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Bispecific Antibodies

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Table of contents

1. Bispecific Antibodies: Developments and Current Perspectives
Roland E. Kontermann

2. Bispecific Antibodies from Hybrid Hybridoma
Gerhard Moldenhauer

3. Generation of Bispecific Antibodies by Chemical Conjugation
Diego Ellerman, Justin M. Scheer

4. Trivalent and Trispecific Antibody Derivatives for Cancer Therapy
Christoph Stein, Ingo Schubert, Georg H. Fey

5. Diabodies, Single-Chain Diabodies, and Their Derivatives
Dafne Müller, Roland E. Kontermann

6. Bispecific Single Domain Antibodies
Patrick Chames, Daniel Baty

7. Alternative Scaffolds as Bispecific Antibody Mimetics
John Löfblom, Fredrik Y. Frejd

8. Tribodies: Fab–scFv Fusion Proteins as a Platform to Create Multifunctional Pharmaceuticals
Nico Mertens

9. The Design and Engineering of IgG-Like Bispecific Antibodies
Pei Jin, Zhenping Zhu

10. Dual-Variable Domain Immunoglobulin (DVD-Ig™) Technology: A Versatile, Novel Format for the Next Generation of Dual-Targeting Biologics
Edit Tarcsa, Wolfgang Fraunhofer, Tariq Ghayur, Jochen Salfeld, Jijie Gu

11. Two-in-One Antibodies
Patrick Koenig, Germaine Fuh

12. The Dock-and-Lock (DNL) Approach to Novel Bispecific Antibodies
Chien-Hsing Chang, Edmund A. Rossi, Robert M. Sharkey, David M. Goldenberg

13. Effector Cell Recruitment by Bispecific Antibodies
Christian Kellner, Matthias Peipp, Thomas Valerius

14. Bispecific Antibodies for Arming Activated T Cells and Other Effector Cells for Tumor Therapy
Lawrence G. Lum, Archana Thakur

15. Bispecific T Cell Engager for Cancer Therapy
Patrick A. Baeuerle, Gerhard Zugmaier, Dominik Rüttinger

16. Trifunctional Triomab® Antibodies for Cancer Therapy
Horst Lindhofer, Juergen Hess, Peter Ruf

17. Bispecific Antibodies for the Retargeting of Cytokines
Bruno Robert, Christel Larbouret, David Azria, Jean-Pierre Mach, André Pèlegrin

18. Bispecific Antibodies and Gene Therapy
Dirk M. Nettelbeck

19. Bispecific Antibodies for Diagnostic Applications
Archana Parashar, Susmita Sarkar, Advaita Ganguly, Sai Kiran Sharma, Mavanur R. Suresh

Keywords: Biomedicine, Antibodies, Cancer Research, Oncology

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