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Progress in Parasitology

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Table of contents

1. 50 Years German Society of Parasitology (DGP) (1961–2010)
Johannes Eckert

2. Parasitology of the German Democratic Republic (1961–1990): Memories of a Time Witness
Theodor Hiepe

3. Parasites and Their World Records in Their Fight for Survival
Heinz Mehlhorn

Cryptosporidium parvum: The Veterinary Perspective
Arwid Daugschies

5. Neonatal Porcine Coccidiosis
Hanna Lucia Worliczek, Anja Joachim

6. Post-translational Modifications in Apicomplexan Parasites
Esther Jortzik, Sebastian Kehr, Katja Becker

7. Development of the RTS,S/AS Vaccine Candidate from Concept to Phase III
Joe Cohen, Sarah Benns, Johan Vekemans, Amanda Leach, Lode Schuerman

8. Small Ruminant Theileriosis
Jabbar Ahmed, Hong Yin, Mohammed Bakheit, Zhijie Liu, Heinz Mehlhorn, Ulrike Seitzer

9. Interactions of Trypanosoma cruzi and Triatomines
Günter A. Schaub, Christian K. Meiser, Carsten Balczun

10. Sex in Schistosomes – Signaling Mechanisms in the Female Gonads
Svenja Beckmann, Thomas Quack, Cora Burmeister, Christin Buro, Steffen Hahnel, Thavy Long, Colette Dissous, Christoph G. Grevelding

11. Anisakid Nematode (Ascaridoidea) Life Cycles and Distribution: Increasing Zoonotic Potential in the Time of Climate Change?
Sven Klimpel, Harry W. Palm

12. Fish Parasites as Biological Indicators in a Changing World: Can We Monitor Environmental Impact and Climate Change?
Harry W. Palm

13. Infectious Diseases Under the Influence of Changing Environmental Factors
Franz J. Conraths, Thomas C. Mettenleiter

14. Arthropod Vectors and Their Growing Importance in Europe
Helge Kampen, Doreen Werner

15. A Look at the World of Ticks
Trevor N. Petney, Richard G. Robbins, Alberto A. Guglielmone, Dmitry A. Apanaskevich, Agustín Estrada-Peña, Ivan G. Horak, Renfu Shao

16. What Else Besides TBE and Borreliosis? Tick-Transmitted Pathogens in Germany and Beyond
Silvia Pluta, Kathrin Hartelt, Rainer Oehme, Peter Kimmig, Ute Mackenstedt

17. Tick-Borne Encephalitis: From Microfocus to Human Disease
G. Dobler, F. Hufert, M. Pfeffer, S. Essbauer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Zoology, Parasitology, Eukaryotic Microbiology, Ecology

Publication year
Parasitology Research Monographs
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14 pages
Natural Sciences

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