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Penetrating Trauma

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Table of contents

1. Prehospital Care in Penetrating Trauma
David Carlbom, Eileen M. Bulger

2. Airway Management in Penetrating Trauma
David A. Baker, Eileen M. Bulger

3. Hypotensive Resuscitation in Penetrating Trauma: Rules of the Game
Suresh Agarwal, Lejla Hadzikadic, Peter Burke

4. BCLS Versus ACLS
Alasdair K. T. Conn

5. Prehospital Care and Transport
Michael A. Frakes, Heather A. Waden, Suzanne K. Wedel

6. Prehospital Monitoring During Transport
Heidi Frankel, Clinton J. Pace

7. Trauma Resuscitation
Heena P. Santry, Marc Moya

8. ABC Heuristics
Pantelis Vassiliu

9. Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation
Elizabeth S. Soukup, Peter T. Masiakos

10. Fluids, Blood Substitutes, and New Tools
David C. Griffin, Raminder Nirula

11. Emergency Department Thoracotomy
Carlos V. R. Brown, D. J. Green

12. Intensive Care: Principles and Therapy
Terence O’Keeffe

13. Plain X-Rays for Penetrating Trauma
Marko Bukur, Donald J. Green

14. Computed Tomography in the Workup of Patients with Penetrating Trauma
Mark E. Hamill

15. Portable Ultrasound as an Adjunct in Penetrating Trauma
Jim Connolly

16. Laparoscopy and Penetrating Trauma
Megan Wolthuis Grunander, Daniel R. Margulies

17. Angiography and Interventional Radiology
Marc Kalinowski

18. Imaging of Penetrating Urologic Trauma
Beat Schnüriger, Donald J. Green

19. Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery in Penetrating Chest Trauma
François Pons, Federico Gonzalez, Jean Philippe Arigon

20. Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage (DPL) Unplugged
Terence O’Keeffe

21. Mass Casualties and Triage
James M. Ryan, Dietrich Doll

22. Surgical Strategies in Trauma
Hasan B. Alam

23. Surgical Strategies in Trauma to the Head, Face and Neck
Heather L. Evans, Eileen Bulger

24. Gunshot Injuries to the Head
Ekkehard M. Kasper, Markus M. Luedi, Burkhard S. Kasper

25. Penetrating Injuries of the Face
Rizan Nashef, Thomas B. Dodson

26. Operative Strategies in Penetrating Trauma to the Neck
Marc Moya

27. Access to the Neck in Penetrating Trauma
Jeffrey Ustin

28. Penetrating Trauma to the Larynx and the Cervical Trachea
Alicia Kieninger, Elliott R. Haut

29. Penetrating Injury to the Pharynx and Cervical Esophagus
Angela L. Neville, Timothy L. VanNatta

30. Carotid, Jugular and Vertebral Blood Vessel Injuries
Dirk Roux, Martin Veller

31. Penetrating Trauma to the Subclavian Vessels
Daniel Francois Toit

32. Penetrating Trauma to the Thoracic Oesophagus
Elias Degiannis, Tugba H. Yilmaz, Lisa A. Burnell

33. Pulmonary and Bronchotracheal Trauma
Elias Zigiriadis, Peter Loogna, Tugba H. Yilmaz

34. Mediastinal Vessels
Philip R. Calderbank, Nigel R. M. Tai, Douglas M. Bowley

35. Penetrating Cardiac Trauma
Elias Degiannis, Tugba H. Yilmaz, Dietrich Doll

36. Penetrating Injuries to the Diaphragm
Elmin Steyn

37. Thoracoabdominal Injury
Elias Degiannis, Tugba H. Yilmaz, Dietrich Doll

38. Loss of the Chest Wall
John C. Mayberry

39. Access to the Abdomen: Emergency Laparotomy
George C. Velmahos

40. Damage Control Surgery
Frank Plani, Riaan Pretorius

41. Abdominal Esophagus and Stomach
Clay Cothren Burlew, Ernest E. Moore

42. Duodenum
George C. Velmahos

43. Penetrating Trauma to the Pancreas
Martin D. Smith, Elias Degiannis

44. Liver and Extrahepatic Bile Ducts
Frederick Millham

45. Large and Small Bowel
Herb A. Phelan

46. Injury of the Kidney, Ureter, and Bladder
Dorothy W. Bird, Suresh Agarwal

47. Lower Genitourinary Injuries
Donald Hannoun, Charles D. Best

48. Major Abdominal Veins
Peep Talving, Kenji Inaba

49. Major Abdominal Arteries
Lydia Lam, Kenji Inaba

50. Spleen
Heena P. Santry

51. Penetrating Rectal Injuries
Andrew John Nicol, Pradeep Navsaria

52. Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
Zsolt J. Balogh, Osamu Yoshino, Michael Sugrue

53. SNOM: Conservative Management of Solid Viscera
Pradeep H. Navsaria

54. Bleeding in the Pelvis
Edward Kelly

55. Introduction to Orthopedic Injuries
Thomas Scalea

56. Extremity Fractures
Jeffrey Ustin

57. Compartment Syndrome of the Extremities
Mark W. Bowyer

58. Anterior Exposure of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
Hani Seoudi

59. Penetrating Trauma: Amputations
Cyrus E. Taghavi, Nelson F. SooHoo, Areti Tillou

60. Peripheral Arterial Injuries from Penetrating Trauma
Matthew J. Martin, Ali Salim

61. Axillary and Brachial Vessels
Ali Salim, Matthew J. Martin

62. Femoral Vessels
David R. King

63. Popliteal Vessels
Matthew J. Martin, Ali Salim

64. Burns and Inhalational Injury
Jennifer Lang, Herb A. Phelan

65. Crush Injuries
Herb A. Phelan

66. Blast Injuries
Joe DuBose, David S. Plurad, Peter M. Rhee

67. The Elderly Patient
Thomas Lustenberger, Kenji Inaba

68. The Pediatric Patient
Graeme Pitcher

69. The Pregnant Patient
Dimitrios Theodorou, Andreas Larentzakis

70. Anticoagulation in Penetrating Trauma
David R. King

71. Care Under Austere Conditions: Unlimited Restraints
Terence O’Keeffe

72. The Impact of Trauma on the Psyche
F. Y. Jeenah, M. Y. H. Moosa

73. Early Neurotrauma Rehabilitation
Ronald E. Hirschberg

74. Rehabilitation
Amy H. Phelan

75. Penetrating Injury Prevention
David S. Plurad

76. The Economics of Trauma Care
Frederick Millham

77. Organ Donation
Eric J. Ley, Ali Salim

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Traumatic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Surgical Orthopedics, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine

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