Ciaccio, Agostino Di

Advanced Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Large Data-Sets

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Table of contents

1. Clustering Large Data Set: An Applied Comparative Study
Laura Bocci, Isabella Mingo

2. Clustering in Feature Space for Interesting Pattern Identification of Categorical Data
Marina Marino, Francesco Palumbo, Cristina Tortora

3. Clustering Geostatistical Functional Data
Elvira Romano, Rosanna Verde

4. Joint Clustering and Alignment of Functional Data: An Application to Vascular Geometries
Laura M. Sangalli, Piercesare Secchi, Simone Vantini, Valeria Vitelli

5. Bayesian Methods for Time Course Microarray Analysis: From Genes’ Detection to Clustering
Claudia Angelini, Daniela Canditiis, Marianna Pensky

6. Longitudinal Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles Using Functional Mixed-Effects Models
Maurice Berk, Cheryl Hemingway, Michael Levin, Giovanni Montana

7. A Permutation Solution to Compare Two Hepatocellular Carcinoma Markers
Agata Zirilli, Angela Alibrandi

8. Statistical Perspective on Blocking Methods When Linking Large Data-sets
Nicoletta Cibella, Tiziana Tuoto

9. Integrating Households Income Microdata in the Estimate of the Italian GDP
Alessandra Coli, Francesca Tartamella

10. The Employment Consequences of Globalization: Linking Data on Employers and Employees in the Netherlands
Fabienne Fortanier, Marjolein Korvorst, Martin Luppes

11. Applications of Bayesian Networks in Official Statistics
Paola Vicard, Mauro Scanu

12. A Correlated Random Effects Model for Longitudinal Data with Non-ignorable Drop-Out: An Application to University Student Performance
Filippo Belloc, Antonello Maruotti, Lea Petrella

13. Risk Analysis Approaches to Rank Outliers in Trade Data
Vytis Kopustinskas, Spyros Arsenis

14. Problems and Challenges in the Analysis of Complex Data: Static and Dynamic Approaches
Marco Riani, Anthony Atkinson, Andrea Cerioli

15. Ensemble Support Vector Regression:A New Non-parametric Approach for Multiple Imputation
Daria Scacciatelli

16. On the Use of PLS Regression for Forecasting Large Sets of Cointegrated Time Series
Gianluca Cubadda, Barbara Guardabascio

17. Large-Scale Portfolio Optimisation with Heuristics
Manfred Gilli, Enrico Schumann

18. Detecting Short-Term Cycles in Complex Time Series Databases
F. Giordano, M. L. Parrella, M. Restaino

19. Assessing the Beneficial Effects of Economic Growth: The Harmonic Growth Index
Daria Mendola, Raffaele Scuderi

20. Time Series Convergence within I(2) Models: the Case of Weekly Long Term Bond Yields in the Four Largest Euro Area Countries
Giuliana Passamani

21. Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions and Global Warming: Evidence from Granger Causality Analysis
Massimo Bilancia, Domenico Vitale

22. Temporal and Spatial Statistical Methods to Remove External Effects on Groundwater Levels
Daniele Imparato, Andrea Carena, Mauro Gasparini

23. Reduced Rank Covariances for the Analysis of Environmental Data
Orietta Nicolis, Doug Nychka

24. Radon Level in Dwellings and Uranium Content in Soil in the Abruzzo Region: A Preliminary Investigation by Geographically Weighted Regression
Eugenia Nissi, Annalina Sarra, Sergio Palermi

25. Applications of Large Deviations to Hidden Markov Chains Estimation
M. Greco Fabiola

26. Multivariate Tail Dependence Coefficients for Archimedean Copulae
Giovanni Luca, Giorgia Rivieccio

27. A Note on Density Estimation for Circular Data
Marco Marzio, Agnese Panzera, Charles C. Taylor

28. Markov Bases for Sudoku Grids
Roberto Fontana, Fabio Rapallo, Maria Piera Rogantin

29. Estimating the Probability of Moonlighting in Italian Building Industry
Maria Felice Arezzo, Giorgio Alleva

30. Use of Interactive Plots and Tables for Robust Analysis of International Trade Data
Domenico Perrotta, Francesca Torti

31. Generational Determinants on the Employment Choice in Italy
Claudio Quintano, Rosalia Castellano, Gennaro Punzo

32. Route-Based Performance Evaluation Using Data Envelopment Analysis Combined with Principal Component Analysis
Agnese Rapposelli

33. Web Surveys: Methodological Problems and Research Perspectives
Silvia Biffignandi, Jelke Bethlehem

34. Semantic Based DCM Models for Text Classification
Paola Cerchiello

35. Probabilistic Relational Models for Operational Risk: A New Application Area and an Implementation Using Domain Ontologies
Marcus Spies

36. Efficient Statistical Sample Designs in a GIS for Monitoring the Landscape Changes
Elisabetta Carfagna, Patrizia Tassinari, Maroussa Zagoraiou, Stefano Benni, Daniele Torreggiani

37. Studying Foreigners’ Migration Flows Through a Network Analysis Approach
Cinzia Conti, Domenico Gabrielli, Antonella Guarneri, Enrico Tucci

38. Estimation of Income Quantiles at the Small Area Level in Tuscany
Caterina Giusti, Stefano Marchetti, Monica Pratesi

39. The Effects of Socioeconomic Background and Test-taking Motivation on Italian Students’ Achievement
Claudio Quintano, Rosalia Castellano, Sergio Longobardi

40. Firm Size Dynamics in an Industrial District: The Mover-Stayer Model in Action
F. Cipollini, C. Ferretti, P. Ganugi

41. Multiple Correspondence Analysis for the Quantification and Visualization of Large Categorical Data Sets
Alfonso Iodice D’Enza, Michael Greenacre

42. Multivariate Ranks-Based Concordance Indexes
Emanuela Raffinetti, Paolo Giudici

43. Methods for Reconciling the Micro and the Macro in Family Demography Research: A Systematisation
Anna Matysiak, Daniele Vignoli

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs, Statistics for Business/Economics/Mathematical Finance/Insurance

Publication year
Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics
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13 pages
Natural Sciences

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