Gupta, Dharmendra K.

Metal Toxicity in Plants: Perception, Signaling and Remediation

Gupta, Dharmendra K. - Metal Toxicity in Plants: Perception, Signaling and Remediation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Heavy Metal Bindings and Their Interactions with Thiol Peptides and Other Biological Ligands in Plant Cells
Mashiro Inouhe, Huagang Huang, Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary, Dharmendra Kumar Gupta

2. Heavy Metal Perception in a Microscale Environment: A Model System Using High Doses of Pollutants
Luis E. Hernández, Cristina Ortega-Villasante, M. Belén Montero-Palmero, Carolina Escobar, Ramón O. Carpena

3. Genetic and Molecular Aspects of Metal Tolerance and Hyperaccumulation
Elena Maestri, Marta Marmiroli

4. Cadmium and Copper Stress Induce a Cellular Oxidative Challenge Leading to Damage Versus Signalling
Ann Cuypers, Els Keunen, Sacha Bohler, Marijke Jozefczak, Kelly Opdenakker, Heidi Gielen, Hanne Vercampt, An Bielen, Kerim Schellingen, Jaco Vangronsveld, Tony Remans

5. Insights into Cadmium Toxicity: Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Function
María C. Romero-Puertas, Ana P. Ortega-Galisteo, María Rodríguez-Serrano, Luisa M. Sandalio

6. Exploring the Plant Response to Cadmium Exposure by Transcriptomic, Proteomic and Metabolomic Approaches: Potentiality of High-Throughput Methods, Promises of Integrative Biology
Florent Villiers, Véronique Hugouvieux, Nathalie Leonhardt, Alain Vavasseur, Christophe Junot, Yves Vandenbrouck, Jacques Bourguignon

7. Proteomics as a Toolbox to Study the Metabolic Adjustment of Trees During Exposure to Metal Trace Elements
Kjell Sergeant, Jenny Renaut, Jean-François Hausman

8. Proteomics of Plant Hyperaccumulators
Giovanna Visioli, Nelson Marmiroli

9. Heavy Metal Toxicity: Oxidative Stress Parameters and DNA Repair
Dinara Jaqueline Moura, Valéria Flores Péres, Rosangela Assis Jacques, Jenifer Saffi

10. Protein Oxidative Modifications
Liliana Beatriz Pena, Claudia Elsa Azpilicueta, María Patricia Benavides, Susana Mabel Gallego

11. Zn/Cd/Co/Pb P1b-ATPases in Plants, Physiological Roles and Biological Interest
Nathalie Leonhardt, Pierre Cun, Pierre Richaud, Alain Vavasseur

12. Interference of Heavy Metal Toxicity with Auxin Physiology
Mudawi Elobeid, Andrea Polle

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Agriculture, Plant Biochemistry, Oxidative Stress, Plant Pathology

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