Breckle, Siegmar-W.

Aralkum - a Man-Made Desert

Breckle, Siegmar-W. - Aralkum - a Man-Made Desert, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Aralkum, a Man-Made Desert on the Desiccated Floor of the Aral Sea (Central Asia): General Introduction and Aims of the Book
S-W. Breckle, W. Wucherer

2. Dynamics of the Aral Sea in Geological and Historical Times
S-W. Breckle, G. V. Geldyeva

3. Geography and Geomorphological and Lithological Characteristics of the Aralkum
G. V. Gel’dyeva, S-W. Breckle, B. V. Gel’dyev

4. Climatic Conditions in the Aralkum
S-W. Breckle, W. Wucherer

5. Dust Storms and Sandstorms and Aerosol Long-Distance Transport
O. E. Semenov

6. Landscape Dynamics in the Southern Aralkum: Using MODIS Time Series for Land Cover Change Analysis
F. Löw, P. Navratil, O. Bubenzer

7. Dynamics of Dust Transfer from the Desiccated Aral Sea Bottom Analysed by Remote Sensing
L. Spivak, A. Terechov, I. Vitkovskaya, M. Batyrbayeva, L. Orlovsky

8. Flora of the Aralkum
L. A. Dimeyeva, S-W. Breckle, W. Wucherer

9. Vegetation of the Aralkum
S-W. Breckle, W. Wucherer, L. A. Dimeyeva

10. Primary Succession in the Aralkum
W. Wucherer, S-W. Breckle, A. Buras

11. Fauna of the Aralkum
U. Joger, T. Dujsebayeva, O. V. Belyalov, Y. Chikin, D. Guicking, Y. A. Grachev, R. Kadyrbekov, C. Miaud

12. Halophytes and Salt Desertification in the Aralkum Area
S-W. Breckle, W. Wucherer

13. Spatial Distribution of Plant Functional Types Along Stress Gradients – A Simulation Study Orientated Towards the Plant Succession on the Desiccating Aral Sea Floor
J. Groeneveld, W. Wucherer, L. A. Dimeyeva, F. Jeltsch, C. Wissel, S-W. Breckle

14. Nature Conservation in the Aral Sea Region: Barsa-Kelmes as an Example
L. A. Dimeyeva, N. P. Ogar, Z. Alimbetova, S. W. Breckle

15. Phytomelioration in the Northern Aralkum
W. Wucherer, S-W. Breckle, V. S. Kaverin, L. A. Dimeyeva, K. Zhamantikov

16. Phytomelioration in the Southern Aralkum
Z. B. Novitskiy

17. Phytomelioration of Solonchaks in the Uzbekistan Pre-Aral Region Under Recent Climate Change
Zh. V. Kuzmina, S. Ye. Treshkin

18. The Aralkum Situation Under Climate Change Related to Its Broader Regional Context
G. Winckler, E. Kleinn, S-W. Breckle

19. The Aralkum, a Man-Made Desert on the Desiccated Floor of the Aral Sea (Central Asia): Final Conclusions and Comments
S-W. Breckle, W. Wucherer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Terrestial Ecology, Ecosystems, Plant Ecology, Nature Conservation, Biogeosciences, Hydrogeology

Publication year
Ecological Studies
Page amount
23 pages
Natural Sciences

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