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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2011

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Table of contents

1. Partial Networking in the Electrical Vehicle
Steffen Müller, Bernd Elend

2. Development of Mathematical Models for an Electric Vehicle With 4 In-Wheel Electric Motors
E. Cañibano Álvarez, M. I. González Hernández, L. Prada Martín, J. Romo García, J. Gutiérrez Diez, J. C. Merino Senovilla

3. Monitoring and Testing of an Electric Vehicle With 2 In-Wheel Motors: Variable Dynamic Behaviour and Control
E. Cañibano Álvarez, M. I. González Hernández, L. Prada Martín, J. Romo García, J. Gutiérrez Diez, J. C. Merino Senovilla

4. Internet of Energy – Connecting Energy Anywhere Anytime
Ovidiu Vermesan, Lars-Cyril Blystad, Roberto Zafalon, Alessandro Moscatelli, Kai Kriegel, Randolf Mock, Reiner John, Marco Ottella, Pietro Perlo

5. Efficient Allocation of Recharging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Urban Environments
Jesús Gallego, Emilio Larrodé

6. EPV Project: ICT Tools & EV Integration Inside Smart Grids
Patricio Peral Galindo, Sixto Santonja Hernández, Ana González Bordagaray

7. Unifying Approach to Hybrid Control Software
Michael Stolz, Bernhard Knauder, Petr Micek, Wolfgang Ebner, Evgeny Korsunsky, Peter Ebner

8. Smart Power Li-Ion Battery Systems for the Safe and Networked Mobility Society: The ICT Potential
Reiner John, Tim Schäfer

9. Low-Cost Platform Technology for LWIR Sensor Arrays for Use in Automotive Night Vision and Other Applications
Ingo Herrmann, Mirko Hattass, Dayo Oshinubi, Tjalf Pirk, Christian Rettig, Karl-Franz Reinhart, Edda Sommer

10. Generalized Space Frequency Representation Techniques for Enhancement and Detection Under Low Light Conditions
Pallavi Kharade, Sanjyot Gindi, Vinay G. Vaidya

11. Belt-Mic for Phone and In-Vehicle Communication - Pushing Handsfree Audio Performance to the Next Level
Klaus Rodemer, Gerhard Wessels

12. HMM Based Autarkic Reconstruction of Motorcycle Behavior from Low-Cost Inertial Measurements
Nathan Munzinger, Roger Filliger, Simon Bays, Kurt Hug

13. Phase Spread Segmentation of Pedestrians in Far Infrared Images
Daniel Olmeda, Arturo Escalera, José Maria Armingol

14. Real-Time Pedestrian Recognition in Urban Environments
Basam Musleh, Arturo Escalera, José Maria Armingol

15. Development of a Low-Cost Automotive Laser Scanner – The EC Project MiniFaros
Kay Fürstenberg, Florian Ahlers

16. MEMS Mirror for Low Cost Laser Scanners
Ulrich Hofmann, Joachim Janes

17. Omnidirectional Lenses for Low Cost Laser Scanners
Mika Aikio

18. PSI5 Interface for Ultra Compact Inertial Sensor Clusters
Mathias Reimann, Berthold Rogge, Jana Seidel, Frank Hirschauer, Johannes Schier, Thomas Schrimpf, Aline Hepp

19. A User-Centric Approach for Efficient Daily Mobility Planning in E-Vehicle Infrastructure Networks
Nicklas Hoch, Bernd Werther, Henry P. Bensler, Nils Masuch, Marco Lützenberger, Axel Heßler, Sahin Albayrak, Roland Y. Siegwart

20. Using Vehicle Navigation and Journey Information for the Optimal Control of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Chris Quigley, Richard McLaughlin

21. EcoGem - Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance System for Green Cars
Michalis Masikos, Konstantinos Demestichas, Evgenia Adamopoulou, Filippo Cappadona, Stephane Dreher

22. Human-Centered Challenges and Contribution for the Implementation of Automated Driving
Arie P. Beukel, Mascha C. Voort

23. Large-Scale Vehicle Routing Scenarios Based on Pollutant Emissions
Daniel Krajzewicz, Peter Wagner

24. EV-Cockpit – Mobile Personal Travel Assistance for Electric Vehicles
Joao Carlos Ferreira, Alberto Rodrigues Silva, João Luiz Afonso

25. DTF - A Simulation Environment for Communication Network Architecture Design of the Next Generation of Electric Cars
Alexander Hanzlik, Erwin Kristen

26. Dynamic Cruising Range Prediction for Electric Vehicles
Peter Conradi, Philipp Bouteiller, Sascha Hanßen

27. iGMR-Based Angular Sensor for Rotor Position Detection Within EC-Motors
Markus Weinberger, Wolfgang Granig

28. Architecture of an Integrated AMR Current Sensor (IACS) System for a Wide Range of Automotive Applications
Andreas Nebeling, Wolfgang Schreiber-Prillwitz

29. Virtual Prototyping for Smart Systems for Electric, Safe and Networked Mobility
Karsten Einwich

30. Tool of Impedimetric Based Micro-Sensors for Research and Development of Electronic Components
Arndt Steinke, Michael Hintz, Stephan Karmann, Barbara March

31. A Far Infrared VGA Detector Based on Uncooled Microbolometers for Automotive Applications
Dirk Weiler, Marco Ruß, Daniel Würfel, Renee Lerch, Pin Yang, Jochen Bauer, Piotr Kropelnicki, Jennifer Heß, Holger Vogt

32. Requirements of Processing Extended Floating Car Data in a Large Scale Environment
Christoph Oberauer, Thomas Stottan, Raimund Wagner

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Control

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373 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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