Csapó, Tamás

Development of the Settlement Network in the Central European Countries

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Table of contents

1. Polycentric Urban System Between State Regulation and Market Economy—The Case of Slovenia
Vladimir Drozg

2. Some Recent Trends in Settlement Development in Austria
Walter Zsilincsar

3. Changes in the Urban System of Romania, and Their Possible Effect on the Future Administrative Reform of the Country
Ferenc Szilágyi

4. The Settlement Network of Serbia: From the Past to the Prospective
Borislav Stojkov, Velimir Šećerov

5. The Development of the Hungarian Settlement Network Since 1990
Gábor Pirisi, András Trócsányi

6. The National Concept for Settlement Network Development of 1971 and Some Western European Comparisons
Zsolt Kocsis, Tibor Lenner

7. A Comparison of Settlement Development in the Social Command Economy Versus the European Union’s Development Policy
Mátyás Gulya

8. On the Periphery of the Periphery: Demographic Trends and Development Differences in Hungarian Villages
Tibor Kerese

9. Urban Restructuring in the Grip of Capital and Politics: Gentrification in East-Central Europe
Erika Nagy, Judit Timár

10. Post-1990 Urban Brownfield Regeneration in Central and Eastern Europe: A Theoretical Concept
Márton Berki

11. Strategic and Socio-Economic Implications of Urban Regeneration in Hungary
Tamás Egedy

12. Urban Renewal of Historic Towns in Hungary: Results and Prospects for Future in European Context
Ferenc Jankó

13. Real Estate Purchasing by Foreigners in Hungarian Settlement System as Seen from the Angle of Niche Concept
Sándor Illés, Gábor Michalkó

14. Cross-Border Suburbanisation: The Case of Bratislava
Tamás Hardi

15. Suburbanisation and Suburban Regions in Hungary After 1990
Péter Bajmócy

16. Urbanisation Development Trends of Cities in the North-Eastern Part of the Carpathian Basin
Sándor Kókai

17. Integration of “Made Cities” to Their Physical Environment
Zsolt Huszti

18. Industrial Areas and Their Transformations in Hungary
Tamás Csapó, András Balogh

19. Analysis of Dimensions and Mosaic Pattern of Urban Green Areas on the Example of Several Hungarian Cities
Gábor Baranyai, Sándor Németh

20. Health Related Quality of Life and Its Local Differences in Budapest After 1990
Éva Izsák, Annamária Uzzoli

21. The Relationship Between Sports and Urban Structure Through the Example of Hungarian Regional Centres
Gábor Kozma, István Süli-Zakar

22. On the Vulnerability and Reliability of Towns and Cities
Attila Horváth, Zágon Csaba

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Statistics for Social Science, Behavorial Science, Education, Public Policy, and Law, Human Geography

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