – A New Method for Developing Medical Products
H. Waedt, M. Popa, P. Manea

23. The Effects of Exposure of the Human Body to RADON. Integrated Measurements Performed in Alba County, Romania
L. E. Muntean, D. L. Manea, C. Cosma

24. Education of Arms’ Users in Dealing with Technological Activities
M. Baritz, D. Cotoros

25. Strain Measurement in an Elastic Material under Large Deformation Using Optical Reconstruction Methods
I. Zwierzak, J. W. Fenner, A. J. Narracott

26. Hand Vein Biometric Authentication in Optical Multi-touch Systems
S. Crisan, I. G. Tarnovan, B. Tebrean, T. E. Crisan

27. Spatial Correlation in Mechanical Heart Valve Leakage Jets
G. L. Wang, G. D’Avenio, C. Daniele, M. Grigioni

28. Peripheral Vascular Measurement Using Electrical Impedance Plethysmography
C. Corciova, R. Ciorap, R. Matei, A. Salceanu

29. Portable Complex PCG Signal Analyzer
S. Gergely, M. N. Roman, R. V. Ciupa

30. Monitoring Neuromuscular Fatigue – A Noninvasive Approach
M. Tarata, W. Wolf, D. Georgescu, D. Alexandru, M. Serbanescu

31. Applications of the Hybrid Shielding in Biomagnetometry
M. C. Rau, O. Baltag, I. Rau

32. Linear Active/Passive Upper Limb Exerciser
B. Chetran, D. Mandru, S. Noveanu, O. Tatar

33. Model of the Current-Voltage Relation for a Skin Pore
N. M. Birlea, S. I. Birlea, E. Culea

34. The Skin’s Electrical Time Constants
N. M. Birlea, S. I. Birlea, E. Culea

35. Experiments in Electrotherapy for Pain Relief Using a Novel Modality Concept
P. Cevei, M. Cevei, I. Jivet

36. Double Stimuli Paradigms Should Be Careful Interpreted When Applying Lumbar Magnetic Stimulation
L. Darabant, M. Krenn, K. Minassian, M. Cretu, W. Mayr, R. V. Ciupa

37. Virtual Instrument for Early Detecting Dental Decay Using Electrical Impedance Measurement Method
S. G. Lacatusu, M. Branzila, M. Cretu, D. Lacatusu, S. Lacatusu

38. Analysis of a Dexterous Instrument for Minimally Invasive Procedures, Based on Bellows Actuators
C. Dudescu, D. Mandru

39. The Contribution of Technology in Cholangiocarcinoma Treatment
H. C. Neagos, F. Graur, O. Neagos, R. Elisei, A. Szasz, A. Muresan, L. Furcea, C. Iancu, N. Al Hajjar, O. Bala, D. Munteanu, C. Puia, L. Vlad

40. Non-invasive Steatosis Assessment through the Computerized Processing of Ultrasound Images: Attenuation versus First Order Texture Parameters
M. Lupsor, R. Badea, C. Vicas, S. Nedevschi, H. Stefanescu, M. Grigorescu, C. Radu, D. Crisan

41. ECG Signal Baseline Wander Removal Using Wavelet Analysis
Z. German-Sallo

42. Emotion Investigation Based on Biosignals
E. Lupu, S. Emerich, R. Arsinte

43. Multirate Sampling in PCG Signal Correlation
S. Gergely, M. N. Roman, C. Fort

44. EMG Signals Case Study: A Time and Frequency Domain Analysis
M. Munteanu, C. Rusu, D. Moga, R. Moga, G. Tont

45. Medical Image Diagnosis Based on Rough Sets Theory
A. L. Ion, S. Udristoiu

46. On the Stability and Convergence Rate of Some Discretized Schemes for Parametric Deformable Models Used in Medical Image Analysis
A. I. Mitrea, O. M. Gurzau, P. Mitrea

47. Texture-Based Methods and Dimensionality Reduction Techniques Involved in the Detection of the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases from Ultrasound Images
D. Mitrea, P. Mitrea, R. Badea, M. Socaciu, L. Ciobanu, A. Golea, C. Hagiu, A. Seiceanu

48. Computer Assisted Optical Podoscope for Orthostatic Measurements
S. Crisan, V. D. Zaharia, C. Curta, E. D. Irimia

49. Digital Microscopy Used in Synthetic Structures Analysis of Dental Prosthesis
M. Baritz, D. Cotoros

50. Robustness Tests of a Model Based Predictive Control Strategy for Depth of Anesthesia Regulation in a Propofol to Bispectral Index Framework
C. M. Ionescu, I. Nascu, R. Keyser

51. An Overview on Mathematical Models of Human Crystalline Lens
S. Talu, S. Giovanzana, S. D. Talu, M. Talu

52. Mathematical Analysis of the Human Crystalline Lens in Giovanzana Parametric Model
S. Talu, S. Giovanzana, M. Talu, S. D. Talu

53. On Approximation of Human Corneal Surface with Superellipsoids
M. Talu, S. Talu, S. D. Talu, R. Shah

54. Numerical Simulation of Thrombus Aspiration Catheter: Preliminary Results
S. Soleimani, G. Pennati, G. Dubini

55. Developing a Lumped Model for the Vestibular Receptors
A. Codrean, A. Korodi, I. Jivet, T. -L. Dragomir

56. Integration of the Calcium Dynamics in the Excitation Contraction Coupling Process within a Multiscale Model of the Left Ventricle
B. Bhattacharya-Ghosh, S. Schievano, V. Díaz-Zuccarini

57. Biomechanics of Noncarious Cervical Lesions
G. Beresescu, L. C. Brezeanu

58. Modelling the Development of In-Stent Restenosis: Preliminary Results of a Structural Model
C. M. Amatruda, D. R. Hose, P. V. Lawford, A. J. Narracott

59. In Silico Evaluation of Some Dihydroxamic Derivatives of Diphenylether, as Hybrid Hydroxamic-Allosteric Inhibitors for MMP13
T. Petreus, C. E. Cotrutz, B. Stoica, M. Neamtu, P. D. Sirbu, A. Neamtu

60. The Effectiveness of Interactive Clinical Case Study Simulation in Palliative Medicine
M. Florea, M. Crisan, M. Gherman, R. Manasia

61. Stent Fracture Prediction in Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantation: A Patient-Specific Finite Element Analysis
D. Cosentino, C. Capelli, G. Pennati, V. Díaz-Zuccarini, P. Bonhoeffer, A. M. Taylor, S. Schievano

62. The Study of Massive Trochanterion Fractures
A. I. Botean, I. A. Takacs, M. Hardau

63. Multi-physics and Multi-scale Computational Evaluation of the Thrombogenic and Cavitational Potential of a Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve
R. K. Nallamothu, Yan Li, D. R. Rafiroiu, V. Díaz-Zuccarini, A. J. Narracott, P. V. Lawford, D. R. Hose

64. CFD Analysis Study on the Impact of the Coronary Anatomy on the Efficiency of the Coronary Thrombectomy: The Effect of Bend Angles
Yan Li, R. K. Nallamothu, D. Rafiroiu, A. Iancu, V. Díaz-Zuccarini, A. J. Narracott, D. R. Hose, P. V. Lawford

65. Magnetically Targeted Drug Transport and Fixation
A. A. Dobre, A. M. Morega, M. Morega

66. 3D Simulation Analysis of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
C. Curta, S. Crisan, R. V. Ciupa

67. The Romanian Public’s Perception of Electromagnetic Fields Risk
D. Curseu, M. Popa, D. Sirbu

68. Consequences of a Stenosed Artery in an Arteriovenous Fistula on the Efficiency of the Hemodialysis Access
I. Decorato, Z. Kharboutly, C. Legallais, A. V. Salsac

69. A Method to Increase the Pulsatility in Hemodynamic Variables in an LVAD Supported Human Circulation System
S. Bozkurt, K. A. M. A. Pennings, S. Schampaert, F. N. Vosse, M. C. M. Rutten

70. Blood Flow Analysis in Portal Vein System – Unsteady-State Case Study
C. C. Botar, A. Bintintan, P. S. Agachi, S. Clichici, P. Mircea, S. Sfrangeu

71. A Review of Atherosclerosis and Mathematical Transport Models
B. Keller, F. Clubb, G. Dubini

72. Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry – A Tool in Monitoring the Melting Transition of Polymeric Capsules with Applications in Drug Delivery
R. E. Nechifor, I. Ardelean

73. Study on Cellulose/Chondroitin Sulfate Hydrogel Used in Drug Release Systems
C. G. Coman, M. Al. Macsim, A. M. Oprea, L. Hurjui, T. Petreus, A. Neamtu

74. Timelapse Monitoring of Cell Behavior as a Tool in Tissue Engineering
C. Niculiţe, M. Leabu

75. Clinical Experience with a Macroporous Synthetic Bone Substitute (Eurocer®) in the Treatment of the Patients with Bone Defects
P. D. Sirbu, T. Petreus, Fl. Munteanu, M. Pertea, S. Lunca, V. Poroch, P. Botez

76. A Customized Dot Plot Analysis for Alpha Satellite DNA Localization
G. P. Pop, A. Voina, E. Onaca

77. Comparison of Treadmill-Based and Overground Gait Analysis
D. I. Stoia, M. Toth-Tascau

78. Influence of Treadmill Velocity on Gait Characteristics – Case Study of a Patient with Ankle Instability
M. Toth-Tascau, D. I. Stoia

79. Assisted Scanning Techniques Optimization with Application in Biomechanics
B. C. Braun, I. C. Rosca, C. N. Druga, M. Ionescu

80. Statistical Analysis of Anthropometric and Physiologic Performance of the Hand
I. Serban, M. Baritz, I. C. Rosca, L. D. Cotoros

81. Determining the Center of Pressure Trajectories during Lumbar Spine Flexion
M. Toth-Tascau, C. Saftescu-Jescu, D. Bugariu, L. Bereteu

82. CAD Methods for Orthopedic Orthosis Prototyping
B. C. Braun, I. C. Rosca, I. Serban, C. Coblis

83. Early Functional Results after Volar Fixed-Angle Plating of Distal Radius Fractures
A. Todor, A. Pojar, C. Arghius, D. Lucaciu

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics and Biological Physics, Biomaterials

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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