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Relating Software Requirements and Architectures

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Relating Requirements and Architectures
J. G. Hall, J. Grundy, I. Mistrik, P. Lago, P. Avgeriou

2. Theoretical Underpinnings and Reviews
J. Grundy, P. Lago, P. Avgeriou, J. Hall, I. Mistrík

3. Anticipating Change in Requirements Engineering
Soo Ling Lim, Anthony Finkelstein

4. Traceability in the Co-evolution of Architectural Requirements and Design
Antony Tang, Peng Liang, Viktor Clerc, Hans Vliet

5. Understanding Architectural Elements from Requirements Traceability Networks
Inah Omoronyia, Guttorm Sindre, Stefan Biffl, Tor Stålhane

6. Tools and Techniques
P. Lago, P. Avgeriou, J. Grundy, J. Hall, I. Mistrík

7. Goal-Oriented Software Architecting
Lawrence Chung, Sam Supakkul, Nary Subramanian, José Luis Garrido, Manuel Noguera, Maria V. Hurtado, María Luisa Rodríguez, Kawtar Benghazi

8. Product-Line Models to Address Requirements Uncertainty, Volatility and Risk
Zoë Stephenson, Katrina Attwood, John McDermid

9. Systematic Architectural Design Based on Problem Patterns
Christine Choppy, Denis Hatebur, Maritta Heisel

10. Adaptation Goals for Adaptive Service-Oriented Architectures
Luciano Baresi, Liliana Pasquale

11. Business Goals and Architecture
Len Bass, Paul Clements

12. Experiences from Industrial Projects
P. Avgeriou, J. Grundy, J. Hall, P. Lago, I. Mistrík

13. A Reference Architecture for Consumer Electronics Products and its Application in Requirements Engineering
Tim Trew, Goetz Botterweck, Bashar Nuseibeh

14. Using Model-Driven Views and Trace Links to Relate Requirements and Architecture: A Case Study
Huy Tran, Ta’id Holmes, Uwe Zdun, Schahram Dustdar

15. Managing Artifacts with a Viewpoint-Realization Level Matrix
Jochen M. Küster, Hagen Völzer, Olaf Zimmermann

16. Onions, Pyramids & Loops – From Requirements to Software Architecture
Michael Stal

17. Emerging Issues in Relating Software Requirements and Architecture
J. Grundy, P. Avgeriou, J. Hall, P. Lago, I. Mistrik

18. Synthesizing Architecture from Requirements: A Genetic Approach
Outi Räihä, Hadaytullah Kundi, Kai Koskimies, Erkki Mäkinen

19. How Software Architecture can Frame, Constrain and Inspire System Requirements
Eoin Woods, Nick Rozanski

20. Economics-Driven Architecting for Non Functional Requirements in the Presence of Middleware
Rami Bahsoon, Wolfgang Emmerich

21. Conclusions
P. Avgeriou, P. Lago, J. Grundy, I. Mistrik, J. Hall

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems

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28 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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