Melkas, Helinä

Practice-Based Innovation: Insights, Applications and Policy Implications

Melkas, Helinä - Practice-Based Innovation: Insights, Applications and Policy Implications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Helinä Melkas, Vesa Harmaakorpi

2. A Pragmatist Theory of Innovation
Bart Nooteboom

3. Combining Foresight and Innovation: Developing a Conceptual Model
Tuomo Uotila, Martti Mäkimattila, Vesa Harmaakorpi, Helinä Melkas

4. Communicating Connections: Social Networks and Innovation Diffusion
Pekka Aula, Olli Parviainen

5. Dilemmas of Practice-Based Innovation Policy-Making
Réjean Landry, Nabil Amara

6. Coordination in Innovation Projects
Cornelius Herstatt, Norbert Lühring

7. Measuring the Impact of Innovation Intermediaries: A Case Study of Tekes
Margaret Dalziel, Satu Parjanen

8. Developing a Framework for Innovation and Learning in the Workplace
Lotte Darsø, Steen Høyrup

9. Fostering Practice-Based Innovation Through Reflection at Work
Per Nilsen, Per-Erik Ellström

10. The Role of Reflection, Reflection on Roles: Practice-Based Innovation Through Theatre-Based Learning
Anne Pässilä, Tuija Oikarinen, Russ Vince

11. From the Artists to the Managers: Responsible Collective Innovation Practices, Inspiration Flowing Through Hosting and Harvesting Profound Change
Isabelle Mahy

12. Collective Intelligence and Practice-Based Innovation: An Idea Evaluation Method Based on Collective Intelligence
Juho Salminen, Vesa Harmaakorpi

13. Users as Sources of Radical Service Innovation
Florian Skiba, Cornelius Herstatt

14. Challenges of Bringing Citizen Knowledge into Public Sector Service Innovation
Lea Hennala, Suvi Konsti-Laakso, Vesa Harmaakorpi

15. The Increasing Use of Dramaturgy in Regional Innovation Practice
Philip Cooke

16. Service Innovation and Service Design in the German Printing Industry
Christina Cramer, Christiane Hipp

17. Innovation, Cities and Place: An Empirical Study of the Knowledge System in Vancouver and Its Place on the Pacific Rim
Brian Wixted, J. Adam Holbrook

18. User-Driven Innovation and Knowledge Integration in Elderly Care Services: A Community Integration Model
Koichi Ogasawara

19. A Holistic Model of Innovation Network Management: Action Research in Elderly Health Care
Timo Järvensivu, Katri Nykänen, Rika Rajala

20. Practice-Based Innovations at ‘Sendan No Oka’: Motivation Management and Empowerment Management
Hiroo Hagino

21. Innovation Capability and Its Measurement in Finnish SMEs
Minna Saunila, Juhani Ukko, Hannu Rantanen

22. Epilogue: Two Modes of Practice-Based Innovation
Vesa Harmaakorpi, Helinä Melkas

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Organization/Planning, R & D/Technology Policy, Pragmatism

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